2007-08-16a (PreU) Meeting Jack

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Meeting Jack..

Summary: DR.JACK! Yay logs!!

Who: Jack_Karrde, Devi
When: August 16th, 2007
Where: Nerima

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Tai Park

A bastion of silence and serenity amidst the large city of Nerima, Tai Park remains unmolested of buildings and such. In the middle is a pristine lake of clarity, that either someone keeps clean or no one dares to litter in for fear of whoever is keeping it clean. Moonlight often shines down through the sparse trees, casting white shadows across its depths. Tranquil, peaceful, and all together relaxing. Most of the time.

Having found a nice quite spot by the lake here on Nerima, and to avoid the general population of Twisted, Devi is sitting against a tree, in what is fast becoming her norm, a dark purple kimono. She's got her scetch pad and she's scribbling away quickly. The slight breeze in the air today makes for nice weather, although it seems it may rain. The lake ripples as ducks swim around in it. Devi sighs as she looks up from her notepad, and into the darkening sky above. "Well, that was fun.", she remarks, before continuing to draw.

And like that a voice from nearby speaks, "What was?" well, it's a male voice one can tell. And looking over there stands, leaning against a tree a red headed man with blue eyes. Looking up he nods, "Sorry if I'm a bother..I was just sitting here relaxing. Dozed off." And just for note there seems to be no aura coming from him...it's like he's not even there.

Devi doesn't pay attention to aruas. Just instinct, and hers puts her on her guard. As she looks up, she tilts her head enough so that her bangs hide her red eyes for the most part. No need to freak everyone she meets out. "Nothing. No, no bother, I imagine it would be easy to fall asleep here, it is a nice place. It's nice and quiet too." Thus the reason she came here. If she stay'd in her apartment, she'd have gone after Tsuki and killed her for opening her mouth to Cale.

Jack_Karrde hmms. "Yes, so...what brings you here? The same reason I came out here, to get away from everything?" he asks as he moves to the water's edge and stands there, his hands in his long coats pockets. Well, he might as well make some conversation. Despite the evil aura coming off her, he's not here for a fight. Last thing he needs is certain people to know he's back. Devi nods, looking up into the sky again. "Quiet is something I miss." She looks down and folds shut her book, as she feels it's rude to not do so while holding a conversation. "I havn't seen you around before, and I thought I knew most of the inhabitants. New?" Weak question but she sucks at conversation, espically small talk.

Jack_Karrde hmms and shrugs, "No..I've been around. I just prefer to keep to myself. The name's Jack Karrde." he says with a nod of greeting, "And you are?" He's hoping this dimension he's in he doesn't have a bad reputation, last thing he needs is more trouble. He's had to leave more homes that way and it sucks after the hundreth time.

Devi hmm's and figures he came in from somewhere, probably to avoid trouble of some kind. Right. "Ah. I'm Devi." She doesn't offer anymore information, as she's hoping that he hasn't heard or know of Sun and her lovley dimise, as she's really kinda at a point where she's tired of having to complain at an enemy everything she turns a courner.

Jack_Karrde hmms, "A pleasure...I take it you've been here a while. I'm looking for someone...a couple someones actually. One is called Cale. And the other is called Sun. I heard tale they've been through here. I was hoping they were still around." he says with a slight shrug. "...Been a while since I talked to them so I wanted to touch base." he leaves unsaid his former connection to Sun.

Devi winces, and has a momentary debate with herself. Lie? Or tell the truth. God, that little bitch Sun is -almost- to much trouble. Almost. A tiny smirk finds it's way to Devi's lips as she lowers her head a little. "Yes, DragonMaster Cale is still around. As for Sun, she's a little preoccupied. Havn't seen her in a few days." Well, it is the truth, after all. She didn't lie, just omitted. Now while some say that is still a lie...Bah.

Jack_Karrde hmms and tilts his head as his eyes flare for a moment. He's feeling something wrong about this, "But you have seen her lately..her aura is pretty thick about you. Old..but it's there." he says with a shrug, "Well anyway...if you see here tell her I'm looking for her." he says with a nod. "But anyway..you draw?"

Devi says, "I will." And Devi keeps her words. She'll go and visit Sun in her little prision later. "Yes, in passing." Of course she fails to mention she once did it for a living, but then the deal with Sickness started. She rarly visits her paint room anymore, and it does pain her. To much time in the closet, she guesses. "So, how long have you been around Twisted?"

Jack_Karrde hmms, "....Since it appeared...as I said, I keep to myself mostly. Just appearing when I feel like it." he gives a shrug, "Interesting place..just...meh..nothing to catch my interest." he says with a shrug.

Devi nods, and rises, brushing off her kimono, folding her drawing pad under her arm. "Well, come out of your hole, Jack, and you'll see very interesting things." This is Twisted after all, and with everything going on... well... no one is immune to the draw that this place has.

Jack_Karrde hmms, "I might..if my old friends are here. If not..I'll find some other place." he says with a shrug. "But anyway..I had best go. I need to do somethings before I retire for a while." and like that he vanishes in a flash of golden light.

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