2007-07-13 (PreU) The Council's Troubles

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The Council's Troubles

Summary: In a stunning turn of events, Caliga decides to go and inform the council of his choice to take over Twisted. And there is now only three Council Members left. Read to find out who got taken out!

Who: abomination, caliga, concordance, devi, gegoshi, guarlesia, kenpachi, myra, oblivion
When: July 13th, 2007
Where: TASK Building


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"Oh Gegoshi... Where, oh where could you ever be?" Caliga slowly steps into the front entrance of TASK, a couple of crystals being tossed up into the air with his right hand. "Don't make me wait like you did last time Gegoshi."

The lobby of TASK has finally been brought back up to snuff. No longer are the walls semi-melted looking, nor are the portals flickering on and off. Everything seems rather, well, stable. At least for now. The desk near the main portal entrance of course, is not occupied, but as Caliga starts calling out Gegoshi's name and generally wanting attention, a voice over unseen speakers can be heard, 'Thank you for coming to TASK, please wait and you will be helped in the order you were received.' It sounds like a pre-recorded message, but it's Gegoshi's voice, and well, her voice does change tone and inflection a lot of the time. Who knows.

A loud laugh suddenly comes from Caliga as the voice of Gegoshi echoes out from the speakers. "Gegoshi... It seems you're intent on making me wait again. Tell me, how is Lord Myra doing? Is he still licking his wounds after running away like a coward?" A large crystal chair suddenly forms from the ground behind Caliga, which he promptly then sits down in. "And to think, I even solved the little problem of Maltravelers.."

The voice repeats, 'You will be helped in the order you were received.' As Caliga talks again. He has to wait a good minute and a half before the ceiling above the desk drips down, the color turning silver and forming into a raindrop, which then falls down to land on the desk. During the transit downwards, the watery silver flows out and forms Gegoshi's body, which then colors itself in after a few moments. She's sitting on the desk, her wings fanned out behind her, and she has a big smile on her face, her halo today is constantly spinning in a circle above her head, "Hello and welcome back to TASK. How can I be of service, sir?" She asks cheerfully!

"Well now, you finally decided to show yourself Gegoshi." Caliga slowly gets to his feet, and starts walking towards Gegoshi. "Tell me Gegoshi, are you ready to play Liason today? Or would you rather permit me to stand before the Council myself this time. Last time, you sent Myra down after me, and, well, he ended up running away." He stands before the desk and stares straight at Gegoshi. "I want to speak with them."

Gegoshi blinks her eyes and tilts her head sideways, her halo spins even faster and the desk she's sitting on gets a little less solid and a little more..well...less sharp, like it goes slightly out of focus, but it's really just kind of..melting, sort of. "Please state what you wish to speak to The Council about so I may check priorty level, sir." She's running a lot of stuff right now, and it's really taxing her resources to manifest, but she hasn't had any visitors want to talk to her in awhile, even if this one only wants to talk to The Council, plus, she's now three months past her service date, and things are getting out of hand in her programming, but she is a prototype, so what can you do really.

"Taking over." Caliga states this bluntly. He grins as leans forward. "I would suggest being permitted to speak to them this time Gegoshi. You really aren't in any shape to repel me. I have every intention of taking over this world, and today, I have come to let them know fully what I intend myself."

Gegoshi rights her head, then nods after a moment, "Your request has been sent and is in review." She slides off of the desk, standing and looking up at Caliga with a smile as the wings on her back fluff, "Would you like some coffee, tea, soda, or alcohol while you wait? I can't give you a waiting time, I'm sorry." She bounces on her heels, the halo above her slows down a little bit and the desk goes back to...well, semi-normalcy, if you don't count a slight imperfection on the left edge where it looks a bit dog-eared.

"Oh, well I figured they'd outright eject the request.." Caliga sits back down in the crystal chair. "Shall I let you in on a little tidbit of information, Gegoshi? The King of Chronos is wandering our world. It would really be a shame, if something happened to him. However, I do think a glass of wine would be acceptable."

