2007-06-27 (PreU) Skeletons In the Closet

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Skeletons In the Closet

Summary: Before she can climb back down from the roof, Sun catches Tabitha and discovers the new changes ahead of time. How will it effect Oblivion's plans when Sun's playing parent?

Who: Sun, Tabitha
When: June 27th, 2007
Where: Integra's Arms - Roof


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Integra's Arms - Roof

A simple rooftop without any noticable diffrences from the roofs of any other building. It's flat. It over looks the city ruins. It has scortch marks from some unseen battle. Wait, that last one is a bit diffrent, huh?

Tabitha finally lowers her arm as her friends vanish into the portal before her. She stands there a few moments trying to decide how big a hurry she's in to sneak back into Devi's apartment. Having insomnia's bad enough, but now that she's young she's gotten restless. With a heavy sigh she walks up to the edge of the roof, looking down at the city below. To anyone else she'd look like a seven year old girl about to leap off a building, but she's actually getting ready to leap down and use the drainage pipes again to climb back in one of Devi's living room windows. She hesitates though, enjoying the view and the breeze as she sways back and forth on her heels...

The rooftop ripples, and a familiar red head surfaces from the rippling shingles, followed by the rest of the dragoness' body. She uses her hands to push herself out of the rooftop, seating herself immediately afterwards, eyes hooded. Only after a moment of rest do her eyes search across the rooftop, stopping on the child. She blinks. "...Ne, little girl. You shouldn't be up here..." She frowns a bit, leaning back on her hands. Apparently, she's not in the best mood. Apparently, she's reverting to grumpy dragon again, without the company of Tabby to keep her sane, or even without Lee's presence...

Tabitha's ears perk at the sudden unexpected voice, but as it speaks the girl giggles, "I'm not as little as ya might..." Looking over her shoulder forces her to stop abruptly as her eyes go wide. "Eh? Sun?" Turning the rest of the way around, although not leaving the roof's edge, Tabitha cocks an eyebrow and tilts her head slightly. "What're you doin' up here? I said I'd tell ya when she wakes up..." Obviously she's not paying attention, or else she's just caught off guard by Sun's appearence because not only does she not hesitate to open her mouth but a good deal of irratation seems to be fueling her voice.

Sun blinks, peering at the girl. For a moment, she doesn't recognise the child. "Watch who you're giving lip to, kid..." She pauses, squinting a bit at the little catgirl. How familiar she looks...wait. "...Tabby?" Her eyes widen as her elementals confirm it. "...What the hell happened to you?"

Tabitha's expresion softens a bit. Glancing down at herself she shrugs. "Nothing you should worry about. I said I wished I could remember being a kid, I got what I wished for." Smilling a little too wickedly she laughs. "I think it's an improvement! Aside from a bit of teasing I've never felt better!" Ignoring Sun a moment she looks down again and tugs at the black shirt she's wearing, frowning a little at the kitten pictured on it. "I've GOT t'do something about th' clothes, though..."

Sun blinks quietly, staring at the girl. . o O ( She's...different, somehow... ) She reguards the child silently. "You should be careful with wishes...they can backfire against you." She frowns. "I've missed you, y'know." She looks out over the scenery. "What's happening?"

Tabitha chooses not to respond besides a slight glare about the wish comment which could easily have been taken as a wince. Letting out a deep breath she turns to look at the view again herself. "Eh... Johnny's gone. Devi's gone mad... Cale's a guy again." She says it all so nonchalantly too. What a brat. "Nothin' worth mentioning really." Deciding to hell with it, the girl plops down on the edge, kicking her feet over the multistory drop down to the street. "I can't believe everyone keeps cracking cat jokes at my expense... I wonder if Samantha had ta go through all this?

Sun frowns, not looking at Tabitha. "You're different, Tabitha..." She looks up at the sky, sighing. "Maybe it's the fact that you're a child...maybe it's something else. I can't really put my finger on it." She looks down to the ground, now, a sigh escaping her lips. "I must say that I'm slightly...dissapointed."

