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More questions less answers

Summary: Kid goes off to question Magus about Mommy Dearest and finds more then just he.

Who: freakazoid, kid, magus, melchior, schala, staren, steena
When: July 1st, 2007
Where: Location or Room Name.


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Many new faces had been gathering around the cathedral lately. Magus's head had been swimming, trying to remember them all. Some, well... he does not wish to remember. Still, as this seems to be a place of safety, if somoene feels they are in danger, he is not about to turn them away. Part of his work at atoning for his sins.
The mage is busying himself at the moment with painting the blue sigil on the ground where the candles are shaping in a round circle. Sure, he could magically paint it, but it would not be as detailed. As he wishes this to be his throne, he wants to recreate his old, majestic room as faithfully as possible.

Schala sits in a corner of the room, trying to decide how best to help, but her brother seldom calls for her to do much of anything. Sighing she simply goes back to her meditations. She seems to spend more and more time here, just alone with her thoughts and inner-company. Every day she discovers something new about herself, but she has never felt it would be complete until she finds herself a weapon. Something to protect herself between castings. Balancing three visible balls of conjurations in each hand, a fire ball, an ice ball, and a dark energy ball, she keeps herself in top condition. She would not be caught unaware next time.

Kid pushes against the door of the Cathedral, peering in. Ramnaru said that she shouldn't try to talk to Magus, but this is Kid after all, does she ever listen? No, that's right. Everyone in town knows that Magus is camping out in the Chruch, which is the reason not to many of the towns people come to visit here anymore. Stepping inside, Kid calls out to the 2 figures. "Oi, is Magus 'round here?"

Great. Yet another coming to seek Magus. What would it be this time? Wisdom? Magic? A fight? He grows tired of people constantly calling out for him... but considering the circumstances, he supposes it can't be avoided.
The mage moves to stand up again, dropping the paintbrush into a small pan by his feet. He brushes his hands off onto a small, tattered garment he uses to clean things. "May I help you?" he asks, eyes narrowed as he looks back at the form of Kid. Were he to know who she was, he might not be so apathetic. Sadly, he does not.

Schala continues to twirl the 3 orbs in each hand while standing very carefully, the orbs leaving her hand and orbiting around the princess quite speedily, never touching her or her clothing. She apparently has been working very hard as it seems rather effortless. Turning to Kid, she looks to her brother, smiling somewhat. He HAS learned to be a touch more cordial. The girl was.. odd... to say the least. Not for anything particularly outward, but... Schala was very sensitive to life... and could sense that there was something special about this girl.

Kid nodding as she hears confermation, she approches the two, keeping her eyes focused on the one she assumes is Magus, stepping into what light is given in the Chruch, relveling her face. "I wanna ask ya a few questions if ya don't mind. You may be the only one who's got answers, considerin who you are an all."

Wisdom. Magus knew it would be one of the three. Sighing heavily, the mage clears his throat. "What is it that you seek?" he asks. His eyes fall back to Schala momentairly. Seeing the concentration on her face as she watches Kid makes him a little curious. Was there something she sensed that he did not? For now, he chooses not to ask. Or to find out.

Schala raises her brow rather interestingly at Magus. He was sounding more and more like a sphinx. It must have been an interesting duality. A man of power and position who wants nothing more than to be left alone. Schala turned back to the strange girl. Stopping her before she can ask a question. "Don't you think an introduction might be in order before you demand information? Magus is at least worthy of a cordial introduction, is he not?" Schala had to beat down a giggle, trying to look as stone-faced and sullen as her brother, trying to maintain the unbreakable image. Schala doesn't give her name just yet, until it becomes clear that she is officially a part of the conversation to introduce herself.

Kid looks over to the girl and nods, switching into a 'higher' speech. "My name is Kid, and you might be?" She keeps her tone very formal, but kind as well. It's not good to make enemys around every courner.

Magus had not expected Schala to speak out like she did. She is generally not so forceful. It is a welcome change to see her be assertive so, for the moment, he simply lets her take the floor. She seems to want to speak.
Magus says, "She senses something..." he thinks to himself as he watches the two women interact. He does not know why he can not pick up on it himself.

Schala nods gently, "My name is Schala." She obviously knew who Magus was, and so there was no point in reiterating what was common knowledge. It was like a weird form of deja-vu for Schala... the feeling that she had done this before, but it was not possible for her to have done this before. So many strange sensations. Beneath Schala's garment, the pendant she wore was glowing bright blue.

Kid doesn't wear her pendant out anymore, instead she keeps it in her pouch. So, if it's glowing, she doesn't know. Kid recognizes the name, and the person as well, but she says nothing, chooseing instead to turn back to Magus. "I need to know about your mother. And what she might have to do with the Porre attacks." She almot puts her hands on her hips like usual, but fights back the urge to do so.

