2007-09-07 (PreU) The End of Chronos pt 3

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The End of Chronos pt 3

Summary: The final chapter in the fight with Zeal/Lavos. The world may not end, but Guardia Kingdom... This begins with some rather, uh... questionable 'adult' OOC humor. But we thought it was funny at the time. Maybe I'm just too tired to realise it's not.

Who: Belthasar, Flea, Gaspar, Glenn, Hugin, Kid, Lavos, Magus, Marle, Melchior, Miff, Munin, Norris, QueenZeal, Robo, Sauza, Schala, Serge
When: September 2nd, 2007
Where: Lavos - Outer Shell(#856R)


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Flea (OOC) snuggles up to a Magus Plushy.. "Shh... its okay if you love me that much... I wont tell anybody."
Queen Zeal (OOC) STARES.
Chibi Nate (OOC) twitches.
Flea (OOC) breaks out his Flea doll.
Flea (OOC) brings Magus doll closer. speaks in a deep manly voice "Oh Flea... I never could tell you how much I loved you.. but now that I found Schala, I can dedicate my life to you."
(OOC) Flea's Flea doll turns away. In a high girly voice "Oh! Such sweet words from you! I think I love you too!" smashes the dolls together.
Jensa (OOC) stares.
Jensa (OOC) exclaims, "HOW SWEET!!"
Flea (OOC) bwees n.n
Jensa (OOC) asks, "Wait, shouldn't it be the other way around?"
Queen Zeal (OOC) says, "This -SO- needs to go in the log."
Caliga (OOC) says, "It goes in."
Flea (OOC) Magus-doll speaks. "Anything you want to tell me?"
Caliga (OOC) makes the doll say, "I want to taste you."
(OOC) Flea's Fleadoll replies... in an equally deep voice. "I want to taste you."
Caliga (OOC) says, "EVILNESS TIME."
Flea (OOC) bwee hee hee
Jensa (OOC) o.o;
Caliga drops A Blow-up Magus Doll.
Flea (OOC) exclaims, "MINE!"
Caliga (OOC) likes that desc.
Queen Zeal (OOC) exclaims, "POP IT! POP IT! POP THAT DAMN DOLL!! I want to see it E'SPLODE!"
Flea (OOC) says, "What do I have to pop it with..."
Flea (OOC) says, "Ohh... yes..."
Chibi Nate (OOC) goes to take his eardrops before the scene starts.
[WizChat] Caliga says, "This is rapidly spinning out of control. xd"
Flea (OOC) asks, "could everyone turn their heads please?"
[WizChat] Caliga says, "SHame Magus wasn't here for this."
Flea (OOC) says, "XD"
Caliga (OOC) says, "Poor Magus."
Robo (OOC) says, "Flea exploded my connection."
Flea (OOC) did!
Caliga (OOC) says, "No, Munin did."
Robo (OOC) says, "No."
Caliga (OOC) says, "It's Munin's fault."
Queen Zeal (OOC) says, "Yo head e'splode."
Robo (OOC) says, "Flea did it."
Flea (OOC) makes out with Magus-doll
Caliga (OOC) says, "Even the Nazi's."
Flea (OOC) says, "... this doll tastes funny... I think I forgot to wash it since last time"
Queen Zeal (OOC) groans.
(OOC) Robo...
Robo (OOC) cringes.
Flea (OOC) okay okay... is done! XD
Schala (OOC) goes back into innocence mode
Schala (OOC) says, "sorry everyone n.n"
Queen Zeal (OOC) is already putting the video on ebay.
Schala (OOC) asks, "video?"
Chibi Nate (OOC) says, "Okay, my ears are dropped."
Queen Zeal (OOC) hides the camera.

Lavos - Outer Shell(#856R)

Before you stands the towering form of Lavos. A huge armor plated monster covered in giant spikes and with an enourmous maw large enough swallow someone whole. However, within that is a giant eye, which watches attackers carefully. The beast fell from the sky centuries ago and has absorbed the best parts of vanquished foes... this won't be an easy battle...

Queen Zeal watches Schala take Norris's attack for her and blinks. As the girl goes down the Queen seems to recharge somehow, perhaps from some burried instinct kicking in. She steps infront of her daughter. "Schala...? You can't play both sides in a war... You seem to be coming to your senses, however. Stand with me and we shall DESTROY these fools..." With Magus's shield being thrown up, the mad Queen begins to laugh. "La Vos, are we? So smart and yet so blind. Your on the wrong side, Janus, dear. You've disapointed me." Her bracelets begin to chime as she attempts to heal herself. Her hands making elaborate gestures as she speaks, "I gave you the world and you threw it away. You'll be nothing more than a snack, much like the rest of this group." Her healing spell complete, Queen Zeal turns to Lavos and begins to scream, "OPEN YOUR MAW! AWAKEN!!! I must complete this before these insects stand in our way any longer..." Her blue vains begin to spread, finally they are seen on the sides of her face. Serge is completly ignored...