Tabitha glances over at her in annoyance. "Dissapointed? What've you got ta be dissapointed with? Because I don't wanna be your doll? Because I don't wanna look like SAMANTHA an' be yer plaything anymore?" The girl crosses her arms and turns her glare towards the city down below. "Ya might've helped me get outta Johnny's screwed up head, an' I appreciate that. But I'm not yer toy. I'm not gonna sit there and look nice for ya while you sleep. Didja ever do anything for me? Didja even care what my feelings where?" Tabitha kicks the side of the building. "I don't even know why I'm bothering ta talk to you..."

Sun frowns. "So...that's it. The end of that, for the time being." She smirks, suddenly, glancing towards the girl, her eyes a bit more tinged with purple than normal. "Well...if you want to be a kid...then you might as well be treated like one. You have a severe lack of discipline...if you were my child with that tone, I would have smacked your ass raw and put you in the corner." She looks thoughtful...then, a smirk, more Tsuki than Sun, forms across her face. "Wait...you ARE my kid, technically. Daddy 'Nny isn't around to give you any care...maybe I should take over the role." She glares over at Tabitha...

Tabitha exclaims, "s ears perk at that statement. Her eyes narrow as she turns. The second she sees the look on Sun's face she pulls her feet onto the roof and perches with one palm on the roof between her legs and a glare on her face. "You wouldn't DARE! I don't care WHO y'are or what ya think you are ta me, but I don't have ta take this from you!!

Sun remains seated, that same creepy smirk upon her face. For all intents and purposes, she doesn't move a muscle, simply watching Tabby from the corner of her eye. "You sure 'bout that, kiddo? Without me, you'd be...dead. You wouldn't exist any longer." She smirks. "Maybe my sister is right...it IS stupid to invest so much emotion into something you create yourself. It always ends up biting you in the ass. Here, I pour all of my love I have to give into you, even after they found Sam...I thought you were worth it. And here you are, showing me something akin to hatred...it hurts, mind you...but why should I be surprised?"

Tabitha actually holds her breath for a second at Sun's comment. Her eyes look at the roof and her head tilts slightly as she thinks. Suddenly she's wondering why she's acting like this herself. Why is it that there's nothing in her thoughts about Sun caring one bit about her? Why would someone help give her a body without a reason behind it. Sun will probably notice the expression change on her face as she thinks if nothing else. Quite sincerly, if not confused she silently states, "I... don't hate you. I just..." There's that feeling again. Something's missing. Dropping a knee to join her hand on the roof she glances out at the city ruins, lost in thought again. With a mix of seriousness and hurt she asks, "If ya care so much about me so much how come ya never showed it?" Her free hand draws one of Nny's daggers from the satchel hanging off her back and begins to twirl it much the same way Johnny frequently did. "I can't remember a single time ya did anythin' for me..."

The frightening expression on Sun's face fades, leaving a somber, almost sad expression, as the dragoness stares out at the city scape. "Whoever did that to you must've done something else to your head...I know I haven't been present as much as I could be...but I DID show you that I care...you never were a puppet to me. That's why I gave you that body...so you wouldn't be a puppet any more. So you could start your own story...whether with me, or without me. I never forced you to stay, and I never asked for anything in return...I even loaned my elementals to you, despite their own objections...and all I asked in return was to see your smile." She sighs, staring out over the city, her tail swishing behind her.

Tabitha simply stares. This doesn't seem right. This doesn't feel right. Unfortunitly she can't figure out if it's Sun's words or the feeling that she's missing something that's bothering her most. Worst part is that the confusion is unusualy aggrivating, probably from adjusting to her new body. Frustration is obvious on her face as she stands shaking her head. "No... I..." Growling at her own lack of finding a way to put things into words she takes the dagger in her hand and plunges it into the rooftop. The black bladed dagger begins to burn in waves of darkness as she clutches it's hilt tightly. "BULLSHIT!! THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT!! SOMEONE IS FUCKIN' LYIN' TO ME!!!" The girl takes her other hand and holds it to her head as she yanks the dagger back out of the roof and takes a step back from Sun. "I don't know if it's YOU or WHAT, but I'm not gonna put up with this anymore!!" She looks ready to make a run for it...

The dragoness still doesn't move, simply staring out at the city. "Go if you want to. I'm not lying to you...I wouldn't lie to you." She glances at the girl once, then down at the dagger. "...If you want some clothes, I have some put away from when I had a little girl. I think you'll like the selection..."