Gegoshi nods her head at Caliga, "That's fascinating, sir!" She says, and then holds her left hand out, her flesh ripples and a piece of it bubbles up, shifting colors to silver rather than flesh, it then takes the shape of a wine glass with red...well....wine...inside of it, which she then offers towards Caliga! "Here you are, sir. Please enjoy!" She giggles, waiting for him to take it. The wine, if tasted is actually quite, quite, quite excellent, though not the best Caliga has ever tasted, because Gegoshi hasn't run a scan of his tastebuds to see just how to make a wine that'd be the best ever particulary for him...cause her resources are low.

Caliga takes the wine that was offered, and slowly takes a sip of it. "Tell me Gegoshi.. Do you dream?" His expression turns to a soft smile. "Day in, and day out, you always are here slaving away.. I find that sad.. They're only using you to do the labours they refuse to do themselves..."

Devi appers next to Caliga, leaning on the chair, ankles crossed in a rather bored manner. "Your a little tiring at times you know that, Caliga?" Devi eyes over the place, and Gegoshi, smirking slightly at her apperance.

Gegoshi clasps her hands in front of herself, smiling pleasantly at Caliga, "No, sir. I have not slept since I was leased to The Council, since I am not required to do so in order to keep functioning at my peak operational ability!" She leans in closer to Caliga, getting on her tiptoes a bit and her wings flapping steadily to keep balance, "The Council doesn't have time to do what I'm doing, but I haven't been serviced in a long time." Like it's a dark secret? Who knows. She hops back and smiles over at Devi! "Hello! Welcome to TASK! How may I be of service?" Her eyes check Devi up and down, height, weight, all of that stuff, and finds that she doesn't have to grow any smaller because she's already hanging out at 5'5"."

"Poor thing.." Caliga gently reaches out and touches Gegoshi's face. "They work you like a slave. Even if you do not require it, it is good to have rest at times.." His gaze turns to Devi. "Devi. Behave yourself. We're here on a mission." He grins at Devi, before returning his attention to Gegoshi. "And you're perfectly loyal to them.. Such a shame..."

Devi snorts quietly at Caliga and his assumed command, and responds to Gegoshi with a bow. "I'm with the weird guy." Jerking a thumb at Caliga Devi vanishes only to reapper with Kenpachi at her side. "This is Satryn's headquarters. Now that your wounds are mostly healed, you can find out somethings about your......battle buddy here. Perhaps even find her here." Devi shrugs, knowing she still needs to lay out the specs of Kenpachi's 'draft' as it were, but it can wait. She can lay it out after he destroys or incompasitates the sayian...

Gegoshi brings a blush up to her features and casts her eyes downward, her eyelashes becoming just slightly more pronounced. "Oh gallant knight, your words touch the depths of my heart! If only you could rescue me from my terrible plight of slavery!" She loves these games, there so much fun, but it really was all in her main programiing, The Council just prefer to use her for far less recreational activities. She looks over to Devi, the blush disappearing in an instant as she switches, well, users, "Would you care for any coffee, tea, wine, soda, or alcohol while you wait? There is still no waiting time for when The Council will respond as they are still reviewing his request." She looks over as Kenpachi appears and smiles at him, "Hello and welcome to TASK, if you are with the sir and madame, I do not have an ETA for your meeting, however, if you are not, how can I be of service, sir?" She steps back to be closer to the desk, for no real reason other than being able to address everybody at a proper distance.

Kenpachi Zaraki's brought in and yes, he is healed. The eyepatch he wears is now replaced and new bells dangle in his hair with a little ding sound as he twist his head from left to right. Devi has promised satyrn but there is no satyrn. This makes him slightly annoyed. He is healed. He wants a strong person to fight. With a thump he rest his hand on the swords hilt left on his hip "I dont see my foe anywhere. All I see is a sterile enviroment that caters to soft merchants ant thier ilk." He is used to dealing with warriors dang it. Sniffing the air he doesnt even catch the scent of battle, strength yet, but not battle. this is no arena for his great battle. Blinking his good eye at the offer of coffee he questions "coe-he? Is this another person for me to kill?" one track mind this one

A grin crosses Caliga's face as he holds up a small black crystal. "Oh, but I could Gegoshi.." The crystal suddenly vanishes, and a look of obvious boredom starts to grow on Caliga's face. "Gegoshi. Tell the Council they had better hurry with their approval of my request."

