2007-07-24 (PreU) The world ends tomorrow and you may die...

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The world ends tomorrow and you may die...

Summary: Wow, a rather long scene that started around 3pm an the shirt tales of another scene and drug on off and on till 3am. Tsuki is freed from Sun's mind. Tabitha discovers that she has full access to the maniac's powers. The Samurai Pizza Cats appear briefly. Jack Spicer becomes a monkey and gets made fun of while being offered food. General fun stuff! Oh, and I have a nifty icon for Tabitha based on her new image: http://marrowproductions.com/chrono-muck/images/tabby2.png Squee!

Who: Caliga, Guido, Jack_Spicer, Speedy, Sun, Tabitha, Tsuki
When: July 24th, 2007
Where: Integra's Arms - Roof

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Integra's Arms - Roof

A simple rooftop without any noticable diffrences from the roofs of any other building. It's flat. It over looks the city ruins. It has scortch marks from some unseen battle. Wait, that last one is a bit diffrent, huh?

"Your sister will remain. Then place your hand to the crystal." A chain suddenly falls off Caliga's body, along with the entire suit of armor. His eyes suddenly start to glow a brilliant red, with three black rings around his iris. The black bodysuit on his body suddenly vanishes, and is replaced by clothing that looks exactly like this (http://dbnao.net/inf/ubra/east.jpg). "I, THE DAI KAIOSHIN, CALIGA SATANAS HERE BY SETFORTH THIS CONTRACT, WITH THE DRAGONESS TSUKI. THE TERMS HAVE BEEN STATED, AND AGREED TO BY BOTH PARTIES. THIS CRYSTAL SHALL BE THE MEDIATOR BETWEEN THE PARTIES. IS THIS UNDERSTOOD DRAGONESS?" Caliga's voice suddenly echoes out loudly, as his power suddenly skyrockets, creating an immense pressure that continues to grow with each and every moment that passes.

Tsuki reaches out, ignoring the lovely show and the loud booming voice and the pressure grows, simply reaching out and placing her hand on the side of the crystal, eyes hooded. "This is understood." That is her only response...but on the inside, she's twittering. She's about to get her own body, all for just avoiding causing harm to one insignificant person. She can handle that...

"Then it shall be done." An intense force of energy suddenly flies through the crystal, and into Tsuki's hand, forcing her and Sun, to suddenly seperate, as Sun suddenly goes rolling backwards across the rooftop out of Tsuki's new body. "Now.. For the memories." A bag appears, and suddenly moves forward to Tsuki. "With your free hand, touch the bag. You will learn what it is, Sun wants to know about the Maniac most."

Tsuki wavers, shifting back on her heels a bit at the force separating her from Sun. Her eyes go wide, her hand remaining upon the crystal as the unconcious Sun rolls out of her body. She turns, staring at her sister...and then, a wide grin appears on her face. Nothing in the back of her mind, save for her inherant link with her sister that cannot be perged. She reaches out with her mind briefly, then sighs, seeming to relax a bit. Then, the bag appears, and Caliga gives his instructions. She nods slowly, reaching out with her free hand to do as Caliga asks...

"And it is done." The memories will replay, but only with the specific information Sun wanted, no more, no less. Caliga removes his hand from the crystal, which then vanishes from sight. "And it is done. You got what you wanted, and I have got what I wanted. Now everyone is all happy.. Isn't that right Dragonness?" He then gives a slight bow, as his Kaioshin clothing vanishes, and is once more replaced by the armor.

Tsuki closes her eyes, nodding to the memories with a smirk. "Ahhh, such interesting developments in my dear sister's life...she'll love this knowledge." Lowering her hand, she glances over at Sun, eyes hooded. "That is right...we all got what we wanted." She seems incredibally distracted, slowly and languidly pacing over to her sister's side, and placing a hand on her brow. Then, she smiles up at Caliga as she gently places her sibling's head in her lap, letting her sister recover there. "Thank you. I will hold up my end of the bargain...I will even do so to the extent of protecting Tabby, if need be." She smirks, running her fingers along Sun's brow. "You can't give up yet, darling sister...I still have a lot of fun things I need to do to make your life a living hell for what you did to me." She says this in a calm, almost angelic voice, her voice betraying the fact that she does love her sister...but the look on her face betrays the fact that her hatred for the redheaded dragoness runs deeper than her love.

