2007-06-15 (PreU) bargaining With Oblivion

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bargaining With Oblivion

Summary: After being left behind by Devi and Lucia, Tabitha decides to run to the destruction going down on the other side of Twisted and not be left out of the fight. Before she can make it that far, Oblivion interrupts...

Who: Momo, Oblivion, Tabitha
When: June 15th, 2007
Where: City Ruins


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City Ruins

Well, "ruins" aren't exactly a fitting description, but when half a city suddenly finds itself uprooted and attached to Twisted, it's kinda hard to know what to call it. The streets which connect here are broken and cracked and some of the buildings seem to be in similar states of disrepair. However, the buildings are occupied, even if this was only a recent event. The citizens of the Twisted Street will take residence where they can find it, and from the looks of things this is a more stable area than some of the others. Occasionaly you'll find shops here and there too although finding one that will let you in is a bit more of a challenge. Rumor has it there's a pet store hiding in the city somewhere...

Tabitha charges down the street angrily, her sword currently resheathed but still held close and at the ready. In her mind she replays the events which had just occured, her rage growing stronger with each passing step. She'd never felt this strong of an emotion since she was brought into creation, and it seems to be very addictive. Is this why Johnny did what he did? Is this why her other became a merc? She tries to push her wandering thoughts from her mind as she turns onto the street which leads to the main street of Twisted. "Why didn't she just take me with 'er?"

"Because she had other orders" comes Oblivions voice.

Tabitha skids to a hault as she turns around, unlocking her kitana from it's sheath. She scans the streets around her looking for the source of the voice, then narrows her eyes. "Alright, who said that??"

Oblivion materializes a few feet in front of her, smiling, eyes blazing with evil red light "I did, and as i said, she had OTHER orders. Such as keeping that holy bitch at bay for the time being". His evil grin twists with hatred at the thought of Lucia. He would have to deal with her later....

Tabitha stares at Oblivion suspiciously as he abruptly shows up. "So I take it ya know what's goin' on then? Just who are ya? How come I ain't seen ya before?" She locks her sword back in it's sheath, but keeps it at her side. Just in case...

Oblivion says, "I am Devi's master. YOU are powerful, however. If you wish, i can teach you to USE that power, and hone it. Think on it, and when next we meet, tell me of your decision..... it may be the most important decision you ever make". He sneers, and vanishes again suddenly.

Tabitha rolls her eyes as he vanishes. "Well, that's about stupid. I don't need some random freak tellin' me how to use my powers. It's not like he even knows who I am..." She screams at the air around her for good measure, "I DON'T NEED SOMEONE TELLIN' ME WHAT I C'N DO!" She throws her kitana over her back and pushes her bangs out of her face. "Damnit!!" Tabitha looks up and down the street, wondering what else is gonna come rushing out to get in her way. "I bet this is just more of that stupid woman's tricks..." Turning she dashes off down the road again.

Oblivion reappears suddenly in front of Tabby, smiling wickedly "I'm back. Took longer than i expected. So have you made your decision? As for you, you are Tabitha, a clone of some cat chick named Lee, given power by Sun, and in possession of an interesting psyche, hence your lack of sleep lately. Correct so far?". He frowns for a moment "Oh, and DON'T call my General a 'stupid woman'. Something unpleasent could happen if she overheard. Depends on her mood, PMS and all, y'know". After this, his twisted smile returns, and he waits for her response.

Tabitha narrows her eyes again after preventing herself from running into Oblivion at full speed. "Yeah. Your correct so far. So your general is that idiot who wanted me to see you and Devi jokin' about rapin' me, eh? She's the one that Devi just left to go try to kill? Don't but into my conversations with myself..." She shakes her head slowly and finally takes a deep breath and relaxes since obviously she's going to have to put up with this before she can catch up to the fight. "Who are you, and what th' hell is it ya want?"

Oblivion LAUGHS! "Devi is my general. The other one is the goody-two-shoes who needs to get laid repetedly. As for what i want... ". He removes his helmet *GASP!*, to reveal spikey blond hair, and that his eyes indeed do glow a bright, evil red *OOC: Chipp Zanuff with red glowing eyes. literally*. "What i WANT is to form a buisness relationship. You see, your lac of sleep, and the psyche that exists in that pretty fuzzy head of yours is VERY powerful. I can help you avoid IT taking over YOU, as oppose to YOU over IT. All i ask for my generosity is that you help me and my minions when they or I require it". He snickers "As for 'raping' you" He at this point pulls a 'Dogma', taking off the crotch armor, revealing skin, and no equipment of any kind "How COULD i?". He replaces the armor, but leaves the helmet under his arm for now, madness once again seeping into his grin.