Devi rolls her eyes at Kenpachi. "Obviously you've got brawn, but you're lacking a little in the brain department. Do I need to spell out the oppertunity here?" Turning to Gegoshi, Devi shakes her head. "Nothing for me, thanks." She looks long and hard atr Kenpachi. Is she going to have to hold his hand for everything, aside from battle? Good gods, she hopes not.

Kenpachi Zaraki says, "Actually I am just a little on edge. I have had too much down time and cant WAIT to battle a strong opponate again. It makes my blood burn just thinking about it!" his face begins to twist into a smile and his reitsu begins to climb at the prospect of a grand battle. He looks around again and continues with "In fact if there is anyone here that wants a round or two..." he has an idea of what is going on here and it stinks of ambush. Not his style. He watches for their reactions. He heard it right from the desk jockey. A fight one way or another. It's comming. It's comming!!! His reitsu is climbing a steady uphill battle becomming thick and heavy around him. "No coe-he. Just battle. Life is battle. None of this sneaking around stuff!"

"It all depends on them Gegoshi. I can either speak with them, like civil beings. Or, I can wage a war that will destroy everything they have attempted to do here, including them. I merely am looking to do this the peaceful way, before going about it the long and drawn out way." Caliga takes a sip of his wine, and turns his gaze towards it. "Now. One man was capable of rendering them useless, and even managing to take out at least one of their ranks.. now imagine, if an army of those who are at least that strong, were to suddenly wage war? And if they are so hell bent on protecting Chronos, then it would be in their best intrest to see me, or else the allies I have gathered, may decide to take a road trip."

Devi rolls her eyes and sits down, crossing her legs, letting Mr. Evil do the talking, and Kenpachi hop around like a dog, with no direction. Honestly, all Devi really wanted to do was to kill Sun. She doesn't give a damn about the Council, or TASK. But, whatever, let the fools do what they do best.

In the air, behind Gegoshi, a pair of red eyes appear, floating in midair, narrowed and filled with hate... however, its only a flicker, and at an angle from which she likely cannot see it. No being actually enters the room, so sensors shouldnt detect more than a slight anomoly, lasting a second or two at most....

Gegoshi nods her head at Caliga, smiling! "Please hold, sir." Her halo spins and spins and then finally spins down to just a slow twirl, her eyes dancing between the three people gathered before her while this happens. It's only about ten seconds before she answers back to Caliga, "The Council has agreed to meet with you, realize that your life may be forfeit!" She giggles and looks over to Devi and Kenpachi, "I will have to be leaving now as my resources can no longer be spared to manifest my form. It is also possible the exiting portal will collapse at invariable time, so it is recommended you both leave after sir and I have departed, which will occur in exactly thirty two seconds." Thirty two in red softly glowing numbers appears just below her collarbone, which then begins counting itself down.

"Thank you Gegoshi." Caliga stands up from his chair and makes his way to stand next to Gegoshi. "Are you going to accompany me, Devi? Or are you going to take this as a way for you and your master to part ways with me?"

Kenpachi Zaraki FROWNS at the halo wearing girl "now you wait here! I was promised a fight and even if I have to kill you to get to it I will" rearing in anger he turns to glare one good eye at Devi "What is the meaning of this. First you say this is where Satyrn will be. Now I am being kicked out because some portal is collapsing? I almost one that last one and I will be DAMNED I am letting her get away with it. I got stronger and now she will die by my hand or be pushed into another level to give me a even BETTER fight!" his clothing flaps in some unseen wind as his anger fuels his growing reitsu that blazes like a purple aura around him.

Devi stands and sticks her hands in her pockets. "I ain't goina miss a chance to see the Council." Plus this might be a good chance to observe her enemys. She looks to Kenpachi. "Oaf, I never said this is where Satryn was. I said this is her headquarters and I told you that Gegoshi might be able to give you information. If you perhaps trained your head muscle a little more you would be smart enough to follow conversation. If you want to rush into battle without knowing anything you can head outside and look for her there, but don't you DARE accuse me of YOUR downfalls." Her eyes blaze red as she stands near Caliga. "Yes, I'm coming." She promptly turns her back on Kenpachi and waits for the seconds to pass by.

