2007-06-16 (PreU) That darn bird...

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That darn bird...

Summary: A random meeting of three almost entirely different individuals. In other words, business as usual.

Who: Domo, Kid, Robo
When: June 16th, 2007
Where: Chronos


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Guardia Fairgrounds - Leene Square

The highlight of the Guardia Fairgounds, here there is a tall monument with a large bell hanging beneath it. Named after Queen Nadia, the XXXIV Queen of Guardia Kingdom, to commemorate the day that the future was saved by a young group of heroes during the Millenial Fair of 1000 AD. The inscription reads, "May our prayers for peace ring on for eternity..." To the south you can clearly see the entire fairground with the village of Truce in the far distance.

Domo is reading!? Nah, don't hold your breath folks, that's just his lastest contract. And judging from the impish looking character tied up behind him, looks like he's completed it. "...I'll deal with this later. I should be getting a drink right about now." He wipes the seat from his brow and stuffs the parchment into his belt so he can take a seat somewhere nearby for a breather. And enjoy a tankard of something he picked up along the way, of course.

Kid walks through the fairgrounds, her hands behind her head as she looks around. In the back of her mind, she can faintly hear the sounds of a fair held long ago. The sounds of the race, children laughing, and adults bartering back and forth over the trinkets on the blankets. Stopping at the bell, she reads the inscription and scoffs. "Peace, 'round here? Right. All they've got is 'hores and death." She folds her arms and looks at the bell reprochfully.

Clang-clang, creak. A bunch of loud noises come from the ancient robot that happens to be coming from the south and wondering why he has come back here, of all places. But then he turns and spots... Domo. That fellow was nice. Even if a little misguided. A friendly wave given in that direction, while he tries to navigate his memory banks with an inconvenient technological version of a certain mental disease, and remember what he was doing. That's right. Figuring out where the heck everyone else went. He's already met Magus, and the Mystic still spooks him. His big blue robot-eyes pass over the tied up imp. Attention is quickly pulled away from there and to the speaking girl. "...a horrid situation." Robo comments, as he forgets his manners for a moment or two.

"It's not /so/ bad. At least it makes work for people like me..." he gestures to the barely conscious n'er to well who's on the ground mumbling. "I suppose if people fight their hardest we might see a soluation one day." Domo snorts lightly and brushes his hair to the side. "...oh. Comrade Robo. What brings you around these parts?" he tilts his head to the side and glances to the ancient robot, then the young girl again.

Kid shrugs, "Maybe I should go into the Merc Market. Theft ain't doin much, now that the people are to scared to let go of their purse strings." She tucks a wild strand of blond hair behind an ear, shakin her head. Letting a hand fall to the dagger at her waist, out of habit more then discomfort, she says, "No matter how hard anyone fights, sooner or later someone else will come along to destroy everythin'."

"I am here in an attempt to find someone." the robot states to Domo and leaves it at that, "Queen Zeal, for example?" Robo says, and then he realizes something. Oh yes. The formalities. "Apologies, Miss, I am Robo." And there is the awkward bow toward Kid, only that way because of his size. He looks heavy. Very heavy. And with this, a bird flies down to land on his head, after a while of standing entirely still. Honestly, they must think he is some kind of magic traveling statue. He doesn't mind, though.

Domo slips some of the contents of his tankard and scrunches up his face slightly to the rather...bitter taste. Either that or he realized Kid might be right. "...possibly." he replies in a quiet. "So, who are you anyway, kid?" Ironic question. Robo's bow does provoke a chuckle from kid however, much like it did when they first met. Rather polite and well-mannered for a robot.

Kid smirks slightly at Robo's general oddity. Might as well greet 2 birds with one stone. "I'm Kid." She gives a short bow, if only to return the curtisy. Turnin to Domo, she perks an eyebrow. "And who are you, anyway?' Her tone is inquisitive, not rude."

Robo is very well-mannered. Generally because he has to come off as nonthreatening as possible to those who are, in turn, not threatening physical harm to anyone who doesn't deserve it. "A pleasure to make your aquaintance." The bird is still on top of his partly-domelike head. Chirping. Cleaning feathers. Giving birdstares.

"Kid?" he chuckles lightly and gets back onto his feet. "Good to meet you, I suppose. I'm Domo. Domo Iguri." The merc shakes his head a few times to get the hair out of his eyes. "Just the newest mercenary in town, I suppose." Domo looks to his prostatic arm for a moment, then up back at the two. "Robo... Don't you mind those birds on you?" he eyes the perched avians for a moment, then chuckles quietly.

Kid nods and sits down, leaning against the bell's base. "There aren't to many Mercs around here anyways. It'll give the town somthin to talk about, aside from the Horde." She falls silent after that, not feeling that she needs to add anymore at the moment.

Robo is asked a question that apparently confuses him, as he turns his head, which causes a startled chirp from the brightly-colored feathered creature as it flees, and he responds to Domo, "Pardon?" And then he hears of something called the Horde. The Porre soldiers? Monsters? Or something else entirely. His head turns back to it's original position. Judging from Kid's silence, he dare not venture a question about it. But something about him screams of curiosity, somehow. Maybe it's just the unblinking stare of robot eyes.

"...hmm. Nothing." Domo replies to the mechanical man when the bird flees it's perch. "There's not many mercenaries around? Well... Looks like that Magus character was right then." he scratches his chin for a moment, then folds his hands behind his back. "If doing my job will liven things up around here though..." he chuckles under his breath, "Hell, I might as well do it."

Kid says, "What is your job?" Her eyebrows raise, considering that the name Magus and a merc probably shouldn't be in a sentance together. *If He's up to more trouble, I swear..* Her eyes immeditly shield as she waits for an answer.

Robo feels about the same amount of distrust in concern to Magus, himself, and he doesn't even know of recent events. He listens to the conversation again as he has nothing to add to it, and that same brave little bird lands on his head again. Bother. They should make a repellant for that.

"Me? I'm just a simple mecenary stuck in a bad dream. Or a different time, as some people tell me." Domo half-lids his eyes and folds his arms behind his head. "Magus doesn't seem to like my kind too much. Although, he's not necessarily someone I want to mess with. Too powerful.." Something about that mage bothers him too, although he can't put his finger on it.

Kid nods, "Same story, diffrent person." To many have come here due to broken time. And if time is fixed, far to many will disapper. That's one of the reason's Kid wanted to set up shop in Porre. To watch history fold out. Standing up, she brushes herself off and starts walking back towards town. Turning her head back towards the pair, "Well, enjoy your stay here Domo, don't expect any peace though. See ya Robo." She streaches her arms above her head and stolls back towards Central Truce.

Robo waves as Kid heads off on her way, and this scares off that annoying bird. Not annoying to him, though, because he has yet to notice. "Goodbye, Kid." And now, he does a scan of the area. So quiet compared to before. The festival...that was the most fun a robot could have ever witnessed. Ah, memories. Wait. He has something to do. Back to searching! He gives a goodbye wave toward Domo as well, and heads off in the wrong direction for a moment...stops, turns himself around, goes in the right direction. Perfect.

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