2007-07-03 (PreU) Redefining Borders

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Redefining Borders

Summary: Freakazoid was recently invited into a scene with Melchior on Chronos, breaking not only the forth wall but a few others in between. Well, turn about is fair play as Melchior is invited to Twisted Street? Can the 'normal' citizens of Twisted deal with such wackiness? Worse still, with Freakazoid you get subjected to more and more OOC chatter as it begins to ebb over into the world of IC. How much longer will this continue before someone steps in to try and deal with it?

Who: blemish, diggers, freakazoid, melchior, vane, zarek
When: July 3rd, 2007
Where: Location or Room Name.


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Vane sits at the bar, muttering to himself under his breath. "So lost.... so confused.... Where the hell am I?!" He sobs silently staring at his drink with bleary eyes. I knew I shouldn't have messed with that spell. He reaches over the bar and grabs the bar tended. "Why did I do it?! AHG!"

Joan Diggers rolls her eyes at the young boy and his cry baby antics. She thinks of how all men seem to be crybabies .o0(My car is broken, My computer has a virus, you used me to try and take over the world.) it's all the same. But young ones seem a little too emmotional at times but he seems to be the only one here. And at that, he is a new face. Might as well jump right into it. Straightening her bodice a little and making sure to inhale deeply to make her more pronounced, she sways her hips slightly as she slides over to the bar and happens to sit one stool away from the boy " Umm, When your finished," she starts at the bar tender, "May I have a red wine?"

Vane looks over to the woman who just seated herself at the bar, and blushes slightly. He relinquishes hold of the bartended and coughs politely, attempting to act as if he wasn't just on the verge of a breakdown. He sips his drink casually, trying to look 'cool' but most likely failing miserably. He watches the bar tended get the wine ready, trying to stare at anything other than the goth woman with the overflowing cleavage. He goes to take another sip, but simply sees the bottom of an empty glass. "Refill please, this soda stuff... is... delicious."

Joan Diggers's delicate hand comes out and gently takes hold of the glass. She brings the red liquid to her lips and pauses to sniff the auroma before sipping and letting out a slow "mmmm" while enjoying the taste. She licks the crimsom away that strayed on her full lips. She might as well make casual conversation "Soda stuff?" musing while turning her head slightly to look at the boy "you have never had Soda before?" now that she notices, he is a little oddly dressed isnt he? This might be fun if he truelly isnt a local.

Vane looks down, blushing again and rather brightly at that. "No, but it is good." As if to answer the unspoken question, but more out of a need to explain himself he quickly adds. "It's j-just that we don't have it where I-I'm from, and I l-like to try new things." Looking over to the woman he speaks to, brings his eyes right to what he was trying to avoid, and he is a teenager after all. Stammering and trying to avert his eyes while not doing so, gives him a rather cartoonish look. "Nevermind.."

Joan Diggers's face takes on an understanding little pout "oh, sure sure. I can understand." sympithetical she nods her head a little and places the glass down. Her fingers play along the crystals lip and it hums softly. "I have traveled far and wide and found that new things can be exciting. VERY exciting." pausing for a moment she seems to toss her hair a little to get a stray strand out of her face before turning to look at the young man again .o0(so not local) "I take it you have been pulled in from somewhere else? How did you get here?" is she concerned???

Vane smiles slightly as his glass is refilled, and smiles even broder as he takes a sip. "Well, I messed around with a spell I guess was too much for me, and this rock blew apart but this gate appeared in it... and." He pauses a moment. "I guessed it sucked me in." He places his hand behind his head and laughs nervously, like he's gonna tell someone he was actually stupid enough to walk into it. The laughter dies away uncomfortably. "So um... where am I anyway, this place is... weird."

Joan Diggers blinks and brings her hand to her lips as she sucks in a breath and makes her chest suddenly expand dangerously fuller. "oh you poor dear. A spell you say? I have had a simular experience." which is REALLY truthful. Though it wouldnt be the reason she is here. Tenderly she stops making her glass hum and attempts to reach out and pat the boys hand if it is close enough. "this place," pausing dramatically, "is a little twisted."

A large red gate suddenly opens on the floor, and rising from it is an elderly man. A bright cheery smile is on his face, obviously quite content with the way things are for now. "Now.. Let's see..." He steps up to the counter, and climbs up onto one of the stools. The waiter grins at him, and says, "You're usual, Guru?" Melchior nods, as the waiter pours a large mug of rootbeer for his elderly patron.

Vane blushes, look much like a cooked lobster as the walking cleavage touches his hand. He swallows a lump in his throat and snatches his hand away. "Um... a little twisted, I saw a penguin being chased by a badger with a sword earlier. That's even weirder than all other things I've seen, and that includes the fat man in a tutu." He shudders slightly at the thought, "Blech." Eyes slowly blink at the arrival of the old man. "Does anyone here use doors?"