Tabitha's eyes shimmer as they try to water. Her teeth are tightly clinched. She's ready to run alright. All she wants to do is get as far away from here as possible, but a part of her hesitates. She tries to burn holes in the roof as she fights to keep control of her feelings. With a trembling hand she lowers the dagger. Tabitha doesn't bother lifting her head up as she speaks, "I... I would like that... Sun..."

A slight smile touches Sun's face, and she stands. "I should spank you for being so rude...but instead, how about I get you some clothes, and make you some macaroni and cheese?" She chuckles a bit, turning towards the elevator and slowly walking over to it, pausing once she reaches it and glancing back to the girl.

Tabitha's frustration ebbs slightly, but her mood doesn't lift. She sniffles slightly as she keeps her head down and stays silent, following Sun's footsteps to the elevator. The dagger stays at her side, but she doesn't try to do more than hold it. Saddly it gives away just how baddly she's shaking, especially as she comes within the light cast by the inside of the lift.

Sun steps into the lift, holding the door open for the child. "Cheer up, kiddo...you get to see what it's like to be a kid again. I'd kill for a chance like that." She smiles, kneeling down to look Tabby in the eye, once she gets in the elevator. "Maybe I could show you what it's like to have a mom, ne? Parents aren't always all that bad...they can be pretty fun, really."

Tabitha listens to Sun silently as she steps inside. A part of her wants this, baddly. But there's still the matter of her promise to Oblivion to keep in mind. Maybe she should go through with this, for a little while. She was supposed to -help- Devi. Did it still count if she just keeps silent about everything? She almost tells Sun about everything as she mentions being a kid again, but she bites her lip. Finally she mumbles, "Yeah... I bet they are..."

Sun smiles softly at Tabby for a moment, before standing, pressing the button for the floor. "For now, let's focus on getting you a cute new outfit. Can't have you running around wearing that gaudy, makeshift outfit. You should fit...my little girl was about your size." The elevator closes, and the two begin to descend into the building.

Tabitha slowly looks up. Her eyes red from fighting with her emotions and slightly damp from not doing as well as she'd like. "You had a girl? What happened to her?" In her fragmented thoughts upon fragemented thoughts she'd never even suspected Sun had ever had kids at all. Her tail hangs limply behind her, but as the elevator begins to move it sways a little from the vibration.

Sun leans against the wall of the elevator, crossing her arms and looking up at the ceiling. "I lost her...when I was ripped from Phoenix, brought here, she wasn't with me...I don't know what has happened to her. She would be about ten, now..." She smiles softly. "I kept all of her clothes, thank goodness...but I haven't seen her since the portals chose to take me away from there."

Tabitha frowns at the story and slumps a bit, feeling bad for asking about it now. Her feelings are confusing her even more now. If Sun's this bad person, why is she feeling like this? It also doesn't help that she's started to wonder just what kind of effect her age is having on the Dragoness. Something in her mind reminds her she made a promise to Oblivion and can't be going back on it. Irratated, Tabitha sighs again. Although it does cross her mind that he might have had this planned from the start, she dismisses it quickly...

Sun smiles softly as the elevator dings, and the door slides open. She glances down the hall, then heads towards her apartment door, pulling out her key, only pausing long enough to make sure Tabby's still with her. "So...anything other than macaroni & cheese that you'd like to eat?"

One of Tabitha's ears twitch at the question, but she doesn't look up. She just walks silently behind trying to make sense of her mind at the moment. "I... can't really think of anythin' right now... I'm not really that hungry." She lies of course, but with the thought running rampant in her mind, she's starting to feel claustrophobic the further into Sun's apartment she goes. Why did she have to try to talk to Cale? If she'd just stayed put she wouldn't be in this mess.

Sun closes the door after Tabitha is in the apartment, and sets her keys down. She moves into the kitchen, clanging around in the pots and pans, until she pulls out a large pot, which she fills with water and sets on the stove to boil. Then, with a small smile towards the child, she wanders into the spare bedroom, going into the walk-in closet. "Even if you're not hungry, I'm gonna make some mac and cheese. You'll be surprised how hungry you get once you chow down on some of that stuff." She chuckles a bit.