Caliga stands up and merely smiles. "That is correct. Just remember, you must never hurt Tabitha in any way, or you will become mine." He starts walking towards the elevator, and grins. "It's a shame she really does love Sun, isn't it.. It would absolutely hurt our Tabitha's heart, if any harm came to your sister, wouldn't it?"

Tsuki frowns. "Nice loophole." She smirks. "No worries...I will not directly harm my sister...never would I do that, surely." She smiles. "No...others will harm Sun before I would." She smirks, brushing hair from her sister's face with a chuckle. . o O ( I will undo you, Sun...but only through others will I do so. Others can take the blame for your downfall... )

"I hope the two of you have a wonderful evening.. I also hope you enjoy your new body." And with that, Caliga boards the elevator.

Tsuki waves after Caliga, a cheerful smile upon her face. "Oh, we will, indeed! And I will DEFINATELY enjoy this body..." She smirks down at her sister once more, playing gently with the other girl's hair. They really DO look like siblings, especially when they're like this...

Time passes, yet Tsuki remains in her position, her younger sister's head cradled in her lap. She looks down at the girl, an amazing amount of love radiating from her face. . o O ( So quickly I could kill you, sister, now, while you're still in your shell...it would be so easy to remove you from my life, as you tried to do to me, right now...but I have to ensure my freedom. So...Devi will be your undoing. Oblivion will be your undoing. All but me shall undo you, and soon enough, you will know exactly how I felt. But only through a puppetmaster's strings will it happen... ) She smiles softly, gently smoothing Sun's hair down on her head. "Sister...sister. Awaken for me soon, for you and I are free from each other once more, as it should have been..."

The elevator doors open once again. From them emerges Tabitha looking much more calm, but yet more determined. As she steps out she glances around, spotting Tsuki and Sun and nearly collapsing on the spot. She blinks and stares in confusion and then slumps back against the now closed doorway. Amazing how quickly one's emotions can change on them. "Wh-what th' hell?" The doll is again lost within her satchel, and probably for the better. Tabitha pushes herself off the door after collectig herself and slowly approaches the two as if fearing they leap to their feet and attack her. "...what's going on?"

Tsuki's eyes travel up from Sun, landing on Tabby with an almost loathing look, before she plants the best smile she can on her face. "Long story short, a nice fellow came along with a deal that was just far too good to pass up. So..." She unfurls her wings a bit, eyes hooding as she stares upon that girl. "...In exchange for your safety, I obtained myself a body of my own." She smirks. "Looks like I'm your new bodyguard, kiddo." Sun's eyelids flutter, and she moans a bit, shaking her head, but she doesn't awaken yet.

Tabitha stares blankly as she takes the story in. After everything she's been through a part of her is waiting for the roof to explode into flames or the sky to rain with blood. Luckily nothing of the sort comes about. "...bodyguard?" She blinks at the word. "So a few hours ago yer tellin' me yer my mistress, an' now yer my bodyguard?" The girl pushes her bangs out of her face as the wind picks up. She lets out a deep breath, "Is Sun gonna be alright?"

Tsuki watches Tabitha silently, a smirk upon her face. "Well, to be honest, I would rather kill you than think twice about protecting you...but it's one of the stipulations of me gaining this new body." She smirks. "So yes...I was your mistress a few hours ago, and now I am your bodyguard." She glances down to Sun, brushing hair away from the woman's face. "Sun will be just fine...even better, now that I'm not in the back of her mind." She smirks. "I'd be careful with her, though...she's still hurting after what happened a while ago." She chuckles once again as Sun stirs again, shaking her head back and forth and moaning like someone who doesn't WANT to wake up, yet.

Tabitha cautiously walks up to Tsuki and kneels to look into Sun's face. She's still a good arms length away, but she's still nervous of a repeat of earlier. Even though most of her memories of Sun being anything but selfish where erased the girl still finds herself concerned, just as she had when the dragoness had given her the clothing she's wearing now. Tabitha wants to help somehow, but knows there's not much she can do but wait. Reguardless of how Sun reacts when she awakens the girl wants to appoligise more than anything so she's prepared to wait as long as she needs to.

Tsuki watches Sun in her fitful slumber, chuckling. "Wake up, sister...we have someone who wishes to see you..." Suddenly, she stands, letting Sun's head bump against the ground with a dull thunk, and moves to the edge of the rooftop, looking over it. The bump on the head seems enough to awaken the redheaded dragoness, her eyes fluttering. . o O (Tsuki? Where...why aren't you...? ) Suddenly, she sits up straight; Tabby is ignored for the time being, as suddenly, the blue dragoness is scooting backwards on the roof, staring at Tsuki as though she's seeing a ghost. "You...how did...how did you get out?! How did you break the seal?!" Tsuki doesn't answer for a moment, an amused expression on her face...and it becomes apparent that the two are sharing a conversation through their minds, as Sun's eyes widen. Briefly, her gaze falls upon Tabby, before turning back to Tsuki, looking thoroughly FREAKED OUT.