Gegoshi looks over at Kenpachi, "I'm sorry sir, I cannot wait for you. The Council requires my presence so I can no longer attend to your needs. Forgive me." She bows and straightens back up. The seconds tick down to zero and it fades away, and then Gegoshi and Caliga are simply no longer there, no flashes of magic, no loud noises or anything, they're just not there anymore. She's not taking anyone else with her either, so Kenpachi and Devi are left alone...because The Council doesn't want more than one person near them. Well, they don't even want one.

Gegoshi appears, standing to the left side of where Concordance http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/concordance.jpg sits at the head of the table. To the right of Concordance and sitting down, though not sitting -at- the table, is Guarlesia http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/guarlesia.jpg who has her chair turned backwards and her arms draped over it, criss-crossed. Her six wings hang limp behind her. Myra is here as well, whom I think you've seen in a picture already, and is sitting at the far end of the table away from Concordance, not looking happy, more on the verge of irritation and perhaps anger. Then, there's Abomination, who is a giant black blob of tenticles, eyes, and mouths, who isn't really sitting as much as being present on his own side of the table. If Caliga has any magical senses, he'll find that teleportation, dimension, and time magic have all been locked down, the same goes with technology of the same type. Gegoshi is just staring straight ahead. Caliga was placed, standing, at the far end of the room, a few feet from the table itself. Closest to Myra. Concordance, her scythe resting on her shoulder, one hand gripping it, the other in her lap, looks at Caliga, though her eyes don't seem truly focused, "What?" She says.

"I have come to deliver an ultimatim. You can reform the council, or be destroyed. It doesn't matter if you've stripped my ability to teleport, and play with time. Myra over there, can attest to my bag of tricks. Tricks that you never even bothered to investigate when I was apart of your little policing force." Caliga grins as he looks at each member of the council, as he suddenly starts to make his way closer to the table a bit. "I have no desire to truly destroy you all." A crystal chair suddenly appears behind him, upon which he sits down in.

"Gegoshi, begin active scans." Concordance says, as Caliga summons the chair and sits down. Myra rolls his eyes and kicks back in his chair, folding his arms across himself, "He couldn't kill me when we fought, and if he could, he couldn't kill you Concordance, much less Guarlesia. He's lieing, like Crux was, about being able to kill us all. However, I say I break the chains and be done with it." - Abomination quivers...well, some of him does, one of the tentacles reaching over to seep down into the stone of the floor, oozing slime as it does so, one of the many mouths on one of the many tentacles speaks, "Ultimatim's are foolish, I'll eat you and your existence if you try to harm any of us. There's already enough damage with the cleanup after the five deaths." - Guarlesia just sits there, looking bored and maybe a little apathetic. Concordance, who hadn't moved after speaking, speaks again, and Caliga might now note that her body isn't actually moving except for her mouth, she's not even blinking, "I'll let you leave alive, if you go now. I'm no longer accepting other people's views in how to run Twisted."

A grin comes from Caliga. "And you couldn't even hurt me Myra. What's that say to you?" He leans forward and places his elbows on the table. A chain suddenly falls from Caliga's body, and something stronger is felt. Gegoshi's scans would notice a dramatic increase of power, almost as if he were purposely limiting himself beforehand. "I will give you one more chance to consider my offer. If you think you can kill me, then you are more then welcome to try."

Concordance speaks, once again only her mouth moving, "No. Myra, Abomination. I don't want to be disturbed with nonsense like this again." - Myra looks over at Concordance, his mouth thinning into a straight line. He then looks over at Caliga and puts his arms behind his head, his eyes half-closing. There's probably going to be a fight, he wonders if Concordance will even ask him to take part, or if she's just assuming. She's probably assuming, when doesn't she assume everyone will follow her. Of course, he is going too fight...not much choice for him. - Abomination doesn't have anything more to say, nor does Guarlesia, who actually hasn't spoken yet, and Gegoshi is busy being...well, a statue, for all intents and purposes.

"Oh, if only it were that simple." Caliga continues to lean onto the table as the chain that fell to the floor suddenly disintergrates. "As I said, if you think you could kill me, then please, by all means try. Gegoshi did say, my life would be forfeit by coming here." A look of pure bloodlust crosses Caliga's face. "I'm waiting. And if you are down five members, and Crux was able to do that all on his own.. Just imagine what I could do..."

