2007-07-23 (PreU) On the Roof, a bargian is stuck

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On the Roof, a bargian is stuck

Summary: Apperntly Tsuki can't hold up to former bargens. This scene happened before her scnene with Caliga.

Who: devi, tsuki
When: July 23rd, 2007
Where: Integra's Arms Roof


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The sunset, or what passes for it in this strange dimension, comes upon the city, casting it in that eerie glow that comes just before nightfall. Atop the roof, standing on the edge of the rooftop, is an almost familiar-looking dragoness, with large wings, and a long, snake-like tail...what with how the twilight casts a shadow around the woman, it might be easy to think that this is Sun. And to those who can read auras, this creature has the same base signature as Sun, as well...strange...

Devi appers on the roof access, leaning back on her hands, her hair long again. Wait, again? Yes, that's right, Devi has made her hair grow quite a bit in the past few weeks, now the purple mass hangs down to her waist. "Oh look what we have here." Is all she says, choosing to let Sun make the feeling of this encounter.

The figure doesn't seem to react, her wings billowing in the night breeze. "Indeed..." Strange...that isn't Sun's voice. Much colder, much more wicked-sounding than the usual calm, gentle tone Sun normally takes. "Look...what we have here." She turns towards the light, revealing that this...isn't Sun, at all. Her wings are black, the scales glistening onyx in the light. Blue spikes grow out from the 'fingers' of her wings, and pierced in a straight line down the center of each membrane is a row of sharp knife-like blades, dangling from a ring. Her tail is much the same, ending in a sharp, onyx blade. Her hair, silver. Her eyes gleam purple in the light. Sure, same facial and body structure of Sun...but much, much different. "I know you..." That voice hisses out from her red-tinted lips, a smile forming over them as she finishes her brief speech.

Devi smirks, the shadows casting over her face, blazing red eyes peering out. "You must be the Ugly sister right. Tsuki, was it? How quaint. So, you managed to wrestle control from Sun, eh? Not terribly suprising. You dragons arn't that random. Oh well. So, how's it going? How's Tabitha?" Her smirk breaks into a full blown grin as she chuckles to herself. "Cute little kid isn't she? Though I'm sure -you- don't care. Ah well." Devi hops off the roof access and brushes off her pants, sticking her hands in her pockets. "Ya wanna dance a little first, or rush right into it?" Straitforward, isn't she.

Tsuki smirks, crossing her arms over her somewhat inflated bustline. "You are correct, Devi, my name is Tsuki...though I wouldn't call me the UGLY sister. Just...the wiser of the two." She smirks. "You would be pleased to know that Tabitha is the reason I managed to wrest control from my dear idiot sister. So very very cute, and so very easy to control. I'm so glad my sister used some of my own power to create the little brat. I can make her do anything." She smirks. As Devi makes the offer, the silver-haired woman turns to face her. "How about we dance a little? For I have a bit of a...proposition for you." She chuckles a bit, glancing up as dark clouds begin to swirl above. She smiles briefly, as if seeming to...speak?...to the storm, before turning her attention back to Devi, her gaze serious, now. "You and I both hold a semblence of hatred for my sister, correct?" She DOES love Sun, but...well, she hates her a lot more than that, especially after 5 years of being cramped in a dark, dusty closet in the back of Sun's psyche.

Devi shrugs, not really caring either way. "We'll see. What kind of proposition do you have in mind?"

Tsuki smirks, suddenly stepping off the ledge she was standing on, seating herself on it instead, crossing one leg over the other. "Quite simple. My goal, as of now, is to one, get my own body...but first and foremost, while I'm occupying my sister's body, I might as well tear her life up even moreso than it already is. Tabitha...is already out of the picture. She's the reason why poor little Sun is huddling in a back corner of her mind, crying." She chuckles. "We just need to work a way around a few things to make everything ELSE fall apart." Another dry laugh. "Besides. She's aware of what I do, and if I work with you a wee bit, it'll fuck with her even more. Granted, we CAN fight, as I always welcome a chance to display my abilities, an opportunity that I've been sorely deprived of since I came into the power of this body." She lifts one hand, sparks of electricity arcing between her clawed fingers.

Devi laughs. "I don't think you need a body of your own Tsuki, you can't even manage the one you inhabit. Psh, I see nothing of benifit for me in helping you. I can torture Sun by myself. You'd best make a better offer, hon, or get a better working brain. This isn't working out to well for you." Devi casts back for a second into the Astal plane, her body fading from sight for just a second as she comes back, her body blurring back into full view. Crossing her arms, Devi sits on the air, casually crossing her legs as she does so, waiting to see if Tsuki thinks of anything better.

Tsuki chuckles. "Oh, you are so, so...naive to underestimate me. At least I work this body to it's true limits...my idiot sister has placed limits on all the GOOD things this body can really do." She smirks. "You may be able to torture Sun on your own...but I have a deeper knowledge of her than you, nor anyone else, could ever have. I know secrets, people you can bring to her, or even simply appear to her as, that will break her down faster than any PHYSICAL torture. Even faster than her dear Samantha could, you could bring her to her knees and turn her into a snivelling, scared little child." She leans back on one hand, the other flicking a small spark of electricity between each of her fingers.

Devi's eyes blaze a brighter red for just a second. "Don't you dare call me naive. I am not. But I will gladly grant that you know more about her then I. So, what would you have me do in return? I'm already under contract with someone else, so I get to play by their rules and not yours. This is something I make clear at the outset. Now, while I'd rather just kill Sun and get it over with. And I do mean I want her dead in the WORST way, I must follow tradition and go for total mental anguish. SO."

Tsuki chuckles softly. "All I ask of you in return for this information I have about my dear ol' sister...is a good source of energy. One I can suck a good deal off of, enough for me to get myself out of this body so I can let you have your way with my sis. Once I have my own body...Sun is all yours, and you will have everything...EVERYTHING...you need to know to make Sun into a snivelling little shell of herself. All I ask is that, once I am clear of this body, we keep a...respective distance. I will not come near you with hostile intentions, and it shall work the other way around. You should find that easy, as I doubt I have the same twisted motives as your contractor likely does."

Devi nods, folding her arms over her bosom. "Question. A) What kind of energy do you need? B) How long will this 'truce' take effect for? C) One more condition. If I kill Sun, or Tabitha, or anyone else that has value to Sun, you will not come after me for any kind of revenge. I will not have my plan laid to the wayside for your body. I can handle delaying them, but I will not disregard them. Do you agree?" Devi waits. Normally she'd ask Oblivion, but well, he did trust her to be his general, right. She's a big girl. She's not violating anything, and Caliga can't say a damned word.

Tsuki chuckles softly, eyes hooding slightly. "A.) I need dark energy. A large cemetary has provided a good source, but I need more, and fast. B.) This truce will last...oh...six months? I think that is fair." She smirks, looking thoughtful for a moment, then lowering her head. "C.) I will not come after you for revenge. However, the scenario I imagine is that you will indeed bring Sun to death, but she will then come back, alive, and more than ready to kill you. Therefore...I hope you will consult in me before killing her, so that I may completely eradicate her from existence, and leave no chance of her returning to this world, or any other, unless in spirit."

Devi extends her hand to Tsuki. "Deal. Give me 3 days and I'll have something for you." Devi's eyes narrow, her paranioa rearing it's ugly head in her mind.

Tsuki nods, extending her hand and taking Devi's in her own, careful not to impale the girl with her claw-like purple nails. "Three days it is, Devi. Then, a nuisance in both of our hair will be gone." She smirks, nodding slowly. As soon as her hand is released, with a shift of her wings, she is standing back on her perch, overlooking the city.

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