Tabitha jumps to her feet as Sun is dropped. She hesitates to try to help Sun as Tsuki speaks. When Sun starts to back away, Tabitha takes a step back as well. Maybe she IS seeing things again, but somehow this doesn't seem as elaborate as the stuff from earlier. Her hands beging to shake slightly as she watches on silently.

The redheaded dragoness lifts a hand, pointing a finger at Tsuki. "Don't you come near me, sister...don't come near me or Tabitha, EVER." Tsuki merely chuckles. "Aaaaah...but I have to, darling little sister. I have to ensure that nothing I do will ever harm dear Tabby-chan." She smirks. "Though it IS rather sad that I'm losing my favorite slave yet...oh well." Suddenly, the black dragoness raises a hand, palm and fingers pointed towards the ground. From her hand, black energy swirls down into a small cyclone, which then forms into a more humanoid shape. The black vortex continues to fill out, until it appears to be concealing a small child from view...then, the energy dissapates, leaving a small boy, appearing about ten, with black hair and large grey eyes. The boy wears a strange outfit, leather and silver prominent on all parts, making him look the part of a slave; however, his eyes are the strange part about him. They seem...dead...soulless. Tsuki pats the boy on the head. "Go to the cave, Ningyo Ichi, and do my bidding." The boy stares long and hard at Tabitha, a look of envy crossing over his soulless features, before he turns, nodding to Tsuki. From nowhere, the child sprouts a pair of black wings, similar to Tsuki's but smaller, and with a few flaps, is airborne. Tsuki smirks. "That done...know that despite my severe aversion to doing so, I will protect the two of you to the best of my abilities." . o O ( Which isn't much...never did do good with protection magicks. ) Sun's look of shock and horror turns to one of anger, her brows slanting downwards in an expression of hatred. "You shouldn't be standing there...you should be in me still...I did that for the good of--" She's cut off by an upraised hand from her older sister. "For the good of the many, I know. Do you think really I care for your morals? Especially when they involved years of solitude inside of your mind? Mmm....no. I'm done with that."

Tabitha silently mouthes 'who?' as the boy appears, confusion written accross her face. When the boy looks back at her she steps back nervously. Tsuki's words seem to fill her with dread more than anything, like being on the verge of watching the end of the world and having someone warn you about it the day before. Something feels wrong, very wrong but the girl doesn't know enough to be sure. Somehow in the midst of things her hands unconciously moved and drew out Momo again, holding the doll tightly to her chest. For some reason, the doll seems to be watching...

Tsuki and Sun continue to have a wordless argument in their heads, but Tsuki continues her audible tirade. "No, sister...not this time. You lead me to believe all would be well...you told me you would protect me from harm when I was weaker than you...and then, you did what you did...trapped me like a prisoner in the back of your mind. You lost that trust I placed in you, and you won't get it back. I only protect the two of you, because it means freedom for me." She smirks, glancing back to Sun, who is looking absolutely horrified. "Sister..." Tsuki lifts her hand again. "Silence. Do not anger me, sister..." She smirks, and bows. "Whenever either of you are in need, simply call my name, and I will come to your aid." Suddenly, Tsuki is no longer there...instead, a gigantic black dragon is in her place, it's front talons gripping the building and tearing holes into it's walls, with her hind legs holding her up on the ground. With a hiss that sounds almost like a laugh, the titanic creature spreads its wings, and with an enormous gust of air, the black dragon is airborne. It hovers for a minute, sending strong winds across the area, one gleaming golden eye glaring at Sun and Tabby for a moment. Then, with a loud roar, the creature goes higher at an amazing speed for it's size, flying away...Sun remains, transfixed, where she is, staring after the beast with a frown upon her face.

Tabitha yelps once Tsuki reveals herself, the doll held in her arms is clutched even tighter. That feeling of dread is intisified as her words echo in the girl's mind. Once the dragon takes to the side, Tabitha's eyes go wide and she stares, prepared for the worse as she convinces herself she's seeing things again. After a long moment of silence her mind starts to realise she's not hallucinating. Looking around suspiciously, her eyes turn to Sun and slowly she walks over to check on her. "...Sun?"

