2007-08-16b (PreU) Devi the messenger girl

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Devi the messenger girl

Summary: HULA GIRLS!?!?!

Who: Sun, Devi
When: August 16th, 2007
Where: Crystal Chamber


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Crystal Chamber

This is the crystal. Everything seems to have a yellow tint to it. Although it's a pertty place, a garden, with a sparkleing fouintain that flows endlessly. There is a 4 poster bed towards the back, actually against the egde of the Crystal, that holds Sun's soul hostage.

Having finally recovered from the shock of seeing Kuroi from her past, Sun has found her way to the fountain, seated there with a displeased look upon her face. Time...she no longer has any concept of time, now, and she doesn't know how long she's been here. Just that she's...here...in this thing. she knows she is not alive any longer, as she can no longer feel her elements...so, instead of fighting whatever has imprisoned her, she merely stares in silence at the fountain. Finally, she lifts her eyes to the crystal's edges, frowning. "Devi? Can you hear me?"

It just so happens that Devi came to fufill her promise to Jack and give Sun his regards.. Her voice sounds, as though she's right next to Sun, "Yes, as a matter of fact I can....." She appears, although she doesn't look like the Devi that Sun knows. She's in her asteral form now, a humaniod shape, fully white, except for jagged, animeish purple hair, and of course, her red eyes. Her arms are folded as she regards her prisonor... "I come to fulfill my word, and give you regards."

Sun blinks, peering silently at Devi's astral form for a long moment, before reaching down into the waters and letting her fingers run through them. "...I have a proposition for you, Devi..." She looks tired, worn out, like she could sleep for ages and still not be well rested. "...One that I think you might enjoy..."

Devi says, "Jack Karrde sends his regards.... And if things go the way I think he wants them, you'll see him soon. Anyone connected with you, they give me problems. Hmm?" She questions Sun's proposition, doubting that what Sun has to offer will sate her bloodlust. She 'sits' on the air, blinking often.

Sun blinks quietly at the news. Jack? Jack Karrde, the phoenix? A small smile breaks forth on her face. "Jack, hmm? Yeah, I can see why he would give you trouble...good friend of mine...and not one that you can even stand a glimmer of a chance against." She smirks a bit, offering Devi a hateful stare. "My proposition WAS to be that...if you would set me free, I was going to allow you to use my elements...which is quite an honor, mind, as normally, they would destroy you if you tried to use them." She smirks. "But...do please tell me more about Jack. It's been...years, since I have seen him."

Devi says, "I have no need of your elements. I have raw power, I don't need more.." She tsks Sun... "For shame.. but don't worry Dove, I've got plans for you. You won't be in here forever.... Jack, apperently is doing well... Quite handsome, and sleepy, but he looks well enough." What else can she say? Not much really as she doesn't know him, she's just running off vibes.

Sun smirks silently, still running her fingers through the water of the fountain. "I won't be in here forever? Oh, do tell..." She sneers a bit, turning her eyes down to the fountains. "Jack always was handsome. He's one of the few from my past who I have sorely missed..." She narrows her eyes. "Let me free...or you'll find yourself up against more than you can handle. Cale...Jack...just two of the ones who will be after you. Hyakuhei...whom I have a rather nice contract with...she can't be too pleased with you, either." She smirks. "As far as she's concerned, my soul belongs to her...and she's been waiting quite a long time to get her hands on it."

Devi grins, as well as an Asteral form can. Either way it comes off quite weird, almost creepy. "No. Cale and I are in the middle of talking anyways. I will deal with those two. As for Hyakuhei, she'll just have to wait. Unless you'd rather just go to hell and get it over with?" Devi knows that no one gets out of hell, so her chances of leaveing are better here then anywhere else..

Sun sneers silently, but keeps her attention focussed on the fountain. "So...if you're not going to set me free, and my proposition holds no value to you, then why are you still here? Do you want something?" She sighs softly. "What could convince you to set me free? I...I just want to be at peace, for once. I've spent...billions of years...wandering the mortal planes...this wasn't my idea of a nice way to spend my afterlife."

Devi says, "I want you gone, my dear. I don't want to ever -EVER- see you around here. And, I want to keep half of your soul. You can survive without half. Holding that half, should give me the control to contract the other half, if you ever come back. I only came to keep my word, like I always have. I only stopped by to tell you that Jack says hello. Nothing More.. Think on it." Devi fades from view as she leaves the crystal chamber, leaving one last statment for Sun. "Remember, I can keep you here forever, unless you do as I wish..."

Sun narrows her eyes. "I'll do it! Keep part of my soul, I don't give a shit. I don't want to BE here...I just want my peace." That was easy. "I just want my fucking afterlife that I've been waiting on for millenia upon millenia!" She punches the ground, eyes narrowed. "Just let me free...let me have my fucking afterlife..."

Devi says, "You'll what?" Devi fades back into view. She waits for Sun to tell her exactly what she'll do. "Make clear to me my conditons, I want not misunderstandings, no loopholes." She waits, seeing if Sun was listening.

Sun narrows her eyes. "You can have half of my fucking soul if you want. I don't give a shit...I just want to get the fuck away from here. Hell...I'll sign a contract, if you wish, stating that I won't fucking bug you, then I can have ALL of my soul...I will sign a spiritual contract...one like mine with Hyakuhei...stating that, if I DO come back...then I won't bother you. A spiritual contract like that...if I were to even TRY to break it, my soul would be immediately cast into the depths of hell, which is exactly where I don't want to be...or, my soul would immediately return here, if you so wish." She snarls, a bit, punching the ground once more. "If I break my contract with Hyakuhei, she immediately gets possession of my soul, to do with what she sees fit."

Devi smiles sweetly and a scroll appaers in Sun's hand. When she opens it, she'll read : 'I, Sun, will stay out of the same realm as Devi D. I will not harm or send anyone to harm Devi D, or any of her accomplaces. I will not plot against her in any way, and if I do not abid by this, my soul shall be immidately be returned to Devi's possision.' A line is underneth, and a feater quill appers, dripping with 'blood' for effect. Devi leans forwards. "Now I'd hate to have to recall your soul, so you'll stay off my back?"

Sun opens the scroll, her eyes scanning over the lines of text. As her vision reaches the line she is to sign, she reaches out, taking the quill and quickly signing her name. "If I should come back, Devi, I will stay off your back...the fact that you're willing to give me my afterlife is more than enough to quell my feelings of hatred for you. I don't like you...but I will no longer attack you, as I hope you will no longer attack me. Not that I exactly WANT to return...but if it comes to that, then you can rest assured that we can interact in peace." She peers at her signature for a moment, then rolls up the scroll and hands it back to Devi. "Call this a truce of sorts." She sighs. "Samantha...I don't know about her. Please...do your best to bring her back...if you can, then perhaps I will even come to respect you."

Devi says, "I'm not totally hell-bent on your destruction... Just a litte suffering.. Just as I've done. Anyways. If Samantha wakes up, and I will still be trying, I will do my best to find a way to contact you and let you know. She was your love after all. I do have respect for that, if nothing else. Oh, if you happen to run into Jack, let him know that I don't have you anymore. He'll surly find out about everything..." Snagging the scroll, Devi tucks it up her perverbiale sleeve as she fades from view again. "Blessed Be, Dragon." A door appers on the side of the crystal, that opens back to twisted. It's an illusions of sorts, for closeure, but it works.

Sun nods. "Blessed be, Devi." She bows as the woman fades from view, and stands, slowly making her way towards the door. She glances around the interior of the crystal once more, sneering at it's pleasant appearance, before opening the door and quickly vacating the crystal which has kept her prisoner for lord knows how long...

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