2007-07-29a (PreU) Eff and Caliga's Bogus Journey

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Eff and Caliga's Bogus Journey

Summary: Mr Eff makes his return and sends Caliga descending into the depths of hell where a power struggle occurs between the two and the lost Crux. Lots of plot points and fancy scenery! LEARN THE DARK SECRETS of stuff people forgot we planed... This precedes 7-29-07 Resurrection pt4

Who: caliga, crux, Mr Eff, Senior_Diablo
When: July 29th, 2007
Where: House #777

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Main Stairs(#2176R)

Here you see a massive spiraling staircase with several doors along it's path. Like the seldom used stairwell of a huge office building, the stairs are built close to the walls as it decends down into the unimaginable depths of the complex. Looking over the edge gives the impression of a bottomless pit, but the silence and the stench of old blood are a reminder that everything has an end...

The door slams shut to an empty house as Johnny and Squee set out on thier adventure. Deep below them, however, the beings that manifest here decide to prove that statement otherwise. Out of the gloom steps a solitary figure in the form of an animated styrofoam display stand. It places a stubby hand on the wall and glares it's painted on eyes at the steps leading upwards. "Too long... too long... That little shit needs to pay for what he's done. Too many lives... too much power. Where the fuck is he?"

"Where the fuck is who, dear figment?" A sadistic voice suddenly rings out as a puddle suddenly appears infront of styrofoam doughboy. "I've got oh so much to discuss with you, Mister Eff. You should already know who I am." The puddle suddenly takes the form of Caliga, before actually becoming solid. He leans forward, and grins at the doughboy. "Now.. Who shall pay, Doughboy?" The memories of Nny are already coming in handy.

Mr Eff spits as he begins to yell at the towering figure. "Been fucking around in his thoughts already, eh? You've become a throne in our sides. We had plans you know! THAT BRAIN IS OURS, BITCH! You can't have it! We manefested in his dillusions, we controlled them. Your not going to throw away all the work we put into the boy now before we ever get an opportunity to bring our plans to fruition. Did you happen to hear the voices while you where in there? Did you feel their darkness? WHERE WE COME FROM IS NOT A PLACE FOR MORTALS, JACKASS! Give me what you stole and let me finish bringing this place to it's knees."

(( From Off-screen, a lone intern sits, watching the monitor, and cackles with idiotic glee. "A throne in our sides! A throne in our sides!" ))

Caliga grins, "I don't fucking think so little figment. His ass is mine now. And by proxy, you are as well. I'd suggest you get use to it if you wish to even think about continuing to exist. Your master is pissy that every single one of the little cesspools he's chosen for his dirty deeds has already been claimed. I do not think so." The grin suddenly grows as a finger is then pointed down at the doughboy. "The maniac is mine. I won't be returning them.. Not to you at least. You better get use to it, and learn to cooperate."

A smile begins to grow as Eff listens to him ramble on. Sowly he begins to chuckle. Soon it becomes full blown laughter. "You stupid... dilluted... MORON!!!" The room seems to grow darker. This isn't a simple case of the light being taken away, but something more. This, well, this is identical to what happens to Johnny's body when he's pissed. The doughboy's eyes seem to begin glowing of an odd white light. "You don't know what your dealing with do you? A system as old as malace itself? DON'T YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE YET?" Unlike Johnny, this darkness begins to spread onto everything in the room. Eff's body turns black with only the eyes casting illumination. "We never needed the daggers. We never needed the isolation. We're the ones who convinced the boy to disrupt the time on that world for OUR PLANS. OUR GOALS! We're the ones who told him to attack the Council. We'd almost decided to let you live when you brought the Abomination out to play... BUT THEN YOU WENT AND FUCKED UP OUR PLANS!" The room begins to grow warm. Heat resonating from some unseen location. "Sickness was but a throne in my side. Something that got out of control when it absorbed me and my 'brother'. But we won't be letting that happen again. Do you think you know who controls us? Do you think to know who's in charge?" The eyes lift into the air to match Caliga's height, the twin orbs staring back into his face. "WELCOME TO HELL, ASSHOLE! LET'S SEE YOUR MAGIC GET YOU OUT OF THIS ONE..." The walls of the room ignight in flames revealing a desolate landscape which seems to extend into infinity. The sounds of screaming can be heard coming and going with the wind. Whereever this is, it certainly isn't Twisted Street any longer...