The dragoness stares after her sister for a long time, a frown upon her face. Then, she shakes her head as Tabby approaches, turning a shocked look to Tabby. For a long moment, she looks as though she's about to cry. Then, at the last second, she averts her gaze, looking down towards the ground. "...Hi, Tabby..."

Tabitha smiles a little to hear her voice, but the moment soon fades as the woman looks away. Tabitha crosses her arms, letting out a deep sigh. "I'm sorry 'bout earlier... I couldn't help it..." She knows that's a poor excuse, and after a moments hesistation she elaborates. "I don't know what happened, but I saw ya turn into this demon thing. Yer voice changed and ya tried ta attack me. I could feel it's claws diggin' into my head. I... I tried to cut it to make it go away, but then I was suddenly cuttin' you instead..." She looks away and frowns, realising how rediculous it all sounds. With a heavy sigh she looks back choosing to give up on the story. "I'm sorry, Sun. I didn't wanna hurt ya..."

Sun keeps her gaze averted, staring at a pebble on the rooftop. "I know, Tabby...I know you didn't know what you were doing...it just...shocked me, I guess..." She shakes her head, putting a hand over her eyes. "I'm sorry...I'm just...not myself right now. I pass out from shock for a while...a day or two, maybe...and when I come to...my sister is no longer sealed within me...she's got her own body once more, and...and who knows what she has in store for this dimension..."

Tabitha nods her head slowly and sits down where she's standing. Blinking briefly at Momo, she puts the doll away again and holds her knees instead. "Yeah... I've seen alot of shock myself the past day or two. All these things I keep seein', then your turnin' into, um.. her. Then this big dragon thing." She takes another deep breath, "Eh, what'ever happens will happen. Worse things have happened, right?" The girl forces a smile for Sun's sake. "Besides, with all th' weird stuff that happen around here? It almost seems normal when ya think about it..." Her forced smile fades as she doubts her own words. "Maybe he was right. Maybe we just need ta blaim th' people who run this world an' go stab them till we feel better..."

Sun suddenly lifts an arm, beckoning Tabby to come into an embrace. "Yeah...that's Tsuki...my big sister. I'm not sure if worse than her has happened here...she comes pretty close to the worst I've seen." She frowns, and it's as though she's aged, suddenly. She still has a body and a face like a young twenty-year-old woman, but she looks older, more weary. "Maybe we should just go stab whoever runs this place until we feel better. Might be bloody, but it could help..." She forces a weak smile, finally turning her gaze towards Tabby. "Just remember that I'm not a monster...and that I would never hurt you. If you see anything otherwise...then it's not true."

Tabitha scoots closer to Sun and nods her head, mostly staring into the distance as Sun speaks. Instead of responding to her declaration verbaly the girl nods her head. It's not like she's figured out what's a hallucination and what's not. Plus she's still not sure how she fells about Sun. Her instincts tell her to trust her, but her distorted memories say otherwise. She takes another deep breath. "Ya wanna grab some food or somethin'? I don't think I've eaten since th' last time ya cooked for me..."

Tabitha grins fangedly at the mentioning of beef, and childishly declares, "YAY!" The act is short lived as she goes silent as well. The feeling of impending doom is creeping through the girl's bones as well, only she can't seem to figure out the specifics. Perhaps the visions are some kind of warning, or a taste of things to come? She shakes her head at the thought, which might seem to Sun as if she's trying to shake off her hand. The feeling is still there and with it that craving for blood which seems to grow along with it. On that thought she turns and looks up at Sun, "...what if I'm a waste lock like Nny and Samantha? THAT might explain what's been goin' on with me..." Of course, Johnny believed Samantha was a wastelock ever since he fought her reanimated corpse on the roof of Cale's house so it's very possible he'd have made Tabitha one too, assuming he had that kind of power.

Sun blinks as Tabitha poses that question, her ears perking a bit as she considers this. "It's quite a good possibility...considering he made you to be everything he knew of Sam, if he had that ability...then you could be a waste lock." She squeezes the girls hand as the elevator opens, leading her in with a small smile.

