2007-07-13 (PreU) Down in the park...

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Down in the park...

Summary: After retreating from the UR thanks to the onslaught of hallucinations, Tabitha finds herself running blindly and her powers out of control. By the end of the scene there's a new creepy area of Twisted. All this and some OOC adventuring preceding it! It's like two logs for the price of one!

Who: Jack_Spicer, Momo, Squee, Tabitha, Terry
When: July 13th, 2007
Where: Domain of the Lost: TV Room

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Domain of the Lost: TV Room

The first thing you notice about the room is the dramatic change from the main room of the house. The walls have a nice wallpaper over them, and in various places are some very nice framed paintings of characters from various horror/sci-fi films. There is also a tall lamp in one corner and a large comfy couch. Beside the couch is a small end table with an unidentifiable sculpture decorating it. Accross from the couch, however, is an old worn out black and white television with a REAL set of rabbit ears stuck to the top of it...

Tabitha hops onto the couch. "What's on?"

Squee says, "Wow you move fast! XD"

Squee is cold, and trying to get at least his toes warm.

Squee says, "Fucking fridge of a room.."

Squee says, "Anyways."

Squee asks, "Just gonna be us?"

Tabitha steals your Fiz-wiz. "I dunno. Hadn't put much thought into it."

Squee flails. "Give it back!"

Tabitha takes a gulp outta it and bolts for the door. "NOPE! MINE!"

Squee leaps and grabs ahold of your legs! "GIVE IT!" He then starts biting.

Tabitha yelps and falls on her ass. "GET OFF!!!" Thrashes and kicks!

Squee hangs on for dear life as he continues to bite. "GIVE IT BACK!"

Tabitha starts beating Todd in the head with the cup. "LEARN TO SHARE!"

Squee deflects the cup with Shmee. "LEARN TO ASK!"

Tabitha watches the drink explode onto Shmee and grins. "You invited me!"

Squee stares at Tabitha as tears start to form in his eyes. "I.. I.."

Tabitha sticks out her tounge. "Wanna hit up the 24-7?"

Squee says, "Sure."


WIth a horrible ding from the doorbell, you find yourself in one of a chain of convience stores called 24*7. Here admist the smell of old hotdogs, under the watchful eye of a magazine reading clerk, you can purchase just about anything your might desire. Just so long as you can look past the horribly named products they sell here. Infact there's four asiles of such products running the length of the building, with 'ICE COLD DRINKS' going down the wall accross from the register, and various drink machines and rotating hot dog grills occupying the back wall. Need some donuts, nachoes, hot dogs, Steamy Chili-Wankers, Brain Freezezys, Beany Chips, or cans of Poop Cola? Well you've come to the right place!

Tabitha runs for the brain-freezy machine. "YAAAAAAAAAAY! So where you wanna RP at?"

Squee leaps at the brain-freezy machine, and starts drinking the stuff straight from the spout.

Squee says, "Iunno. Where could we attract a lot of attention"

Squee says, "Two small children, all alone on Twisted..."

Tabitha starts filling cups on an unsuckled spout. "The only place that draws attention is the stuff infront of the UR, or in the UR."

Squee thinks.

Squee says, "We can always try to sneak into Chronos."

Tabitha says, "Nah. Too soon."

Squee says, "I guess it's to the UR then."

Tabitha says, "Okidioki. Hmm.... we should build something to compete with the UR."

Squee exclaims, "OH! I even thought of a catchy nickname for us!"

Tabitha says, "Oh no."

Squee exclaims, "The Chibi Maniacs!"

Tabitha facefaults.

Squee says, "Hey, I don't see you trying."

Tabitha asks, "The Two Tiny Terrors of Twisted?"

Squee exclaims, "That works!"

Tabitha yawns.

Tabitha asks, "Thought of a place yet?"

Squee says, "UR is about the only place that would draw attention."

Tabitha slurps on a brain freezy in the meantime. "Shame there's no one running this place. Oh well... free is free!"

Squee nods.

Momo wakes up.

Tabitha blinks.

Tabitha shakes Momo.

Squee whistles innocently.

Tabitha says, "I feel better."

Squee asks, "Can we give Momo a haircut?"

Tabitha exclaims, "Sure! She'll look pretty!"

Squee grins.

Squee holds up a pair of scissors. "I think we should cut it short."

Tabitha grins, "BUZZCUT!"