As the landscape reveals itself, Mr Eff vanishes as the light seems to erase his very form. Yet, somehow... his laughter continues.

(( There's more off-screen giggling. "Throne in our sides... ah.... never get tired of that one." Someone needs to shut that intern up. What's he doing at the monitor, anyways? He doesn't have the intelligence to find the on-switch! ))

"THE MANIAC IS MINE YOU FUCKING LITTLE FIGMENT!" Caliga roars loudly, his entire body pulsing with energy. "No, it will never again go to your plans. I've planted /my/ seeds within the maniac, and soon he will be noticing them.. And enjoying them.." The grin seems to twist into a sadistic smile as Mr. Eff drops him in Hell. "You have no fucking idea just what mistake you made Eff.. You and your master are fucked..." He looks around laughs loudly. "Oh please.. I've seen scarier things on a Lite-Bright..." But.. this gives him a very good chance to get something else he's been wanting as well. "As I told the council, I will not be contained.." The armor suddenly vanishes, as he starts to walk through hell. "OH CRUX... Where oh where are you.."

There's a quiet yawn, and, lying in a pile of smoldering dead people that weren't there when he went to sleep, the silver-haired man opens a single, hazel eye, and glances towards the source of the noise sleepily. Hmm? Don't know him. Must not be important. The eye closes again, and Crux rolls over in his sleep. "Nngh, sleeping. Come back later." ... Well that was certainly worth the journey, now wasn't it? His rolling over manages to put him in a bad position of balance, and he falls down the pile with his arms splayed, already lost to the world again even as twenty or thirty smoldering corpses pile atop of him. He doesn't seem to notice.

"Oh, so you won't even grant the man who killed your murderer, an audience, Crux?" The twisted smile remains upon Caliga's face. "Get up Crux.. You wish to know the current fate of your friend, Johnny C, don't you? And to think.. I even had a business proposition for you..." He continues to walk into Hell, moving straight towards the pile of bodies Crux currently resides in.

(( "Crux can't come to the realm of consciousness right now. If you could leave your name, number, and a short message after th--EEP!" The intern is yanked off screen by a giant hook, and blood spatters the walls. Well, that's one problem taken care of. ))

As he walks, Caliga will begin to notice objects literaly erupting from the barren soil around him. Street signs, buildings, places of Johnny's past. A mountain grows with a terrifying rumble, reaching up into the sky with a lone cliff peering down from above. The front of Johnny's house appears accross from it. Statues of all the people the maniac knew from Neo Tokyo and Metropolis come out of the ground as well, seemingly no rhyme or reason to any of it. Nothing makes much sense until the some of the statues begin to crumble. For instance, when one that looks like Cale Charis looses it's arm, a bleeding stump seems to be left behind instead of jagged rock. These aren't statues. These are souls. Crux's not left out of the game either as a statue of him appears beside him like a headstone, it's eyes and mouth bleeding. Eff appears from behind the statue and actually STEPS ontop of the real Crux's sleeping head. "You wanted to steal what was IN his head... try his head STEALING YOU! This place is nothing but a PLAYGROUND for the likes of us, as you'll soon see. We've tailored alot in the boy's image. His dillusions are to us like candy to children. We are a plauge... and if your quest for knowledge is so deep, I'll let you see how deep this grave really is." The illusion perched atop Crux's face ignites into flames and begins to cackle as the melted globs of styrofoam drip onto him. Beneath them... seems to be bone?

