2007-06-28 (PreU) An old set of instructions

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An old set of instructions

Summary: So Caliga finally gets to talk to his new recruit.

Who: caliga, devi
When: June 28th, 2007
Where: Peaceful_Glade_Cemetary


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Cemetary - Path to Redemption

As you move along the path between the cathedral and the cemetary gates you notice that the grave stones here are much older than the majority of the others. Some are cracked and in very bad states of ill repair. You can almost feel the outraged souls burried here screaming for attention, but instead you move onward, least your nightmares come to life...

The Cemetary. Covered in fog, per usual, but not as quiet as the grave say they should be. No, there is a very unhappy sound coming from a back courner where Devi D perches on her tombstone, her legs crosses as she lets loose words that might even make a porn star blush. "Goddamnit. Oh......<A chuck of this text will be cencored as to protect the people>!!!"

"Oh God didn't damn it my dear.." A section of the fog suddenly starts to rise up, and takes the form of Caliga. He grins at Devi as the fog rolls off the form, leaving Caliga himself standing there. "I take it you've been informed of the new arrangements?" His red eyes focus solely on the poor woman, making it obvious he's ready to start informing her of his plans.

Devi's eyes narrow as she feels him come. On hearing his voice, she flashes her gaze up to him, her eyes fiery and harsh. "Look here -Boss-, I may be loaned out to you, but that doesn't mean I'm your bitch. Got it?" Folding her arms, she composes herself and trys her best not to try and kill him with her stares. "So, why'd you get me off Oblivion anyway?"

"I have a job that I believe you would be most suited to. I want to see just what you're capable of, even using powers that were given to you." Caliga then holds up his hand, as if to dismiss any more questions regarding his reasoning to this. "Now.. You can do this task however you choose to. I don't care what methods you use. I want you to start focusing your attentions on the council and TASK. I gave you tools that you could find useful in preperation for this. There is more to it then this.. But, I think you can manage on your own for now."

Devi says, "What of the council is left? And there is one TASK member I'm not sure if I could beat." She ponders his command, smiling in spite of herself. Kill off Sun, and finish off the Council. Odd, that was close to Oblivon's plans.With this in mind, her lips tug further, threating to break out into gales of insane laughter. This meeting is, so far, very convient for her, and her Master. And true, with the tools he gave her, she should be able to find out something about the Sayian that she can use against her, for that ..thing.. is the most that concerns her right now. She'll definatly have to practice for that battle.

Caliga grins. "Don't worry about any members of TASK my dear... You'll be able to take them all on just fine with the tools I gave. As for the council, I am unsure, I just know that at least one is dead. I want you to find out how many are left for me. If you feel you can seperate them and take one down yourself, do it." He then suddenly vanishes, obviously leaving Devi to her own devices.

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