2007-06-21 (PreU) Devi and the Daggers

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Devi and the Daggers

Summary: Devi finally returns home discovers what's been going on in her absence. Questioning Johnny's daggers, Tabitha decides to give her a taste of the training that the maniac went through to get them. Then things go from bad to worse... something bad might be fast approaching.

Who: Devi, Johnny_C, Tabitha
When: June 21st, 2007
Where: Devi's apartment

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Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

Leaning accross Devi's coffee table rests the current form of Tabitha as she continues to make a mess with the art supplies laying around the apartment. She has a few decent (if very inexperienced) painting scattered around the floor, the remains of the shirt tied around her shoulders to keep it from falling off are stained with various colors and the girl herself has quite a mess on her hands as well as she's given into temptation. Yes, that horrible messy fun of fingerpainting. Then again, it's late afternoon and the girl turned child is getting awfuly bored waiting for Devi. With a heavy yawn she looks at the mess on the paper infront of her, sticks out her tounge, and slowly starts to march towards the kitchen to wash her hands.... again. Hopefully no dishes where left in the sink.

Devi poofs in her apartment, dressed in a....Gundum outfit?? She pops off the head, and sets it on the table, then sees Tabitha and stops. No smile, no movement, Devi just looks at Tabitha, asseing the girl. "Oh god... a kitten." Silence......... "Awww!!!!" Before Tabitha knows it, she's wearing a big pink floppy ribbon around her neck, and there is a HUGE bowl of milk in front of her.

Tabitha stops dead in her tracks as she leaves the kitchen and stares in confusion at this... thing infront of her. Of course, once it's revealed to be Devi she starts to say hello and is caught in midsentence by the abrupt declaration. She puts her head down and sighs at the 'aww' and starts to step forwards, when she feels the weight on her neck. Reaching up to touch the bow tied to her she sweatdrop heavily and asks, "Well, your takin' this better than I expected... Where have you been?" Although, she doesn't get to finish her question. The punchbowl of milk sitting infront of her does far too good of a job of cutting her off. She stares in confusion, and this blushes with embarasment. Balling her fists up she yells, "Oh come on! I'm not a pet!!" Crossing her arms she 'hmph's and makes her way to the couch to plop down and sulk. ..for a moment. "Sorry 'bout the mess... I got bored."

Devi waves her hand. "No worries. See?" Devi runs around the room in a wide circle, and suddenly the mess is gone, Tabitha's papers stacked neatly on the table. Grinning, Devi flops onto her chair. "So......" Dressed in a white lab coat with coke bottle glasses, equipt with a notepad, Devi asks, "Go on, tell me how this happened?"

Tabitha can't help but smirk at the get up. oO(At least she's not tryin' ta kill me) After a moment of thinking she simply states the name, "Oblivion." She sits silently expecting Devi to not really need more explanation than that. But after a moment of thinking she decides otherwise. "After you took off after that stupid woman I chased after ya. He caught me on the street and knew who I was an' started asking me all these questions. He asked me what I wanted an' I told him, an' he did it!" She smiles happily. "Now I don't have ta wonder what it's like to be a kid!" She grins at the statement, showing her fangs. Then with a slight frown she address her shirt. "But uh... Momo showed up an' did this." Looking up and staring at Devi as seriously as possible she asks, "So, do people ALWAYS show up here at random? Ya don't sleep here do ya?"

Devi raises an eyebrow at the name, and then the action of turnin Tabby into a kitten. Tilting her head at Tabby, she vanishes and reappers behind her, draping a black ribbed tanktop on her head. If she looks at it, she'll see a small black cat with large yellow eyes. Laughing at her own joke, Devi walks up the walls, only because she's always wanted to. Looking up at Tabitha Devi grins evilly, "I don't sleep. Or eat.. Or Breath. I'm -kinda- dead. Anyways, what'd else did our Master say? Anythin worth my time?" She ignore the people question, seeing how as before she came here, only Tenna saw in the inside of her apartment, now we've got god knows who steppin in to have a look around.

Tabitha lets out a slight sigh of relief at the shirt, now if only she had some kinda pants too she wouldn't be nearly so embarassed. Well, at least till she sees what's -on- the shirt. With a roll of her eyes she tries to ignore it, following Devi's stroll up the walls with intrest. Finally she speaks up. "Dead?? Like, someone killed ya dead?? How're ya still here?" Before Devi can answer she realises that she was asked a question and responds to it with a shrug. "Well, funny thing that. He wants me to help you do somethin' about Sun. He said not to hurt her physicly or nothin', but to make her suffer. Basicly whatever as long as she doesn't die..." Wait, should she really be saying this so casually? Curiously she doesn't seem to think anythings wrong with the request still. Looks like something else has changed...