After wiping his hands on a rag, the waiter... unzips his head?!?!? Standing behind the bar is the impossible to miss blue skin and red tights of Freakazoid! He shakes his head as he leans on the counter. "Where the heck have you been?? I know you had buisness to take care of... but COME ON!" Shaking his head, he begins to guesture franticly. "I baked you BROWNIES!! You invited me over and DITCHED me. What? Did I smell bad? Was my fly undone??" He grabs Melchior by the shoulders and shakes. "I THOUGHT YOU LIKED ME MORE THAN MAGUS!!!" He lets go and wipes his eyes on his sleave. "...I just don't know you anymore, Mel..."

Joan Diggers says, "door? Seldom. there is no flair in it. Walls, Teleporting, Raising from the floor board. Not to mention random Prinny attacks from the dark shadows in the rafters here. No no. This place has so many unusal charaters that the door should be the least of your worries" mmmm my my. A little shy is he? She looks at the hand as it is snatched away. pouting she purses her bottom lip up "have a thing against older women? I was merely trying to shwo a sympathetic gesture to someone that will never see home again." awe, the boy has offended her and made her feel bad after all she is doing is offering information, a tender understanding and to the boy's eyes. A peep show Then her temple begins to throb as behind her at the other end of the bar comes the gratting noise that is Freakaziod .o0(oh no. not again)

"Aww.. Don't be that way 'Zoid! I got a present for you to make it up!" Melchior pulls his hat off his head, and starts digging around in it. He pulls out a large novelty foam finger which reads: "I went to Chronos, and all I got was the lousy finger!" The guru offers the finger to Freakazoid, and the Guru pats the stool next to him. "Come on. I'll buy you a donut since Cosgrove isn't around to."

Vane looks about ready to apologize, but is cut off by an uncontrolable twitch brought on by a certain blue weirdo. He jumps up and points right at the bizzare thing, "Demon?!" He looks ready for a fight, but as no one else seems to, unless the old man giving him the finger counts. He seems to slink back down onto his stool. "Guess not."

Freakazoid leaps over the top of the bar in a single bound, snatching the foam novelty the second his feet touch the floor again. "Oooooooh! You gave me the FINGER!" Instantly he's sitting on the offered stool with the finger somehow vanishing into a pocket that doesn't seem to be a part of his uniform. He reaches for Melchior's drink and starts to drink it when he pauses mid-sip and places the mug back down. "Hang on a second..." In a flash of blue lightning he's suddenly standing over Vane. "DEMON?? WHERE???" Picking him up out of his chair, Freakazoid gives him a hug and drops him back down again. Placing a small box on the table infront of him, Freakazoid vanishes in another flash of lightning and resumes sitting by Melchior. "Yeah, y'know I can't believe Cosgrove went on vaction without me. That's -so- not like him. I hope another woman isn't going to try to drink my juices again. Last time it made my butt hurt..." The box, by the way, contains a massive drooling demon that will leap out and scream if it is opened. Of course, the box and the demon will instantly vanish once it's job is done.

Joan Diggers's about to wave at Vane and mouths no no no "your just going to get his atten.." she groans as she feels her hair whoosh and collect in front of her face. Reaching up she peels back her hair like a white curtain and sees the blue wierdo hug the boy then give him a gift, "usually the gift comes first, and he isnt a preist." musing quietly to herself the WHOOSH her hair is flung back the other way and she finds herself spinning in her stool -tweak tweak tweak!- making her dizzy she slumps over and holds onto the bar which is not a good thing when facing a young boy to give him such a view @_@ "f..f..freak..."

"Well, maybe it's time for Cosgrove to finally get out and see the world on his own. Leave the nest so to speak." A small tear starts to form in the corner of Melchior's left eye, which he promptly wipes away. "Your little Cosgrove is finally growing up." The old man reaches into his hat, and pulls out a book that is larger then the unabriged Webster's Dictionary, The King James version of the Bible, and Of Mice and Men all mixed together. The cover reads, "Twisted Scripts for Twisted!" He starts thumbing through it, and stops about a quarter of the way through. "Careful 'Zoid. I think this is where she starts screaming at you."

Vane flails in a vain attempt to free himself from the completely undesired hug, screaming bloody murder, at least until the freak drops him and leaves. He looks side to side, his brain still not having registered entirely what has happened. He extends a hand and stupidly opens the box, and as stated out comes the screaming drooling demon, which sends the boy screaming and falling backwards out of his stool, right under Joan's. And although she is not wearing a skirt, spandex has a nasty habit of being clingy, and thus a teenage boy is now bleeding from his nose due to a present from a blue freak.

Freakazoid ignores all the commotion he's just caused as he stares mesmerised by Melchior's book. "Wow, you guys realy DO know everything!" He looks up and grabs the old man's shoulder. "Oooh, oooh, maybe you can answer me a question! It's important! It's vital! It's the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything!!" He releases his grip and clings to the bar as if for his own dear life. "How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop???"

