2007-07-01 (PreU) Creepy reflections of each other, they are.....

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Creepy reflections of each other, they are.....

Summary: One of Twisteds more serious minded occupants meets the loveable Freakazoid. Following her departure, his rival foretold in legend appears. Exactly WHICH legend, no one really knows. But the old ones were wise. It's there SOMEwhere. Also, a newcomer to Twisted! Sadly, there was one casualty. Freakazoid massacred the fourth wall!

Who: freakazoid, oblivion, starfire, xue
When: July 1st, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Xue sits in a booth, with a small gemstone in her hand. In the other hand is a small dagger, with which she seems to be shaving down the gem in places, making a rough scraping sound resound throughout her little corner of the room. She doesn't seem to pay any mind to the rest of the room at the moment, enjoying her solitude and drinking in the silence as she works.

The distinct loud blaring noise of a motorcycle suddenly disrupts Xue's silence. Soon enough, though it stops and the door to the UR is thrown open. In steps a blue-tinted police officer with thick, wide, overly-reflective sun glasses and a white helmet. Unzipping his coat he scans the room. Somehow his eyes lock onto the woman sitting alone and in silence and like a flies to a dung pile he marches immediatly towards her. As soon as he's standing over her table he pulls out a faded polorioid photograph of some random kid and demands, "Have you seen this boy?!"

Xue stops, and slowly turns her head to look at him, appraising, then at the photo. She says a flat "No". before turning toresume scraping the gemstone.

Somehow a loud marching baseline echoes out of the UR's soundsystem a moment. The second it stops the officer morphs into the redsuited, blue-skinned, hair standing on end-y Freakazoid! He doesn't seem to care one bit what Xue is currently doing as he holds his hands together against the side of his head and "Ooooooooh! Too bad for Ms Conner! Oh well, you'll do!!" Zipping into the seat accross from her, the freak yanks the stone out of her hand with a near invisible gesture and apprasies it himself with a magnifiying eye-piece magicly appearing at the same time. "Oh, hey! What's this? It's preeeeeeeetty..."

Xue glares, and attempts to swipe it back "It's a project i'm working on, and bad things will happen if that's damaged". The temperature in the area suddenly drops about 5 dagrees for some reason as well.

Freakazoid offers no resistance as the gemstone is taken back, but shudders violently as the room gets colder. For some unexplained reason his breath starts coming out as though he was standing in a cooler. "Brrrrrrrr. I've heard of cold shoulders, but lady you just took it TOO FAR!" Suddenly there's a mound of firewood in the middle of the table and Freakazoid is dousing it with firestarter. Before anyone could react he's got a lit match in his free hand. "I mean, if it got any colder people might start thinking the air conditioning worked around here!"

Xue visibly flinches when the match is lit and held close, and afterwards catches herself enough to try to cover it up, looking at it uncomfortably "You know your gonna burn the whole place down if you light that, right?"

Freakazoid stares, shrugs, and eats the match. Somehow the firewood is gone. "Eh, I figured it being the UR it'd be indestructable. Or, or maybe Cale's got some wicked-cool trap door full of ninjas that could come out and rebuild the table when we wheren't looking." Leaping to his feet he starts to franticly wave at a random member of the waitstaff, "THAT'D BE SO COOL! We could sell tickets!!" Someone finally notices him and he grins, "Hey! HEY! Can I get some hot choclate over here for me an' my friend? Huh? Thanks!" Sitting down again he taps his fingers on the table. "Ok, so where were we again? Oh, right. Whatcha dooooooooooooooooooin'?"

Xue sweatdrops as the fire is taken away. She mentally shudders at the very thought of fire and flame, and looks back to her strange 'companion' of sorts for the time being. "I'm putting scratches in this gem for someone."

Freakazoid blinks at the statement. "Scratches? Y'know if your wanting to scratch it I can help!!" Somehow he manages to pull a small kitten out of his pocket. Suddenly massive six inch metalic claws extend from it's front paws. "OH MISTER MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTENS!!!" With an audible 'click' the cat suddenly starts to blur as it's claws move violently and begin to shread the table between them as if it where paper.