"Ngh. Don't have a murderer. Killed myself." Apparently Crux wasn't /REALLY/ asleep again that quickly, but he sounds like he's close to drifting off nonetheless. A loud snore seems to interrupt Caliga's words about Johnny, and Crux doesn't hear them. It isn't until globs of melted styrofoam fall on his face that he opens his eyes lazily, looking up to see .. ... the pillsbury dough boy. "...Nrgh. Stop dripping on me." Crux's hand idly swats at the illusion like he would a fly, without any particular effort. Of course, Crux's swats have been known to divert ultra-lisks, so it's not like it's really all that weak. He's till too sleepy to hold back any of his only-barely-superhuman strength right now.

"DO NOT FUCK WITH ME FIGMENT, OR I WILL UNDO EACH AND EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING YOU HAVE DONE. I CONTROL THE MANIAC!" Now Caliga starts to look angry, slowly rising into the air. "The maniac would never be able to handle what I am, nor could your master. Do you fear me this much Mister Eff? Do you truly see me as that large of a threat?" A dark laugh starts to come from Caliga, as a pink crystal appears infront of him. It suddenly projects an image of Johnny's little 'tiff' with Jimmy, his poor departed admirer. The crystal suddenly shatters, destroying the memory entirely. "I can create a blank slate for me to work upon, undoing each and every last thing you've strived for. I can do the same with Devi, and I can do the same with young Squee. Don't fucking test me Figment."

Skeletal wings sprout from the burning doughboy as Eff takes to the sky before Crux could swat him, floating overhead and laughing more. Seeing Caliga start to rise after him only makes what ever he is becoming laugh more. "Don't test? DON'T TEST? IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK I'M DOING?" The Eff-beast's mood shifts and he glares at Caliga with infinite hatred. "DO YOU THINK THIS IS A TEST YOU MINDLESS BAFOON? YOU SHOULDN'T TAKE THINGS SO LIGHTLY, YOU STUPID PIECE OF DISTENDED RECTUM! You know NOTHING!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU!?!?!? You probably don't even realise the lengths we've gone to... DO YOU THINK BREAKING TIME WAS MERE WHIMSEY? It RUINED the cooridinates of space time! IT BROKE THE VERY FABRIC OF CHAOS!!! Don't you see? WE GAVE THAT POWER TO TRINUNE WHEN SHE CREATED TWISTED!!! THE DAMAGE WE'D DONE ALLOWED IT TO GROW IN REVERSE TO THE PROPER TIME LINE!! MWA-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!!! WE LINKED IT TO HELL!!!!! DON'T YOU SEE?? THIS IS OUR TIME!!! THIS IS OUR DESTINY!!! We ShALL BRiNG heLL to An iNfINITe EaRtHS!! wE ShALL BrIng PaIn tO a MuLtItuDE of REaLiTIeS!!" Eff's form changes, and shifts into a skeletal version of Johnny's own form, complete with a twisted skull mocking his own expressions. The thing summons the maniac's double bladed scythe and twirls it challengingly between it and Caliga. "I NeEd HiS BrAiN OnLy To BrEAk FrEE oF mY EaRThBoUnD FOrM!!! FUCK tHe MaSTeR!!!" It stops twirling the weapon and brings it to it's chest. "....I'd rather have BLOOD!!!!!!!!!"

  • Nnnnnn-hgmph?* The sound comes from Crux as the beginning of another snore is interrupted by his conscious mind seizing upon keywords in the conversation. Oh, is this about Johnny? He should probably wake up. . . Probably. "Seriously, can't you keep it down?" He yawns and sits up, stretching his arms above his head regardless of whether the doughboy manages to stay atop it or not. "...You have any idea how hard it is to get sleep around..." He blinks as he realizes idly that he's in a pile of dead people. Those weren't here when he dozed off. Huh. Looks like /THAT/ particular blessing/curse still works. "... here?" His hazel eyes slowly focus on the rest of the area. Oh look, it all looks familiar, Neo Tokyo and that place Crux just missed finding Johnny at seem to be imitated in stone around here... There's even a statue of him above his head. As is a floating skeleton with a scythe, and... some guy. Ah, the guy who woke him up. Looks like a fight... Drat, that means he probably shouldn't go back to sleep because it might be important. "... You all suck."