Joan Diggers's head shakes from side to side as she clears the cobwebs. Her nails dig into the wooden surface of the bar as she leaps up and turns to point an accoussing finger at the freak and old man, but mostly the freak. Speak not of her spandex as she stands above you Vane, her ankles right by either of your ears, "You are a pest! An abomination! A, A, Your worse then what -I- am!!! I am merely an assult on natural law but you" she huffs and rants as predicted, "you defy logic! your like the spawn and physical manifestation of this plain of existence! A twisted being for a twisted sub-dimension!!" she then crosses her arms defiantly and HUMPHS "and every one knows it's THREE licks! Right boy?" she blinks not having an answer "boy?" even a new boy should know what candy is, she lloks over her shoulder, then down at the boy's head on the floor between her ankles "What are you doing down there??" any seriousness or anger in her seems to have been dissolved by this ridiculous scene. o.o;

"I guess her old age is finally making her brain lose its edge, eh 'Zoid? However, we shall consult the book." Melchior flips through the index, and comes to a page dedicated to Tootsie Pops. "It says 42, for that is the answer to life, the universe, everything." He closes the book, and slides the massive thing back into his hat. "There you have it. 42."

Vane eeps as the feet come crashing down on either side of his head. His eyes roll back slightly in his head, but he snaps to as Jown looks right down at him. "Um.. yeah.. three licks." Probably not the best thing to say down there. "Um... I fell?" He makes it sound as if he's not een sure himself. "Maybe? I forgot..." This one might have hit his head a wee bit hard on the floor. "What were we talking about again?"

Rystan has arrived.
Sayuri has arrived.

Freakazoid smacks the palm of one hand with the fist of the other. "Of course! Forty Two! It all makes sense now! The robots, the killer zombies, poo gas..." Looking over his shoulder at the Joan and Vane he sweatdrops. "Nah. Three won't work. Too big a number. Besides, it doesn't sound as cool..."

Sayuri has left.
Rystan has left.

Joan Diggers says, "you fell?" questiong the boy that stares up at her from the floor and steps over him since he doesnt seem to be moving out from between her ankles. "Well be a man! pick your self up! You should respond to him in kind for treating you so!" stomping a foot indignately "Be a man! Defend my honor!" pointing once more at the old man and demanding of the boy she doesnt know to attack the two <.< Maybe it will work as she plays the damsel in distress, and one word about UNDRESS gets the person vaporised what honor?

"'Zoid? She's starting to spout off nonsense.. Last time I saw a woman did that, she got beat down by a group of kids with magic. I think she's getting the Old People sickness." Melchior reaches into his hat, and pulls out yet another big book, this one called: "Twisted Profiles for Twisted Characters!" He starts thumbing through it, and stops on Joan's page. "Yeah.. Take a look at this 'Zoid.. Says here she already has it."

Vane stands up in quite possibly the most ungraceful flailing of limbs ever to be beheld by man. When he finally gets up he shakes his head, holding his hands up defensively in front of himself. "No! No honor defending! Last time that happened I got fireballed, and those things HURT!" Perhaps he should mention he was not the one doing the defending. He side glances at the two, "Besides the blue one might eat me.. and I heard old men that dress like that are perverts.. and not the good kind either." There's a good kind of pervert?

Around this time, the doors to the Usual Restaurant open, and in walks a vision of blonde loveliness that probably shouldn't exist. In fact, if not for her instantly noticeable lack of fashion sense (though the black bodysuit DOES look good on her), she might be some unfortunate man's vision of the ideal woman. The word unfortunate is used here, because one Naaya Keagan is not the kind of woman that lechers and perverts last long around. Not that you'd know it. The first thing she does is walks in and surveys the restaurant, her bright blue eyes surveying the scene with a quiet awe. She says not a word, just standing in the doorframe and looking about.

Freakazoid looks up at the celing, reading the OOC dialog that appears on his monitor. "Awww, Rystan and Sayuri left? That's just sad." He sighs heavily, lowering his head and following Mel's guesture towards the book. "Oh, hey! It does!" He tilts his head at it. o.O; "You need to update though, you could get a PDF file of this and just carry it around in a palm pilot or something." Freakazoid rubs his chin as he speaks, then snaps his fingers as an idea comes to him. "Oooh! I got it! One moment!" In another flash of lightning Freakazoid is gone. Seconds later he reappears in another flash of light dragging Zarek in with him.

Zarek has arrived.

Freakazoid says, "Hey! Z? You got a PDA on ya? I mean, your always playing City of Heroes so I just assumed..." He blinks realising he's not supposed to do that anymore and quickly shoves him back out the door.

Zarek has left.

The Freak shakes his head. "Nut bunnies. The rules here are stupid."

