2007-08-13 (PreU) All things must die

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All things must die..

Summary: Finally, Things come to a head.

Who: devi, sun
When: August 13th, 2007
Where: Nekrosis


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Nekrosis: Waterfall Valley

( OOC: Picture, for reference: http://www.portfolionatural.com/galgran/ss019.jpg )
The river seems long, widening, then shortening, always going steadily uphill. At one point, one encounters a circular, bubbling spring right in the midst of the river, large. This must be why the water's so pure...the river stretches back the way you came, and continues towards the inland. Strange, strange place. If one would try to drink the water, they would recieve the delightful shock of having drank possibly the purest water known to man. Continuing onward, downhill now, the land begins to drop away on either side of the river as it turns sharply, the drops first far away, then venturing closer and closer to the banks of the river...and after the view being blocked by hills and trees, one reaches the end of the river, a drop down into a valley which causes a waterfall. Looking around, one can see many layers and levels of waterfalls, a few leading from a plateau high above the level you're on, and the rest leading down into the basin below, a clear pool of water edged in white and leading out into a river. One can see two possibilities here: Either go and attempt to scale the cliff that the higher waterfalls come from (which appear to lead toward the mountains), or climb down a narrow, but apparently recently travelled path leading down the side of one cliff (which open into what appears to be a dense forest).

Such a strange Island this is...it's so amazing, so beautiful...yet something much darker lurks around the forests and mountains of this place. That much is obvious to Sun, who sits at the grassy edge of the cliff, silently watching the water flow over the side and down into the river below. Her tail is wrapped around her, and her feet dangle off the edge of the cliff, her eyes marveling at the sights. This might be a good place to have a final scene...and little does she know that it might just be the last place she'll ever see...

Devi can be found floating about 100 feet in the air, behind Sun. Sighing, Devi crosses her arms and admires the landscape before starting her fun for the day. "To bad I can't apperciate this like I used to. Ah well. Oh, there is my little Sun-chan." She grins, a very violent and insane glint in her eyes. Breathing in, she begins to whistle a very merry and happy tune. Floating to the ground, Devi appers in a traditonal Kimono, a long silver katana glinting in the sunlight.

Sun's eyebrows lift as she hears that familiar voice, and a small smile appearing on her face. "I was almost hoping you'd show up here." She doesn't even turn around, staring silently at the multiple waterfalls that splash in the river below; instead, she leans back, resting her weight on her hands. "Why, exactly, do you hate me so much, Devi?"

Devi shurgs, nonchalantly. "You ruined my home, you intruded on my charge, and you're selfish. Now, I'm not saying that I'm not. But I'm not going to off myself because of it." She shrugs again looking out onto the water flowing below. Her eyes narrow. "Would you like to do this the easy way, love, or the hard way?" She doesn't fall into a fighting stance yet, choosing rather to bide her time, and see what's going to happen.

A small smile appears across the dragoness' face, and she nods slowly; suddenly, she flips backward, onto her feet, landing with her back to the insane woman. Her tail swishes lazily behind her, and her wings shift slightly. "As much as I'd enjoy the easy way...that wouldn't work with my personality. So..." Suddenly, she spins on her heel, levelling a glower upon the woman, all traces of amusement gone. "...I guess I'll have to die while inflicting as much damage against you as possible, won't I?"

Devi grins her twisted grin again. "Oh Joy! It just would be the same. IT'S A DAY FOR BLOOD TRAILS!" And thus starts Devi's attack. She charges forwards, her katana striking stray stone that have happened in it's way, before vanishing, and appearing behind Sun. The relocation is instant, and Devi retains the force and speed of her charge. Her white teeth are bared in a very animalistic way, and she's swinging with all her force.

Sun doesn't bother moving, watching Devi with a silent, withdrawn look to her face; as she dissapears, the dragoness smirks...and the sword does indeed hit it's mark. However, it passes through her with a splash...and all of a sudden, Sun is no longer Sun, but a wall of water, spraying with the force of a fire hydrant at Devi in an attempt to knock her off the cliff. "You really think it's going to be THAT easy?"

Devi says, "Do you really think I'm that stupid?" As the water hits her, she fades back into the asteral plane, and smirks, her form looking much like that of Terra's from FF6, but we don't need that detail right now. Slipping back into Sun's plane, she appers directly overhead, her legs spread as she extends her hand, heels together as she pumps out a big fat ray of raw purple energy towards where the spray of water starts. Her hair flys back against her head as she falls, a high pitched squeal of joy emitting from her. She's haveing way to much fun.