Laying on the celing, Devi puts her face in her hands, and starts kicking her feet. "Ah pooey, I wanted to kill her." Sighing, Devi drops onto her back on the floor, a random bird flying out from under her as she lands. "Ah well. So! You get to help me hurt her? Neat." Devi gets up and looks very serious. "So, I need you to tell me everything you know about her. I heard she has gems stuck in various places? Her weak points are??"

Tabitha blinks at the abrupt questioning. "Um... I dunno really. I don't remember anythin' about gems. Her powers are the same as mine are s'pposed ta be. They're all dependent on these little helpers an' she doesn't have to speak ta talk to them..." She ponders the question further as she slips off the remains of her old shirt and tries to cover her legs with it. "I know Johnny got her pretty good once, bringin' me in an' makin' me a zombie tellin' her I was tha real Samantha..." She rubs her head suddenly. "Ooooh, what was it he had me say?" The little girl snaps her fingers, "Oh, yeah. I forgive ya for killin' me. It's not so bad here in hell, but it's lonely... Join me Sun-chan..." She guestures in a circle with her hand, indicating it goes on like this awhile. "I know by the time he finished she couldn't even talk. I remember it being fun even if I did feel a little bad for it." She pauses in her story, tilting her head in confusion while directing her gaze at the table. "I... don't really know why I felt bad for it, though..." Strange. Reaching out, Tabitha grabs one of Johnny's daggers off the table and begins to roll it between her fingers. "Since I got these I don't think it'd be too hard to do somethin' like that again..."

Devi eyes the daggers and grins. "Well, that explains her weak points. " Extending her hand, she asks, "Can I see one of those daggers?" Her red eyes show nothing, as they are red and she now lacks the ability to show anything through her own eyes.

Although she should know better with Johnny's thoughts running in her head, she guestures to the other dagger on the table. "You ever held one o' these before? If not ya better be careful. You have to be taught ta use them. I guess I got lucky on that one..." She frowns, looking at the dagger in her hand again. "If it feels cold and you feel it spread into your hand, ya better make yerself drop it. Otherwise ya might loose control..." That's putting it lightly. "You don't have some pants or somethin' you could pull outta thin air too, do ya?"

Devi cackleing madly, Devi swipes the dagger, then sets it back down, deciding to deal with Tabby's pant problem first. Darting into her bedroom, she comes back carrying a skirt that, considering her size, would come down to her shins. Tossin it at her, Devi mutters, "This is the best I got." Grabbin the dagger, Devi shivers and tears open the closet door, her body shaking as she looks upon the sleeping form of Lee.

Tabitha lets out a sigh of relief as something that might fit is tossed her way. Her pants didn't really fit too well given her new body. Pulling them up and tieing off the additional slack she spins just a little bit to see if they'd fall off, and jumps a little as Devi jerks open the door of the closet. Tabitha clutches her dagger tightly as she follows from behind. Worry and nervousness is very apprent in her voice as she asks, "What'cha doin' Devi? That's not a good idea... You don't know what yer gettin' into..." What Devi doesn't know is as long as the dagger is not being held, Tabitha can summon it into her hands. Getting her to drop it is the problem though. "Remember what that did to Johnny? You don't know how ta use it right! Don't..." Then it hits her. The dagger in her hand reacts to the sleeping body and her eyes go wide. She has to bite her own lip open to keep control, something that looks very morbid on a small child. "STOP IT DEVI! If you insist on doing somethin' like that ya should at least lemme teach ya how to use the daggers first..."

Devi starts to walk in, and stops as Tabitha screams. Looking behind her, she studies her young ally. "Teach me? I do insist on doing this. Teach me then Tabitha." The dagger in her hand goes back due to the close-ness of Lee. Devi turns around and crosses her arms. "What would you have me do, then?"