Xue clings to her seat as it tears up the table, and puts the gem behind her back to keep it from being damaged "Not those kinds of scratches, and with the gem itself intact, you fool!" She glares at him until the thing with the big claws is taken away

Freakazoid drops the kitten on the remains of the table where it falls, claws retracting, and squeaks. "Awww.... sowwy Mistah Mittens. She don like da kitties!" Mewing once, the cat vanishes as he repockets it. The table isn't in nearly as bad a shape as it should be. Infact, when no one's paying attention it'll go back to the way it was before. He stares at her glare and sighs, "Oh come on. Your being too serious, Xue! Lighten up! Have some fun!" Right at that moment two cups of hot chocloate arrive at the table. Smilling a little too widely at the waitress, Freakazoid snatches one of the cups up and sips. "Oh this is good, and I don't mean just-cause-I-wanted-hot-choclate good. This is -really- good. Xue. Try this. Bask in it's goodness." ...and just where did he get her name from?

Xue is wondering just that. She continues to glare at him, taking into account that the table is now back to (ab)normal "How do you know my name.... ?". There's genuine threat in that tone. While normally she doesn't care, she's already had to fight for her life in this place, and not much better where she came from, so if this being can do all this, she has to wonder just how much of a threat he might be. Nonetheless, she does pick up the other cup, although she doesn't drink any yet. Her eyes move to look at it, and flash with a light purple light as she casts a spell to check for poisons, more out of habit than anything else. This place does that, she's found...

Freakazoid blinkblinks innocently. "Huh? What? It's not like your keeping it a secret. I mean you write it at the start of every pose." Pose? As if to illustrate this he pulls out a sheet of paper seemingly out of nowhere and drops it on the table before her. Already circled in red lettering is a paragraph of text that begins with [Xue clings to her seat as it tears up the table, and...] Before she can really read more than that he wads up the paper and throws it over his shoulder. "C'mon, if you people are going to keep playing these games, you should at least come to expect everyone in the same room with you to be able to see your name when it's written in plain sight infront of them. Unless your played by like.... Mo-Ron or something."

Xue blinks, anger leaving entirely, and the temperature returning to normal. THAT threw her for a loop. "What are you talking about?"

Freakazoid rolls his eyes at her confusion. "Oh pullleeeeze. Why is it so hard for people here to realise they're playing online games? You don't see these problems on Counterstrike or Halo. Those guys are all 'l337' and here you are acting like it's something new." Taking another drink from his cup he sighs and shakes his head. "I swear, if it wasn't for the food I'd be -so- gone."

Freakazoid leaps out of his chair and waves franticly as the room announces Starfire entering! Then he turns back to Xue. "See? Oh wait... I bet you didn't see that either, huh?"

Xue crosses her arms across her chest, giving a deadpan look "See what? Your not making any sense, you know."

Freakazoid's clothing is torn and shreaded from Starfire's mauling offscreen. He pushes his hair back into place and sighs as he pushes a torn piece of clothing back in place. "I'm making perfect sense! It's not my fault you people can't see the rest of the world around you!" His cup is empty and he sighs again as his eyes stare into the cup he'd ordred for Xue. "All this stuff going on right under your noses and you expect me to keep silent about it? Nuh-uh. No way." He leans on an upturned hand and stares at the woman accross from him. "Ok, ok... I'll play along though since I kinda gotta. Um.... HELLO. MY NAME IS FREAKAZOID AND I COME FROM ANOTHER WORLD! Do you know what that means? I come from a place... that's not here.... but somewhere else...." Why is he suddenly wearing a yellow space officer uniform? "You see... there are... other worlds..." He pauses. "....out there!"

Starfire is only outside! So... the room is a little hasty! But soon after she peeks in through the front window and quickly enters, casting a curious look around. Nothing really strikes her as particularly odd about the place. It's what she'd expect of any typical Earth-establishment. Especially the odd variety of patrons present. So, cheerfully she speaks out to the entire room, "Greetings, friends, I am..." Freakazoid's spiel throws her a little, silencing her cheerful hello before it can really get wound up. "Um... Yes. There are many. I am from one of them." Silly Earth-people! Always saying the most obvious things in jest! She giggles.