Tabitha gets even more uncomfortable standing inside. It's not that it's unfamilar to her, she remembers it quite well, but after being ready to come barging in here and wreck the place just a few hours before makes it all feel somehow alien. She stands silently in the middle of the living room until Sun finally makes her way into the bedroom. Slowly she walks towards the door frame and peers inside, curious to see what kinds of clothes Sun's child had worn.

Sun pushes a few boxes out of the closet with her tail, and after a moment, comes out and opens them up. "Let's see...I'm afraid they don't carry leather in child's sizes...but there's just about anything you'd like. Looks like it'll all fit you pretty well, maybe a little bit loose..."

Tabitha sweatdrops. oO(Leather?) She finaly walks the rest of the way inside and peers at the boxes from an arms length or two away, far too far to get a good look at anything. Nervousness starts to get the better of her as she fidgits. It's only then that she realises the dagger isn't in her hand anymore and reaches into the pack on her back looking for it. There's obvious relief as she finds it and once more turns her attention back to Sun. "Anythings fine I guess... I'm, uh.... not that picky..."

Sun smiles softly, nodding. She pulls out an adorable pair of black jeans, and a purple t-shirt with a little ninja girl on it. She then pulls out a pair of child-size socks, and a pair of black boots. Should look rather cute. "There you go...I have a belt, if you need it..."

Tabitha sweatdrops again at the design on the shirt. Just what is it with kids shirts and the designs they put on them? First a kitten, now a ninja girl? Is someone picking on her? She forces a smile and bows her head slightly as she thanks her for the clothing, and then slowly peers around, wondering where she should change. "Um... I guess I should go in th' other room, huh?" Mentally she kicks herself for feeling so akward, but then she's been feeling alot of strange emotions in the past hour. Was it always going to be like this now?

Sun offers the belt, as well, and smiles. "I'll go in the other room and cook the mac and cheese while you're getting dressed." With a nod, she steps from the room, shutting the door most of the way on her way out. She moves to the kitchen to finish cooking.

Tabitha waits until Sun's completly out of sight before changing clothes. She pauses though, and peers through one of the open boxes. Biting her lip slightly she grabs the bag she'd fashioned out of the clothes she'd been wearing before Oblivion changed her age, and shoves both the clothes she's taking off and the most childish thing she can find from the box down into the bottom of it. Why? Because an idea just occured to her and she'd be stupid not to take advantage of it. Satisfied that she's didn't get caught she finishes changing and, after grabbing her bag and throwing it over her shoulder again, she makes her way towards the kitchen. She's going to stick around for now, but once Sun falls asleep she's getting out of here. She's just not sure yet if she wants to come back or not...

Sun is before the stove, stirring some rather delicious-smelling macaroni and cheese, humming a random song, her tail swishing lazily behind her. "Hope you found everything you needed." She glances at the girl, smiling. "You look a lot like my daughter did at that age...quite a pretty girl, you know." She chuckles, and promptly pulls out a bowl, filling it with still-warm mac & cheese. She puts a fork in the bowl, and offers it to the child. "Eat up, kiddo. I'm gonna relax for a bit." She moves to saunter into the living room once she's sure Tabby has the bowl, flopping down on the couch. "You're free to come and go as you please...I just hope that you'll be here when I wake up. If not, that's okay...you're always welcome..."

Tabitha's ears droop at the invitation, adding to the guilt she already finds herself feeling despite the missing memories. She stares silently as Sun makes herself comfortable and slowly takes a seat at the table, picking at the food and eating it like it's the last meal she'll ever have. She has to leave either way, she tells herself. After a few minutes she leans her head out of the doorway of the kitchen. "I... I can't. If nothin' else I've gotta watch Sammy, remember? I made a promise that I'd keep an eye on her. I... I also told ya I'd let'cha know when she woke up, right? So I'll be back..." oO(Sooner or later.)

Sun. o O ( I'm so tired, Tsuki... ) *Your life is starting to fall apart...it's understandable.* . o O ( I don't know how much I can take...my only hope, any more, lies in getting Samantha back... ) *I will protect us, sister. I will be strong when you can't...and I will destroy any who get in the way of bringing your beloved back.* . o O ( ...Thank you. )

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