A well-rested woman is a happy woman, especially when that woman has a real place to stay. From within the hidden chamber emerges a person that will be clueless as to the identities of the other women currently speaking with Magus. The tall, silvered hair woman takes a moment to examine the situation before even acting.
Finally Steena turns to none other than Magus, as he is the one she knows, and bows her head deeply. "Sir Magus," she greets. "I apologize for interrupting. I can return to my room if you desire."

Who to answer first? Steena or Kid? Magus figures it is easier to talk to Steena first, since her answer requires less thought. "You are welcome to stay," he says simply, motioning for one of the pews. "As for you," he says, turning his attention back to Kid, now that Schala has her focused. "That... thing. Is not my mother. I watched my real mother die at the base of Lavos. This creature is someting more sinsiter. But... I do not know what, yet. Or why she is doing what she is doing. But I have seen her on many occassions. She is connected to..." His voice idles out there for a moment as he looks over to Schala. Divulging more information, he fears, could hurt her greatly.

Schala shakes her head. Schala was under the impression that it WAS her mother... or if it wasnt, she didnt want to take the chance. Their mother had been possessed by a great evil and if she was any bit of her mother... the mother she knew before Janus was born... she could be brought back from the brink of madness. Or so Schala hoped. Clasping her hands together, she watches the exchange and notes with interest his decided omission. It is clear that Schala's breath held as he stopped, wondering what he was to say, before looking over to Steena. This was a new one. Schala would have to introduce herself properly at the right time.

Kid eyes Steena and recognizes her from the fair. But she didn't know who anyone was, so. "What is she connected to? What kind of resorces did she have to do something like this? Look, I need to find out who exactly is doing this. If it's not Zeal, it's Porre. And I don't think it's Porre. So, I'm trying to connect the dots here and you are one of the few that knows about what kind of acces she has, and to what. " Kid lets out a breath and waits.

So many sets of eyes upon here, all at the same time. Slowly Steena moves over to the indicated pew, immediately taking a seat upon it. Her red eyes watch the scene as it unfolds, knowing well enough not to interrupt at such a crucial moment. Eventually she does settle her gaze upon Schala, finding her to be the more interesting one at the moment.

"... All I can think of is that she is connected to Lavos. A part of him. Considering what I saw when I was... under the influence. But I have not confirmed it. It would make sense though. As for Porre... The only conclusion I can draw is that they seemed to happen at the same time. Zeal's attack and Porre's invasion. I have not determined whether or not they are connected. The black wind has told me nothing." Truths, by Magus. He does not know the truth. "If I knew, I would have let everyone know by now."

Schala waves over at Steena, the small orbs floating around her body stop and disappear as she encourages Steena to come closer. "I have not met you, though I have been busy. I am sorry I did not meet you earlier. My name is Schala. What is your name?"

There is a faint rumble of dust from near the pipe organ, and the secret door suddenly slides open. An elderly laugh suddenly comes from the darkness as Melchior comes into view, stepping out of the secret door, which slides shut right behind him. "Good evening dear customers!" He suddenly starts to laugh once more, as he continues into the cathedral. He smiles brightly at Magus, then at Schala, and finally at Kid. "Well now! Here are some faces these old eyes haven't seen in some time!" In his hands is a brown bag, which seems to have something in it. "Now.. I have a gift for one of you.."
Melchior says, "Where did I put it..."

Just as the secret door opens, the church's front door opens... Staren stumbles in, weary from travel... "Finally, I can rest here..." and she just stares at the huge gathering of people here. "Ma--magus! Is it true you're back to your old self...?"

Kid exclaims, "Damnit all to hell." Kid crosses her arms, her voice now back to the normal roughness. "So ya know anyone else that I can track down that might have some answers or somethin'?" Granted, the only reason she's putting this much effort into it is because Serge asked her to, but still, someone should have some answers!

Luckily enough, Melchior had arrived. One of the sages of old. Perhaps he would know something, in all of his extensive wisdom. "He may have answers that you seek?" Magus says, pointing to the old swordsmith. He divulges nothing about the old man, but figures if Melchior is going to appear, he may as well put the sage on the spot.
As for Staren, Magus can only sigh and shake his head. "Yes..." he slowly admits without actually making eye contact with the kid.

Schala blinks as she watches Melchoir. A sudden grin comes to her face, followed by a full smile! Rushing over to him, as she did many times when she was a child, she resisted the urge to throw her arms around the old man and hug him. "Guru Melchoir! It is so lovely to see you! It is no end of relief to see you alive and well! We have much to catch up on."

Staren smiles, "I'm glad..." She moves to take a seat in one of the pews. "Why... why are so many people gathered here...?"

