2007-07-26 (PreU) Monkey Fu

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Monkey Fu

Summary: Jack is almost swindled out of his precious Shen Gong Wu by the world's strongest human freak. Time to drive the villains crazy...

Who: Freakazoid, Jack_Spicer, Wuya
When: July 26th, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Freakazoid has connected.
Jack Spicer (OOC) grabs a knife "dont make me go emo!"
Freakazoid (OOC) puts his arm around Jack. "Heeeey! It's my bestest ever buddy IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! Let's go get nachoes!" Sun (OOC) peeeeers at Freakazoid.
Freakazoid (OOC) vanishes in a flash of blue lighting only to return a moment later with a yellow snowcone. "Ooooh, it's lemon! I FOUND IT BY THE HUSKIES!! Here, HAVE SOME!" Without hesitating he shoves it into Jack's mouth. "AIN'T IT GOOOOOOD?"
Jack Spicer mmphs! and shoves it away while spitting on the ground "GROSS!"
Jack Spicer (OOC) kicks that OOC
Sun (OOC) laughs, claps. ^_^
Jack Spicer (OOC) will start he guess <.<
Freakazoid (OOC) says, "Hey, don't you abuse OOC. He's my friend."

Jack Spicer's once more here! Last night he was chased off by the threat of dying a virgin and never seeing Kimiko again. But once the clock struck 12:01 he figured it was safe and the world would continue on. Having a single Jack Bot float in behind him he walks to a stool and seats himself -plop- "now... lets see if this time I get my Banana split" today he isnt in monkey form but he still is hungry. Lets hope no one messes up his treat this time!

Freakazoid leans against the bar, a yellow snowcone in his hand. When did he enter the UR? Why, OOCly of course. Wait, it seems so because as Jack walks into the Restaurant the Freak turns his attention to him and yells, "YOU COULDA SAID THANK YOU FOR THE SNOWCONE!!!" He turns to the waitstaff and yells, "JEEEZE! You TRY to be NICE to these PEOPLE!" Throwing the snowcone carelessly over his shoulder he walks over towards where Mr Spicer sits and plops down beside him. "And you ABUSED poor OOC by kicking him! It's not his fault! Stupid evil villan." Somehow, saying this seems to make him stare off to the side, smacking a hand into a fist. "WAIT! That's RIGHT! Your an evil villan! WE HAVE TO RUMBLE!"

Freakazoid (OOC) leans against Sun. "Y'know I wasn't happy with that line. I wanted to say 'We have to wrastle' but Jason, y'know, my typiest? He went with Rumble to try to make a bad WCW joke. It's not that funny, really."

Jack Spicer's eyes blink and he slowly head tilts to the blue man invading his space. The ramblings of a mad man because unlike the freaky one, Jack has no concept of OOC or IRL realities. "w..wha?" what the hell is he talking about? "your right about being evil. I am Jack Spicer, Evil boy genius. But... Are you on drugs? You should remember to just say NO. " nodding to himself at his decliration of being drug free

"Drugs?! WHY!? I DON't!!!! GUH!!!!" Running a hand over his face (and pulling his hair back in the process) Freakazoid seems to growl, but doesn't. Odd trick. Suddenly he points at Jack, "Listen you! I'm trying to be nice to you, but if you keep this up, we're gonna have to take this outside!" Out of nowhere, Freakazoid produces a... wait. Where'd he get the Mantis Flip Coin? "I CHALLENGE YOU TO YOUR BANANA SPLIT! It must be CLAIMED for all that is good and holy!

Jack Spicer BA-LINKS! at the Wu that is produced "Where did you get a wu?!" trying to calm down his emmotions he says with a smile "Look guy. I know your not with those punk monks. Why not give me the coin and you can HAVE the Banana split" hey he isnt brave, most times. And he can be an idiot but he is also smart. If a ride works it works. "I will also show you a neat trick if you do, right Jack bot?" looking over his shoulder at the bot it beeps out 'Affirmative'

Freakazoid crosses his arms and hmm's. "Let's see... I dunno. This this is pretty special. And you ARE an evil villan." He taps the fingers of his free hand on the bartop as he contimplates. "No! Can't do it! What kind of proper cross over would it be if we didn't have some kinda showdown?" He jumps onto the bar, knocking over someone's drink. "Alright, we have to fly! First one to the karaoke machine gets the Nu."

