2007-07-19 (PreU) The Council's troubles continue...

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The Council's troubles continue...

Summary: Part 2 of Caliga's 'meeting' with the Council.

Who: abomination, caliga, concordance, gegoshi, guarlesia
When: July 19th, 2007


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"Now..." Caliga runs his hands over the throne, and slowly gets to his feet, walking across the crystalized fires. A faint grin appears on his face as he looks upwards. "This could be entertaining to get out of..." His right hand is raised above his head as the crystal below him suddenly starts to glow and pulse. "I've taken you as my own, Flame. You will now do my bidding..." The armor upon his body starts to fade, leaving the black body suit as the only thing covering his body. "You will open the path back to the Council's chambers. Or I will do far worse to you then I currently have."

The world of crystal hanging in a lightless universe, or perhaps dimension, sits where it is. The chains that have broken fall continue falling in slow motion, pieces of them hitting the crystal as the impact, there's no atmosphere here, and the gravity itself seems to be dieing out as well, nor does the world respond at all too Caliga's threats.

"If that is the case.. Then I will give you life anew..." Caliga continues to walk out on the crystal, before kneeling down and placing his hands down onto the crystal. "I claim you as my own, to do with as I please.. Your servants will be mine, as you will be mine... Live once more to do my will." An inky blackness suddenly starts to spread out within the crystal, as a trickle of heat suddenly starts to come from it. "One way or another, I claim you."

The flames comes to life, after Caliga forces them too, though they're not what there were before, everything was Myra on this planet, and now the chains that held him and the fires of the world have all been snuffed out. There's a definite lack of power in the flames, other than what Caliga himself puts there, anyway.

A slight flame suddenly springs to life, as the crystal starts to fade, leaving more and more fire behind. "Now.. Open the way.." Caliga lifts his left hand upwards, creating a small rift before him. The hand comes down, as he places it against the rift, starting to force it open. His right hand joins in, forcing the other side of the rift to open up. "I will feed you soon enough, to where you can grow and thrive once more.. Your servant may infact walk again, as he does seem to have more then one use.."

It takes effort, far, far more effort than it should for Caliga to open up a dimensional tear in order to get out of the dimension he's currently in, and he'll also find that it's limited to only one exit space, and that is indeed back to The Council room, he'd figure this out before he actually went through, so it's up to him if he really wants to head back in there.

"....So be it." The rift opens enough to allow Caliga to step back into the Council Chambers. "I have returned." A faint grin appears upon his face as he looks at Concordance. "I sincerly doubt you are going to take this lying down.. So shall we come to an understanding? I have removed one more of your number, totaling in six so far that have been killed. I sincerly doubt you wish to allow anymore fall, yet I know you are smart enough to realize, you cannot rule an entire universe of powers that do not mesh with only three beings." He walks back over to the table, as a crystal chair appears behind him once more, which he then sits down upon. "You've sealed my magic. Big deal. I'm not a one trick pony. But before we begin the fighting once more, I ask to open the table to negotiations."

Abomination at this point is now hanging out against a wall, eating the chairs in The Council room, particularly the one that Myra was sitting in, since it has some scorch and burn marks on it. A few of his tentacle eyes look over towards Caliga as he returns, but he doesn't say anyhing as he sits down and talks to Concordance, he's still mad about being burned slightly. His tentacles are still oozing down into the stonework, but he is a big nasty oozing thing. --- Concordance doesn't answer Caliga, and her eyes are unfocused as she sits, unmocing in her chair with her scythe resting across herself. Guarlesia is still sitting in her backward turned chair though, blowing some stray bangs out of her face, she looks over at Caliga and then over at Concordance, "You see? Just release my se-" "No." She's cut off as Concordance speaks, though her mouth doesn't move, the voice just comes from nearby her lips instead. - Gegoshi is melted into the floor up to her chest now, staring off at -nothing-.

"Concordance, I have until the end of time to wait for you to decide to speak." Caliga leans back into the chair, and brushes off the body suit with a slight hint of boredom. "...I believe some wine would be nice, but alas.. Gegoshi is currently under your word.." He sighs and looks towards the ceiling of the chambers.

Concordance stays quiet for a bit longer, while Abomination finishes consuming all of the chairs. As he finishes, and Guarlesia is quiet too although she's rocking back and forth in her chair, one of his voices speaks from a mouth, "If you want to change Twisted, she's not going to let you. The more you use your powers, the more she can cancel them out until you're reduced to nothing but your basest form." His eyes are looking around the whole area as he speaks, "Why don't you give up, I want to leave."

"My basest form is the scariest.." Caliga says this as he leans forward. "She doesn't want a world to get corrupted, yet, having it as an off limits zone is merely screaming for those who COULD corrupt it, as an invitation to try." He sighs, and looks to Concordance. "You are down six members Concordance. Eventually, you will have to succumb to change, or fall victim to it as you are now."

"They are nothing of the sort, and you know this Concordance. Your arrogant refusal to accept that things could change and be better then they stand now is what is causing this in the first place." Caliga stares directly at Concordance as he says this. "You have cost six beings their lives. Not I, not Crux, but you. You forced my hand, and cost Myra his life. Twisted is nothing more then a cesspool for the corruption you seek to prevent. It deserves to be safe for all of its denizens, not just those who can level whole cities."