"Too bad." The body suit suddenly vanishes from Caliga's form, and is replaced with his Dai Kaioshin clothing. His eyes suddenly start to glow a bright red, with three black lines surrounding the iris'. "His brain is mine. With out it, you have nothing Eff. And I can destroy it at will. Bow before me, and you be free. Side against me, and I'll fucking destroy everything you've strived to create. I'm not an idle plaything." A large scythe suddenly appears in his right hand, as it suddenly starts to pulse with a lifeforce of its own. "Crux Caedon's power will be brought back eventually, and with it, I will lay waste to the Council. I will ensure the Maniac will fulfill his purpose, but if you side against me, I will go against all that, and destroy /everything/."

"...his PURPOSE? THIS WAS HIS PURPOSE! THIS WAS WHY HE WAS CREATED!!!" Blood begins to spread over Eff's bones and spinning around his form, once it's complete he grins. The blood acting as a body and successfuly making him appear like the maniac in his nightmare form. "I bOw tO No OnE yOu StUpID fUcKInG IdiOt!" It cracks it's neck painfully to the side, it's voice changing to that of Johnny's. "Then DO IT! KILL IT OFF! Better to kill it away than see it intrusted to you!!! DESTROY WHAT YOU WILL, YOU WON'T STOP US! YOU CAN'T KILL US!! And you DARE to bring the Advent into this?? DO YOU THINK WE CHOSE THIS LOCATION AT RANDOM!?!?!? I should LEAVE YOU HERE for your STUPIDITY! I mearly brought us here to chat, dear BOY." Eff tears accross the sky at Caliga in an unexpected show of speed. The blood trailing behind him as he moves, raining down on the landscape below. Somehow, it doesn't desipate from it's bones as if the bones where an endless well. Eff brings the double bladed scythe down diagnaly accross Caliga's chest, blood moving past it with the momentum and attempting to choke the very life out of him if possible. "THIS ISN'T ABOUT TWISTED!!!! THIS ISN'T ABOUT WASTELOCKS!! I WILL CUT WHAT I NEED FROM YOUR CORPSE!!!!"

"You stupid little figment..." The scythe is slowly brought up, blocking Eff's attack. "You cannot snuff out what does not live. You of all beings should know this." His eyes suddenly focus on Eff. "Look at me Eff, you try to destroy the one thing that has the keys to your freedom.." He suddenly grins as the body Eff attacked melts into the ground. "What's wrong Eff? Having trouble getting ahold of my corpse?" He floats in the air above Crux, as four more Caliga's suddenly appear in seperate locations. "The Advent? That doesn't matter a fucking bit to me. I just want his power." All five Caliga's suddenly point their scythe's at Eff, and start laughing at him. "You are the fool."

"Hmm?" Amidst the talk of the maniac and whatnot, Crux hears his own name? Talk of his powers being used to lay waste to the council? Ugh. Just what he needs. "... Not the brightest bulb in the basket, are you?" Crux starts to walk through the air up towards the pair, but ends up going around in vertical circles, and blinks. Spatial power, Crux. It doesn't work here. With a tiny sigh, Crux's left arm shoots out, and there's a click from within the sleeve of the jacket. A tiny diamond shoots out through the air at high speeds, just past Caliga, leaving an irridescent green line behind it as it plows into one of the rock faces on the mountain that just rose up.