With arms waving wildly the young man with the red hair goes, "Wait wait wait!!! Your not doing the showdown right! I need to wager one of my magic wu against yours. And your n.. Wait. did you say NU? Not WU?" he holds out his hand and says "Jack Bot. Monkey Staff!" and the staff pops out, ALA R2-D2 from Jedi. It lands into the young mans hand and he says "Now what will you wager!" he seems ready to except his challange, "For my, MONKEY STAFF!" the naming of the wu makes him start to sprout hair and a tail.

Freakazoid suddenly drops onto the bar a big blue blob with hands and feet and a mouth that seems larger than the rest of it's body. "Um.. yeah. A Nu. I said it right." The Nu begins to drool. Freakazoid grins and holds up the coin. With the voice associated with bad superhero portrayals, he puffs up his chest and annouces, "AN I SHALL WAGER THIS MANTIS FLIP COIN" He leans over and smirks at the waitstaff, "...free with every BK Kids meal!" He stands up tall again, "AGAINST YOUR MONKEY STAFF!!" Somehow the coin vanishes and a banana is in it's place. "Ooooh! A happy monkey! You wanna banana, monkey? Huh? Huh? Do ya?"

Jack Spicer's eyes instantly become glued to the banana "oh oh! A banana! Yeah I want it!" he begins to hop up and down while transfering the Staff to his tail. The grippiness of his tail can be useful as he does a back flip off the stool and lands gently on the ground still hopping in excitement. Even if they are about to have a showdown he cant help but be hungry. "OH OH AH AH!"

Somewhere off to the side, Wuya is staring at this spectacle. Oh, she hasn't begun her ranting at Jack yet. She knows what is going on. Consider her a background object until further notice, yes? And over there, she mutters, "Idiot..." Guess who she is refering to.

Freakazoid waves the banana playfully just out of Jack's reach. "Awwww... it wants the banana! Such a good monkey! Such a fuzzy wuzzy monkey poo head! Such a wuzzy wuzzy woo woo! Moo moo poo poo? Awwwwwwwwww..." Abruptly the blue menace grins mischiviously. "Ok, monkey. Let me play with your stick and I'll give you this banana! Awww... want this banana? Huh? Huh? Gimmie the stick boy!"

Jack Spicer says, "WHAT?!" his monkey eyes shoot open "NO! I am saving myself for Kimiko! or someone just as hot looking..." he side glances around and CRINGES at the voice of Wuya. He thought she was on vacation. Scamping away from the blue on and the ghostly voice. Hey! Look, he is the first one on the Karaoke stage. He wins! But he choses to hide under some of the equiptment. Damn fearful streak of his.. ;_; "She is so gonna hurt me"

Freakazoid snaps his fingers. "Drat." Listening into what the boy compains about, Freakazoid peers around the room. Then he reads the backscroll. Wait, how can he do that? Suddenly Freakazoid is looming over Wuya wearing a tan jumpsuit with a pair of goggles on his head, a backpack covered in blinking lights, and a gleaming black lazor cannon in his hands connected to the backpack by a hose. What the heck is he supposed to be? "I ain't afraid of no ghost!!" There's a flash of light and the sound of energy running rampant as the barrel of the weapon explodes... then... nothing. Freakazoid stares at the weapon in his hands and sighs, "Shucks. I knew I shouldn't have gotten it used..."

Jack Spicer's hiding under some equiptment on stage, then, thanks to the blast of energy from a proton pack, he finds he is hoovering above a hole in the ground. For a whole SECOND! Before he goes plunging into unknown darkness x.x

Wuya is forced into the silliness, and watches the blue freak, distracted far too much for her to notice Jack has disappeared. "..." Best to ignore, and hope he goes away. Then she searches for... "JACK!?" And there she goes, down the hole.

Freakazoid sighs as his audience leaves him. "Oooooh, Nutbunnies." He marches up to the bar looking lonely and depressed. Sitting down he grabs someone at random and sobs, "It ALWAYS happens this way! No one wants to go get hotdogs with me anymore! Here! Just TAKE THIS!" He shoves the Mantis Flip Coin into the pocket of the random stranger. The man pulls it out and stares at it, finally annoucing, "Hey, this is a kids toy?" Freakazoid shrugs, "Well, yeah. I said I got it out of a kids meal." That being said he stands again, throws his arms into the air and declares, "UP, UP, AND AWAY!!!" And while yelling "WHOOOOOOSH!" Freakazoid slowly walks out the door and onto the street... just another day in the UR.

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