2007-08-16 (PreU) Nancy joins Twisted's Council (part 2)

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Nancy joins Twisted's Council (part 2)

Summary: For some reason RL didn't want this scene to finish. This log was actually spread out over several days with about 3 poses done each time. Oh well, it's finally over now...

Who: gegoshi, guarlesia, nancy
When: August 16th, 2007
Where: The Thaumaturgy - Council


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The Thaumaturgy - Council(#1886R)

The celing within the Thaumaturgy is a sight to beheld. What appears to be billions of stars and galaxies, possibly the entire universe, swirls overhead thanks to the magic which keeps the structure in the skies. Beneath this awsome specticle rests a simple, yet massive, stone table. Here, the High Council gather from whatever worlds they call home to discuss the matters of the multiverse around them. Only a select few have ever found there way here, and fewer still have ever seen the council in action. Reguardless being in the presence of it all leaves one feeling watched as if dozens of eyes where studying your every move. Perhaps it would not be wise to remain here any longer than neccesary...

Nancy nods her head silently at the question about Abomination. As Guarlesia finishes speaking, the girl raises an eyebrow. "Um... Red and Blue, huh? That sounds... intresting. Is there an easy way to do this or should I just be creative?" She might be able to come up with something on her own, but she doesn't really want to screw up and get re-banished either so it's best to ask.

Guarlesia wonders if Abomination actually explained anything to this girl. He probably just felt her up. Stupid Abomination. She pushes up and her chair sets itself right, then she stands up and walks over to where Gegoshi is half sunk into the floor. "Gegoshi." She says to the Synth, whose eyes focus and look at Guarlesia, a smile coming over her face, though it takes a few seconds longer before she actually says, "Hello Guarlesia! How can I be of service to you?" "I need one of your pads." "Okay!" The Synth responds, and her halo starts spinning faster and the features of the girl actually lose definition for awhile, became an almost shapleless lump, before, after about two minutes, she reforms into her half toros'd body, though now her hand holds a small little pad with button displays on it. She offers it up to Guarlesia, "Here you are, Guarlesia! Can I help you with anything else, please?" She says! Guarlesia shakes her head and takes the pad, "No." And the Synth immediately de-focuses again. The....whatever species Guarlesia is, walks over and holds the pad out to Nancy to take, "This will mark the dimensions for you, and scan them. It's easy, see?" She points to the easy to read and navigate displays. It's just pressing buttons for what you want, really. It looks very simple but has a lot of options. On the bottom right corner is printed the words 'Gegoshi-Pad'. "Don't use it for much, it access' Gegoshi, and she's overloaded, I think she's gonna break soon." She moves over to sit back down in her chair.

Nancy's eyes go wide as Gegoshi is addressed. Nancy takes a step to the side to get a better look as her deffinition fades. When Guarlesia turns she'll see Nancy's face full of confusion. She takes the pad, however, but the confusion is still there. Especially when she's warned about overloading. With a raised eyebrow she nods her head. "A-Alright. I'll keep that in mind. I'd rather not be blaimed for breaking someone else now that I'm finally free again..."

Guarlesia nods as she leans back in the chair again, her wings angling this way and that as she glances at Concordance briefly, who is as silent as ever, just sitting in her chair not looking at anything. "She's doing more work than she should and we haven't taken her offline for her maintence for a few months now, I'm not sure why, something to do with Concordance not paying a few worlds." She looks back to Nancy, glancing at the pad in her hand, "You can also use that to call a Council meeting, but it better be important." She pauses, "Well, not really, anymore, since the only other council member not here is Abomination. So...just come here. It can teleport you through dimensions and can identify Mal-Travelers, so if a dimension is unmarked, go inside, scan it with the pad for Mal-Travelers, then come back out and mark it. It'll also check to see if a dimension has a certain number of dimensional portals going through it connected to others or...well, I don't know how it all works, but it checks to see if it needs to be red or blue. Abomination should of told you all this, I'm not a good explainer."