The OTHER Queen who was present? Her head was spinning trying to deal with the immensity of this situation. Kid's death, Schala's... interference, and now the appearance of Magus and Serge, it was all too much. "STOOOOP!!!" She shrieked at the top of her lungs-- it had only taken a few moments to realize what would happen if Lavos woke up... "SErge, stop!!" Heedless of the barrier, Marle chaaaarged forwards, trying to ram through it!

There's a sudden rustling of wind... that soon turns into a fairly strong gust moving in the direction of Lavos and Queen Zeal as if the wind itself is attempting to force the monstrosity back from whence it came. Queen Zeal or La Vos? Both, perhaps, or none- it might just be poetic imagery. Because what comes next is not so poetic or dramatic, rather ironic really, like something out of a Loony Tunes episode. Suddenly the wind seems to swirl in a spot some distance from the shell just back from the fray, whipping around like a mini tornado, before exploding outwards as a blurry figure comes into focus. It's... short, got whitish silvery long hair and is wearing a deep red overcoat and a sword on it's back- with both hands clasped together and pointing with two fingers towards Lavos (No, not that finger! The pointing fingers). There's also a silvery tail swishing back and forth. What, you think it's just going to be a positive human-fest around here? With the exceptions of Flea... and Magus, if he counts. Okay, so it's kind of even now. The mad mystic, however, dosn't seem to fight... rather pull out a card from his sleeve and look up at Queen Zeal and Lavos... scratching his head. Look down, up, down... up.... down. "... I don't think I've ever met you before." In fact, many of these people before. "... I should have taken a right at Truce... this /is/ the bar, right?" Mad as a hatter. Oh, and there's dead people and battling going on. It's /kind/ of like the bar. "... You're the bartender, right?" To Queen Zeal, of course, or as he's mentally referring to her- veiny Mc veiny.

Activating all over again, with a jumpstart from that little robot of electricity, Robo rises to a sitting position, and scans the area again quickly. Scaaaan... Barrier. Zeal. Schala. ...Serge running toward Lavos. "...the situation is degrading rapidly." he says, rising to a stand, and looking the barrier up and down... Well. Without even moving, really. "SERGE!" ... I didn't know he /could/ yell. It's just a matter of volume control. "STOP!" It sounds a bit crackly, though. Just as well, he was struck by magical lightning directly after all.

Schala looks at her mother, still held with immense sadness. She knew her mother was right. "I cant play both sides." Nodded as if agreeing with Queen Zeal, she waves her hands about as if she were going to conjure again, the energy sword waving about in her grasp. "But... you seem wounded mother... let me help you." Turning to face her mother, she holds out her hand and begins to cast a resurrection spell on her mother. It would heal as well, but... at this point it would seem to all that she really has chosen her side. "You need to be healed..." she said, trying to watch the results of her actions carefully, knowing she may pay dearly for this act if it did not turn out the way she plans.

Flea opens his eyes for a moment. It seems he would not be brought down so easily. Trying to bring himself to his feet... Magus arrived! "Well, it seems there is an endless parade of my legacy wandering around." he says with a rueful chuckle. "With the Magus, this will all be over shortly." he knew that from personal experience... on both ends.

Pleased by its successful attempt at resurrecting its fellow robot, Chibi Nate stands up, retracting its jumper cable into its finger. It then notices Magus, jumping back several feet. "Bloody Hera!" And then things can be heard hitting the floor somewhere. "Dammit, there goes my popcorn shrimp..." The bot takes a few steps away from the action, just watching what's going on for now.

To an untrained eye, it might seem that Schala is nuts, but Magus knows better. Thusly, as he listens to Zeal spout her nonsense, the mage keeps his eyes on his sister. She may be trying to heal her 'mother', but he knows in his heart of hearts that her intentions are pure. She does not want violence here... sadly, he does. In the form of his 'mother'. Impaled on the blade of his doom sickle if possible. Then there is Lavos, and the fact that Zeal seems to want to bring the creature to life. He twirls his scythe in front of his body, handless, while his hands continue to funnel energy into the magical barrier. Especially in the area that Marle is running for. He will not risk her getting through and putting herself in the way of harm. Serge, well... if the boy wants to die, he is not one to reason with a fool.

