2007-06-20 (PreU) The demand for clothes continues to grow...

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The demand for clothes continues to grow...

Summary: Tabitha's rest doesn't come as Momo randomly appears. Is there no rest in Devi's apartment? Caliga sure doesn't seem to think so when he follows in the doll's footsteps... So just where is Devi??

Who: caliga, momo, Tabitha
When: June 20th, 2007
Where: Devi's apartment


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Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

Within the apartment, an overwhelming sense of evil can suddenly be sensed. The lights begin to flicker, an electronic buzz suggesting technical difficulties are at the root of the problem. A cold wind blows through the room, even though the windows are closed. The very shadows on the walls seem to gain a life of their own throughout the room as the flickering light plays with them. Then, from somewhere, a slight, girlish giggle can be heard from no place discernable, echoing through the room.....

Tabitha is sitting on the couch humming to herself before things go weird. She's tied her sleaves up to keep them from falling off of her and she's gotten into Devi's art supplies, happily wasting time away playing with the paints. As the lights flicker and dim she glances around with a raised eyebrow, her ears flickering as she listens to sounds. Her first thought is to look to Devi's door, at least until she hears the giggling. Raising to her feet she pulls one of her daggers off the table and eyes the room nervously. "Who's there?"

The temperature in the room begins to become erratic, dropping and rising from one extreme to another seemingly at random, with no visible or obvious source. The AC controls are untouched. There's a flick of motion off to one side, as if something small had dashed from behind a desk to beind a chair. Again, a slight giggle, like a mischevious child, can be heard, it's tone mocking.

Tabitha paws accross the room, heading towards it's center as she holds her daggers at the ready, taking everything in as she feels herself being stalked. Already she's taken the other dagger and holds the two tightly. The daggers respond by bluring as darkness begins to ressonate from the weapons. The little girl's eyes seem to take on the same darkness as the daggers as they narrow. "Alright, enough of this... show yerself now! Git out here an' knock this off right now!"

As if oblidging the request, something ZIPS at high speed from one side of the room to the other right behind her head, displacing the air behind her and making it obvious there was something there. However, when she turns around, there's nothing to be seen. A sudden giggle comes from under the couch, and a faint purple glow eminates from it's gloomy depths...

Tabitha spins around as her hair is tossed to the side. Her eyes are wide as she looks for the source of the movment, and as the couch begins to glow she again narrows her eyes at whatever might be beneath it. Knealing on the floor she lays her head on the carpet, holding a dagger out before her. "Alright, I see ya. C'mere ya little evil purple thingy..."

As she looks under the couch, in the back, all that can be seen is a pair of bright red pinpricks of light, a pair of eyes ssttaarriinngg at her from the darkness. Then, suddenly, it rushes forwards, right past her, making a high pitched SCREAM, like a combination of a battlecry and a cackle. It ZIPS past her head and through the opposite wall, Tabitha getting a nice close-up look at it's creepy face, and mouth, before it's gone again.

Tabitha gasps slightly as something launches itself towards her. As it vanishes into the wall behind her she pauses trying to remember why something seemed so familar about that horrible face... Finally she gets it and puts her daggers away. "Hey! Yer that dolly thing! Why the game? C'mon out! What was it... Mamo? Momo? She starts to scan the room carefully again. She's aware that the daggers are still reacting but after everything that's happened she's less than concerned with it."

Momo FINALLY materializes in view and stays put for a moment, floating in the air right in front of Tabitha, smiling twistedly. She says only one word: "Ffuunn!". At this point she pulls out a head of someone from her sleeves with small hands tipped with long, nasty nails. Blood drips onto the carpet, and on closer inspection, one can clearly see a look of horror and pain etched onto the deceased features."

Tabitha blinks at the severed head. Her eyes dart back and forth from the severed head to Momo and back. Somehow a smirk washes over her face. "Fun, huh? So you lookin' for someone to have fun with, or are ya here to have fun with me?" The girl readjusts her oversized shirt as her tail flicks back and forth. "Kinda boring aroun' here when I'm th' only one awake..."

Momo giggles. The heads mouth open, and it actually groans in agony. From the back of it's throat comes a spray of acid, aimed right at Tabithas midsection. Not a powerful acid. Just enough to smoke and burn through her clothes, and be a little irritating. She's using a watered down version of it, since she's under orders to not kill allies. Doesn't mean she can't toy with them a bit. After this, she disappears the next time she's out of direct vision, and doesn't reappear, for the time being.

A slight chuckle comes from the couch after the doll spits the acid at Tabitha. "Tell me, dear Tabitha, where is your friend Devi?" The voice comes out softly from Caliga, as he suddenly comes into view, sitting on the couch. "I have oh so much to ask her, Tabby.. and you as well.." A grin appears on his face, somewhat sinister in looks.

Tabitha raises an eyebrow as the head begins to animate. As it sprays fluids in her direction she yelps and shields her face, not that it does much good. She hears the sizzling and looks down at herself as the smell of burning cloth. The girl tries to brush off the acid spots but only succeeds in making the mess worse. With a heavy sigh she realises Momo is gone again. "Just great... now the only thing I have ta wear is missing half it's material..." She looks up at the sound of another voice and head tilts. When she realises it's behind her she turns and tries to cover the holes in her shirt with her arms. "Who... who the heck are you?" It should be noted for Caliga's sake that Tabitha looks to be about seven years old now and is wearing the remains of an oversized shirt which has been tied to keep it from falling off. "I'm not sure 'bout Devi. She's either not here or asleep. I ain't seen 'er since we chased after that stupid girl th' other night..."