Squee nods!

Momo headtilts

Squee exclaims, "We're the Tiny Terrors of Twisted!"

Squee starts hacking off Momo's hair!

Tabitha cackles as she holds the doll's arms and legs down.

Squee pulls a pair of clippers from his backpack, and starts shaving the poor dolls head bald.

Momo doesnt flinch. Her hair gets cut, and instantly regrows to the same length. The individual strands cut off stiffen and fling themselves at Tabby and Squee like blowdarts, piercing flesh and causing lots of pain, but not anything lethal!

Squee blocks with Shmee!

Squee exclaims, "Now be a good doll and let us shave you!"

Several of the strands fly around and come at Squee from behind

Squee blocks with Momo's head.

Squee says, "...Oops."

Squee says, "I think I broke her."

Momo is unaffected by her own energy and attacks, so smiles, and bites Squee's hand!

Tabitha has vanished... and peers out from beneath the Brain Freezy machine. "'Blivi's gonna be pissed."

Squee exclaims, "...You're going to leave me all alone to take the heat by myself?!"

Tabitha grins fangedly. "You've got Shmee. What've I got?" Hides her daggers.

Momo continues to bite Squee's hand. The skin's starting to turn a nasty black color!

Squee ignores it because he's a Mini-Maniac. "Hey." He starts waving the hand that Momo has latched onto around. "First you steal my Cherry Fiz-Wiz, now you're leaving me on my own? I thought we were supposed to be partners here."

Tabitha sticks out her tounge. "Think of it as a life experience! You'll look back on this in the future and realise it was for the better!"

Momo's illusion to scare Squee doesnt scare him, so she lets it dispel, but bites down harder!

Squee points the head right at Tabitha. "Bull. You've got the daggers. What do I have? A teddy bear that tells me to light shit on fire."

Tabitha blinkblinks cutely. "Well I HAD a dolly with pretty hair, but she likes you more now, doesn't she?"

Squee says, "Well of course she does. I am cuter."

Momo's hair regrew the moment it was cut/shaved, to the same length and look as before. Odd, that.

Squee stares at Momo. "And will you stop biting me?"

Tabitha says, "Momo? His teddy bear tastes better."

Momo vanishes, reappearing behind Tabitha, and biting her in the rear end real quick before disappearing.

Tabitha yelps painfully, and grabs the doll out of the air before letting it escape. "Nu-uh. No ya don't. We got a scene to be in."

Momo giggles evily.

The Twisted Street

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

Out of the UR's doors and into the night comes a small girl in a frilly dress with an evil looking doll in her arms. Shaking, and pale, the girl doesn't hesitate to bolt accross the street without looking. Ahead of her is a small allyway between two buildings. With a free hand she draws out one of the daggers she's been given and tries in vain to use Johnny's shadow teleport to escape to where almost no one can follow her. As she runs she stabs the blade into the one of the walls. Somehow the blade begins to cut into the building leaving a large black gash as she continues down the ally. About halfway down she trips, letting the doll slide ahead of her. She pants for breath a moment before picking Momo back up, and only then does she realise the gash she's made in the building has spread. The ally is now completly black and anyone standing in the street would see darkness flowing over the bricks of the two buildings as it spreads. "Wh... what the hell?"

Momo is just a doll, after all. She does nothing as shes dropped, and nothing as shes picked up again. What can a simple toy like her do, after all, but look pretty?

From down the street, a small boy with his left arm in sling, walks down it carrying a brown teddy bear that constantly seems to be grinning. There is a look of lonliness in the boys eyes, and misery. If you looked up the word Misery in the dictionary, Squee's picture would be next to it. His hair is quite messy, and it's obvious he hasn't slept in at least a week and a half. Man, just what has this keed been up to.

Tabitha watches as the darkness seems to pulse in time with her breathing. Her mind is too panicked to make sense of things, but she does make the connection to her dagger. Putting it away, she slowly approaches the wall and tries to touch it. Along with the touch the darkness retracts, taking part of the building with it. As she watches in growing fear, the walls peal back revealing a circular hole which seems to eat through the very buildings themselves leading to the spot she's standing in. The young girl yelps slightly, already frightened on top of all this. "Shit!! I've got to put this back! How do I put this back?!?" Although she doesn't realise it tears have begun to wash down her face as she struggles to work out what to do next...