The energy does indeed hit it's mark...but the remainder of the water splashes over the cliff's edge, down into the river below. Suddenly, there's no trace of Sun...until suddenly, all of the waterfalls just...STOP, in midair. The downpour of water slowly bends, upwards...then, all of the waterfalls within the valley are suddenly unleashing their torrents upon Devi. Sun doesn't appear...that is, not until a large bolt of electricity is suddenly unleashed from a cloud overhead that wasn't there before...

Devi vanishes again to her home plane, as she sighs, bideing her time again, but casting her voice out over the valley. It rings loudly around," STOP HIDING BEHIND YOUR ELEMENTS SUN-CHAN, FIGHT LIKE A WARRIOR AND NOT A SILLY SPOILED LITTLE BRAT." She shakes her head, looking almost ashamed to be fighting someone who refuses to use their body for a good fight. Devi is fully prepared to camp out at home and keep an eye on Sun til she reappers, until the end of time, if she has to. There are advantages to not having to sleep, eat, or drink anything.

The dragoness reappears, hovering above the valley with her arms crossed. "Then stop hiding behind your little astral plane bullshit." She smirks silently, lifting her arm and holding a hand over the large ruby set into the bracer upon her wrist...and in her hand appears a wicked katana. "How 'bout we do this without powers, save for flight? See who's really better with hand-to-hand combat..."

Devi appers again by her starting point. "I'm not going to stand and watch you play act at being someone you are not. Do not tell me to stop hiding, I've been attacking, and you have only been running." A small chink is heard as Devi slips into her fighting stance, her left foot forward, and her katana pointed at Sun. "Bring it on bitch, it's time you die."

Sun smirks, holding her Katana towards Devi...then, she dissapears, reappearing quickly behind Devi. Spinning on the ground, she aims the blade of the sword at Devi's achille's tendons, while bringing her spiked tail around to catch the woman in the side of the neck. . o O ( Don't know how long I can do this...nothing seems to work so far... )

Devi as soon as Sun disappers from sight, Devi jumps, Sun's tail attack missing the heels of her feet only just barly. Pulling a small silver dagger from some where unseen, Devi flings it downward, aiming for Sun's shoulder. "You need practice! You're getting slow in your old age!" She laughs evilly as she decends.

An enraged snarl escapes the dragoness' throat as she's caught off guard, and the small dagger lodges itself in her shoulder. She doesn't bother removing it, instead putting on a burst of unexpected speed and beginning to circle around Devi; from the blur that she becomes, several strikes are aimed at the woman in various vulnerable spots, while at the same time, a few of her own daggers are flung at the woman...

As Sun follows her decent, Devi laughs as all Sun's hit do actually hit, and the daggers bury into her shoulders, ribs, legs. Devi collapes to the ground, in a pile. Her laughter stops and she remains still, leaving Sun to herself for a few minutes. What's going on?

Sun lands upon a rock jutting above the harsh currents of the river, holding her katana at the ready and staring at Devi's slumped body, eyes narrowed. With a brief pause in the action, she reaches up and rips the dagger from her shoulder and casts it into the river, shouting a strain of curses as, with a crackling sound, her wound begins to heal itself up...

All Sun's daggers retract themselves from Devi, making her body twitch as they are removed. There's no blood on them however, they are as shiny as they where when they left Sun's possion. They spin around Sun in a very intricate dance, random ones darting forwards quickly to try and stab her in whatever places they can. The air starts to hum as the daggers spin faster and faster

Sun snarls, and suddenly crouches on the rock, wrapping her wings around herself. Luckily for her, dragonscale is resistant against blades...but it doesn't look like this defense will last long. . o O ( SHIT...this isn't working... ) From within her wings, she lets loose another strain of curses. . o ( She's like a fucking Now it's not just daggers, it's the landscaping. Giant rocks start being hurled towards Sun, along with trees and small tiny squirrls that just want to go home. It rains hard for a few minutes then... It stops all of it, everything. The daggers clatter to the ground, the rocks roll back to their ordained spot. The sky starts coving in clouds as rain falls softly to the earth, soaking Devi's body and seeping into the ground.

The dragoness remains behind the shield that her wings provide for a long moment afterwards as more than just daggers begin assaulting her. A few snaps signify broken wings, and the scales begin to tear and tatter...but the shield stays up. As the assault stops, she doesn't come out just yet, debating. . o O ( ...Die now...or die later...if she's a mazoku, like she acts...I can't touch her. ) She frowns, and suddenly, her tattered wings unfurl, leaving her crouched there with her wings spread wead. "Might as well just kill me now, then, bitch..." She states this through gritted teeth, the palm of her hand against the rock she crouches on.

Nothing. No Devi, nothing. The rain patters on the stone as a cool breeze rises to brush against things. A man can be seen walking up the small path towards the battle field, slowly as if to drag it out. Suddenly he stops and Kuroi calls out, "Sun? What are you doing now?" He begins walking towards her again.