"I don't care about people or their lives. The Council exists to keep Twisted the way it should be, TASK exists to serve the Council. Form your own organization if you care about life." Concordance states, plainly. She doesn't care about people dieing, or that Myra and all the others were killed by Crux and Caliga, the only thing that bothers her in the slightest is having to change and keep hold of what they were all keeping track of, but she'll get new members soon enough to fill the roles again, it just takes time, that's all. And she has a lot of that, as much as she wants.

"The way it should be? Listen to yourself. You are nothing more then a dictator. TASK exists to serve the Council? Then what is it the Council does, except issue orders? Is a Council not to govern and rule?" Caliga stands up and slams his hands on the table, as he turns his gaze to Guaresia. "And you blindly follow her? What of you? What do /YOU/ feel? Does she allow you to think for yourself? Or does she merely have you here to fill space?"

Concordance says, "Lalorien handled that end of The Council, she will be replaced in time. I am a dictator, a ruler, a king, a queen, the one and only. Yes. And the other Council members are my servants, sworn to me." She still hasn't moved an inch, though her eyes are actually focused and paying attention, which is more than what she usually spares for this dimension. Abomination has grown still, just silently oozing from where he is. - Guarlesia, at being spoken too, rests her chin upon her criss-crossed arms that hang on top of her backwards chair, "I'm Sealed. I don't get to go to the bathroom unless she lets me." Four of her six wings shrug, "I think all the time, but nobody ever talks to me. Like it matters. If you kill Abomination and attack Concordance, she'll either kill you, which will release me and then maybe I'll kill you for doing that, or she'll remove a few of my Seals and I'll kill you at her request, or command." Her other two wings shrug, "What do I feel...I don't remember anymore if I care about life or not. Nobody cares about me, at least to Concordance I'm a useful tool, even if I am left to rust." She blows some bangs out of her eyes.

"Sworn to you.. You pompus bitch.." A low gutteral growl suddenly echoes out from within Caliga. "Tell me Concordance, are you so blind to not see an alternative to ensure things are better for all, yourself included?" His hair seems to start to fade in color briefly, almost turning to a pure snow white. His eyes however burn red, with three black rings surrounding his iris'. "Seal me? Destroy me? I will turn everything you do to me, right back at you. I want to do this peacefully, to ensure that no life is lost.. But you've already caused me to take one this day. One that merely wanted to be free from his bonds.. And I freed him. Tell me Concordance, is there no changing your mind?"

Concordance doesn't take very long to simply answer, "No." In response to Caliga's words, she isn't going to negotiate with anyone, she doesn't have too, she rules, she's in control, Twisted is as it should be, and there's no reason for her to ever change it, and if someone wants too, they can try, and then they'll die. Like she believes Caliga is going to very soon now. She still doesn't bother making this husk move more than its eyes though, pointless at present. - Abomination pushes itself against the wall, as if trying to slide through the cracks of stone. Well, some of him is. - Guarliesa looks between Caliga and Concordance, her mouth in a thin line.

"Concordance..." Caliga merely sighs as he closes his eyes for a few moments. "The sadness I feel, is beyond your understanding Concordance. You have destroyed six lives, and ruined one. Servitude?" His eyes open, and his gaze returns to Concordance once more, tears visable in the corners of his eyes. "You could have done so much good.."

Concordance doesn't say anything back to Caliga's words, she just remains silent, sitting in her chair at the head of the square stone table. Abomination is still watching on, and would much rather be out consuming souls or buildings, or whatever happened to be around right now. Guarlesia tilts her head to the side, resting it on her arms still though, "I think you're placing morals on people who don't actually have any, whatever your name is. Knight...guy. None of us here come from places where life is considered the most precious gift of all."

"My name.. I figured that should be known to you, as a member of the Council." Caliga slowly starts walking towards Concordance. "Life is something that has to be experienced. You could have ended me at any time, who knows, maybe you will. I have seen many things since coming here, but you by far, are the strangest and most fascinating of all Concordance. You do not feel, as far as I can tell, and are strong enough to easily toss somebody to their demise." . . . "If you're going to attack me, state so plainly." Concordance says, her eyes not following Caliga as he moves from down the table where her eyes have been staring straight forward, she could bother turning them to keep an eye on Caliga, but she's really just not worried about him that much. Abomination and Guarlesia keep watching, though the six winged girls wings twitch a little bit as Caliga starts walking.

"I have no intentions of attacking you, you should already know this." Caliga stands before Concordance, and continues to stare solely at her. He brushes a few strands of hair from his face, as he suddenly leans down to smile at Concordance. "You're wasting that beautiful face of yours." He then drops down into a bow, before standing up fully. "I am ready to leave now. Either I will be permitted to leave, or you will kill me. The choice is yours." He starts walking back towards his chair.

Concordance doesn't make any more reaction than she has to prior words, that is, none at all really except for her eyes staring ahead. There's a few moments of silence, as Caliga walks back, before the girl talks again, "Gegoshi, send him to the street." She says. Guarlesia frowns and then tilts her head forward, resting it against her hands and hiding her face. Abomination starts unoozing from his little wall position. The halo above Gegoshi's head, which has been spinning rapidly non-stop since she came into the chamber, picks up even more speed as Caliga will find himself suddenly teleported outside onto Twisted street, unless he has some way of resisting such a thing, anyway.

"I will come before you once more Concordance, but it will be about an entirely seperate matter," is all that Caliga manages to get out as Gegoshi teleports him back to Twisted Street.

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