-whoshooshooshoosh- his helicopter blades cut the air as he flys around in circles above. He has been looking for SOMETHING he could call normal. Wuya, Tubbymora, Kat, even that little bald brat Omi but NOTHING of his life remains. He pauses in mid air and curls into a fetile postion to suck his thumb "mommy" ;_; unaware at what is going on down below him at the moment. Jack Spicer is to distracted with his own problems

Squee continues to walk, until he stands right behind Tabitha, his eyes growing wide in fear and amazement. "She's.. crying Shmee." The bear seems to grin sadistically as Squee says this, but leave it to the child who is innocent to try and comfort someone created by a psychopath. "...'You okay?" He then looks at the bear for a moment, before shaking his head at it. "That would be mean Shmee!"

Tabitha yelps again at the sound of the boy's voice, spinning around to stare at him directly. It takes her a long moment to realise who it is, but soon she calms slightly recognising him. "Squee! I haven't ya in forever!" She forces a smile as she looks around at what she's done and then sighs. "I-I don't know what happend. I guess I was too shaken up." It hasn't even occured to her that Squee isn't going to recognise her in this body. None the less she keeps addressing him as though nothing was wrong. "I think I c'n put it back. I-I just... I mean." She sighs again, "It'd be so much easier if there was somethin' here I could power the daggers with..."

"Do I know you?" A look of obvious confusion crosses Squee's face as Tabitha continues to act as if she knows him. "You're scary... Shmee says I should stick with you because you'll end up tainting me.. But he's funny like that at times."

Jack Spicer's eyes peer down through his googles. PEOPLE! With a zoom he flies down towards them waving franticly "Hello?! Hello there?! People?! Can you point me towards America? Or any major known country? I seem to be lost. I lost my ghost, my lab, my bots, even my sexy little Kimiko!" screeching to a hault he stares at the two. Are they normal?? o.0

Momo seems to smile a bit more than before, a twisted smile, full of malice, revealing ... sharpened teeth? A flash of a shadow passes across her face, causing whatever distortion that was altering the dolls expression to disperse, as the toy's face looks normal.

Tabitha sweatdrops at Squee's words and then shakes her head. "Hey! It's me! Tabitha! I uh... know I look a bit diffrent now." She tugs at the dress she's wearing and one of her cat ears twitch. Suddenly she looks up, with a genuine smile on her face this time. "But look! We're almost th' same age now!" She grins, showing her fangs and then frowns as Jack abruptly barges in. Tabitha lets out a sigh as she addresses him, sorta. "Yer a long way from any o' those. This is Twisted." She looks down at her doll, not noticing the change of expression. "We're drawin' a crowd now, aren't we?"

Jack Spicer says, "Your the second perso.. thing to call ME twisted. I am evil yes. I am a genius yes. I seem to be lost. Yes. BUT I AM NOT TWISTED!!" she seems to look as young or younger then some of the others he has delt with so he doesnt mind using his big boy voice. He notices the twitchy cat ear and removes his googles, -squicka squicka- he cleans them off then replaces them to STARE At tab o.0; "...Tabitha?" Squee blinks a few times as he tries to remember. It seems familiar, but, it's enough. "..You haven't seen Nny.. Have you? It's been scary without him at the house.." He then turns his gaze towards Jack, as Shmee suddenly starts to grin, but he's a teddy bear.. Right..? "No.. This place is Twisted..."

Tabitha stumbles over her words several times as she tries to speak, but the two cut her off. Why does that seem to happen so much around here? Finally she shakes her head addressing Todd before... "When th' heck did you learn to talk?" Shmee destracted her, obviously. She starts to wait for a reaction, but shrugs it off relising she really doesn't want to know. "The thing is right, y'know. This is Twisted Street. Kind've a world between worlds sort of thing. There's probably a way back to where ya came from, but it might take ya years to find it. Yer better off makin' yerself comfortable." Reaching up she brushes some hair past one of her ears and turns to Todd. "Johnny.... uh..... he's kinda not himself anymore." She takes out one of his daggers to illustrate. "He's out there somewhere, but he doesn't know what's happened to him since, uh... since he saw you in the institute." She frowns as she speaks, then ducks down on one knee, plunging the dagger's blade into the ground. Closing her eyes the blade begins to burn, darkness spreads out once again, covering the damage she'd caused. This time, however, the darkness seems more controlled. "Sorry... but I gotta try ta fix this."