Aden has reconnected.
Aden (OOC) says, "Connection implosion."
Aden has dropped a connection.
Freakazoid (OOC) exclaims, "It's what you get, Aden. It's not a big dump truck. It's a series of TUBES!"
Naaya (OOC) points her finger at Freakazoid and Melchior cutely, little flecks of anti-matter swimming through the air around it. "Now now, get back in character or there'll be trouble, boys."
Freakazoid (OOC) says, "Hey, I AM in character."
Freakazoid (OOC) points to the fact Freak just addresed Rystan and Sayuri. :P
Naaya (OOC) points to the anti-matter surrounding Freakazoid's air supply. "Now now, I don't like men who talk back."
Freakazoid (OOC) blocks with Crux's dead body! "AH-HAH!"
Naaya (OOC) points out that Crux doesn't HAVE a dead body.
Melchior (OOC) gets Bekkler to make one. "He does now."
Aden (OOC) bamf.
Aden has disconnected.
Freakazoid (OOC) says, "You shoulda left him onine a minute longer." Blinks wiggles a plastic baggy. "I never said it was a WHOLE body."
Naaya (OOC) blinks. "You two... really aren't my type." Huffs.

Joan Diggers's insulted that the boy will not defend her honor. Though, she was only trying to use him "They arent perverts. Just wierd, but that one did hug you and give you gifts, so maybe. I mean they keep insulting me sooo, I dont know" she is talking to the boy and bats her eye lashes at him "Now be a dear and attack them with your most powerful spell before I kill you, mmkay?" she says it as sweet as possible and she has her gaze away from the door, to bad. Some one seemingly better looking then her, and stealing her body suite fashion sence, joan is suppose to be the queen of over used tight fitting clothing.

"I wouldn't reccomend it boy, unless you want to end up in Lavos' stomache. And I can make that happen you know." Melchior sips at his now flat rootbeer, and makes a face of obvious disgust. "This tastes worse then Gaspar's cooking!" He turns in his stool, and stares at Naaya. "You know, sometimes I wonder why I stay on Chronos..."

Vane tries to stammer out some type of excuse as to why he can't attack the two, but it mostly seems to end with him dying.. messily. He then looks over to the door, "Hey someone came in the d-d-doo.....door..." Uh oh, another woman in a body suit. His spurts another nosebleed, his eyes roll back into his head and he passes out.. yet again.

At the looks she gets, Naaya offers a shy smile, and as she does so, a glamour unconsciously surrounds her, making her look innocent and cute in addition to the rather impressive body she has. Neither of them are in any way a result of her conscious decisions, but they both work out well enough for her. She practically glides into the restaurant, unaware of how elegant her steps are. She's a bit lost, and she needs to find Purple again. Perhaps some of these people can help her. They certainly look like they might be willing. As her smile fades into a sparkling look of analysis, the glamour fades too, as quickly as it began. That's some smile she has there.

Melchior (OOC) exclaims, "My pose! Sorry!"
Freakazoid (OOC) asks, "Since when?"
Melchior (OOC) says, "I don't know. I'm confused."
Melchior (OOC) is old ya know.
Joan Diggers (OOC) then why are you calling ME old! *mallets!*

Freakazoid is a sucker for this sort of thing. Melchior's words are a distant memory as he bolts over to Naaya, bowing and guesturing for her to enter further. "Ahh, such a vision of lovliness. I can not stand to look at thee." Suddenly he's throwing a bag over her head? "There that's better!" He looks to Melchior and thumbs up. "WOW! I thought my eyes where just gonna MELT outta my head!" He spins around, sweeping her off her feet, literally. "I love you. I would date with you." He peeks under the bag and literally melts into a puddle on the floor, dropping her in the process. A muffled voice suddenly calls out from under her happily. "She's sitting on my face... <3"

Joan Diggers's head spins around and her neck pops a little, it seems to be at a hard to make angel for a normal person as she watches the blue freak go into some cheese one liner that reminds her of someone somewhere "This is as odd as there being blue thunder." and in any normal context that would be abnormal. A color and a sound after all. Sighing deeply she turns to coo at the young boy again "I am sorry. I just dont like him. He is annoying and we were having such a wonderful conversation umm, ummm. What is your name?" tilting her head slightly she places a hand at the ridge of her cleavage where is dips down into her bodice "I am joan Diggers. And your name is?"

"Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!" Melchior suddenly starts to laugh, his left hand resting infront of his face as he starts to laugh in a very feminine way. "'Zoid? You okay over there? I know its not every day you just melt for a beautiful lady. Besides, what would all your enemies say if they saw you like this?" He slowly slides from the stool, and makes his way over to Naaya, completely ignoring Joan. "Are you okay my dear? You'll have to excuse my friend. He's not used to seeing beautiful women like you." He holds his hand out to Naaya, to help her get to her feet.

Vane reaches up and grabs the bar, dragging himself to his feet. "Vane.. Vane Teig." He wobbles a bit, shaking his head, then watches as the blue guy.... melts. "I think I need to find a place to lay down." He gets this greenish tinge to his face, urping slightly as he puts his hands to his mouth. He runs out of the building and perhaps off in the distance down a deserted alleyway, a poor tabby cat will never smell the same.

