2007-06-22 (PreU) A glint of guilt?

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A glint of guilt?

Summary: Devi gets to talk to Oblivion about the past day or so.

Who: devi, oblivion, Sickness
When: June 22nd, 2007
Where: Cemetary - Path to Redemption


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Cemetary - Path to Redemption

As you move along the path between the cathedral and the cemetary gates you notice that the grave stones here are much older than the majority of the others. Some are cracked and in very bad states of ill repair. You can almost feel the outraged souls burried here screaming for attention, but instead you move onward, least your nightmares come to life...

It's raining today in the Cemetary, the fat wet drop splating on the age worn gravestones, damning the fog away. In the mist of it all, Devi D floats above her gravestone, upside down, staring at the writing, pondering the events of the last day and a half. Some how, her hair has grown a bit, the purple silk would be touching her shoulders now, if she were upright. Stuck in the ground is her own personal version of the Dread Daggers, although she only has one. Tied to the hilt, is a bag, which she is currently mulling over. Caliga's conversation, Tabitha's change, Sun's random disapperence. Hmmm.

"An interesting weapon, if i do say so myself" comes Oblivion's voice from behind Devi suddenly. Course, she could already sense his presence, and isn't caught off guard in the least by his sudden appearence. "So many things on your mind, worrying you. I DO hope it won't prevent you from accomplishing what is needed?". He snickers, the important part said "In any case, an entertaining and interesting turn of events. Things could turn in our favor very easily from this point on"

Devi snerks and turns right side up. "What is needed? What, the beating the shit out of Sun part? I'll get it done." She brushes her wet hair out of her eyes. "And with Tabitha's help, that'll be the killer. By the way, pooey on you for not allowing me to kill her." Devi turns to face Blivy, the dagger appering in her hand. Taking the bag off, she hefts it and looks up into Oblivions....glasses? and asks, "What do you make of these though?"

Oblivion smiles in a manner unfriendly to most not in the evil profession "Oooohhhh, OK! Make sure you torment her as much as you can before you do so, though. Then YOU have my permission to kill her. You don't need to tell the midget about it, either". He looks inside the bag "Hhhmmm? What have we here? Eyeballs? Kidneys? A Tell-Tale Heart?"

Devi grins as Oblivion grants her this treat. He'll see some crystals, Caligas crystals. Pink ones, blue ones, white ones, and 1 black one. "They were given to me by the man who sealed away Johnny's abomination." She chuckles darkly. "I just wanted your opnion on them. Artifacts as useful as these whould be shown to the higher ups after all. He came to me, Caliga did, to tell me I was an idiot for thinking of waking up Lee, well, at least lifting the spell that cages her."

Oblivion probes the crystals both astrally and magicly, seeking to detect what their capable of doing. At this other news he smirks "Aahh, Lee. That IS something that needs to be figured out. What to do about the calico cat. We COULD cut her up, and leave an illusion to look like the real thing... OR make an illusion of her having been cut up for someone to find, and hide her elsewhere, just for entertainment value. That could be a good one to use on Sun, while we're on the topic" He pauses, thinking "Ya know, im wondering which would be more fun.... unsealing Lee, or unsealing Johnny.... or even MORE fun, what if BOTH were unsealed at the same time, and set on each other, or just Twisted in general. Heck, their vaunted Council could barely handle ONE of them. BOTH, however.... THAT could be interesting..."

The bag carrys 12 crystals. 6 pink ones, that capture and record the memorys of whomever holds them, 3 white ones, that create perfect clones of a person, 2 blues ones, that will create ice that will track anything over 72 degrees, and 1 black one. "The problem with that is, no one knows how to really wake Lee up. I can break the spell forcing her into sleep, but that doesn't mean she will actually wake. Even Cale said he didn't know how to wake her. Nny was going to try, but he fucked up and took an overdose of that darkness. As for Nny," Devi grins evilly. "Well, that shouldn't be to hard. At any rate, how much of the Council is left after the Abomination and Crux killed them off?"

Oblivion thinks on this "Well, THIS could get interesting..... i wonder if the clones created have the memory as well as the physical form...." He laughs "I'm not sure bout how many of the council are left, but if any are, thatll be the end of them" he smiles menacingly "Or we can just turn him loose on Twisted and see what happens."

Devi says, "If we restore him and turn him loose, he WILL destory everthing and possibly rip the portal to Crono. Now, I'm all for Mass Destruction, but what about that other world?" She shakes her head, water spraying from the tip of her hair. "I don't know about letting him go that far, and I've gotta be honest with ya, I know I'm not powerful enough to contain him." She ties the bag shut and tucks it away somewhere, spinning the dagger in the palm of her other hand as she continues. "Can you? Where will he go after he's slaughtered Twisted.... There are millons of worlds attached to the street. I don't think I could handle the guilt of -that- many deaths."

Oblivion smiles THE most evil smile Devi has seen from him yet, eyes pulsing with red light "Sounds absolutely NUMMY! That much chaos and destruction goes a LONG way on resumes, you know! As for this 'Crono' place, never heard of it, and as for containing it, if it can't hurt us, whats to worry about? Im sure SOME goody two-shoes will eventually stop it, but until then, think of all that delicious suffering itll cause!"

Devi grins. "Oh then you'll set Tabitha on the task then? Great!" Her voice rings out with pleasure. "After all, she is a copy of the biggest part of his life, and should do most nicely." The dagger abrubtly vanishes, as Devi settles down to lean on her gravestone, a long black string appering in her hands as she begins to play cat's cradle. "It should be fun to watch, at least."

Oblivion says, "Tabitha is the bait, and the other piece of the puzzle. It may take more than she can accomplish to make what we want happen. In either case, the results will speak for themselves. In your dealings with Sun, ensure that Tabitha remains alive, in what form, it doesnt matter. From what i DO recall, those daggers Johnny wielded had some kind of power to them. That could be all it takes to set him off."

Devi says, "I plan on getting those from her somehow." Devi mutters under her breath about a cheap knock off. She feel the amplification of the power draw, but she doesn't feel the same volume of power from this one as she did from the Dread Daggers. Standing, she brushes herself off and becomes dry. Wandering back down the Path of Redemtion, she sticks her hands in her pockets. "I'm going home. I need to figure out how to handle things from here."

Oblivion says, "Just make sure you dont take any wooden nickels, or pickels. Their DDAANNGGEERROOUUSS!". With that, he vanishes abruptly! Nuts as ever.

Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

Devi stomps into her home, ignoring wheather Tabitha is around or not. Eyes blazing hotter then the fires of 1000 hells, Devi tears the door off the Closet, Lee reappering on the bed laid out for her. "You will awaken and we shall find out what the next page of this twisted little comic has to offer." Damn, poetic, ain't she. Slowing down to a stroll, she walks in and lays the dagger Tabitha gave her on Lee's leg, shuddering at the power boost she gains from it. Regretfully pulling the blade away, Devi extends her forefinger and lays it on the center of Lee's forehead, opening her mouth to say something when she hears,"Is that really wise Mother?" Devi curles her lip in digust, not bothering to answer Sickness this time. A gutteral growl rises in Devi's throat as she says, "Wake up. Bitch." Feeling the chains of the sleep spell break, Devi turns and lets out a shot of purple engery, disinigrating the door and it's hinges, beyong repair. Turning, she walks back into the living room, cursing out the thoughts in her head as she spits on the floor and vanishes to go and try to see Johnny.

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