Jack Spicer jumps back with a little EEP as the youngster brandishs a blade "you sure this isnt L.A.?" in a yelp before she starts spreading darkness. Then her words sink in. (years.. years..years) and he imagines Jase taking over the world in his stead with Kimiko in a slave outfit to serve him and older Wuya as his queen "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" falling to his knees he grips his head in frustration "This is all because I tried to combind the yinyang yo-yo and the golden tiger claws!! I am in a subdimension away from everything and all I have is 5 stupid wu!!" going down to all fours his fist beats the ground "JASE! you stay away from kimiko! AND OMI until I, Jack Spicer, Evil boy genius breaks this dimensions hold on me." whimpering he curls up sucking his thumb while whimpering "right after I freak out"

There is an obvious tremble from Squee as Tabitha mentions the Insitute. "That place was scary." He seems to still be a bit confused about the whole fact Nny lost his memory, but, well, stranger things have happened. Then of course, the red-headed kid loses his marbles. Yay for insanity!

A failt, girlish giggle, with a hint of malice within it, can be heard throughout the ally. However, its doesn't seem to have any source....

The darkness surrounding the ally shimmers suddenly, and the ally seems to distort further. Abruptly things turn into a negative a moment, then as it goes back, the darkness spreads out still further. Before anyone can react they'll find themselves in a large field. The buildings beside them actually seem to fade into transparency instead of simply being cut open. Tabitha stands and draws the dagger out of the gound, looking about in confusion. "SHIT! What the hell was that?" She turns to Jack, brandishing the dagger in his face. "Did YOU giggle just now? Someone did!" The girl begins to twirl the dagger in her small hand nervously. "I can't BELIEVE this! I've made it WORSE!"

Jack Spicer is giggling himself and stops. blinking he looks at the cat girl "Hey it wasnt ME" but it could have been. Flicking his hand a strand of Drool shoots towards the alley. Opps. Then triumphantly he stands like a hero "WAIT! That's right. If I am here maybe the WU got sent here too! If I find the golden tiger claws and yo-yo I could go home" Thumping his chest "Jack spicer, you've done it again. this way you could take over TWO worlds and what with having a girlfriend here, kimiko would never need to know! EVIL BOY GENIUS AT WORK. Holla!" he does a little raise the roof motion as he cheers himself on and seems to talk to himself too. "woot woot!" he is completely nuts. Perfect fit for this place hmmm?

The giggle is all it takes, and sends Squee into a panic, who takes off running in a random direction, screaming at the top of his lungs.

"...oookay." says someone who happened to be just walking through at the time, and is carrying what seems to be enough weaponry to hold off a giant demon. That is Terry, the Mimiga, a floppy-eared rabbit creature that is bipedal and lives in a floating hollow island. Not nearly as strange as this place. He happens to be close enough to the group as he walks by to have Squee come screaming past him, which is what he was reacting to before. He looks around...did this place change while he wasn't paying attention?

Nowhereto Park - Entrance

(Desc Pending)

Tabitha looks around nervously as she tries to figure out what to do next. Hearing Squee's scream fading into the distance doesn't help matters much. With a heavy sigh she declares, "First things first." Sitting Momo down on the ground, she takes off the bag hanging off her shoulder and opens it up. Next she pulls off the dress she's wearing revealing jeans and a t-shirt beneath. Her tail unravels from her waist and flicks back and forth in the air behind her. She shoves the dress into the bag, and stands looking just a little bit more comfortable. "Alright, let's see... Tried ta make an illusion an' instead made it worse. I don't get it. What went...?" Her words trail off as a path opens up beneath their feet, leading towards a paved courtyard with a fountain in the middle. "...th' heck?" She turns and blinks, then lifts her bag back over her shoulder and grabs Momo. "Ok... well. This just gets weirder and weirder..."

Jack Spicer's face gets REALLY red when there is a stripping cat girl near "HEYY! Dont do th.." she is dressed. good "whew" he runs a hand over his forehead as he sweats a little. It's like that woman from last night. All that cleavage made him nervous. And the spikey hair. Definately wierd! And the floating.. but if he is in some subdimension he guesses that might be common place "Wont Wuya with all her mighty Haylin magic be impressed if I come back with an army!" reaching down he presses a button on his watch and the helicopter blades spring to life. He hovers there for a second to deside where to go, he needs a lab or a junk yard.