Intending to yank himself up towards Caliga and jam his elbow against the man's throat for good measure, not that it often does any good against these types, Crux pauses. He notes the crazy skeletal creature take on the form of Johnny, and lets his memory of what was said in the moments while he was half-asleep play back in his mind with crystal clarity. No... it's not Johnny. Something that's been controlling him? Huh. Maybe he wasn't crazy after all. No... .... No, definately crazy, just ... more than that. Now Crux doesn't know what to do or who to bother. However, when the once-skeletal figure rips through Caliga, and the strange man appears above him, and elsewhere, he gives a half-shrug. That makes things easier. The dimaond inside the rock face spreads its roots deep, growing into it. With both hands, Crux yanks a huge chunk of the rock face out, whipping it around through the air and sending it on an arc-ing intercept course towards everyone. The arc should take it clean around in a curve that would swipe all of them out of the air, or at least, that's the theory. Things rarely go as planned. "... Discussing me like I'm not here is step one to irritating me, you know. You're not very good at this 'business proposition' thing."

The sky overhead begins to darken as Eff begins to laugh once more. It's a haunting, howling laugh that seems to resonate from everything around them. The statues crack and bleed further as the each turn their heads to the sky. Caliga will feel a sharp pain in his head, and reguardless of his mental protection he will briefly feel what is like to be the maniac. A random chunk of his memory will detatch itself from him, turning into horrid nightmares which mock and laugh at him as they're taken away. They will stop when Crux's rock shatters Eff's form, and then the boody nightmare reforms itself with arms crossed. It looks down at the Advent with a mock show of calm, like a parent dealing with a screaming child. "I had things under control, thank you..." Lightning crackles accross the sky and blood begins to rain down on the already morbid scene around them. Mr Eff returns it's attention to the Caliga clones with a shake of it's head. "Not everyone has a body made of flesh, or bone, or matter. We exist in dreams. We exist in thought. This is how the game is played. Shall we invert things? Would you care to see what it feels like to have YOUR thoughts solidified?" It glances at Crux with annoyance and sighs, directing it's next question towards him. "...your going to be making this difficult aren't you?"

The twisted grin appears once more on Caliga's face, as he's suddenly struck by the rock, alongside each of the copies. The four copies fade, as Caliga continues to float above Crux, the rock not jarring him from his position. Oh, he already knew what it felt like to be the maniac, litle does the figment know.. "Crux Caedon, yes I do have a proposal for you, however, it seems I will be unable to discuss it fully with you. Such a pity. As for you Eff..." He suddenly vanishes, and appears infront of him. "I want the Maniac, and I will not let him go. It is as simple as that. I've claimed him, and you will not change that fact." He suddenly snickers at Eff, before vanishing once more, and reappearing next to Crux yet again. "Irritating you or not, this thing is what has been haunting Johnny for all these years. I have helped relieve him of that pain, especially since the Doughboys have caused so much more damage then they truly let on to him. He currently is on a quest with a child to recover what I have taken. His memories."

"/I'M/ making things difficult? You're the one who's interrupting my sleep." He gives a yawn, as if to drive the point home that he's tired, and looks around at the two in the air. If the assured wind could follow him to hell, or if he could use his powers, he could be up there with them. But he can't. And it's slightly annoying. "... Look, I can't do the whole 'in the air' thing while I'm here. But because I don't have the slightest problem inviting /him/ to Hell, I can do a lot worse. So you two either get yourselves down here, or I'm gonna make the pair of you permanent residents. I'm pretty sure I can't be more clear." He yawns again as he says this, completely erasing whatever air of intimidation the statement might have had. Way to go, Crux. When he closes his mouth from the yawn, he notices Caliga next to him. Well, that's half the struggle anyways. "Nm. So Johnny's happy now? That's good." A bit a shrug, and he crosses his arms, looking ever-so-slightly less than indifferent now. "... There a point in there somewhere?"

Meanwhile, the rock face just crashes into the ground, and the line from Crux's grapple snaps off and goes flittering into the distance. The device reloads itself almost silently, a tiny click being heard from the sleeve of his jacket. He hasn't had to use that thing in a /long/ time.