And Sun's eyes go wide as that familiar voice calls out. "K...Kuroi..." She whispers, suddenly shrinking down. "No...NO...you're supposed to be dead! I sealed you away!" Tears suddenly come to her eyes, which are becoming blearry and unfocussed. "Go away...leave me alone!"

Kuroi folds his arms. "Come now Sun, did you really think that I was dead? We had a lot of fun didn't we?" He grins just for an instant before shaking his head. As he comes withing touching range, he reaches out to touch her hair. "You aren't happy to see me? Aw. What have you gotten yourself into now, Sun..."

As the hand reaches out, Sun begins to scream at Kuroi in some unintelligible language, jerking back. Occasionally, garbled Japanese and English escapes in her speech, but nothing more than random words. Suddenly, she loses her footing on the rock, falling with a splash into the rushing waters of the river; she doesn't fight the current, however, merely staring at Kuroi as the waters push her back, closer and closer to the edge of the waterfall...

Kuroi steps back from the edge of the cliff and back down the path, out of Sun's sight, as Devi appers beneath, to try to wrap her legs arounf Sun's waist, her left arm under her's, attempting to hold her shoulder, and her right hand holding the Dread Dagger against her throat, if Sun is stunned enough to allow her to.

Indeed, Tsuki's advice seems to have worked out; Sun is far too stunned to resist Devi wrapping herself around her, too stunned to resist the dagger pressed against her throat. All she can do is mumble, now, in that unknown, unintelligible language, her eyes hollow...she's not here right now...

Devi grins and presses the dagger into her throat, careful to not sever the head, as she slits Sun's throat, her blood life running the water around them a deep red as Devi licks her lips, watching the blood swirl and mix as it flows out of Sun's body. "It was lovley meeting you, my dear." Devi shudders plesurably as she phases out, taking Sun's body with her to her apartment, into the locked closet. Devi purrs to herself as she stands over Sun's body, laying at an odd angle on the floor, pooling blood beneth her. "Mm. Quite nice." Maybe Devi enjoyed that a little to much? Ah well.

The last sound Sun makes as her throat is slit is a strangled squeak, blood bubbling out of her mouth...it looks like she's mouthing a name...but whatever name it is, it's impossible to determine. And just like that, almost anticlimactically, Sun is no more...

There she stands, Devi D. Mazoku Gerneral for Lod Oblivion, faithful servent, once human and feeling, now covered in blood. At her feet lay a princess, soaking wet and burlbs of blood gushing from her neck. Turning on her heel, her mouth twitching between a homicidal high and insane laughter, and almost arousement at finally catching her prey, Devi walks out of the closet and shuts the door. Cracking her neck, Devi tilts her head back and crys out for Caliga. The door remains shut for about 15 minutes before it re-opens as Devi steps in, closing the door behind her. In her hand, she holds a yellow crystal, Sun's blood steaming down her hand and dripping off the crystal itself. She rolls her head, the bones popping eeirly echoing in the dense room. Whipping out her dagger, she kneels next to Sun's head, and grabs a bunch of hair. Digging the knife in at the hair line, she begins cutting away Sun's scalp. Blood flows weakly from the large wound, covering Devi's hand. Cutting what she's gotten off so far, she throws it into the courner. Gripping the hilt tightly, she rises the blade high and thrusts down hard, shattering Sun's skull. Working the blade free and opening a hole large enough for the crystal to fit in, she sets the blade down and finds the crystal.

Grinning, she grips the crystal and sets it against the opening in Sun's skull, wincing only when it hits and punctures a blood vessel, squirting yet more blood onto Devi's pale face. A yellow light emits from the crystal as it absorbs Sun's eternal soul. "I said I'd own you, now I do." As the glow fades, the crystal doing it's job, Devi tugs it out. Fading into the asteal plane, the crystal comes with her, and shows Sun inside, laying as she was in the river before Devi killed her, muttering about the man from her past. For now. Slipping the crystal on a thread of energy, Devi slips it over her head and fades back to the real world, leaving Sun's soul in the other plane. "Now, as for the body." Narrowing her eyes, Sun is lifted from the floor, the blood that she spilled rising with her. Everything that is Sun, all the bone fragments, all the blood, everything hangs in the air. Tilting her head, Devi starts forming a small ball of energy in her palm. As the ball grows bigger and bigger, Devi says, "Don't worry Sun, I'll take good care of Tabitha and Tsuki for you." She grins evilly and launches the purple ball at Sun's mass, instantly incinerating every last trace of the former Dragon. Smirking, some of her sanity returns, and she looks down at herself. "Well, I need a shower... Maybe even a smoke." With that, Devi leaves, happy to know that she's gotten rid of all of Sun, soul and body. What a happy ending.

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