2007-06-07 (PreU) Playing Devil's Advocate

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Playing Devil's Advocate

Summary: As Glenn lies in wait for someone to heal his wounds, a stranger to Chronos makes his way towards him with a strange proposal to suggest. But, is it all a dream? Guest appearance by JtHM/Squee's Senior Diablo!

Who: Dragoon_Glenn, Senior_Diablo
When: June 7th, 2007
Where: Chronos

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Road to Cathedral

Traveling down the road to the North you find yourself staring up at the legendary Cathedral that was home to the Mystic's last stand in Guardia Kingdom. After Yakra was exposed to the world the angered villagers of Truce burned the place to the ground... or at least that's what everyone remembers. The building is only partialy burned in appearance as though it was only just being set on fire when it was brought here...

The air takes on a strange unearthly warmth and a slight fog rolls in. It appears to be early morning, but it could be much later. Still, something doesn't sit right. Is this a dream? An illusion? Maybe. Maybe not. There's no sounds from the woods nearby and the sudden sound of cloved feet on the gravel road would certainly catch anyone's attention. Walking up the road towards the Cathedral comes a tall horned man with scaley skin. Perhaps a Mystic of some kind? On his long fingers are elaborate rings which go well with the regal robes he wears upon his form. He deffinitly seems important, but why is he here? Why is he on foot? Why... does he have a tail?

Well, it doesn't much matter...Glenn is still wouned at this point, because Schala hasn't seen to them yet. So he looks more then a little roughed up. Still...he can't help getting the impression that something wicked this way comes. The Einlanzers are reacting, and not in a good way. Not at all. Something worse then even the black summon Grim Reaper. And what could be worse then the reaper...maybe...well, there is a black element called 'Hellbound...' What's down at the bottom of that pit, anyway?

Senior Diablo's eyes make their way to Glenn and a smile crosses his lips. Stepping towards him, his smile fades and he looks down at him like an insect. "Greetings and salutations. I've been looking for you, you know. You haven't made yourself very easy to find." Looking him over, the man shakes his head. "Tsk. You've really done it to yourself this time, haven't you Glenn? Did it ever occur to you that your fighting for the wrong team?"

Glenn shrugs. "The team I fight for is that my Lord has commanded me to fight for." While Norris did eventually become an ally of the team, he was also sort of an anomoly among Porre Soldiers. So was Grobyc, for that matter. And while these wounds did hurt, he would manage alright. Eventually.

Senior Diablo shakes his head. "Petty fool. What era have you found yourself in? Is this your home? No. I know that, and you should know that. Do you have any idea what damage your doing to yourself? At this rate you might cease to exist, then what of that pretty little girl you've been spending so much of your time with?" The demon smiles as he takes a step away, turning his back to the knight. "You MIGHT not destroy your own place in time, but you'll never be with her if things get restored. Did it ever occur to you she might become your MOTHER?"

His mother? Garai wasn't likely to come over here and marry Schala...it didn't seem logical for that odd coincidence of fate...."...I don't think I'll cease to exist. At least, not quite yet." Though those bullets admittedly came kinda close to doing exactly that. "I have already received word about what interference can do to this particular war." That is, Porre must win for the sake of History.

Senior Diablo turns back around, his smile gone. "Yes. There are many outcomes dependant on things staying true to their natural course. That also means people must take actions to push it along, despite those actions going against one's will. The universe is a bitter place. It's unjust, and unfair. Worst of all it THRIVES on making the innocent suffer." The tall monster raises an eyebrow. "There is an alternative. This war will do more than arrange your world to come into existance. It will RESTORE TIME." He pauses for dramatic effect. "Once it is restored you will be cut away from your new friends. But that can be fixed. You can have your old friends and your new ones. You can bring them together, here and now. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Glenn says, "It will restore time, yes, but it will also keep the world from ending in 16 years. Or rather, keep existence from ending. I do not know if the time devourer can devour an entity like you...but it would certainly try." But then this thing offers a third option. To somehow keep his old friends and his new friends. "...Should I even ask what this third option is?" Something tells him he may not like it.