Kid kinda perks up as Magus points her towards Melchior. "Hey Pops! Would ya answer a few questions for me? Please?" She puts her hands behind her back, oblivious to Staren as she's got bigger things to think about right now. If Melchoir can help, awesome! How often can you ask a question of an old guy?
A loud laugh comes from the old man as Schala latches onto him. "Well, it is good to see you Schala.. Can't say it's really a surprise with how things currently are.." He adjusts his glasses, and glances at Magus. "I may infact have answers, but that doesn't mean I can freely give them out, 'Prophet'. Now! Here it is." He holds the bag up to Schala. "It's for you Schala. I figured you could use something just for you." His attention is turned to Kid. "It'll cost you, ya know.. I don't work for free.."


Prophet. That is a name that Magus had not been called in a long time. The mage narrows his eyes briefly upon the use of the term, but decides now is not the time to bring up something that is now old hat. "Indeed, you can not," he says to Melchior as he walks over to Schala's side. He is curious as to what the old man could possibly have for her. Considering he just appeared out of nowhere.
Schala grabs the bad, feeling just like a little kid, smiling in much the same way that... well, Kid probably smiled fairly often. It was all she could do not to dive into the bag. Melchoir had always been like a grandfatherly figure to her, as did all the gurus. "Ohhh... Guru Melchoir, you shouldn't have!" She was almost bursting with happiness, wrapping her arms around the old man, giving him a kiss on the cheek for old time's sake. She then opened the bag and peered into it.

The pipe organ sounds again, and from the sliding door steps a strange blue man in red tights. The man seems destracted as he thumbs through a book titled 'Chrono Trigger Complete Strategy Guide'. He looks up only long enough to spot Melchior and walk over to lean on his shoulder. "Yo. Mel, so I was thinking if your some grand Guru thing, Magus is some evil former kid thing, then does that make Marle your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great cousin or something?" He stops and looks around at everyone's confused faces and sweatdrops. "Oh, right. In the middle of a scene. Sorry." He backs up and makes his way back into the still opened door. "Sorry. Sorry... m-my bad. Won't happen again. Bye! B-bye!" ...and the door closes. What the hell was that?

Staren only recognizes Magus among all the people here. And... what the heck was that guy? She just blinks. "What...?" She still doesn't knopw why everyone's gathered here...

Kid glances over at the blue guy and rolls her eyes as he vanishes again... "What's your price, old man?"

"Well.. It's something for you to protect yourself. I figured you could use something.." Melchior suddenly stops speaking as the strange blue man leans onto him, and goes on his rant. An obvious look of confusion appears on the Guru's face, and he suddenly coughs loudly as the guy then takes off. "I don't know anything about what he was talking about.. Now.. Go ahead Schala.. Hold it." He grins at Kid, and holds up his hand. "Before we discuss prices, we should get down to what the merchandise is."

Magus is surprised at the item in question that is given to Schala. Nonetheless, he is glad for her to have it. He simply watches for now. All the madness. Including that Freakazoid guy. What was up with that? He sighs, simply choosing to observe.

Schala blinks at the blue man before watching him walk off... @_@... Schala still smiles a bit, waving at the man as he leaves, still a bit overly-happy. Gripping the object in the bag, Schala pulls out the dreamstone construct and waves it about. "Oh my... this is very pretty!" Though, she had yet to divine its use.

Magus decides for now that there is nothing more that he can offer. Whatever Kid finds out, she is bound to share. Part of him wants to stay and hear for himself... but he grows tired of all of these run-ins by people. "I shall be in retreat," he says to Schala as he passes her by. The door to the back end of the cathedral is open for now, so he uses it to head back to the massive library that is hidden behind the door.


"Well now.." Melchior adjusts his robes, and smiles at Kid. "A Prism Dagger could pay that price..." He suddenly starts to laugh loudly, and softly says, "You should already know who is at fault, Kid." Wait, how did he know who she was? "It's obvious who it is. Porre has begun their assault." That was a bit to convient of an answer, making one think there may be more to the story then this. "Now.. Schala.. That weapon is made especially for you. I took great care in ensuring that only you were capable of using it. There may be another who can use it.. but, well, I doubt that one would. Especially since they knack the magical talent you have."

Schala eyes the weapon interestingly before nodding to Magus as he passed by, whispering to him. "Good night, Janus." She says after him lowly. Then she listens to Melchior explain a little about the weapon. "Ohh.. well, how does one actually activa-AAH!!" She suddenly falls back as the weapon suddenly comes to life, creating a beam of white energy from the tip of the hilt. Then, just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. "W-what did I do?" She looks rather confused.
Kid folds her arms. "Bah, it's not Porre, too many things out of place, and you ain't getting my dagger. Not a damned bit of help. "With that she turns and marches out the Chruch, muttering something about crazy old men.

Staren blinks at the sudden activation of the weapon. "What is that??"

"You'll have to figure it out on your own Schala. I already gave you a hint on it." With that, Melchior gives a slight bow, and walks into the back of the church, heading through the open secret passage. And with that, the Guru is gone altogether.

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