Mr Eff appears beside Crux, and beside Caliga, and in the rocks... wait. About 30 Mr Effs appear randomly. "Stupid people... stupid tricks. Stupid games." The storm comes to a head, swirling as a full blown hellish hurricane. The Eff's reasemble into one form, and it seems quite pissed. The bleeding statues crumble, and the sands turn into a dark bloody mud. The screaming bodies of the damned souls burried beneath the soil begin to claw free, each of them hystericaly seeking to destroy anything they can touch. Eff's shadow explodes into the air, burning around him in a cloud of darkness. As the sky continues to darken, blocking off all light, the muddied soil begins to cast off a red glow of it's own. Eff's now white eyes glare angrily. "DO NOT TAKE ME SO LIGHTLY, CALIGA... ARE YOU A GOD?" Pillars launch themselves out of the ground and reach upwards into the heavens. Eff begins to leviate once again, spinning his scythe around him angrily. "You've DESTROYED Johnny's mind... you've taken from him everything that was GOOD. We thank you for that. BUT YOU STEPPED OVER YOUR BOUNDS. YOU WENT TOO FAR. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE ANY FURTHER CHANCES FOR REDEMPTION." Mr Eff stops twirling the scythe and shakes his head. "...and you still fail to realise the maniac won't help you without those thoughts to drive him. YOU WILL DO WHAT IS DEMANDED OR YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THIS PLANE!!!"

"No, he isn't happy. But he is free. He no longer has the daggers." Caliga stares at Eff, and merely laughs at him. "Isn't it obvious Eff?" A tree suddenly appears behind him, as a ray of light suddenly pierces the darkness. His voice however changes, as if a million souls were all joined into one, and spoke with perfect harmony, "That I am a God." Eff's little show has gone on for long enough. "I will not return them, and I will not hand the Maniac back over to you." The scythe is raised into the air, and the storm suddenly starts to die down. "Your little games of trying to force me into returning him to you will not work Eff. Do you honestly think that I could not leave here, if I didn't want to? /YOU/ underestimate me." He laughs once more at Eff, "I will leave this plane, and you will not stop me, as you cannot contain me." He turns his gaze to Crux, and softly speaks. "As for you Crux, I want Johnny to be free, to make his own destiny. I would merely like you to loan me your power to achieve this goal. He is no longer a puppet, and Eff here knows this."

"... Hmm." Crux glances towards the copy of Eff that appears next to him, about to congratulate both him and Caliga on actually listening to him, when Eff disappears again, re-appearing in the air once more. Crux gives a sigh. Well, you can't have everything. "My power's not for sale or loan." Crux's eyes blaze golden for just a moment, and then he uncrosses his arms.

Small particles of light begin to drift between Crux's hands after he uncrosses his arms, and after a moment, a brilliant blade of light appears in his hands. Gripping it in his left hand, Crux holds it backwards from the traditional way one would hold a sword, and brings the other hand to grip its 'hilt' in the same way, tightening his grip on it as he points the tip down. "Gods, demons, whatever you are... If we're going to talk, we'll have a talk. If we're going to fight, we'll have a fight." He raises the blade up for a moment, parallel to his body. "But for crying out loud... make up your DAMN MINDS." Crux slams the blade down into the ground, and ... well this is interesting, light ripples outwards throughout the sky and ground, completely erasing and dispelling the illusions for a brief moment as the heavens and the earth... (not literally, given the location) both are simply endless plains of pure white. The storm, and all the crawling damned, are simply gone from sight. "There... that's settled." Crux pulls the blade back out from the ground, and nods his head once. And the instant it's pulled out from the ground, the brilliant white planes all ripple back inwards until everything is as it was before he did anything. "...." He makes a grimace. "... I hate this place."