Tabitha steps out of the elevator contimplating that. Now that it's been voiced, it makes sense. Then again, if she IS a wastelock, and she has his daggers... She stops dead in her tracks and blinks. A lot of the things she'd been doing lately where simply based on what came to her instinctively. It never occured to her that she might be able to do these things intentionaly. "That gives me an idea..." She struggles out of Sun's hand and takes out one of Johnny's daggers. Looking it over she smiles, closes her eyes, and a wave of seriousness washes over her. The dagger reacts in kind, turning her body black. Her tail thrases behind her excitedly. Opening up two pupiless eyes, the girl looks over herself and giggles. "Hee-hee, NOW I understand why I have his daggers..." She tries to twirl the blade the same way as the maniac, but she drops it and it stabs into the hall floor. The girl's body returns to normal and she exhales as she pulls the dagger out and puts it away. "Well, I need practice I guess."

Sun watches thoughtfully, a look of intrigue coming over her face. She smiles softly as the girl pulls off the feat, turning herself black. She watches the entire process thoughtfully, rubbing her chin. "I guess you are a waste lock...at least, from what I can understand of it..." She smiles softly, patting the girl on the head as she unlocks the door to her apartment.

Tabitha's tail swishes around behind her happily as they step inside. The girl's eyes get wide as she contimplates what this ability means to her. All those things the maniac had done that she has burned into her memory she can now do. This is more than the cheap tricks used on Devi before. This is something big. It's like having the entire knowledge of martial arts dumped into your brain in a matter of seconds. Inside the apartment she suddenly feels a burst of energy that wasn't there before. Infact, the girl is almost bouncing as she steps. With a playful grin she starts chanting, "Food food food food food..." The girl's antics cause Sun to be unable to do anything BUT smile. So she smiles, a real smile, and swoops into the spare bedroom briefly. She comes back with a new outfit, grinning widely. "Here you go, dear...try this on. Looks like you need a new outfit." She examines the one she gave to Tabby, then chuckles. "That one is looking a bit threadbare."

Tabitha sweatdrops at the outfit, not because of the appearence, but because she was looking forwards to the promise of roast beef. "I haven't been wearin' this that long..." Tilting her head as she stares at it she suddenly blinks, "Actually, I kinda like that..." She takes the offered outfit hmm'ing it over. "Thanks!" Suspiciously she peers overtop of it at Sun. "...we're still gonna eat, right?"

Sun grins. "How about we go to the Usual? I'll get you anything you like. We can even have dessert, if you want." She chuckles a bit, leaning back against the wall. "Go get dressed, kiddo. Sooner you're ready, sooner we can get some grub. Fuck the roast beef, we'll get you a big ol' steak."

Tabitha mirrors one of Johnny's happier expressions. Her eyes narrow, her head lowers, and a mischivious, "Ooooooooooh." Comes out of her. She bolts into the bedroom the clothes had come from, somehow stepping out a brief moment later with the outfit already on, and trying to tighten the lace that holds up the sleaves. "Yay! Clothes!" She looks up at Sun and grins. "So wait, why the sudden change of plans? What about bein' all depressed?" Seriousness holds on her face for the briefest of moments. "We're not actually gonna go stab anyone, are we?"

Sun smirks softly, waling over to Tabby and kneeling down, placing her hand on the child's shoulder. "Screw the whole being depressed thing...I know from what I saw in the back of Tsuki's mind, that she can't hurt me OR you, so long as you and I stick together." She grins. "Everyone else? To hell with them..." She glances over to the wall thoughfully, before glancing back to Tabitha. "Save for Samantha, you are the most important person in my life...I'm sick of worrying about the wellfare of everyone around me. For once, I just want to go out and have a nice night..."

Tabitha nods her head understandingly. "Sounds like a good idea ta me!" Satisfied with the placement of the sleaves, the girl adjusts the ribbon in her hair and then smiles happily, putting her hands behind her back. "Alright then, let's go pretend there's gonna be a world tomorow!" Grinning mischiviously she adds, "Y'know, it's a good thing I'm small now, or I'd make you regret offering me what'ever I'd like. I bet I coulda eaten you under th' table."

Sun grins, attempting to gently pick Tabitha up, like she would a daughter. "Yes, let's pretend that my sister won't find a way to destroy this entire planet." She chuckles. "I doubt you could eat me under the table. I have the advantage of being a dragon who can eat half a herd of cattle in one day." She chuckles softly. "Granted, I wouldn't have to eat for two weeks after the fact, but it's been done before. C'mon, all this talk of food is getting me hungry."

Tabitha doesn't resist being picked up. Infact, she doesn't remember anyone ever doing so to her before. Briefly she reaches for the satchel once more thrown over her shoulder and with a slight sigh of relief she relaxes before holding on. "Yeah, but you didn't do that lookin' like ya do now, did ya? That'd be kinda strange, wouldn't it? I mean a lady walking into a farm an' eating everything in sight? I don't think so!" She laughs at the image and shrugs, "Where were we? Oh, yeah... food food food food food..."