"Then I guess I shall have to start with you, dear figment of a maniac's mind.." Caliga slowly stands up, and starts walking around Tabitha, examining her from every angle. "You're smaller then you should be." The grin seems to fade from his face as he tries to come to an understanding as to why this is. From Johnny's memories, Tabitha should be a lot larger, and not the size of a child. "Tabitha, tell me what your thoughts are about the Waste-Locks would you?"

Tabitha tries to keep her eyes on the strange man as he starts to walk around her. She clutches her daggers tightly and brings them up ready to defend or strike if need be. Since when did she use daggers? Daggers that look susupiciously like Johnny's? "Nuh-uh. You tell me who th' heck ya are first. How d'you know my name?"

"You can call me Caliga, Tabitha. I know quite a bit about you, and how Johnny C is responsible for /your/ creation." Caliga moves back over to the couch and sits down on it once more. "I'm not here to fight you, so you can lower the daggers." He eyes the daggers for a moment, yet keeps very quiet about them for now. "Besides, why would I want to fight something that has its own sense of beauty?" He knows that Tabitha is supposed to be an adult, and regardless of her current appearance, her mind should be the same exact way.

Tabitha narrows her eyes as a bitter taste comes into her mouth. She doesn't put down the daggers though, simply because she has nowhere to put them. She's only dressed in a shirt after all and she's not about to set them somewhere where just anyone could grab them. Not while she knows what they're capable of at least. She does, however cross her arms turning the daggers' tips towards the ground as she continues to hold them. "Ya ain't gonna sweet talk me, Caliga. Why're ya wantin' to know about waste locks? Go find a copy of JtHM somewhere. Johnny used ta give 'em out to anyone who asked. What's this gotta do with me?"

A clear glass ball suddenly appears before Caliga. "I'll show you why.. You obviously knew of Johnny's distaste for the council, so we won't try and discuss that.. However, I have a dislike of them as well, and we shant go into this either.." The ball suddenly comes to life as it suddenly starts to replay the fight that Caliga and Johnny had against Myra, and just what happened to turn Johnny into the Abomination. "It would seem that I was at fault for bringing about that scenario with the Maniac. Which, I then of course rectified." The scene in the ball suddenly changes to the arrival of Crono on Twisted, and the events that transpired afterwards to restore Johnny to a 'normal' state. "Does this answer your question?"

The girl stares into the sphere as she watches the events play out. Her eyes seem to go distant as deja vu washes over her. These where all things she'd drempt about after finally finding herself asleep. Looking down at the daggers as the visions end, Tabitha takes a deep breath pondering in her mind the vastness of the scenerio presented to her. Where those dreams Johnny's way of reaching out to her? Where the daggers intended as some kind of proof? She lets her arms go limp at her sides, exposing the dozens of quarter sized holes in her shirt. She turns and climbs into the reclining chair and sighs. "Alright. What is it ya wanna know?"

"I want to know what your thoughts are on Waste-Locks. Even if I found a copy of whatever it is you were talking about, I doubt I would find the true information I really want. The Doughboys, the way Sickness invaded Devi. I want to know what you think about all of it. You may have come from Johnny, but you have your own feelings and beliefs on things." Caliga pokes the glass ball with his finger, causing it to pop like a bubble, which then all the shards just vanish into thin air. He turns his entire attention onto Tabitha, wanting to know just what it is she feels about all this.

"How... How -I- feel about it?" She puts down the daggers beside her and pulls the fabric of her shirt over her knees. Crossing her arms again she kicks her feet playfully. "I.. I dunno. I know what Nny knew about them. I've seen alot of tha things he'd gone through. But uh.. I dunno. I don't really have an opinion. I c'n tell you what I know 'bout them, but I don't really know what you mean beyond that.."

"I see. Devi, Johnny, and little Squee are all very important beings in their world, unable to really control what is going on in their enviroment. And here, Johnny creates you, and puts you into a spot to where you can't really control whats going on..." Caliga slowly stands up from the couch. "It's been educational, Tabitha. I've learned something here.. Just remember this. You aren't a figment anymore. Figments don't think and act for themselves. Don't allow yourself to be played, just like Johnny was." He suddenly vanishes in a wisp of smoke, his next destination unknown.

Tabitha raises an eyebrow at Caliga's words and blinks as he stands to leave. She barely gets her armed raised enough to wave before he starts talking again. "A figment? I'm not a figment. I'm not gonna get 'played'. Just what the heck d'ya mean by-?" And he's gone. With a heavy sigh she stands and looks around the room expecting something else to suddenly come out of the woodwork. "I'm gettin' tired of all this... Do people always jus' show up here? How tha heck does Devi sleep at night?" Then it occurs to her and she yells at the bedroom door. "Yer not even here, are ya?!?!? DAMNIT!!! Ya don't sleep at all, do ya?!?!?" With a heavy sigh she marches into the kitchen and starts plundering through the refridgerator. "AN' YA DON'T BUY ENOUGH FOOD EITHER!"

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