How anyone can take her serious looking the way she does is a miracle in itself. Realising Devi is taking her seriously, Tabitha relaxes slightly. The only thing that disturbs her is that Devi should have already been feeling the effects of the dagger... unless she's not really a wastelock. She ponders this as she holds her dagger out infront of her. "Get away from her fer starters." With a deep breath she thinks back on what she knows of the weapons, turning the blade in her small hands as she thinks. She remembers Johnny facing off against Seraph. How much he hated the man. And then... Tabitha walks towards the closet purposefully. Stepping past Devi she takes the blade in her hand and scratches the sleeping Lee with it. Instantly the girl's hair is standing on end, her body taking on the darkness Johnny had abused to the point of it nearly being a trademark. She turns and looks up at Devi. Her white pupil-less eyes showing something Johnny never seemed to have himself... control. As she steps into Devi's living room again she closes her eyes and concentrates. What happens shouldn't happen. Figments shouldn't create figments, but that's exactly what the girl does. Within seconds the entire room is removed and the two are standing in the middle of an open clearing. The grass has grown waist high and there's a warm breeze coming in from somewhere. Although Devi will feel the energies being tossed around she won't sense anything when the illusion is cast. For all intents and purposes.... this is real. Tabitha turns around to Devi, the dagger no longer in her hands, and her skin no longer black. "Ok... hopefully I'll get this right..." Wait? Where did she get the knowledge to do all this???

Devi obligingly steps away from the body of Lee. As they appear on the open grass plain, Devi's dagger has twisted into a saber-looking weapon, move curved then they were. Devi has already been filled with Oblivion's dark negitivity so it shows no effect there. Although if Tabby were to ask that Davi relase the dagger, that wouldn't happen. She glances around, only to know what's around, not out of any questioning. She stays silent, her red eyes locked on Tabby now, waiting to see what she has to offer.

Tabitha smiles happily as the images in her mind start to form around them. Animals can be heard in the distance. Nothing but life, and the pureity of nature. The breeze picks up once and then is gone and the air grows stale. Deep in the woods before them, something stirs. All the birds in the trees flock into the skies as whatever has awakened frightens them away. Tabitha motions for Devi to follow her and... floats? Yes, without using her legs at all the girl floats in the air into the woods leading her friend to a small stream which runs through it. From the air itself comes a low moan which grows into an animalistic growl. Something about it seems off, and that shows itself quickly. The growling sounds like something drowning despite the malace in it's tone. As Devi watches a humanoid figure draws itself out of the waters. With only an upper torso and a tendril of water for a body, this thing begins to move towards the woman, it's arms outstretched and a horrible aura of darkness spreading out from it. From it a horrible voice echoes out. "Prove yourself..."

Devi follows Tabitha, choosing to walk. Upon the stream they come and Devi has the urge to reach out and soak her hands. Her face stays blank as the humanoid figure arises and feeds the darkness inside her already. Flashing a grin, Devi darts forwards and vanishes reappering behind the woman, the two handed saber stabbing through the chest, and through where the heart would be. Devi bounces back, ready to see what will happen next. "Not much of a test."

Devi's attack doesn't seem to do much to the beast. It passes through it, sending water spraying outwards like a wound but even as the displaced water is absorbed into the soil the beast reforms and begins to swirl around her. From behind them, Tabitha giggles and should Devi turn to face her she'll see her clothing has changed. Now she's wearing long grey robes (longer than she could possibly walk in) hanging off her hovering body. Tucked into her hair is a single white feather. Weird. Tabitha grins at Devi and shakes her head. "He did th' same thing first time. Didn't work for 'im either." The water beast echoes out again, "Prove yourself..." There is a solution to this, right?

Thinking, Devi charges with a flurry of attacks. A stab in the head, heart, arms, torso... If this were a human being, it would be laying on the ground in little tiny chunks. She doesn't really think it will work, but is going to try again anyways, just for good measure. In the mean time, her brain races over memories of Nny wielding the daggers and sorts through them, looking for a hint.

Tabitha smirks as Devi resumes attacking the monster. She remembers well enough the way things went for Johnny. They may not be right, but she's aiming to recreate his experience for her. What came next? Her smirk spreads back into a smile as it dawns on her. She pulls her legs up into a sitting position and lowers until the edges of the robe just barely brush against the ground. The girl then holds her hand out and begins to play with the shadow of it, making little puppets and having them talk to one another. The water beast sheads water with each strike, but quickly reforms each time repeating the annoying chant of "Prove yourself..." Holding her hand directly out infront of her, Tabitha stretches out her fingers towards Devi and advises in a sing song voice, "Your tryiiiiiing too haaaaaard..." Assuming Devi looks over, she'll then look down at the shadow again quickly, this time making a duck with it and accompaning it with childish quack noises.