Concordance answers with a "No." In referring to the imagining suggestion, she's far too busy to even pay attention to this body than to actual waste time with using an imagination. She doesn't say anything else, and for all intents and purposes, almost looks like a doll for all of her movement. - Myra kicks his legs up on the table, leaning far back in his chair, even though he's closest to Caliga than all the rest, "I don't really feel like fighting, and Crux was able to kill five of us, which means the remaining one's are far far stronger than he was, aren't we?" He comments, looking up at the ceiling, he lets out a soft sigh, all he really wants is Harpanic to be alive, but that can't happen. Apparently, he's not going to make the first move. Neither is Abomination, who's still just kind of oozing into the stone and has begun to eat one of the wooden chairs that rest about the table.

"Or you are the ones that merely managed to survive by luck. You did run away from our fight Myra." Caliga continues to sit there with his arms resting on the table. "We're at a bit of an impasse here it would seem.." He grins as he reaches into his armor, and pulls out a bright yellow crystal. "And to think, every single one of the innocent bystanders from The Maniac's rampage, have their souls inside this. They don't even get to go to the Afterlife." He grips the crystal in his hand, and starts speaking in a very soft tone. "I would gladly add your souls to my collection as well."

Abomination laughs, a cacophony of laughter echoing through the room, it's pretty gross and ooze and spittle go flying from his tentacles as he does this. "I don't have a soul, I consume them and existences, we're not at an impass, you're just not acting." He finishes consuming a chair and some of his tentacles settle down around him, a few of the eyes closing. - Myra looks over at the crystal, "I'm fire, you can't really take fire's soul, or if you can, I'll manifest somewhere else, go ahead and waste your time. I'm tired of this." He lets himself fall forward in his chair and then stands up, walking away from the table and over to a stone wall, leaning against it and then pulling back as some ooze comes stickly from his back, "Ugh, Abomination, that's disgusting..." He says, this place sucks. Everything sucks. --- Concordance doesn't say anything more, and Guarlesia yawns widely in her chair, closing her eyes.

"Oh.. everything has a soul.. Even the things that refuse to admit it." Caliga slowly gets to his feet, and sighs. "I truly didn't want it to come to this.. Oh well." Three white crystals suddenly appear infront of Caliga. A thin beam of light suddenly shines from them, the beam of light quickly running over Myra, Concordance, and Guarlesia. "Come forth." He suddenly snaps his fingers, and the crystals expand into perfect carbon copies of the three. Just how strong there are is unknown, but it would be quite obvious to Gegoshi, they are dangerous. "Shall we?"

Abomination's tentacles and body stops moving as a copy of those three form. He laughs, again, and oozes away from the table to go hang out near one of the walls, though some of his tentacles are still seeping down into the stone floor. - Myra looks over at his copy and grimaces, "I don't look like that, the face is all wrong. Are you going to make these things fight us?" He looks over at Abomination and then back to Caliga, "Concordance probably won't fight, and Guarlesia isn't allowed, she's Sealed." He folds his arms, "It's like you're asking to be killed, and it's stupid. I don't feel like fighting, I'm on simmer." He jokes, to himself, but he has felt like that every since Harpanic died. He should really just break the chains... Concordance doesn't do anything, though Guarlesia straightens a bit in her chair.

"No my dear boy, I'm not going to make them fight you." The Myra clone suddenly impales itself onto the Concordance clone's scythe. "They're going to have a bit of a sacraficial moment.." The yellow crystal Caliga had in his hand, suddenly starts to glow brightly, as it absorbs the energies from Myra #2 launching itself onto the scythe of Concordance #2. "Why are you afraid to fight Myra? Still holding on that your little friend that Crux killed will come back?"

Myra watches the copies get killed or whatever is going on with what Caliga is doing. He looks over at Caliga, then his hends clench into fists, "Don't talk about her. YOU don't GET to talk about HER!" He screams, and his body turns into fire, losing any real shape, looking more like what fire does in zero-G that is just spread out aimlessly, though it soon enough streams across the room to try and envelop Caliga and just consume him in the living flame. It's enough to burn a normal human to ashes within moments. - Abomination moves a tentacle eye closer to watch, while Guarlesia looks over at Concordance, "Listen, you better release a few of the Seals, otherwi--" "No." She's cut off by Concordance, who doesn't even seem to be watching, though her eyes are open and all of that.

