2007-07-13 (PreU) The hunt begins

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The hunt begins

Summary: Johnny finally makes himself known after having his past sealed away, and it happens to be to Phibrizo who seems to have plans for the confused maniac. Something bad is brewing...

Who: Johnny_C, phibrizo, squee
When: July 13th, 2007
Where: The Twisted World(#1860R)

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The Twisted World(#1860R)

You have left the Twisted Street. Wether a mistake or on purpose, you find yourself out in Twisted World. As soon as your foot leaves the pavement, the street disappears from behind you. The wind picks up into a desert storm, dirt beneath your feet, then changes into a gentle grassy plain, the sun warming your body. You then find yourself in a frigid wasteland, nearly on the verge of freezing to death, and then you find yourself upon a long black expanse of nothing. Complete and total emptiness. The world continues to change and bend around you, and there is no rhyme or reason to the madness. Sometimes, the setting will stay for awhile, but then creatures and beasts tend to appear, hungry for souls, hungry for flesh, hungry for you.

Johnny stands amidst the roaring sands of Twisted World, a pair of goggles pulled over his eyes. His clothes are torn and wragged, yet thanks to the layers of them covering him, not a speck of flesh is showing beyond his face. His gloved hands are balled into fists, with two sets of gleaming claws worn on each hand. The maniac seems almost to be training himself, but infact is torturing himself. It only takes a moment for the sand to turn into a massive downpour of hail and rain. Johnny clinches his teeth but continues to hold his ground. Eventually he turns his head to the skies and screams, "IS THAT THE BEST YOU'VE GOT?!?! CAN'T YOU FUCKING DO BETTER THAN THAT?!?!" As if to answer his question the world drops away beneath his feet. Twisted is washed in a void of nothingness. Covering his face with his arms he screams with rage, then collapses face first onto a grassy field. Using the claws he pulls himself up and returns to his stance. "FUCK YOU, LIFE! TRY FUCKING HARDER!!!" Just what IS he trying to do?

Squee shivers with fear as he wanders through the Twisted World."Shmee... I'm scared.. and I don't think we'll be able to get back easily.." The landscape randomly switches up on him, until he hears that screaming voice. He'll know it anywhere, regardless if the guy is a homicidal maniac. Squee suddenly starts running towards Nny's voice, cause if anyone could help him in this scary place, he'd be that person.

Phiby merely claps a few times, sitting on a random 'tree' branch in the middle of nowhere. Chaos doesn't bother him...it's really all he knows well. He mostly views things from an astral perspective anyway. "I must say, your emotion is incredibly moving....although I would have to say the delivery was cliche' n.n" *speaking to J, of course*

Johnny doen't see Squee yet, infact his eyes are closed beneath his goggles. He finally opens them, but doesn't bother turning his head. He addresses the random voice with a snarl. "Fuck off. I'm not here to entertain anyone. If I wanted to insult myself and spend my time in someone else's company I wouldn't have come here..." His fists clinch tighter as his rage begins to build. He turns his attention back to his goals, whatever they are, and rips part of one sleave off his arm. "COME ON! DON'T QUIT ON ME NOW GODDAMNIT!!" A bird flies past, and suddenly explodes into flames as the landscape goes from a cool spring to a nightmarish hell. It doesn't last long for Squee's sake, but it's long enough that Johnny's exposed arm turns a bright red. THe landscape shifts again back to the sandstorm. Phibrizo will find his tree is still there, only now it's branches are lifeless and dead. What a great spot for a vacation!

A loud ear piercing scream comes from Squee as the landscape shifts once more. He starts running around in circles, until the Sandstorm starts up once more. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The poor child, why can't there be a land of candy and happiness?