Xue finally sips from the cup he ordered for her, pondering this ramble coming from the blue lunatic "I'm aware there are other worlds. Cale brought be here from one, and before that, i was stuck in two others beforehand, and seen things from worlds i hope NEVER to see in my lifetime...." (All 450 years of it so far.....) She sideglances as Starfire speaks up, then pulls out a sign, much like Genma Saotome's, with the words 'Careful. This guy's a lunatic' written on it. Shes too busy taking a sip to talk, you see.

Freakazoid smiles at Starfire as she approaches and waves again. The room's not being hasty, he's just well... the fourth wall is his friend! He nods, "Yes. It -IS- my friend, and I like to greet him with a very large sledgehammer!" Wait, who is he talking to? He gestures to Starfire and stares at Xue's sign without hiding a depressed sigh. "I'm not a lunatic. She' knows what I'm talking about. She used to log onto Metropolis too, and don't try an' tell me you've never logged on there. I've read your logs before." Shaking his head again he scoots over in the booth to make room for the newcomer. "Alright, alright... I'll quit picking on you guys. So where do they keep the villans around here? This isn't one of those hero-only mucks is it?"

Starfire looks completely blank. She reads the sign, listens further to Freakazoid... "I am unfamiliar with who you are. And believe it less than likely that you know..." She squints. She has been to Metropolis and all... but... "I do not know of what you mean by logs. You are... confusing me for a jack of lumber?" She scratches her head. Muck? Now he's asking about villains? Wha...

Xue says, "I was in metropolis.... glad i got out. I hear the place blew up. Don't miss it, either. The badlands, the Banes, all that's behind me". She stares sideways at the lunatic "As for villains, you could start with the cook for this place. His cooking can be rather nasty."

Freakazoid sighs at both of them and explains with elaborate hand guestures, "C'mon. It's been a hard couple o' years. My show got canned, I ran out of stuff to do. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a job with the entire internet crammed into your skull? Let me tell ya, it AIN'T full of tubes. It's got a chewy nugget center! So I ran around the Internets looking for a place where I could fit in. After lots of carefull consideration I came here." He rolls his eyes and lowers his voice, "Didn't hurt that the headwiz here thought I'd make a good alt either..." Pulling out a large stack of papers seemingly from under the table he scans over it and it vanishes to where it came from once again. "Oh, yeah. I said I was gonna play along, huh? Starfire? Hi! I'm Freakazoid! The latest hero to snaz up this place looking for wrongs to right, villans to fight, and dark rooms to light... -en. Up. Yeah... that didn't work so well."

Starfire looks on. Completely, umm... There's an earth-word for this but she figures it isn't polite, so skips it for now. "... You do not mean the wonderful city that is home to the building with the minature model planet and a man who is rumored to be composed of steel but really is not?" Oh. "If that is so, then I believe I am unfamiliar with it, as there was nothing referred to as 'bad lands' while I was there briefly." She pauses. Well, stops and waits as Freakazoid goes on again, "Um..." She searches herself, "You already know my name." She's a little worried about that. And the incomprehensible talk about wizards and such. "You are... well? Perhaps you require a drink!" Ah! Good! Something to keep that mouth busy and not... confusing... her poor brain.

Xue shakes her head. This guy is just TOO wierd... (I need to finish this...). Once again, the temperature drops, 10 dagrees this time "Good Night. I have work to do, and maybe little time to do it". She takes the sapphire and the ornate knife she was using to etch it, and steps through the doors to the rear rooms, disappearing from sight.