Naaya makes a tiny, confused sound, and pulls the bag off of her head, looking around in confusion. She looks down for a moment, and pales, jumping to her feet and onto the nearest barstool just as Melchior offers her hand, and crouches upon it, her hands right next to her two feet, in a distinctly feline position. "...Such a strange person." She offers Melchior a tiny smile, which, though tiny, still brings a glamour around her, though this one is of vulnerability and innocence. It fades quickly, as she glances over to Joan nervously. She's not very comfortable dealing with people of Melchior's apparent age, so she speaks to Joan in a voice that is both beautiful and slightly singsong, but obviously nervous. "~Where am I?"

Freakazoid is standing again and dusting himself off. He glares at Melchior slightly. "Trying to steal my woman. I see how you are. So much for buds for life, huh Mel?" He scans over the bar and, upon realising Joan is alone, shrugs and makes his way over to her. "Hi there! You wanna share a drink or somethin'? My buddy over there ditched me and I want to make him nervous..." Suddenly he pulls a large board game box out of nowhere. "We can play D&D!!" Oh yeah. Real smooth.

Joan Diggers (OOC) exclaims, "h..hey!"
Freakazoid (OOC) :P

"..." Tears suddenly start to form in Mel's eyes. "I.. I thought that was our game..." Uh-oh.. They had a /game/!? The Guru suddenly rushes over and grabs ahold of Joan, sobbing loudly into her shoulder. "I never thought he would do that to me!" He suddenly starts to shake Joan. "You understand don't you?!"

Joan Diggers's body twist as Vane takes off around her. She was not only insulted and the boy didnt defend her, but he took off with a sick look on his face. What a light weight! I bet he hasnt even seen a dead body, well, not one that he would know of. blinking she just notices there is Naaya, and she is perched on a stool "you know. Whereing something like that and using the stool in such a way leaves little to the imigination for anyone that may happen to be behind you" Then whoosh, the blue freak is next to her and plops down a D & D Board "Oh wow can I be the el.. HEY!" she growls and swats at the board "I am not playing games with you! Are you some kinda womaniser?? You grabbed that poor girl," pausing to point at Naaya, "Did you get your gropes in! Pervert! What is this dimension comming too?" Then she is grabbed by Mel and shaken like a baby in a british nanny's hands @_@ "h..h..hey!" she jiggles nicely, and DANGEROUSLY close to popping out "stop that!" @_@

Joan Diggers (OOC) says, "help me naaya!!! @_@"
Blemish has arrived.
Blemish (OOC) isn't here....yet.
Blemish (OOC) says, "My desc is old."
Blemish (OOC) says, "Crap."
Blemish (OOC) types.
Freakazoid (OOC) points at himself. "You can borrow mine if you want."
Naaya (OOC) blinks.
Joan Diggers (OOC) wonders if everyone borrowed freaks desc, would we have to listen to Blue?
Freakazoid (OOC) says, "Nah. Mac wouldn't let him have that kind of authority."
Melchior (OOC) says, "Franky would."
Freakazoid (OOC) nods. "Point."

Naaya just looks down at herself as Joan comments on her clothing. "There's nothing wrong with my clothing~." She says it matter of factly in that sing-song voice, as though it weren't open for debate. Then she jumps from the stool over next to Joan, placing her hand on the old man's head. "Mister... I don't think she likes you doing that." She glances over to Freakazoid and unconsciously inches closer to Joan. Women have to stick together, after all.

Freakazoid crosses his arms and hmm's at the display before him. "Wow. Just like Jello..." Wait, what does he mean by...? Freakazoid grabs Joan from behind and shakes her shoulders, his face a mischivious grin. After a moment he leans on her shoulder and smiles at Melchior. "Wow, they'd have never let me get away with that one on TV!" In a flash he's gone and standing on the stage. Far away from Joan. Dear god, he's got a microphone in his hand too. "o/~CAUSE I'M A FREEEEEAK!" Pushes his hair back, "I'M A WEEEEEEIRDOOOOooooh. What the hell am I doing heeeeeere? I don't belong here, whoa-oh. Whoa-oh... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Freakazoid (OOC) sighs. "Formating failing. Fatigue setting in..."
Naaya (OOC) laughs. "Poor guys."
Joan Diggers (OOC) says, "poor me @_@"

There is clapping from an audience that suddenly appears infront of Freakazoid. At the front of the audience, Floyd the Barber claps the loudest. "And to think I cut that guys hair!" Melchior releases Joan, and makes his way through the audience. "Hey, 'Zoid? It's time for me to go back."

Joan Diggers's shaken shaken shaken and then is left with her eyes spinning in her sockets as Mel and Freak leave her @_@ "w..whaaaa" Too bad for you Naaya to be getting to close and this scene being so foolish it only leaves her one choice. She tumbles forward and heads face first for Naaya's bossums... or the bar stool is she moves @_@

Naaya blinks and watches Freakazoid and Melchior release Joan and giggles, not really noticing that Joan herself is on a collision course until it's too late. Or at least, that's the impression she gives, as she looks surprised, Joan falling onto her. Surprisingly, Naaya doesn't give way, and she just blinks for a few moments before blushing a bright red. "Really, I don't think we know each other that well yet..." She looks around with red cheeks, wondering if anyone is watching, and helps Joan up by pushing her gently with a hand on each shoulder. "... Are you alright?"
Freakazoid eep's at Melchior's announcement and hops off the stage. "Awww... that's too bad, Mel. I was hoping to check out the Pizza place down the road first." He sighs heavily. "Ooooooh, nut bunnies... do'ya need me to take you home?"