Phiby fades from the tree branch...and fades back into view in front of J. He folds his arms and grins. "My my, my dear boy...that temper is also quite impressive. As lovely as the terrain is here...I can presume that you aren't here just for that. May I inquire as to your purpose here? Not that I'm not enjoying the show. n.n"

Johnny glares at the stranger, his rage now boiling. "I SAID FUCK OFF! I don't want to talk to you!" The maniac leaps forwards into the air a second later. The claws he's wearing are aimed directly for the man's face, his metal clad boots aimed for a kick to his chest. Johnny doesn't care if anything connects or not, this is just his way of trying to get Phibrizo to leave. Thusly, reguardless of the outcome he looks up at the sound of the squeal and pulls his goggles up above his eyes. "Eh?"

The poor child sits there trembling as the landscape continues to change around him. "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME... WHY DOES ALL OF THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?!" He's squeezing poor Shmee to death, it being quite obvious that things have went from bad to worse ever since he arrived here.

Phiby quirks an eyebrow at the attack. He doesn't make any motion to move out of the way....but the air grows thick as J incomes on his current vector. Suddenly, tendrils of dark red energy whip out from.....well, who knows where? Attempting to ensnare J's arms, legs, body, throat....whatever they can get. It's purpose of course is to block the attack...but if he can't break free of them, they'll hold him in mid air.

Johnny finds himself in the air, being held by whatever these red things are. Although they find their targets, they don't seem to hold him. Infact, they almost appear to be getting absorbed into his flesh. He stares in confusion a moment, then pulls off his goggles and looks towards Squee. Ignoring Phibrizo a moment, Johnny waves. "Hey, Squee!" He smiles? Letting out a deep breath he turns back towards Phib and his red ropes. "Mind letting me down?"

"...." Silence comes from the small child as he just sits there. It's obvious he's thinking thoughts no small child should ever have to think. After a while, he finally looks up at Nny. "Hi, Nny..." His arm still hangs in a makeshift sling, obviously taking its sweet ass time to heal.

Phiby tilts his head slightly at J, looking for the most part a bit confused himself....clarity then in his eyes and he grins even wider, nodding. "I see now. Well then...what a fascinating creature you are." He gestures, removing the 'bonds' and then takes the time to turn and watch the exchange, instead.

Johnny hits the ground painfully and groans. Rubbing the side of his head he looks up angrily at Phibrizo, but instead of yelling he turns his attention to his small friend. "Ow... Squee? What's up with your arm? Did the doctors do that to you?"

Squee shakes his head. "No... They didn't do this.. I don't remember who did.." He continues to sit there, the landscape shifting through its rounds. "I don't like it here... I want to go home.. But I can't."

Phiby glances over. "Ah...Squee my boy, good to see you again. How ARE you doing these days?....just as mad as ever, I hope? Do remember to listen to your bear now n.-"

Johnny collects himself and brushes himself off, standing and looking down over the boy with sympathy on his face. Phib's comment gets under his skin, however, and the maniac turns and screams, "DON'T SAY THAT!! He's NOT mad! He's innocent! HE HAS TO STAY INNOCENT!!" Johnny leans on one knee and grabs Squee's shoulders. "Tell me it's not true. Your sane, right?? I didn't let you down, did I? That's why I didn't help you out of the institute. They where supposed to keep you sane. Keep you happy. I figured it was better than your parents house!" Johnny stands and puts away his claws. "Damnit. With everything I've been told, maybe there IS something wrong with my head..." Normally he wouldn't care about anyone but himself, but Squee is a diffrent story...

"Shmee has been telling me lots of scary things.. Everyone has since I've gotten here. I'm scared Nny. We can't go home either.. I even miss Pepito at this rate." Squee's saddened eyes look up at Nny, almost as if they were sad puppy dog eyes. "I've been hurt a lot of times since I've gotten here." He even holds up his arm in the sling. "I don't remember how this happened, but Shmee says it's because I was doing what I was supposed to.."