Ah, a memory. Let's see if it works!! Devi sinks her dagger into the ground, in the middle of the stream, and wills the dagger to absorb the energy, because Devi seems to remember Johnny doing this, and hopes it works.

Tabitha stares at Devi plunges the dagger into the stream. She tilts her head to the side and "Hmmm..."'s. Stopping to think about it she remains silent as the water beast still continues it's annoying dance around the woman. Tabitha props a elbow on her knee and leans her head in the upturned hand. "Y'know that's a good idea, if the thing was being fuled by th' stream. C'mon, Devi. Ya got an advantage 'ere. Johnny'd never gotten to see the daggers used to their fullest before they where given to 'em. Remember what they do. Remember what's making this. Look at the water, the waves, the grass.... What has all of it got in common? What was I made outta? You can do this..." She thinks to herself briefly that she may have said too much, but then she's not the patient type either.

Devi says, "SHIT!!" Devi glares as the beast moves around her... and stabs the shadow's shadow, willing the dagger to absorb it, like she did with the earth.

Almost partronisingly, Tabitha beings to clap. The beast looses it's control and starts to fall apart, showering Devi and the ground beneath it with water. The water absorbs quickly into the soil, much like it did before and soon the area looks as it should again. The wind begins to pick up and out of nowhere a voice whispers it's way out of the trees. "Good.. good... he learns fast, this demon child. Faster than many... but can he survive and make it to the final challenge? He should ask himself.. does he truly deserve this power? Or is he as weak as those he would judge?" Tabitha blinks and waves her hands at Devi dismissively. "Sorry, sorry... I'm replaying things a little too vividly. Just ignore that." Inwardly she frowns nervously. That shouldn't have happened...

Devi looks very suprized, already pissed at her incomptence for not seeing it earlier. Well, now she's in a sour mood. She crosses her arms and looks at Tabitha, asking,"Well? What now.?" Tabitha hesitates before responding as she ponders what just happened. Maybe she'd just gotten a little too carried away in the moment. Best not to let that happen again. Perhaps things need to be a little more personal. Looking up, she points into the distance where a mountain seems to be looming above them. Was that there before now? "Now, ya gotta get to th' next test. I'm just overseein' things. Best I c'n tell ya is watch yer step." Watch your step? Is that ment to be a joke?

Devi looks at the mountian before her. "Is this perhaps a joke? I can teleport to the top of the moutian and back." She looks more then a little disbeliving.

Tabitha bites her lip as she ponders. "Y'know.... I'm not too sure we should keep goin'. These tests where made ta force Johnny ta learn his powers an' be obedient ta Benedict. I c'n change things around so you learn the same lessons, but I'm not sure if ya should. Ya don't need to shadow-teleport. Ya don't need to turn yer body black to learn the more advanced stuff..." She finally lowers herself to the ground and stands. "Alright, let's do this then. What where ya about to do with Samantha Lee, huh? What possesed you ta try to claim that dagger and confront 'er?" Devi might do well to respond honestly, she's not exactly got anywhere to run to in here.

Devi says, "I am, quite frankly, going to draw out as much of that power as I possibly can. I know the daggers store the energy in the weilder or themselves. Then I intend to use the dagger as I see fit." Her voice fades in and out of insanity at this point. Killing Lucia, or at least trapping her, killing Sun, and as childish as it may sound, getting back at Datenshi for ruining all those scetches she did. "Then, I think I'll talk with Blivy about unleashing Lee upon Twisted. I'm not sure yet, she is an awful big powerhouse after all."

Tabitha frowns at Devi's words. "Ya don't want that. The daggers don't hold power. They don't just grab it an' store it in whomever is holdin' 'em. They where made ta do one thing, an' one thing only. They where made to kill th' Goddess Cassandra. With Johnny it was diffrent. They work by drawin' in th' same stuff wastelocks absorb, negative engeries cast off by emotions and destruction, an' then they maginify it into whomever is holding them. If someone held the daggers who couldn't store that energy, it would kill 'em... When that stuff gets concentrated it gets smart. It comes alive. That thing that was burstin' outta Johnny when you and that Caliga guy was fightin' 'em? That was just what he'd absorbed. What's in Samantha's worse. Ya can't control that." She shakes her head and narrows her eyes up at Devi. "Johnny gave th' daggers to me when you sealed 'im. He gave me 'is power an' his daggers. I can't let ya run around with 'em..."