Melchior says, "Well, I always did want to ride in the Freakmobile!" He starts to make his way out the door. "It's been fun, but now I return to my regular life on a world that none of you are allowed to be on. If you do find yourselves there, look me up. I make the best weapons this side of Lavos!"

Joan Diggers says, "My favorite color is purple and I once did 100 jump ropes @_@" it seems she is rather dizzy as Naaya removes her face from her boobs in a blushing manner before Freak or anyone else seemed to notice. It is wierd, she shouldnt GET dizzy, she is suppose to have total control of her self but in the presence of Freak and the old man. It seems the laws of magic or physics seem not apply "your preeetty @_@" to Naaya

Blemish peaks in through a window of the restaurant, her eyes probing this way and that, she can't really see enough, and so she walks over and steps inside of the entrance. There's a trail of blood along her left foot, that seems to be flowing from her chest, right around her heart, really, as it's all liquidy and crimsony wet. The girl either doesn't care or doesn't notice as she steps in and takes a few steps to the side of the entrance, her black wings fanning out as she looks the restaurant and its inhabitants over. Hmm, she was hoping her sister would be in here, but she doesn't see her anywhere, and Twisted isn't a safe place. Darn, she should probably head back. Well, maybe she's upstairs though...

Naaya blinks at Joan's words and smiles, doing her level best to ignore Melchior and Freakazoid for a moment. "My favorite color is Purple too!" There's a strange emphasis on the word 'Purple', but it's a tough one to explain. Her cheeks take on a bright red hue, and she looks around for a few moments. "Thank you... but... my heart already belongs to another..." She blushes a brighter red, and turns to look away, happening to see Blemish as she does so. "Ah! ... You're bleeding!" She looks concerned, but then, who wouldn't?

Freakazoid follows Melchior out the door, seemingly oblivious to what's going on around him. Then again, does he ever pay that much attention? His player falls asleep because he's already dozing off at the keyboard. Something made obvious when Freakazoid pauses mid-way through the door and starts to snore. Luckily he wakes up when the door tries to swing closed and hit him. He yells at the sky, "DANG IT JASON! Let me get out of the scene before you do that!!" For some reason it starts to rain on him. Must be someone's idea of punishment...

Joan Diggers's still a little dizzy "hearts are easy to currupt when you use your tongue right @_@" she ment as in seduction through speech but take it as you want. with a thud she slips from Naaya's grip and hits a stool with her butt, which makes everything pleasently jiggle. The odd thing is, once Freak, and his part of the scene is over. Her head begins to quickly clear. .o0(how does his presence disolve everything into foolishness?!)

Blemish watches Freakazoid leave and rant at whatever god controls his life, she wonders what it'd be like if Damon took such an elaborate care over his creations. They probably would of turned out differently. Hm, she might never of been born. She looks over to Naaya as she cries out and then looks down at herself, she idly rubs at her chest where it's bleeding and speaks, softly, it's hard to hear her from across the restaurant, "Yes, sorry..." She looks down at the blood pooling at her feet and then starts walking towards the stairs slowly, "...I'm just looking for my sister Yukina, if you give me a mop, I'll clean it up before I leave." She says, just as softly, looking towards the staircase and not at Naaya or Joan now.

Naaya just blinks at the strange words from Blemish, pretending like she doesn't understand what Joan means. The fact is it's far from the truth, though. Naaya has done her share of seducing men to their deaths. She isn't like that, anymore, though. At least... she doesn't intend to be. However, those glamours are not exactly under her control. Well. They COULD be, if she wanted to force one to appear. And she could supress them if she really wanted to, but it's rarely worth it. She doesn't get a lot of complaints about them, after all. Besides, why waste the effort to suppress something that makes people treat her more nicely? She just gives Blemish a friendly smile, and just such a glamour appears. Suddenly, Naaya is the center of warmth and friendliness in the room. "Don't be sorry~! I was just worried about you. You know, a lot of people tend to bleed to death if they bleed that much, so you should probably get it taken care of!" And my can she talk quickly, too, when she wants to. Joan is ignored for just a little while, Naaya more concerned with the one who looks like they're dying for the moment, but Joan seems more fun to talk to, so she'll probably change that in a moment.