Sun chuckles softly, pressing the side of her cheek against Tabby's shoulder briefly. "I've depleted the Slayers Platter at the Usual Restaurant down to crumbs, if that makes any difference." She smirks. "Hold on tight, kiddo. We're going by air this time. You've seen the earth travel...now we're gonna give you a lesson in air elementals." She makes sure she has a solid grip on Tabby...then, the girl would feel herself becoming lighter, until she's nearly as light as air. Then, she would be aware of travelling through an air duct, then, suddenly, open air...at least she can actually SEE where she's going this time. A gust of wind picks up, and the two soar on the wind towards the Usual restaurant...literally part of the wind, actually...

Tabitha remains silent this time, her eyes are wide trying to take everything in. The cool breeze, the way that the air pass through her... or is that the way she passes through the air? She doesn't give much thought to it beside enjoying herself. Infact, it's almost enough for her to forget the horrible things that she's seen the past few days. ...almost.

Gusts of wind carry the two closer to the restaurant. Then, before she knows it, Tabby would see an air duct looming in her vision...then, after travelling through several complex-looking tunnels, suddenly, the two are in the Usual...

The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Jack Spicer is evil! Is a genius! IS A EVIL BOY GENIUS! Flipping through the doorway with his monkey's tail carrying a monkey's staff that has been activated. This anthropamorphic monkey boy lands deftly on a stool and looks for service "No Wuya, No little Omi, just me , a jack bot," which hoovers in slowly behind him. "And a bana split "

A gust of air bursts forth from one of the A/C vents in the building; suddenly, from the small vent, a cyclone of sorts begins to form, the air whirling around in a small tornado. Stranger still is the fact that the small tornado is starting to look more and more like a person. Holding a person. c.c

"Come on you. Whining over Lucille day and night will get you nowhere. We're super heros. We've got jobs to do." Speedy throws open the doors of the UR, dragging Guido behind him. "It's bad enough Polly's mad at us. Now quit sulking like some cat who was left out in the rain would ya?!"

Tabitha resumes her chant just because she looks like a kid and knows she can get away with it, "FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!" Hopefully there's no vikings in the UR today. Last thing the world needs is another spam chant. As she and Sun solidify she grins, unable to help herself. "Ooooh! Look! It's a monkey!" She hasn't noticed Speedy yet, but then what would seem odd to a cat girl about two humanoid cats?

Sun smirks as the wind disperses, pressing her cheek against the girl's shoulder once again, before striding over to a booth and setting the child down, seating herself next to the girl. "Yes, it IS a monkey." She peers at Jack. "...A very UGLY monkey, as well." She takes out the menu, plopping one in front of Tabitha. "Make your choice. And remember, we always have room for leftovers." She smiles at the girl, patting her gently atop the head.

Jack Spicer knows Tabby from the other night. The park, and he was a little set off by her. But right now the evil boy is a evil monkey bent of world, well, ice cream domination. Bringing his knees up under him his duster folds under him like some type of wings and he perches on the edge of the stool. HEY! people are talking about him.. not in the good way "wow. I thought Wuya was grumpy" maybe talking about someone called him ugly. Reaching back he takes the staff into his hands from his tail "What do you think Jack bot? Double Banana split with banana ice cream and fudge?" the bot behind him shoots out a little red beam of light and it tries to scan people -Scanning-

There is a brief struggle as Guido suddenly takes off, "LUCILLE!! Where are you!?" But, Speedy manages to be drug along for the ride, and right out of the UR>

Tabitha laughs at Sun's opinions of Jack, and grins as she tells her to order. "Alright!! I want steak! Potatoes! Um... an' a milkshake!! Strawberry!" She giggles and turns back to Sun. "Yeah, that'll be a good place to start!" She glances at the talking monkey-boy and grins. "You think th' monkey will still be here when th' world is destroyed?"

Sun smiles, relaying Tabby's order to the waitress, and ordering herself the largest sushi tray they offer, which just so happens to be large enough to serve about 6 to 10 people. She also orders some sake~! ^^ "Perhaps the ugly monkey will survive the end of the world. Only time can tell, ne, Tabby-chan?" She smiles warmly down at the child, before glancing over at Jack. "Oooiiiii. Ugly monkey boy. Come join us! We're pretending that we don't know the world will end soon!"