As things revert, Eff vanishes again. There is a long moment where nothing happens. With an abrupt blood curdling scream soil opens up, depositing the bloody nightmare to greet them once more. Behind it the landscape returns to it's chaotic nature, the bodies, the storm, the blood. But this time it remains only in that area behind him as if someone spliced part of a film into another. Eff crosses his arms and his eye twitches. "Very well. Talk? Then sure. We can fucking talk." The air around the bloodied corpse becomes thick with the sickly taste of decay. The blood begins to darken in patches and maggots seem to fall from the blotches. "Now that we know precisely the level of powers we hold, we've no need for this power struggle." With his words the area seems to change for the three of them. Cutting accross the landscape like a massive pie chart, the areas behind each person change to reflect them, much like part of it had already done for Eff. "We don't have long before we're noticed. Those in charge already know of the damage done. Caliga? You mistake what your dealing with. You've locked away our instrument of chaos once we'd finally taken posession of the boy and his full powers, but you didn't free him. He was born a tool, and a tool he shall always be. Why do you think he was expelled from heaven and hell? His time is going to come soon, and all you've done is endanger us all. The daggers where NEVER a source of his powers or his corruption..."

"The Maniac deserves the right to choose his destiny, Eff. He will re-awaken soon, under his own will. But, he will choose the path to take." Caliga states this bluntly, as the bag of Johnny's memories suddenly appears infront of him. The back then vanishes once more. "Tell me, why are we all in danger Eff?"

Crux gives another, smaller yawn, and the blade of light vanishes from his hands once again. "...and is this the boring kind of danger that involves a lack of existence, or the fun kind where enemies rain down upon us? Because the boring kind sounds good right about now. I could use a nap." ... Damnit Crux, stop thinking about sleeping!

Behind Crux, thanks to Eff's illusions, hundreds upon hundreds of millions of crystalline entities march in place silently, and a depiction of the milky way repeatedly loses an entire spiral arm, only to regenerate it and lose it again. Huh. Crux's had a fun life.

Mr Eff lets out an exasperated sigh at Caliga's stubborness. "WE ARE ALREADY INSIDE THE MANIAC, YOU SIMPLITON! QUIT THINKING YOU'VE DONE SOME LIFE SAVING THING TO HIM!!!" Covering his face with a thin hand he tries to calm himself. "Why the FUCK must I always be the one of us to speak? Why can't it EVER be SOMEONE ELSE!?!?!?" Clearly the question wasn't ment for the two people in his audience at the moment. It lets down it's hand and crosses it's arms again. "When the boy left his home world he thought himself free of us. He thought he understood his destiny and he ran from it. These thoughts TERRIFIED HIM! He thought by simply removing his emotions he could be free of what was haunting him. But it wasn't until he met that Bogard fellow that the maniac learned that not everyone fights to kill. You should know that if you truely paid attention to what you stole from him. THAT MEANS THAT LESSON HASN'T BEEN LEARNED! The corruption from Benedict inside him is still there. He's just FORGOTTEN HOW TO USE IT. AM... I... MAKING MYSELF..... CLEAR? You want control of the relm of Twisted, and you think that by taking control of the Council you'll find yourself in a position of power? You do know the maniac was right about things being behind the scenes? Didn't you ever stop to think that something was BEHIND the COUNCIL? The Advent here probably already knows all this. You charge in their with your army and you will lead ALL of them to their DEATHS." The figure chuckles and shifts it's arms to cross behind it's back. "As much as I'd love to see that, it wouldn't help our goals. Should Johnny loose control without the knowledge to use his powers he'll just be a chaotic, mindless force again. Twisted will be reset and so will everything connected to it... Chronos will stop being corrupted. Hell will no longer be unified. The dead will stay dead and anything that's been sealed will be released. The balance of power will shift and a horrific new pact will be formed from the remains. Are you prepared for all that?"