Nancy nods her head silently until Guarlesia stops talking. With another tilt of her head she responds, "Eh? I thought you did rather nicely. I think I've got the hang of it. It'll probably be easier when I try of course." She glances around for someplace to place the device, sighs and simply lets go of it into the air before her. The Gegoshi-Pad simply hovers in the air where it's released. "So... um... is there anything else I need to know?" The girl crosses her hands behind her back and takes a deep breath. "This is all a little overwhelming in a way... so much at once. I think I've got everything so far, though."

Guarlesia leans forward in her chair enough so it lets her shrug her upper wings, then leans back against as they tilt down once more, "No, that's all you need to know to serve on The Council, and watch out for other members and bring them in for a vote. Now that we have enough people to bother voting. Concordance breaks ties. If she even votes." She bets if Concordance disapproves they wouldn't even get to vote, but then, they've never had to actually -vote- before because Concordance brought everyone in originally for The Council, they just voted on judgements. "If you find any Mal-Travelers, report them to TASK, or if you're bored arrest them yourself. Man, I'd go out and do that if I could, it sounds like fun."

Nancy again rasies an eyebrow at that statment. "You... um, can't leave? Are you sealed here? I could bring you out if that where the case." She frowns a moment as she thinks that over. "Wait, that'd be kinda pointless of me being brought here, wouldn't it?" The girl pauses and looks up at the twinkling galaxies swirling above feeling a brief moment of lonlieness for all the people she'd lost in her imprisonment. Looking back at Guarlesia she suddenly feels a similar feeling for this strange person who apparently can't leave. Another form of imprisonment. Why does everyone want to seal off everyone else? Wouldn't everyone be better off if all the worlds where merged? "I-I'm sorry... I guess I've been alone for too long." A blatent contridiction. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" This time around she means Guarlesia herself.

Guarlesia nods her head and holds up both of her hands, all five digits splayed out, she then snaps them into fists and spreads them out again ten times in a row, "One hundred Seals on me. I can't go more than eight feet of Concordance. So, you actually couldn't take me out of here. Someone already tried to break the Seals, didn't work." She shrugs her middle right wing lightly, "It'll never work, but look..." She says, and arcs her wings and pushes off from the table, the chair angles itself up onto one leg and her wings flap, shift, and she spreads her arms and legs out in varying angles, and then the chair just hangs there on one leg, "I have amazing balance now." She gives a smile, though it's not a happy one, before leaning back down into a more easily balanced position. She stares at Nancy whens he gives the last comment, "Come back and talk to me sometimes."

Nancy frowns at Guarlesia's imprisonment, but can't help but smirk at the balancing act. Seriousness washing over her, she nods her head confidently and with a slight smile still hiding on her lips she answers, "I will. Maybe I can bring some people with me so you have more to talk to!" Suddenly her expression changes to a mischivous grin. "Y'know... if we can't take you out to the world, maybe we can bring the world to you!" Of course, with a girl who can summon pieces of other worlds this isn't mearly a light hearted statement. At least she's not stupid, and she's not going to try anything like that here... just yet. So for now she waves. "I'll be back, Garl... Guarl..." She strains trying to remember her name. "...Guarlesia! I promise." As the words leave her mouth the room begins to fill with fog that continues to get thicker and thicker with each passing second.

Gegoshi criss-crosses her arms over her chair and lets the four legs all hit the floor, she then rests her chin down upon it and watches the fog roll in. "O.K." She says in response to Nancy, not really believing her, she's heard a few people say similar things to her, they never work out, but she's never known anything different, so it's not like it hurts her feelings or anything. She glances over at Concordance, then looks up at the galaxies above.

Nancy doesn't say anything more as the fog gets to the point where nothing can be seen. It doesn't last long, however, before the fog vanishes and not a trace of the girl is left behind. Even the Gegoshi-pad is gone. A little of an outdated trick, but then she's been sealed away for far too long.

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