Phiby giggles softly. "It's the bear, you know? It's....well, you KNOW what it is. It's really quite lovely. The boy has so much POTENTIAL. You really shouldn't stifle him n.n"

Johnny's anger is growing and Phibrizo isn't helping matters. He draws a knife and waves it in the man's face. "BACK OFF OF HIM! YOUR NOT GOING TO USE HIM!" Over his shoulder he yells, "Squee! GET OUTTA HERE! I may not know what's been going on, but I will NOT let you get corrupted like I was!!" He narrows his eyes at the stranger. "Back off of him, or die..."

Shmee says, "It's too late, Maniac... While you've been galavanting around.. Our dear little Squee has been slipping further and further down that very path each of the prior maniacs have..."

A look of confusion crosses Squee's face as Shmee seems to talk yet again. "What's that supposed to mean Shmee?" He doesn't seem to quite grasp what all is going on, but when he's told to run, well run he does!

Phiby laughs softly at the display. "Are you going to allow the poor child to watch as you decapitate a harmless fellow such as myself? Fine then." He advances forward a few steps, grinning widely as he tends to do. "Go ahead then....revel in your angry, your insanity...all things move to chaos, after all. I can be a mere stepping stone in your path to TRUE misanthropy n.n"

Johnny stealthfully whips out his claws once again. "I told him to run, didn't I?" He shakes his head, refusing to acknowledge Shmee's words in his head. "Don't tell me about insanity. I KNOW I'm not well, but when it comes to chaos..." The world seems to change in response to him again. The sky and the ground give the appearence of inverting. The former sky turns into a river of black water. The former ground engulfs in flames reaching down into the heavens. The images are illusions, but disorienting none the less. The lighting shifts, and Johnny's face is cloaked by shadows making him appear to be nothing but a silohette of himself. "...I'm already there..." Lighting seems to crash and Johnny lunges forwards, ducking underneath Phib's feet and leaping upwards trying to claw him straight up his backside. Even if he is underclassed, he'll still go down fighting...

Phiby turns, tracking the motion...he doesn't seem to be having trouble keeping up, but for some reason he doesn't make a defensive motion. He winces with a soft grunt of pain as the claws rake up his back, leaving deep gashes and spilling blood....he turns to face J from his new position, not making an offensive motion as of yet.

Johnny glares at him, further hatred filling his features. "WHY AREN'T YOU SCREAMING??" In frustration he kicks the man's knee and tries to plunge the claws into his face. Of course, if Phib does nothing he'll stop just short of actually impaling him. "Isn't your life important to you?? DON'T YOU CARE?!?" Johnny takes a step back and adjusts his weapons. "Stupid fucking machine..."

Phiby allows the kick to hit his knee, it's honestly like kicking a block of solid steel......he grins as J stops short of impaling his face. "And what if I didn't care? What then? Is it then no great fun to kill me? If I'm not screaming...begging you for mercy? You present yourself to revel in destruction...but what you ARE is a lost, little boy who doesn't TRULY enjoy tearing the life from someone. You're a fake, a phony....but you know, I COULD help you...help you become whole....help you to accept this position of hardship that 'fate' has placed on you...n.n"

Johnny takes the pain in his foot to verrify his assumption. He glares up at Phib as he grins back. "FUCK YOU! What I am is lost, yeah. Your right about that. I had something, something great, and it's been RIPPED FROM ME by people wanting to HELP me. Everytime I try to figure out what's missing I end up right back where I started... I don't need your fucking help. I need to know what's inside. I need to figure out what they locked away. If I can't do that.... I need to RIP it out of me!" Johnny grabs the sides of his head and screams with rage. "THERE! YOU HAPPY?!?! Now you know why I'm out here. Now you know what I didn't want to tell anyone! ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY?!?!?" He kicks the sand at his feet childishly. "And no, I don't fucking want to kill some sadistic fuck who doesn't try to stop me. It does NOTHING for me. I can't teach a lesson to someone who doesn't care. YOU HAVE TO VALUE YOUR LIFE BEFORE I CAN TEACH YOU NOT TO WASTE IT!!!"