Oblivion randomly appears in the middle of the room, wearing Robin's outfit, just with glowing red eyes through the mask "I CAME! I SAW! I COSPLAYED!" he then flips off the waiter, for reasons unknown, and farts a cloud of some kinda green gas "Ooohhh... too many burrito's"

Freakazoid is quick to turn his attention to the one who offered a beverage. "OoooH! I wanna hot choclate, please!" He waves as Xue leaves and the leaps to his feet as he hears Oblivion's voice. There's no hesitation at all before he leaps to his feet again and points angrily at the him. "YOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!! How DARE you come in here after last time!!!" Wait, when did he meet him before? He guestures at Starfire not to get up. "It's ok, nothing major, just my MORTAL ENEMY PERSONIFIED!" Wasn't his mortal enemy the Lobe? Suddenly he screams at the celing. "No it WASN'T The Lobe! That was just my worst villan on the SHOW!" ... Nevermind.

Freakazoid says, "Wow, that was FULL of gramatical mistakes. YOUR FIRED, TYPIEST! I'm gettin' a new writer."

Starfire never sat down! She flits over towards the bar, rather cheerfully exchanged with the bar person who already had the hot chocolate ready somehow... and brings it over to Mr. Blue. That's when the shouting faux-Robin thing comes in and she sets the mug down. Red eyes are never a good sign. Still, much as she may think otherwise, being... odd is no reason to harm someone. So she doesn't do anything, even when fingers get pointed and declarations of war get thrown... She sits now, looking like she may well bolt.

Oblivion is suddenly back to being clad in his normal armor *look at desc for the new pic!*, and points at the Freak "WOW! You realized I'm ME! I'm SSSSOOOO impressed!". He stops and thinks "Wait. I'm not a villain! I just eat babies for fun and profit! To say nothing of the underwear theft."

Freakazoid ends up with the same typiest and frowns from it, but this is quickly forgotten as the scene continues. He takes his cup and smiles happily at Starfire. Sips, and then resumes yelling at Oblivion. "Psssh. Sounds like a villan to me! You should come over and meet my new friend before we start fighting though..." Wait, and somehow that's the end of that in his eyes as he sits back down and takes another sip. "Oh, this is -so- good. No one appreciates the craftsmanship that's gone into this hot choclate tonight."

Oblivion vanishes, appearing at the table across from Freakazoid, with his own cup from... the plot hole! "Oh, that's Sung Lo. He doth kick much ass. Even managed to beat ME with nonmagical kitchen weaponry! Quite an accomplishment, and that butter knife.... OOHHH!" He shudders with appearent pleasure.... then takes another sip

Freakazoid nods his head as he sips again. "Yes! Well, you see like I was telling your alt, that's the only reason I really stick around here. The food, the drinks. Excelent. Four stars! Five even." He glances at Starfire, curious about the fact she's being skipped, and pulls out the stack of papers from under the table again to read the OOC chatter. "Oooh, I see. She's gone idle. That's a shame really..." Putting the log away once more he yawns. "So? 'blivi? How's the evil doll and kids? Doing good?"

Oblivion snickers, nodding, sitting back and drinking hot choco "Yup. The dolls watchin a kid, and the kids watchin dolls on TV. Kinda kinky, actually. Which one is the doll, afterall. How bout them badgers, and the weird guy always hangin around you? Still eatin your toejam?"

Freakazoid finishes his drink, slamming the cup on the table. "TOEJAM?!? That's RIGHT! We're ENEMIES!" He stands on the seat and puts one foot on the table, leaning in Oblivion's face. "Alright Nasty McNasty! I'm not gonna put up with your horrible deeds any longer!" Pushing up his sleaves he waves a fist at Oblivion. "You wanna go outside and wrastle?"

Oblivion cackles "Wrastle? With What? I'm two left feet on the wrastling fields! Why not have an eat-a-thon?!?!?" He pulls out a pair of sticks of TNT, with nitroglycerine caps! "HOTDOG EATING CONTEST!".

Freakazoid stares at the TNT. "'Blivi? That's not food those are... Aaaaah, nut bunnies." Grabbing Starfire by the shoulders he bolts outside expecting the UR to be destroyed any moment. "See?? THIS is why he's my mortal enemy! He's ruined my hot choclate!"

The UR EXPLODES SPECTATULARLY! Then is rebuilt in seconds by ninja badgers Cale had on payroll, and no one notices. Their that stealthy and quick. Inside, 'Blivy is nowhere to be found.

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