Senior Diablo scoffs, "An entity like me? I approach you with the intention of helping you and you treat me like some fantasy? I am well respected, I'll have you know. Where I come from I am a prince. I don't have to waste my time on some dying knight on a backwards world that can't even be bothered to find the person responsible for the state of things here and make him fix it!" Angrily he huffs and turns preparing to walk off. Infact, he does take a step or two away before shaking his head. "If I weren't here on buisness I would have your head." He turns, eyes bright with fire. "GLENN!! If you wish to save YOUR world and not this miserable wreck of a planet you need to ally yourself with Porre. Stop the mad King and his plans to restore the timelines. History will adjust itself no matter what the outcome. You mortals need to realise you must decide fate for yourselves! By keeping them from restoring THEIR version of YOUR history you can prevent the nightmares of your own future. You can reunite your friends on both ends of time and make a NEW future." Senior Diablo calms with a deep breath and adjusts his robes. "I've come to make that clear to you. Your actions are your own, but don't expect this LORD of yours to do anything about the state of things. That miserable little lawn gnome has too much sleep to concern himself with than your petting world. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other things to attend to on other worlds. You might want to wake up soon, though. That bleeding isn't going to stop itself..."

Like all mortals, Glenn can be tempted. Like all mortals, there is weakness in his heart. Everything...his new friends...especially his love for Schala...pull at him to at least consider the demon's obvious request. To turn traitor, to damn himself, and hope it somehow allows him to keep Schala and the place of the Arbiter in history that he might receive the tools to make sure existence doesn't end. But then...he came to realize that...even he turned traitor, even if he bought this supposed 'third way' with the blood of those who once called him friends...would he be worthy of any new friends he might make? Would he be worthy of the love of the woman whom he now so dotes upon? But he sees the course of history as it must play out...sees what path history must take...and even if it rips out the heart of him...existence must...continue to exist. Life must go on. Even if...the rest of his life ends up filled with regret...which seems likely if history would move to split him and Schala by 20 years...the code and honor of the Knighthood would be upheld. His soul will remain unstained. But to be fair, honor and virtue aren't going to keep him warm at night. "...the Nightmares of my future must occur...Serge's battle, my battle...all of that is necessary to ensure people who live in the future have a chance to live their lives. No matter...what it costs me." As for waking up, he'll have to do something with his elements soon, the prince of lies probably isn't lying about that, even if Riddel did do a little healing of her own.

The Devil turns and glares at Glenn, his face full of disapointment. "You act like I came for your soul. Your world doesn't even have a 'devil' does it? A being that resides over hell? I'm here because of that accursed maniac. I came because if your world is restored to it's natural state it might come undone. Do you know time on this world will change the direction it flows when a change is made, or when people go missing? As long as your world's time is broken it is linked. History will create it's own path with or without the help of you insects crawling upon the planet's face. Keep your old world. It has nothing to do with me. But mark my worlds, Glenn. There are far greater evils than the one's you've faced. At least with time broken you only had to contend with that mad Queen and the leftovers from -her- world. Enjoy oblivion, and tell that girlfriend of yours to watch her back..." He turns away, smiling once again and walks off towards Guardia Field. The farther away he gets, the more the sounds of life return to the area. Glenn might notice his eyes bothering him, and if he blinks, Senior Diablo is gone... but was he ever really here?

Glenn isn't going to meet oblivion yet. Sure enough, his wounds did seem to open again, but he also has healplus to use as another stopgap measure. Stopgap...because he really could use the much stronger magical healing of his ladyfriend to really get rid of his wounds permenantly. Still, healplus will keep him in one piece for a moment longer. He wonders if this Diablo was ever really there at all. Though the reactions of the Einlanzers to evil was real enough...he thinks. He can't tell. But somehow...even if following the honorable course costs him everything he ever valued in his life so far...he has to think that it might somehow turn out for the better that way. But...well, he has resolved to do one thing. Tell Schala of the temptation, and what he was told. It's possible she might have a different opinion then his noble, self sacrificing one. But she seems a virtous maiden and thinks she'd agree with his call, such as it is. But first...he has to find her...so where is she? "...I have held to my honor...but I keep getting the idea I'm going to seriously regret it for the rest of my life. But not doing so...might've cause more regret still. I could wish I never told of a third way."

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