Phiby pops up next to J in a quiet fashion, whispering in his ear. "My boy, you make the mistake of assuming...that I'm alive. I can see it....I can see the darkness following you. It surrounds you like a miasma....don't get me wrong. I didn't question you in an attempt to hurt you...but I believe you could be of use to me. I'm not offering to selflessly assist you, as others most likely were...I want you to do something for me...and IF you do...I'll help you to understand. n.n"

Phiby says, "In fact....the VERY thing you want 'ripped' from you, as you put it...is something I wouldn't mind taking off your hands in any case n.-"

Johnny grits his teeth as he listens, but as an offer is made he raises an eyebrow. "I don't want to loose whatever it is. I just want to know what it is. I want to know why it was sealed, why it was hidden from me. That's all..." He crosses his arms and turns to face Phibrizo directly. "...but you've got my attention. What's your name anyways?"

Phiby bows with a flourish. "My 'given' name is Phibrizo, so you may refer to me as such n.n And yours would be?...."

Johnny bows as well out of habbit. "Johnny C. Those that know me call me Nny. Those that don't call me Johnny the Homicidal Maniac." He smirks as he stands up straight again. "But that doesn't leave much to the imagination, does it?"

Phiby snickers slightly. "I like it." His wounds all seem to have magically disappeared, for the moment. "So then, it seems we have a common ground. I can help you understand what is....ailing you....and in return, you do a small job for me.....HOWEVER, the job I intended for you...involves killing someone. The person in question probably doesn't fit your criteria, still...that's what I require of your...talent. Do you still care to haggle? n.n"

Johnny's eyes narrow and he stares down at the thick grass which has replaced the desert wasteland once more. "Everyone wants something. No one is ever nice. What are you getting out of this, huh? Too high and mighty to get your own hands dirty, Phibrizo? Why waste time getting me to do it for you? What's the catch?"

Phiby looks away for a moment. "The person I want you to kill...is protected, you could say, by the 'god' of my home dimension. As such...I never have been able to stop her. She is the one being...that has escaped my grasp. I need a 3rd party...an outside source that L can't stop with such ease. There is the catch." He looks back at J, his face a bit more solemn. "I want you to hunt down and kill the sorceress Lina Inverse and bring me her corpse. In return, my powers will be at your service in any way that you may need them."

Johnny rolls his eyes at Phibrizo's words. "Sorceress? Homeworld? Psh... you sound like a bad sci-fi movie. There's no such things as magic. Not in real life, anyways. Talking doughboys and man eating wall beasts, maybe. But come on, magic?" Of course, this is one of those many things he's had locked away. Strange that the red energy used on him just moments before didn't seem odd to him. "I think this is stupid, but I can see what I can do. If nothing else it might kill some time. Just no coming to inslave me if I decide I have something better to do... I'm not into that kind of stuff."

Phiby chuckles. "I am not your master, you not my minion. If you succeed in killing her, my services are yours. If not...well then, no harm, no foul. It is nothing more than a business proposition. n.n"

Phiby says, "If you DO kill her for me, however...I will also give you my word that I will stay away from your little friend. Squee, right? He has SO much potential....however, if you help me...I am sure I can keep him from further....corruption n.n"

That did it. Johnny nods his head reluctantly. "Alright. Fair enough. You got a deal, Phibrizo." Johnny puts his weapons away. "So tell me how I'll know this Lina chick when I see her? I hardly think she'll be wearing a name tag..."

Phiby gestures. A small photo floats into view in front of J. "This is Lina. She is loud mouthed, foul tempered and eats constantly. You'll know her easily when you see her. I warn you to approach her with caution, she is much more dangerous than she looks. Still, I think you shouldn't have TOO much trouble n.n"

Johnny stares at the picture, wondering just where the string is, shruging he nods. "Alright, no problem. I'll do it for Squee if nothing else. I still don't get what the deal with this girl is, but sure. If I see her, she's dead. How do I get ahold of you again once I find her?"

Phiby says, "Once she's dead....I'll know it. I'll find you n.-"

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