"His memories will be restored Eff. I will not pretend I don't want to restore them. As it stands right now, Johnny is focusing on what lead to them being sealed. The beast behind the scenes? There will always be one Eff, and we both know this. His memories will be restored soon. You already knew I intended to restore them. So why did you try to challange me in the first place?" Caliga grins as a chair made of crystal appears behind him, upon which he then sits down in. "We all have our uses for the Maniac, however, as it stands right now, I do not want to risk things getting out of control, if the Maniac cannot control his power. Memories or not, if he does not control them, he will end up being killed, initiating the reset anyways."

Crux, for his part, just stands and glances between the two in slight irritation. No... he doesn't like either of them particularly well. But at least they listened. They get points for that. Not a LOT, but more than say, the council. Who's version of listening is trying to attack you while you speak and nodding their heads. Geniuses, that bunch. "...Twisted and the chunk of the multiverse connected to it are dying anyways." He gives a light shrug. "I'm already dead, this has nothing to do with me." His eyes blaze gold for a moment, and then he blinks, and turns to look behind him. Ooh. Fancy. "... ... Good times."

Mr Eff growls with growing irratation. "Everything's dying, you fool. The things set in motion have gone on too long. The only one that could restore the damage done is someone who can pass through the gates that connect to Twsited on whim. Why do you think the self proclaimed hero here wants your help? I could care less. Stay dead! I brought him here because I have no restrictions here, and you made an easy anchor to latch onto. Not every reason things happen is because of some glorious plan, but it is rather ironic that so many plans intertwine with coincidence..." The blood upon Mr Eff's bones begins to drain, leaving the animated skeleton beneath it. "Caliga? No one knows everything. I needed to know where you stood. I needed to know what powers you possesed. You'd best not let Johnny know your on the level with Cassandra or he'll take out his agression on you as well. He can't be left alone to start the reset. I'd have my own powers at full if I could access his thoughts outside his skull... but I'm not wasting the powers I'd collected from him trying to fight you for them. I may have my orders, but I don't fucking care what happens to any of these worlds. Let them rot..." Eff's form regresses further until he resumes the form of a doughboy once again. "There's talk of a tournament. Advent, I'd suggest you consider entering if you care about your friends in the least bit. We need to end this chat quickly or I'd say more..."

"The Maniac will never know my true strength. That I can assure you. I will restore his memory, but in the fashion to give him control. If he goes out of control, then it won't matter, as the reset will happen. Now..." Caliga stands up from the chair, as it suddenly vanishes, his clothing suddenly fading, and being replaced with the bodysuit and armor once more. A large chain suddenly flies out of the ground, and wraps itself around Caliga, obviously binding him down. The chain vanishes, and it's obvious the man looks a bit queasy from it. "Will you return us now?"

"... If I could make a gateway between here and the planes of reality, I wouldn't be here listening to you whine and moan." Crux doesn't even respond to the mention of a tournament. What the hell does that have to do with ANYTHING? Well, he'll find out if it's anything remotely important. "And frankly, I don't have the motivation to pass through the gate back to life. Have YOU ever tried to over-run a hundred million exalts, thirteen or fourteen gods, a fully awakened Advent, and two-hundred thousand samurai using nothing but a freaking grappling hook and a glorified flashlight? You try it sometime." That, and Crux's just lazy. Though in this case, it might just be justifiably so. He has to face every single enemy he's ever killed to make it out of hell even IF he gets through the planes, after all. The problem with being good at what you do, is that that number tends to be very large.

Mr Eff stares at Crux and rolls his eyes. "You won't have to face them if... ugh. You'll find out." To Crux Caliga and Mr Eff will melt into puddles of blood. To Caliga, the entire world does the same. Caliga will soon find himself alone in Johnny's basement once again with nothing but the smell of sulfur to remind him that this was more than just an illusion. Crux will have a much more solid manefestation. The form of Senior Diablo appears behind him once the plane of hell resets itself. "Mister Caedon? I believe we need to have a talk..."

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