Joan Diggers says, "What... would some one need with that ghost girl?" holding her head that she is using all her powers to control. The freak has this effect on her, he is sooooo annoying! she looks up at Naaya and then her eyes slide over to Blemish. It sounds like Joan knows yukina, assuming it is the same Yukina she thinks it is "Isnt this like men? the minute one has the chance to be a hero there are none around!" women power!! She stands up slowly and begins to go towards Blemish with purpose,

Blemish looks over at Naaya, pausing in her walk towards the staircase, blood starting to pool at her feet. She looks down at her bleeding chest again as Naaya mentions dieing, and contimplates it for a little while. No, if she was bleeding to death, she would of died a year or more ago, so she looks back to Naaya, "...I should be okay, I haven't died yet. From bleeding, I mean..." Because she HAS died before, afterall, but she got to come back because her mom ressurrected her. Of course, now her mom's dead. She looks over at Joan and her eyes widen, "Ghost girl...? No, no...she isn't a ghost...or..." She tilts her head to the side, "...well, maybe she is...I haven't seen her for awhile..." She looks over at Naaya as Joan starts to come towards her, and starts making a wide circle to try and end up with naaya between her and Joan.

This makes Naaya blink, wondering why Blemish would want to avoid someone who sounds like she might know something about her sister. It sounds like Blemish wants to find her, after all. "If you say so~!" Apparently Naaya forgot about her own glamour, which remains steady as making her the center of friendship and warmth in the restaurant. She turns and orders a drink from the bartender, who gives it to her and forgoes the charge. After all, the two have been friends forever, haven't they? Well, maybe not, but it sure feels like it. He'll gladly pick up the tab for her. That's lucky for Naaya, because she doesn't have any money. "Thank you~!"

Joan Diggers's pausing and watching the girl move away "She has black wings and..." she looks at the trail of blood and tilts her head to the side. She counts off a few seconds as something seems... off. "how long have you been bleeding like that? The human body dies after 7 pints or at least goes into extrem shock" Her eyes are looking at the pools of blood. she then walks over to one and kneels down about to dip her finger into it. Is Naaya's charms bouncing off the woman who is now as cold as a science major on final's day?

Blemish comes to a stop a short distance from Naaya, watching Joan careful as the wings on her back tremor softly. "...it goes on and off, I've been bleeding since I left New World..." She says quietly, rubbing at her chest idly as it continues to bleed crimson fluid. It doesn't seem to be stopping today. There are days like that where it doesn't stop, she knows, but it's been severly bad. Oh well. "..where did you see my sister...?" She asks after a slight hesitation, she's not used to dealing with strangers, and without Yukina here it's a tad harder. At least this other human seems trustworthy and friendly though.

Naaya watches Blemish's reaction and decides that she must not be dying. This makes the former exalt happy, and her smile brightens, that glamour accidentally pouring out more and more. She raises the drink to her lips and takes a sip before setting it down and asking the bartender to watch it for her. The bartender of course, agrees to do that. For his best friend since childhood, there's no reason not to. Wait, had he HAD a best friend since childhood? It hardly matters. She walks towards Blemish and Joan, smiling. "Can you help her, miss? She really seems to want to find her sister."

Joan Diggers's finger dips down into the red liquid and instantly she yanks her finger back as burn marks appear on her delicate finger tips, then the flesh dissolves away slightly to expose the bone under. "It's good. Not divine but the essence of good it seems" she muses to herself. "I give of thee my blood so thou shalt remeber me." using a scipture verse of the nontranslated greek from what most might call the bible. She frowns deeply and turns her head a little to stare over her shoulder at blemish and Naaya "My name is joan Diggers. Of course I could help her. I will even one day battle Dat," she pauses and erases the name on her lips "I know of her dead sister. I know she has good taste in clothing and -I- still think I am prettier. But I have not seen her for a while. I was recovering in my cry, "she almost slips again "home." does she not notice the radience pouring off naaya? She thinks she hates Naaya less and is less jealous but...

Blemish watches Joan's finger dissolve as she touches her spilt blood, "...sorry, it's got Alacorn inside of it..." She apologizes, she's seen her blood do a lot of weird stuff to many people. Usually vampires, since they have tried to feed on her a few times back on New World. She angles her head to the side, "...I'm Blemish, Datenshi's my father..." She says softly, "...I didn't know she was dead, though..." She sighs softly, "...mom's dead, too. I'll have to ask Father to bring her back..." She looks over at naaya, and gives a hesitant smile, before turning and moving to walk back outside, her information found!

Naaya blinks and watches Blemish walk outside, trying to brighten her smile but not succeeding, it's already quite bright. "Good luck finding your sister~!" Once Blemish leaves, Naaya's smile vanishes though, replaced by a tiny pout, though it's not enough to trigger her negative glamour. Thank goodness. The friendly glamour disappears instantly, and she gives a tiny sigh. "... I wonder if I'll be able to find Purple... how did I lose sight of her, anyways?" The former exalt doesn't look happy, but at least she doesn't do her sad thing. After all, just the thought of Purple makes her happy. She'll be able to find her. She has to!