Terry, on the other hand, needs a clue. He wanders over to stop in close vicinity of the catgirl, stopping, and looking down at the path, and toward the courtyard. He turns to stare at Jack. "...boo." Hey, he scared the pale 'boy genius' before. "Now I wonder where that door went..." he says, as he looks around, scratching his ear. Door? The one he came through to somehow end up here.

The remains of the ally behind them still leads off to the street infront of the Usual Restuarant, and in the distance around the ally the buildings are still visible yet here in this park there doesn't seem to be any buildings at all. Infact, as they stand here it continues to spread out. With the entrance to their backs, a lake of some kind seems to appear to thier right. Before them, a playgound of sorts, and a trail leads off to their left into dense trees. Are they still on Twisted, or somewhere else? For now if anyone where to venture into the trees they'd find themselves exiting back into this park. Going above the treeline by flying somehow desposits you back outside the park. Very strange.

Tabitha blinkblinks and smirks as the playground appears, making her way towards it. "Hey! What was your name, again?" She pauses and stares realising Terry's pressence for the first time. "Oh.... uh, hello?" Akward. She opts to kill the silence by announcing herself first. "My name's Tabitha. Some people call me Tabby."

Once again, a girlish giggle, louder this time, and definately malicious, this time with an added hint of madness, can be heard through the clearing. However, once again, it has no specific source.

Jack Spicer ACKS and zooms away as Terry makes the BOO noise. He isnt scared! just, umm, has pressing matters to attend to "Watch, Find me a junk yard!" listening into the watch as it beeps 'Searching' back at him. He vanishes into the umm sky?

"My name is Terry. Not short for anything, really." the bunny-thing replies, turning his head to smile at Tabitha in a friendly way. Of course, he does notice Jack's reaction and fleeing. (What a wuss.) he thinks, and right as he is about to speak, the giggle goes through the area. And he immediately pulls out the rocket launcher, his fur standing on end, swiveling from side to side, aiming the front of it every whichway. "... Er... Did...did you hear that?" he asks, turning his head toward Tabitha and honestly wishing she did hear it.

Tabitha nearly jumps out of her skin as the giggle rings out. Terry's question helps her to relax a bit, though. "Oh good. I'm NOT as insane as I was thinkin' I was." She tightens her grip on the dagger she keeps taking out and putting away again. Although there is a moment where she glances at Momo suspiciously, she once again dismisses it. After all, why would the doll want to hurt her when they where supposed to be on the same side? She tries to clear her thoughts with some idle chit chat as she tries to work out the source of the noise. "Terry, huh? My D- ...um, my friend's Dad was named Terry. Way too many coincidences around 'ere for my tastes..."

Terry slowly brings the rocket launcher to point straight up as he continues to glance around cautiously. "That feeling of relief is mutual, I'm sure." he says, looking at Tabby from the side, not really turned to face her, just his eyes looking in her direction. "Coincedences are abundant where I'm from. Buncha wacko scientists and I happen to be..." he pauses... "Never mind." Should he tell her he turns into a giant unstoppable monstrosity of doom if he eats a Demon flower?

Tabitha raises an eyebrow at the scientist comment, but doesn't press the issue when he tries to avoid it. Instead she guestures towards the way they came in. "You wanna follow th' others an' get outta here before it gets any weirder?" Not bad advice all things considered...

This is where the heart of an adventurer put into a Mimiga becomes a bad idea. Terry stares forward into the air, then...his head looks downwards. At the path. "Weeell. I dunno. Should I be a coward like that pale freak?" Freak? He's a giant talking bunny. He has no room to talk. "...eh, whatever. I don't like places that magically appear out of nowhere, anyways."

Tabitha is more worried about the fact that they may not have an exit if things get any stranger. She nervously looks around once more and then starts to double time it towards the ally, especially when a strange fog begins to roll in at the same time. "Y'know. Me either..." It also doesn't help much that her player is having trouble keeping his eyes open and his thoughts focused on the scene...

Terry sees fog. Bunny mind goes into primal fear mode. "..." WHOOSH. Damn, he can run fast! Must be those legs of his. He's making a straight dash for the exit, which seems like such a good choice right now for his currently fearful mind. Hey, he isn't a coward, he just can't fight anything fairly in fog. That's it.

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