Tabitha's glare becomes slightly more defined as his words sink in. Well, at least till he drops his pants and her expression becomes that of a comical sweatdrop as she tries not collapse, or smirk for that matter. She shakes her head as she places a hand on her forehead, taking a deep breath. "Helpin' your 'minions' huh? What kinda 'minions' are we talking about? You gonna be bettin' me for a fiddle o' gold next?"

Oblivion says, "oh, i only have two. One you've met already. The other you will meet soon enough should you agree."

Tabitha rolls her eyes and sighs. She's seen no reason to trust Oblivion any more than that weird homeless guy who likes to flash people to make them drop their food. "How am I s'pposed to take you seriously? I'm not gonna agree to nothin' without some kinda proof. Sure ya might know a bit about me, but if you know Devi or Johnny you'd likely know most o' my story already..."

Oblivion asks, "I know Devi's mind as i choose. I know Johnny from witnessing his abilities. That is how i know that what lies within you to be akin to a rushing ocean. You can either control its currents, or be swept away in its tide" He chuckles "It's not your story im interested in. Their like assholes. Everyone has one.... or kinda has one... i think.... it's your POTENTIAL that has my attention. As for taking me seriously....". He points at a hobo in a corner, snoring softly, and with a mostly empty bottle of some kinda cheap scotch in his hand. A bolt of black energy flies from Oblivion's finger, striking the hobo, who vanishes in a flash of black-negative light. Afterwards, all that remains is a pile of soot, and a scotch bottle with a scorch mark around it's neck in the shape of the guys fingers where he had been holding it. He blows the smoke from his finger as if it were a gun *YES, it DOES have smoke coming from the tip*, and smiles once more "Proof enough, or do you want more?"

Tabitha watches him as the hobo is vaporised with an air of indiffrence. Afterwards she holds up her hand and, while whispering under her breath, her hand is abuptly engulfed in flames. Her expression doesn't change as she stares into Oblivion's eyes. "I ain't worried about power. I got powers. I'm also not fond of setting myself up to be a servant of some random guy killin' homeless bums. If I wanted that I'd have stuck around with Johnny. Look, I'm sorry but th' only thing in th' world I want, you couldn't give me. So, sorry about yer luck..." She shakes her hand, and the flames vanish without a trace. She's ready to walk off if Oblivion doesn't say something to intrest her quickly.

Oblivion raises an eyebrow "...And just what is it you want, lil lady? I may be able to give you more than you think."

Tabitha tsks as she puts all her weight on one foot and lowers her head in annoyance, her tail flicking in irritation behind her. She pushes a few loose bangs out of her eyes as she again looks up at Oblivion. "I don't know why I'm even talkin' to you... I've got what I want. I'm alive, I'm not a tool of that maniac anymore, I have Sun-chan... I don't really even care about that other me that everyone's been fightin' over. The only thing I don't have is a childhood. I was created based on Johnny's memories of me and based on that I was 'made' the age you see me now. But ya know what? Somethin' like that's just not possible... I've already accepted that." She evens her weight on both feet again as she starts to rub her forehead. After a moments pause she shrugs, "That's it. End of story." Tabitha crosses her arms and tilts her head. "Now I s'ppose now yer gonna try to sell me that it's somehow in your powers, huh? Isn't that how this is suppose ta go?" She frowns... "Why th' hell did I have ta run into ya?"

Oblivion slowly smirks... whch becomes a smile.... which becomes a chuckle.... and finally, a manaicly cackle. After a moment, he calms down enough, and says, still snickering a little "Is that all? No, dear girl, that is NOT something i can easily do... BUT! I DO know of those who CAN."

Tabitha doesn't uncross her arms, but she does raise an eyebrow at his enthusiasm, "You -do-, huh? Why doesn't that surprise me to hear?" She leans onto her other foot this time and her tail wraps itself around one leg. "Alright, fine. I'll play along. Let's see these people you know. Bring 'em on..." Is she serious or is she pacifing him? It's hard to tell.

Oblivion snerks "I said i know OF them, not that i carry them around in my back pocket to tickle people on command. I WILL, however, make a deal with you. You assist me and my allies when requested, by either them or myself, and in exchange, i'll see which of said persons would be the most receptive to the idea of assisting you, and then open lines of communication." He actually gains a normal expression for a moment "Such requests we might make will NOT require you to sacrifice your life, such as jumping off a cliff or something sane like that. Combat however is a possability". He extends a hand "If this is acceptible, we'll shake on it."

Tabitha's expression and posture doesn't change. "So what do I get if your 'persons' don't come up with somethin'? I've already told ya I don't put much faith into strangers I've just met..."

Oblivion smiles "As one should definately not. This is the life of real! There are no garuntees. Your taking a chance. One that may pay off. I'm merely asking payment in the form of actions for my assistance."