Devi grins. "I'm not alive, so it can't really kill me now can it. And as for what Johnny gave you... I didn't seal him. And I don't remeber seein ya around. You should have been in Sun's apartment at the time. I'll be keeping this dagger and I'll take what I want from Lee. And you've got no room to stop me, -little- girl." In the apartment, Devi's closet slams shut and locks again. It'd take more then Tabitha has got to get through that. Devi gives Tabitha a crazy grin. "So, in that case, are we quite through here?"

Tabitha's body levitates into the air, her skin growing black as she stares down at Devi from just above her. The girl's hair whips around wildly as it stands on end. The entire world around them suddenly goes aflame. The skies turn red and the grass dies, leaving nothing but scortched earth beneath it. Her eyes turn red, but with hollow black pupils as they narrow in anger. "No. I wasn't there... but I have part of him locked inside my head. I know what happened to him while ya where gone. It took me this long ta figure it out, but I did. His own mind had already been locked and lockin' it away again only forced th' other bit out and into me." The missing dagger is once more in her hand and she points it's tip towards Devi menacingly. Suddenly her voice seems to shift, the slurring fades and she speaks clearly for the first time. "If you want one of these blades I can make one for you. He figured it out on Chronos, but I won't let you keep the one in your hand. Things may die, but they can be killed again. I know this because Johnny knows this. He didn't spend over sixty five million years dead without trying to see how far he could take it. Now back down, Devi. This isn't a fight we should be having. There's greater threats that we'd do much better to be on the same side for..." As she finishes her sentence the flames in the distance die down, and a cold, bitter wind sweeps through the area. It's almost like winter had suddenly been called into creation.

Devi looks up at Tabitha, her figure blank. Her voice rings out, aside from the fact that her mouth isn't moving. "Contant me when you are done then. " She must be refering to the dagger comment. Devi suddenly vanishes out of the illusion and out of the apartment it's being cast in. Her voice echos slightly as she leaves.

Tabitha glares coldly as Devi tries to leave. Something about this isn't right. Something about this doesn't feel right. Devi will find herself in her apartment alright, and then next be shoved right back into this waking nightmare. This isn't one of Johnny's cheap tricks, this is something stronger. Darker. And it's going to take more than a simple teleport to break free of it. Tabitha still floats above Devi, but the form of Johnny seems to be standing beside her. He looks at Devi, sharing in Tabitha's expression of anger. Tabitha, however, is the only one who speaks, "I told you I can't let you do that. You've asked for this and either your gonna play by my rules, or your gonna suffer for it." Where is she getting this energy from? Johnny takes a step towards Devi, holding his hands out to his sides. With an audible sound of scraping metal, two daggers appear in his hands, these seem to be negatives of the very daggers they're fighting over. "I don't want to open the last seal, Devi, but I'll do it if you don't put that weapon down now..." Should she comply, Johnny will bow before her. But if she continues to resist those negative daggers will begin to burn...

Devi steels herself as she see's Johnny. She drops the dagger and fumes.

Devi says, "I don't give a fuck about the last seal."

With that simple guesture everything fades back to normal. The daggers are nowhere in sight and Tabitha is once more standing, and smiling, in the skirt and tanktop Devi had given her. From behind her back she produces a black bladed weapon much like the one the dagger had taken the form of while in her grasp. Tabitha continues to grin as she speaks. "Yeah, I was workin' on this while you went through that. I hope it wasn't too bad..." She offers the weapon, hilt first, and should Devi take it, the girl will begin to hum. What Devi shouldn't realise is the weapon is weaker than Johnny's daggers. They still work much the same way, abosorbing negative energies and forcing them into the weilder, but it won't be nearly as concentrated to prevent Devi from potentialy killing herself. Should she take the time to experiment she will notice, however, that it doesn't matter what she does with the weapon in reguards to Lee's body it will still pull the same amount of energy from it as long as she's in the same room...

Devi takes the dagger, hefting it, and testing it's weight. Slapping the blade along her forearm, Devi nods. "Thank You." She turns away and vanishes again, leaving Tabitha alone again in her apartment.

Tabitha lets out a heavy sigh as Devi vanishes and drops onto the couch again. Her face seems to be washed with fatigue... "Shit, I was doin' good. Why'd I start loosing control?" She sighs heavily and silently tells herself under her breath, "Good thing I c'n bluff with th' best of 'em..." Looking up she stares out the window, scared and confused by whatever she's just done to this world by giving Devi a weapon like that...

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