And then it happens, that all to familiar blue crystal suddenly flies out from the Guarlesia clone, rapidly expanding around the flames once more. "Do we really want to go down this path again?" He merely grins, as the fire doesn't even seem to phase him. "I let you burn me last time Myra. This time won't be the same. Now be a good boy."

The fire roars in fury, the air itself superheating in the area Caliga is around, streams of the fire flash out, smacking into the wall as the blue crystal starts, and those pieces of fire just break off, stopping the effect from continuing to hit other pieces of the flame. A large molten hole in the floor opens up and out comes the fiery beast, lunging forward, his mouth opening up to try and swallow Caliga, the copies, and about half of the table whole. - Abomination screams as some of his tentacles catch on fire, other one's smashing ooze on them to put them out, "Myra, you're burning me, I hate fire entities." - Gegoshi, Concordance, and Guarlesia all seem unaffected by the intense flame, and two of the three don't take any action or movement, but Guarlesia sighs and rests her head back down on the chair, at least watching the fight.

A sudden grin crosses Caliga's face as he holds his right hand above his head. Intense cold suddenly starts to gather, growing slowly in strength and size, before it envelops Caliga entirely. "Rain," is the only word he says. A large black cloud suddenly appears above them, as Hurricane strong rainfall starts to pour down on them. The cold air around Caliga doesn't seem to freeze the water, but only makes it thicker, as if it were better suited to putting out a fire.

The flames of Myra don't seem to be bothered by the rain at all, "I'm sick of this! Gegoshi, lock down...whatever he's doing, magic! Just lock down all magic coming from him!" The flames roar, his voice not actually coming from any particular flame but from all of the scattered flames about the room itself. - Gegoshi doesn't even say anything, instead, half of her body melts down into the floor itself, and this dimensions physics shift so magic can no longer operate within it, at least, the magic Caliga is operating at the moment. There's not real flash or anything, it just sort of happens as Gegoshi access' the different dimensional pathways scattered across Twisted and opens the dimensions upon this one in order to achieve the desired result.. It's very complicated and hard to do...her halo is spinning insanely fast. The others don't do anything worth posing about.

The rain suddenly stops, and Caliga frowns. "Well now.. I guess you don't like that... So be it." The yellow crystal suddenly shatters, and what seems to be a million voices all start making demands from Gegoshi all at once. Some demanding coffee, others tea, others screaming random nonsense about how Myra is hot (In more ways then one). However, Caliga does not look happy, as this realm suddenly starts to shake. His eyes suddenly start to pulse, and it's quite obvious, he's serious now. All of the armor on his body shatters, leaving only a thin black body suit. "Come to me." Caliga's mouth suddenly opens, and each of the voices suddenly turns into a small cloud-shaped spirit, which immediatly flies into his mouth. It only takes a second or two, but all of the souls now reside within him. "Let's get serious, shall we Myra?"

Gegoshi, lucky for everyone except maybe Caliga, is currenlty not accepting any commands or requests from anyone but the current Council members, so she isn't completly overloaded, if it's even possible to overload her. She just stands there, half melted into the floor, looking...well, dead. Kind of like Concordance, who's eyes haven't moved and hasn't spoken since telling Guarlesia no. Myra forms himself back down into an actual body, though it's smoking and pieces of fire will just burst from his body before it seals back up, his eyes are red, fire hanging out behind them. "I'm always serious about things like this." He's referring to Harpanic of course, and he picks up a chair, which turns into a long whipping flame, which he then lashes at Caliga's face, he then starts charging towards Caliga, more parts of his body exploding out with fire. Abomination moves himself over to a corner.