Oblivion asks, "IF im unable to find what is needed, then i'll owe you a single favor of your choice, within limits, just as your assistance would be within limits. Hows that?"

Tabitha frowns, "I'm only asking that I don't get stuck with the short end of th' stick." She stands tall again, uncrossing her arms and eyeing Oblivion carefully. "Anyone can run up to someone and claim they're gonna give them the world for a favor, but it don't mean jack shit if ya ain't got proof. I'm not sellin' my soul, or my services to anyone unless it's for a damn good reason..." She hums as he makes a second proposal. Standing silently she considers the possibilities of it, and how much of a disadvantage this Oblivion would be at if it came to that. Finally she nods, "I just know I'm gonna regret this..."

Oblivion chuckles "Luckily for you, and unlike some OTHERS that would offer such tings, i'm not asking for your soul, just your help."

Tabitha sighs heavily wondering just how big of a mess she's just put herself into. "Yeah, yeah... so what'cha need of me now, eh? Clearly my plans for the evening have already been shot. There somethin' else you wanna discuss?"

Oblivion smirks as he redons his helmet "Oh, no. Theres nothing going on at the moment, although this most definately will change in the future. I merely wanted to offer my proposal when it was just us present. For now, my only request is that you help Devi should she need it in dealing with anyone that attacks her or my OTHER minion..." He holds out his hand, and Momo appears "... Momo! Cute, isn't she?". The doll smiles twistedly at Tabby, it's small, razor-sharp teeth glinting in the soft light of the street

Tabitha blinks as the doll appears before her forcing her to take a step back to recover from it's teeth alone. She stares at it in confusion as her fragmented mind begins to relate it to another razor-toothed doll that's forced itself into both Devi and Johnny's lives. However, she can't help but nod in response to Oblivion's question as she bends her knees to get a better look at it. "Aside from the resemblance to Sickness, why would anyone wanna attack her?" Thinking about that she looks up at Oblivion and grimaces, "I... I don't really want to know, do I?"

Oblivion chuckles... and not in a friendly way, either "Appearences can be decieving, and those who can see through them are more likely to than those who cannot. What she does is better left unsaid, unless you have a strong stomach. SEEING what she likes to do is beyond most peoples stomachs to withstand. I'll leave it at that". The doll looks up slowly and cutely at Tabitha, and giggles slightly. A red glow can be faintly seen frmo under the hair coverig it's upper face, roughly around where the eyes would be.

Surprisingly a smile forms on Tabitha's face. "Considering I was born from the mind of a guy who used ta cut people open and rearrange their brain an' intestines while they where yellin' and screamin' before shovin' their eyes up their own asses and sewing their mouths shut? I bet I c'n guess... doesn't mean I wanna hear about it, though." Her eyes lock onto that redish glow and her smile fades as she stares hypnoticly.

The doll floats up to eye-level with Tabitha, and 'stares' blindly at her, its smile widening. It giggles, asking "Can i play with it?". 'Blivy smirks, and shakes his head "No, not right now, Momo. We don't attack out allies. Go find a random house and haunt it for awhile. That's always fun. Don't kill the inhabitants till your done and ready to leave, K?". The doll squeels with delight, and vanishes.

Tabitha is rather surprised to find herself smiling at the doll and as it vanishes she stands and crosses her arms again. "Cute, but demented... She'd have gotten along well at Nny's place." The girl places her weight on one foot again like her body was unconciously asking her to find something to lean upon. "So... protect th' evil dolly. Gotcha. Anything else I should know 'bout?"

Oblivion asks, "for now, simply assist Devi and Momo as needed. I'll be sure to let you know if anything else requires your assistance. I will also work on your little 'desire', and contact those who can do so, and see what they require TO do so. I DO have one question for you, and keep in mind it is merely a curiosity, cause i'm just full of them. Should action be required against Sun, more than likely in self defense knowing HER temper, how would you act. Against her, or WITH her?"

Tabitha bites her lip at the question thoughtfully. She lowers her head, letting more of her loose hair fall over her face. "I... I don't wanna hurt Sun. I could probably do just about anythin', but I don't wanna hurt Sun..."

Oblivion smiles evily, but expected that response "OK! Talk to ya later! Oh, i WOULD advise not talking to anyone about this, either. If some people find out you do work for me on the side, they might try to destroy you and ask questions later, and that would be a HUGE waste of good talent". He winks, and vanishes

Tabitha is left feeling more alone than she'd ever experienced before in his wake, although mostly from that last question drifting through her mind. Has she just done something horrible? Would she regret this the rest of her life? Taking a deep breath she shakes her head at her thoughts. She needs to quit worrying so much about everything. The other her never worried this much. Looking off into the distance she decides to hell with Lucia, and turns back towards Devi's apartment. "To hell with it all. I'm gonna go try to sleep again..."

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