Jack Spicer's tail swishes annoyed behind him. It must be some other monkey "jack bot?" whispering to it "is there another monkey around?" it replies with a sharp 'Negative' He begins to pick at his fangs as he replies "Then obviously they dont know who they are dealing with. Even if one of them is some cat girl thing that made a big hole in the ground." see he can play this game too. In a more daring move he begins to laugh/howl "ook ook ah ah!" it's a joke if they thing they can destroy a world that doesnt exist! "Sure I will join you since I know this isnt real"

Tabitha grins fangedly at Jack's comment. "Yeah, yeah. I've heard it all before. It's really a secret dream, right? Ya can't wake up?" She giggles. "An' now yer gonna eat with a cat and a dragon. Enjoy it while it lasts!" She guestures towards a seat, then looks back up at Sun. "I dunno. Maybe we shouldn't be making fun of him till after he tells us what his name is. Oooh! Wait!" She grins at Jack. "Koko, right?"

Sun grins at Jack, seeming rather content to humor the idiot boy. "Oh, this is real, sweetie...pinch yourself, it'll hurt." She laughs at Tabby's implication as to what his name must be, a grin forming across her face. "I dunno...I think Koko is a VERY good name for you, Mr. Ugly Monkey."

Jack Spicer blinks and scritches at his scruffy sideburns "no. It isnt real. Not real in the way real is real. All data says that this is as real as your attitude being attractive or... Cat ears being normal." Why are they calling him Koko? Wasnt Koko a female gorilla?? that had a pet cat?! But that name reminds him of... his eyes begin to swell a little and his bottom lip trembles "kimiko" is squeaked out before he headslams face first into the bar sobbing. the robot that hoovers behind him moves in and sprouts an arm to getnly pat him on the back ;_;. In between sobs the monkey uses his sleeve as a hankey and wipes it over his slobbering face.

Tabitha rolls her eyes as the monkey starts to break down before them. "Wait... yer gonna complain about cat ears when your a monkey?" She blinks and peers at him closer. "Hey... you wheren't a monkey th' last time I saw you, where you? Did you get cursed?" She grabs her milkshake when it finally gets brought out and takes a sip of it, her tail curling a little as she sips. "Oooh, no WONDER he thinks this is fake!" The little girl leans over and pats him on the shoulder, "It'll be ok, Mr Monkey. You'll be dead soon an' all this will go away..."

Sun just watches Jack for a long moment in silence, tilting her head to the side at an increasing angle, until her ear rests against her shoulder. "Yeah. What she said. We'll all be dead soon, which means that you won't have to feel sad for too long, Monkey boy."

Jack Spicer says, "I..I" sniffles "Wasnt a monkey last time. I am holding this" he holds out an old wooden staff that has a carved monkey perched on it. "This Wu is the Monkey's Staff. It gives me all the abilities of a monkey." if that monkey had a human brain. But they seem to be going on a lot about world destruction "So.. so you guys know Wuya? Is that where she is? Did she become human again? She's hot but very ticked in that form"

Tabitha has no idea what a Wuya is. "Who-yah? What? I dunno.... oooh, but that staff sounds fun! All I've got is a pair of demon crafted daggers of pure destruction." She mock-sighs. "Darn it all. I wish I could be a monkey. All that power... like flinging poop at people." She turns to Sun, and looks as innocent as she can. "Sun-chan? C'n I fling poo at th' monkey?" The girl can only keep the act up a moment before she grins again. Oh, well, time for another drink of her milkshake! Sun peers at Jack. "Wuya? Who the hell is that? I don't know anyone by that name." She blinks at Tabby, and laughs a bit. "I'd say yes, but then I would be the one who would have to carry your stinky butt home, wouldn't I?" She grins widely, taking a draught of sake as it arrives.

Jack Spicer blinks and frowns a bit "But I have faster reflexes. Better more agile moves! AND A TAIL! Do you know how usefuly a prehensil tail is?! I can eat three dounuts at once!!" he huffs a little and demonstraites how blah it is to be a monkey. He motions for his bot, that hoovers closer, and like a toy box he shoves the staff inside of it after opening it's head like a lid. After releasing the item, Jack's hairline receades and he takes a more human form. "See? The Wu is magic. And now I am just your typical evil genius Jack Spicer."