Joan Diggers says, "you know, there IS, a way she can come back with out the help of some deranged God wanna be." ouch. insulting the father right to his daughters face. "After all, if your related and your blood is thus, she must have power too. Through sheer will and power one can breath life as their own. I am proof of that" She might not want to touch that blood again but she does want a sample. Powerful mythic creatures blood is always good for spells. She is then distracted by the word purple and squeels "I love purple! but who did you lose sight of?" damn she got distracted and let the girl leave. she was about to offer her a contract to find Yukina for her.. oh well

Blemish is totally not for trusting random people whatsoever! And is gone!

Naaya blinks and gets happy when Joan squeals. "I love Purple too! She's the best in the whole wide world! And it's my new favorite color, too~!" That might clear up the confusion, there. Or perhaps it won't. Either way, it's a start in the right direction. "I lost sight of my friend Purple, she's my best friend in the multiverse!" She nods her head and giggles a little, that glamour springing into effect. While it's obviously had little to no effect on Joan, it's not something Naaya is really willing to put the effort in to control, and anyone listening will likely think of Purple as a great name for a best friend. Wait, is Purple even a name?

Joan Diggers asks, "so your friend had.. hippy parents? I am sorry to hear that. She must have been made fun of soo much growning up. With referrences like 'Purple Rain' 'The color purple' 'purple Nerple' and not to mention something like 'plum pants' if she ever wore shorty shorts. I had it hard being named after someone that talked to herself and got lit up like a torch.. hey. Why am I telling you this?" she feels odd, her burned finger dripps black ooze like blood to the floor. The little bit of good remaining in her is effected by how close Naaya is now it seems, where at a distence she isnt effected at all "What is your name anyway? Is purple your lover?"

Aden has connected.
Joan Diggers (OOC) smacks Aden with a tuna ^^
Aden (OOC) thwack. "... I will not ask why you did that."
Joan Diggers (OOC) waits for the cats to attack now

Naaya blushes a bright red at Joan's words and shakes her head. "My name is Naaya. Purple is my best friend in the whole world... my goddess. I love her so, but it's not like that..." She sways back and forth like a little girl talking about a crush, and that glamour shifts to cuteness to reflect her actions and feelings. Really, most of the patrons are already enamored with her, she's pretty much got the majority of the restaurant's attendees in the palm of her hand and she doesn't even know it. "We're just really close..." She looks up at Joan for a moment and asks, tilting her head. "What's your name?"

Joan Diggers's lips are pulled down in a DEEP frown .o0(Another -bleep bleep bleep bleeeeep God) is her thought as she sighs, any spell being weaved over her no matter how unintentional is broken by Naaya's revelition "I see. So who's touch then shivered your spin and makes your thighs rub together? Does this GODDESS of yours approve of such action?" she seems to almost be hissing at Naaya. And now she notices this girl SEEMED so much more beautiful then her but when Joan got mad, she seemed less attractive "I told you, Joan La Arc Diggers."

Naaya blinks at Joan's words and tone, and shrinks down a little, cringing. "Why are you upset? Just because I worship Purple doesn't mean you should be upset! If you met her, you would like her too! She's sweet and nice and innocent and wonderful and Sooooooo cute!" Naaya embarks on a tirade, obviously not hurt by Joan's words enough to stop her idolizing Purple. "She doesn't think she's a goddess, she doesn't even know what that is, but to me, she's my everything." She squirms a little, and looks adorable once more. Can you really be upset with someone like her? Half of the 'audience' utters tiny little 'aww's at her squirming, and they smile at her.

Joan Diggers's hand clenches and her chin firms up "I will gain power to destroy any God or goddess that gets in my way. I shall rend their essence across the transdimensional gaps as I claim world after world in the name of woemn! No more shall women be appressed under a man's rule or a MALE god figure head!!! I shall rule and in my rule, The LI.." blink blink.. she.. cant.. rant any more. With a DEEP sigh she gives in "You sound like some virgin saint."

Naaya blinks and continues to shrink at Joan's rant, until the woman finally gives in and compliments her. Or at least that's how Naaya views it. Not one to hold a grudge, she instantly bounces back, happy and all smiles. "You should see Purple! She's soooooo cute." She squirms a little longer, and then moves in close to Joan, looking softly into her eyes, the way a woman looks into the eyes of her lover, though Naaya is just being friendly. "I think you're interesting. Can we be friends?"

Joan Diggers's closeness to Naaya is unnerving, she blinks while looking into Naaya's eyes and says "I thought... you werent intrested in being that kinda friend? I mean, umm look. I want to take over the world and enslave men but.. I" she gulps a little and unconciously takes a step back "I've never been with a girl like that. So we can be friends but not CLOSE friends.. if you get my meaning. I mean,, umm" she looks around and spots a clock "oh darn! Time to go to church" which has a double meaning in this case

Blushing, Naaya nods her head. "I understand... but... still friends!" She bounces around happily and nods her head. "Have fun at church, Joan!" She smiles and lets distance form between the two. Joan looked uncomfortable and Naaya didn't like making people uncomfortable. "It was nice meeting you!" She giggles and turns back to her drink, letting Joan leave if she wishes.

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