2007-06-15c (PreU) War is not so simple...

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War is not so simple...

Summary: Magus takes a bit of time to bring some new comrades to the cause.

Who: Domo, Magus, Robo
When: June 15th, 2007
Where: Chronos


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Today is a peaceful day. The sun is shining, people are laughing and /supposedly/ having a good time. Those that come here, at least. The sky is reasonably clear, just a few clouds. And there is a robot staring at the bell. Rusty looking robot that has a sense of emotion about it, but cannot physically express this without looking entirely silly. Birds have landed on him. He must have been standing there for a looong time. Is...is he broken? No, can't be. He must have zoned out.

This land is unfimilar with Domo. Where did all the tall curved building and bullet trains go? Well, they're obviously not here. But what's that... A robot? That's familar. "...hmm. Finally, something I can relate to. Even if it is a bit...second hand.." he taps Robo's chest plate lightly with the back of his human hand.

Creeeak. Clang. The robot's eyes flicker on, and he looks down from the bell. The lack of emotion is all the more unsettling when he stares at someone. "Pardon?" The birds fluttered away abruptly when he first moved. "I don't suppose you would know where we are, would you? It appears to be...Guardia. But there are several...rather dr-drastic changes about." his voice stutters out, here and there. Not because he has a voice problem, but because his voice technology is partly busted.

"No clue. Ever since I lost my arm, I've been stuck in this dream. This looks like my home, but there's no more...robots. Like you. It's horrid." he crosses his arms and grumbles. "Hopefully I'll wake up. Someday..." Domo grips his robotic fist tightly, then looks to Robo's face. "Are you trapped in this nightmare too?"

"Dream? No, Sir, I'm afraid you may be mistaken..." Robo starts, about to go on an explanation of how time travel works. No, that would take ages. And it would make nearly no sense at all, unless this person is a genius like Lucca. And even she gets confused, sometimes. She's only human, after all. But...to the question of being 'trapped' he gives a slight movement, which signals a creak and a grind coming from his joints, as he glances about the area, scanning for anything abnormal. "I believe so."

"...ugh, this is horrible. Think of all the contracts I'm missing." he pinches the bridge of his nose a bit and shakes his head a few times. "Well, if I've trapped here, I might as well make the best of it." Domo examines his prostatic arm a bit and squints. Maybe it's cursed. After all, he only woke up in this strange place after it was grafted on. "So, robot... What's your name?" he asks after a long moment of silence between them.

For the life of him...well, if a robot could be called alive, in any way, this rusty old 'bot is having trouble remembering his own name. After a brief pause, he stutters out with his slightly malfunctional voice while he bows, "I-I am Robo." Yes, yes, not a particularly creative name, but it is the one he has been given. "What is your name, Sir?" All these menial conversation kick-starters. Not a whole lot else to do.

"Domo Iguri. Or Evil Iguri as the bar keeper and cronies called me..." the warrior looks over his shoulder and snorts lightly. "Do you know where the money is to made here, Robo?" Domo asks in a whispery tone while the android bows. Eh... The merc manages a bow too. Might as well make a comrade or two while he's here.

"Money?" asks a cold, emotionless voice. The voice eminates from a man that had been standing near the robot and the young man with the robotic arm. He had his back turned to them both, but he now faces them. His hair is long with a blueish-purple tint, and he is dressed in a black cloak. It had been over his head to conceal his hair. "You need work? What use do you have?" The man seems intrigued by the younger man's question, now he just wants to know the answer. He casts a glance over to Robo if only briefly. A knowing glance. His eyes flash purple as he does.

Right as Robo is about to answer, which would have been a clueless answer anyways, he hears someone else, apparently someone familiar of whom was listening in on the conversation. Turning with a few creaks and some rusty noises, he gives a scan of this individual. Not the same as he remembers. And this is where suspicions begin to build up in this robot's brain. "Magus?" he ventures, in as careful a tone as his robotic voice can. Something isn't right.

"Money." the young man repeats in his quiet, yet devoid tone. "A comrade of yours?" Domo looks between Robo to Magus a few times, then gives a slightly twisted grin when asked what he /does/. "What do I do? Well... People usually give me a name and I make that person disappear." he sighs slightly and looks to his arm, "...or I get hired to the front line."

"A mercenary..." The man with blue hair pays no mind to the question that Robo asks. If it could be called a question. He begins to float in the air as he circles slowly around Domo, observing the young man from all angles. He seems to be built strong. Perhaps he could be of use. However... "I am afraid there is no use for mercenaries around these parts. The only villain to face is someone with far greater power than you could ever grasp. But there is a war coming. One where we will all have to be soliders. Where we will all face a choice." The floating man stops in front of Domo to look him straight in the eye. "Jobs are useless. You must choose whether or not you will fight for life or death. The time draws nearer for the final decision to be made." The man crosses his arms over his chest as his eyes flash purple again.

Well that settles it. Robo is in hell. Someone else's hell. Not what he is thinking. First, when Domo mentions his occupation, he slowly turns to face the young man. "... Oh dear." And afterward, when Magus speaks again, the robot turns to face him once again. This is not the Magus he knows. This is the other one. This is the one he and the group were to have killed that day, back in time. In that hellish iceage of a place. But he can't go toe-to-toe to this one alone. So he doesn't make any further noises as they talk. If there was such a thing that could happen with one who can hardly show emotion, tension fills the air about him. It is not easy standing near someone who may be evil when you are a hero.