Tabitha sweatdrops as he mentions his tail and points at her own, swishing around behind her. The girl blinkblinks when he looses the staff and frowns just a little. "Awww... now yer not gonna be as fun to pick on. Jack Spidermonkey was waaaay funnier than Jack Spicer." No, she doesn't know what she's refrencing. That's just there for those who'd catch it. ^^ Drinking from her shake again she glances at Sun and frowns. "Th' food's takin' too long..."

Sun seems quite nonplussed by Jack's lamentations about his monkey staff. As he mentions the tail, Sun's own tail lifts up from the table, picking up the sake cup and putting it to her lips, draining the contents from the cup before setting it down gently on the table, grinning. "Believe me, I'm fully aware of the abilities a prehensile tail affords you." She smirks. "Well met, Jack Spicer. I'm Sun, and this is...my daughter, Tabitha." She smiles. As Tabby complains about the food, Sun shoots a deathglare at one of the bartenders...and moments later, two waitresses come out. One carries a plate of steak and potatoes, which she sets down before Tabitha. The second waitress puts a large sushi boat in front of Sun. The dragoness grins, picking up her chopsticks. "Itadakimasu!"

Jack Spicer dead pan stare at Sun as he says "A cat girl named Tabby?" his yellow tinted googles tilt to the side in a comical way as the names sink in. And the other one is related to hippies? Now that she mentioned it, he hasnt taken a good look at them. He guesses he is trying not to concentraite too much on the people, of various wierdness like at Ryoko chick he faught, but the smell of the food waffs in his derection and he begins to drool while staring at Sun. Somewhere, his player hopes the 'Pervert card' isnt played. He wants Jack to live @_@ The robot behins him just hoovers.

Tabitha blinks, frowns, and starts to get defensive. "Hey now! My full name is Tabitha, thank you, an' I happen ta like my name." She headtilts a moment and turns to Sun. "...huh, so if yer my Mom, does that mean my last name isn't Bogard?" Before she can ponder it further she's turned and started devouring the plate of food set out for her. At the speed she's going it's a wonder she doesn't decide to eat the plate too...

Sun promptly begins to shove some sushi into her mouth, grinning. She pauses after clearing a good fourth of the plate, taking a draught of sake to wash it down. "Your last name is still Bogard, even if you're my daughter." She grins at the little girl, patting her on the shoulder...then, she promptly attacks the rest of her boat, eating far more than one of her size and stature should even be able to fit inside their stomach.

Jack Spicer says, "Wait! Werent you talking about the world ending?! How can the world end!! It cant end. I am still a virgin!! I have no Kimiko!!" leaping to his feet he forgets his hunger for a moment and says "I shall not have it. I mean to take over the world so it cant be destroied! I need more WU!" pointing behind him "Jack Bot! Find me Wuya! We have Wu to search for!" from out of a pockey he produces a little bunny looking thing. "Denshi bunny!" with a sunnden ZAP he turns into a human version of lightening and speeds off with a crackle of power trailing bhind him.. and a slow putting robot that bows before it leaves

Tabitha sweatdrops as Jack vanishes and glances at her own plate, finding it empty. She turns and stares at the doorway suspiciously for a few moments, shrugs, and finishes off her shake. "Hmm.... Y'know, I think I'm already full. Stupid small stomach..." After grumbling to herself a moment she sighs. "Well, we lost our comic relief. Now what?"

Sun watches quietly as Jack runs of, arching a brow. With a shrug, she rather swiftly devours the last of her meal with a spead that makes one wonder if she's going to unhinger her jaws and swallow the sushi boat down at any second. With a small burp, she promptly puts the money for the bill on the table, grinning oer at Tabby. "Well...we can go home and watch a movie. You never got the experience of watching a cartoon movie, did you?" She grins, already mentally picking out what the girl would like.

Tabitha blinks. Peers, "A what now?" She looks downwards and blinks as Johnny's memories start to come to her. "Uh.... well, not first hand, no." She grins, "But I've heard a lot of reasons why people complain about them!" She stares at her empty glass a moment, trying to will it to have more in it. Saddly, that doesn't work so she sets down her glass. "Anyways, sounds fun! We should take care of that before the world ends an' I can't enjoy it anymore..."

Sun nods slowly. She reaches to pick Tabby up once more. "We can watch The Little Mermaid, or Bambi...my little girl loved those." She chuckles softly, squeezing the girl once she's in her arms...

Upon picking Tabby up, Sun sighs happily. Well...if the world is going to end, at least she has a child to devote her motherly instincts to. Suddenly, air rushes around the two, forming into a tornado around them, until they're concealed from view...then, the two are gone.

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