As Caliga is swallowed by the beast, he finds himself in another dimension, lava, fire, and lava, with a few rocks here and there, but not many, the air itself is sometimes aflame. It's a world of fire. There are huge monolith chains stretching across the sky, criss-crossing back and forth, though there's no sign of what they're actually chained upon. If Caliga still throws the attack into...well, lava, it's explode tons of the molten gunk to the sky. There's a small plateu of solid flame where upon sits a throne and tons of little fire....creatures, hanging about it. The throne is not occupied, however. The temperature her is unfathomable. "Cocky people don't dodge, it's kind of funny." Myra says, his voice just echo's from everywhere however. Meanwhile, back in The Council room, the beast closes its mouth and...hangs. Caliga's inside of the beast, which is actually an entire world, so he might not be able to really get out of it as easily as he wants.

"Heh..." The blue crystal continues to rapidly spread across the lava. "Cocky people also know how to keep things in their favor. Now let's kill your little pet shall we?" Caliga floats down onto the solid portions of the crystal, and makes his way to the throne. "I wonder how much your pet can take? The hotter it gets Myra, the faster the crystal will spread.."

Myra's voice echo's across the expanse, "He's not my pet, he's my keeper. You can't really kill him, just like you can't really kill me. Go ahead and freeze the whole world, I really hope it happens so I can stop dealing with it." Some of the fire creatures, which have no normal shape or constant one at least, leap into the flame as Caliga comes down on his crystal pieces. The chains in the air make nasty creaking noises, "Oh, good. If those breaks I can just stop." He says, or the world says, who really knows in here.

"You're a fool, you know that? You think it will bring back your bimbo by doing this?" A pink crystal is dropped into the lava before the blue crystal can spread over it. Caliga continues to make his way towards the throne, before sitting down in it. "What's wrong Myra? Afraid to fight me in a world where we're even? No wonder Crux killed your woman.. I would have too."

The world speaks, "I hate you beyond measure, but I don't have anything but flame. Unless, of course, this place breaks or those chains do, one or the other will happen, then I can just fade away, and I'll be with her. Or not. Ceasing to exist won't be so bad, either. It's pointless living right now, you have no idea." The lava flames out to try and encompass Caliga as he sits down on the throne.

"Yet, why do you hate me?" The flames are suddenly stopped by the expanding crystal. "At this rate, you will cease to be, and that will only leave me with three more people to kill. Are you sure you want that?" He grins as things start to cool down. "Of course.. I may be your new best friend, as I'm reuniting you with the woman you love..."

Myra scoffs, "I hate you because you're insulting Harpanic. I'd end your existence if I could, but I can't fight your magic, or whatever your crap is, and I don't like being under Concordance, and I'm tired of these chains. No, you're not my friend, I'd sooner kill you than die, but I don't get the first choice. And no life compared to life without her, is a good life for me. Hurry up, you're taking forever, all I can do is throw more heat at you, and we both know that's pointless. Move it. Unless your too weak to cover the whole world."

Caliga laughs. "I am merely enjoying our conversating Myra. I will end this soon enough. Now. If you don't like being under Concordance, then why do you continue to do so? You could have easily left after Harpanic had died. Yet, you stayed. Why is that?"

The world speaks, "Because I made a deal with her, so I could join The Council in the first place, you probably haven't noticed I don't care much about it. I only cared about her, but you can't break a deal with that woman, no matter how hard you try. I should of learned my lesson when I got these chains on me, but go figure, love is worth it. Or it was. I'm tired of talking." The world trembles as the temperature blazes beyond anything living could even survive, the rock and chains must not be made out of real rock, because they would of melted down by now, fires erupt in giant pillars all across the world, many of them attempting to smother Caliga underneath them.

"Then I will free you from the chains, so you can be with her." Caliga stands up from the throne, and the crystal suddenly forms a barrier above him. In a matter of seconds the crystal spreads faster and faster, until very little of this world is left uncovered. "Before I finish this.. Do you have a last request to make of me?"

The world trembles as more and more of the lava and fire are turned into crystal, as Caliga reaches near the end of it, the chains creak and moan, "I hate you, I don't want you to do anything for me you egotistic self centered pig. One of the other Council members will kill you since I'm not, I'm good with that knowledge. Have fun getting out." Before the worlds done being covered, there's a horrendous snapping sound, like a world breaking, which is exactly what's happening as planet binding chains snap into pieces, losing their coherency, the last of the fire that isn't touched by the crystal just disappears, leaving a giant floating planet of crystal hanging in whatever world this is and Caliga, more or less, alone inside of it.

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