Domo releases a soft, hollow chuckle when Robo shows signs of worry. He thinks it's a bit odd... A robot haboring an alignment. "...don't worry, comrade. I only hunt for the money it brings. Not for sport. Most of the time..." he brushes his bangs aside and squints slightly as Magus examines him closely. "But yes.. I happen to be a mercenary.." he adjusts one of the bolts on his robotic arm that seems to cause the voltage to fluxate for a moment. "...but. If there happens to be a war coming... I'll take the side with the edge." Either he's not easily intimidated or he's just masking his fear. "What I can see though... Is you're not one I want to trifle with."

"Indeed," states the man as he floats towards Domo. He hovers only inches away from the man's face with that of his own. "I am /not/ to be trifled with." The eyes of the powerful man flash purple again as he backs off from Domo. He lands back on his feet to walk towards Robo. "The side with the edge. And what sort of edge can you give to the cause? Would it really matter? In wars, the soldiers are faceless and many in number. Do you really think you can add to such a cause or would you simply be cannon fodder, like the rest?" The mage looks back and forth between Robo and Domo.

Robo begins to see the error of being stressed here. Or rather, thinking too hard on it. Then again, he /is/ a robot, and they do that sort of thing when given a brain of their own. "What side are /you/ on, Magus?" he asks, as this is a valid question, and needs to be answered, and while he waits for this answer, a bird lands on him again, wary of the presence of the talkers. An answer would at least clear up any doubts in this machine's thoughts. Yes, one may have noticed that he does not speak much. When he does, it's simple and easy to understand. Maybe because his long explanations are misunderstood as...lectures and other such things. Have you ever seen a babbling robot? I've heard it is quite funny.

"That's a hard question to answer... I've seen more battles than some veterans have." he crosses his arms somewhat, "To me.. A particular cause, even if meritible, should only be chosen if there's something to gain." Domo opens one eye half-way, "..so whether I'm fighting along side murderers or bleeding hearts, there's something in common to gain for us. Something I can indentify with my comrades." he now opens his other eye. "Then again, there is nothing to stop me from being vaporized, I suppose. It the threat is as great as you speak..."

"I am aligned with the planet." This is all the dark mage says to Robo as he turns back to face Domo. He shakes his head back and forth slowly. His eyes are narrowed... he seems disgusted. "Personal gain. Can a solider really gain anything from war other than strife? Bad memories? Fear? Though I would expect nothing less. A mercenary always wants money and power. Always more of it. Such a pitiful way to live. You value nothing," he states, eyes flashing purple once more as he looks into the eyes of Domo. "What if life is destroyed by death? What if you choose to fight for death? Knowing that life flows within you... would it not be counter-productive for you to choose such a stance? You are a fool if you say yes."

Well this is interesting. Robo just replies with a simple, "I see..." and his eyes glow a little brighter as he goes into thought. War. War is horrid. He was created to fight, or so he had been told. He had also been created to be alive. To be a robotic...replacement for humans, by a psychotic AI. Or, as I have said, so he has been told. Should he let the Mystics and the Humans and every other species and branch face off against eachother? No, because he values life. He's seen what happens when things go awry. Desolation. As he listens, he wants to say something. Ah, but this is enough to put someone into a trance, besides, anything he could say would be redundant. Another bird has landed on him. Strange. He can be alarmingly still. And now he is wondering where Lucca, Crono, and Marle are, even Ayla, and...all the rest.

Domo's lip curl into a thin frown and he takes a long moment to just...stare him down. Not replying right away to his onslaught but just narrowing his eyes. "..heh." he slowly begins to chuckle. Softly at first, then rather loudly. "...seems like you have logic to back up your strength. I suppose I have a lot to learn." Maybe he realized he got told. Or something of the sort. "Perhaps... Perhaps when it comes time to choose, I'll have to throw off my old ways."

The mage's eyes soften if only slightly. He has made his point to the would-be mercenary and he seems the better for it now. "Good. Because you will be needed soon. As shall you," he says, sharply turning back towards Robo to look at the robot. "An entity is pretnedning to be my mother and terrorizing the continents. Moreover, Porre has begun to make advancements north into Zenan and they are hostile. I have not concluded yet whether the two are related... but it is clear that the black pawns are moving." He does not know if Robo will understand that statement, nor does he care. "There will be blood. Too much. But if this planet is to survive, blood must be sacrificed. There is no other way."

His mother? Robo knows who that is. She is not fun at all. And with how he is saying this, it won't be pleasant if everyone gets caught in the middle of this chaos. A sound of metal grinding rings through the area as he tests his arm, and then he balls his metal hand into a fist, pointing this fist upwards and striking an awkward yet determined pose. "I will do as is needed." And he lowers the arm, "At least until I figure out the exact details of the situation." And then he pauses. "But if things are as you say they are, I am unsure there will be time for figuring this out." Time. In Chronos. Hahahah.

Domo looks at his robotic arm for a moment, then to Magus. He just remains silent for a few more moments, then sighs softly. "Well. I might not be as valiant as some... But, I'll still deticate my sword to the fight, as I did with any of my old jobs." he scratches his chin a bit. That's where he lacks, appearently. Domo isn't exactly what you'd call a...strategian.

"Good. That is all, then." Magus nods to both Robo and Domo before disappearing in a flash of radiant purple light.

"Magus is still the same." Robo says, out loud. "Though I am wary to trust him here. I should have asked him if he has seen any of the others." Oh well. He turns to look toward Domo. "... You are in for a few surprising sights in the future, as am I. A turn of events like this would mean nothing less." And now he looks about, scanning the area...where...is Marle and Crono. And Lucca, for that matter. "I will be going now. It has been a p-*kkzzzT*pleasure to talk to you, Domo."

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