"What good is your kingdom if it is nothing but a pile of dirt, 'mother?'" Magus asks, using the term 'mother' loosely. "What good is having absolute power if there is nothing to rule?"

Serge hears the cries from behind. Everyone yelling, telling him to stop. He doesn't know why they are telling him to stop, though. Because they care? Because they don't think he has a chance? Because they think he'll awaken Lavos? It looks like that's going to happen anyway. And in his state of mind, he would almost welcome it. After all, he found Kid's corpse on the way in. Horribly terrified at the way it looked and ashamed at himself that he wasn't able to prevent it, he wants to unleash the anger inside him. Lavos... more specifically Queen Zeal, seems to be the one he wants to target.

"No... more... dead!" the boy in the bandana exclaims as the Mastermune in his hands begins to glow a brilliant bright white. He isn't thinking clearly right now... all he knows is that he wants to ram the blade down her throat. Thusly, he leaps in the air towards her, one end of the elementally-imbued dual blade pointed for the queen's forehead.

Sauza pulls out a pencil of a kind and begins to scribble furiously on the card in his hand as he watches, scribble-scribble tap-tap-tap... then he's done with whatever it was that the silver haired mystic was writing down. And with that Sauza raises a hand and slips the card down his sleeve, before dusting off his hands with a clapping movement. "... Well, this should be interesting at least. It must be big ball of monster snot day at the market." Running a hand through his hair and glancing over curiously at where Kid's corpse is, looking oddly familiar. Wasn't that the one he /tried/ to steal from and failed? Yeah, things like that stick in his mind pretty sharply. And now there's a brilliant bathing light and everyone's attacking the big spikey thing. Best to just stick back and wait it out, this lot look fairly competent... perhaps let them do all the work. And with that Sauza clasps his hands together, interlacing his fingers and swishing his tail... waiting and watching. Oh, and singing 'Hail to Magus, who shall raise Lavos and destroy the humans'. Is it the mystic's fault that he dosn't put two and two together? Sauza's body whips with wind, though it's not audible to anyone not in his immediate vicinity unless you're wondering why that deep red coat is flicking around of it's own accord.

Queen Zeal is lost in her own thoughts as she chants trying to awaken the slumbering beast. Somehow Magus's words reach her and she turns, focusing on him and not anything else. "Nothing to rule? Do you really think this is the only world there is? Do you think this is the only universe? There are BILLIONS, Janus. Countless worlds expanding into every direction. I don't care about your mother's quest for a kingdom. I care about consumption. I care about..." Schala's spell begins to take it's affect and the Queen doubles over in pain. Screaming her body begins to become engulfed in the girl's magics, the blue tint being removed from her vains as feathers seem to fall from out of nowhere. A dark sickly cloud starts to eminate from the body of the screaming monarch. Serge's blow connects at this, arguably the worst possible moment, and a blast of negative energies engulfs the cave. The very air above Zeal's head seems to be cut open and a red flash explodes into view. The Queen's body drops to the ground, screaming once more before blacking out. She's alive, but very much unconcious. From the air grows an expanding red crack. Massive bone claws seem to reach out of the damaged space, claws which engulf in flames the second they touch the air. Ripping the very fabric of reality this... this THING steps out of the portal. It's form is like nothing this world has encountered before, and yet.... so hauntingly familar. It's arms are like massive wings, but skeletal, with claws on the ends. It's legs are short and stubby, but like the rest of the beast, in bones. With a oblong skull-like face it glares down at Zeal's unconcious form and screams with rage. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOT NOW!!!!!! NOT BEFORE I CAN GET INSIDE!!!!!" The skeletal beast, engulfed with flames, turns towards the slumbering Lavos and rears back, seemingly ready to rip the very shell open with it's furious anger...

Norris is battered beaten but alive the battles been savage so far and Zeal's words make him grimace but he's going to fight untill he drops. he not narros his eyes at the nightmareish things before he says "Take that thing down before it wakes the beast!" Norris takes aim for the thing and snaps off several shots in quick succession at it.

Can anyone else say 'oh crap?!' Marle rebounds from Magus's barrier with a crackle of energy, forced back to her knees, panting. She couldn't comprehend just WHAT was going on, things were happening so fast! But she stood up, still wobbly from her run-in with the barrier. "We have to get through that thing!" She cries out, glancing all about... too many people to organize, very few she knew..."Come on, please... " Please, what? Marle closed her eyes, channeling her magic once more, silvery glints of light covered in frost alppearing around her hands and swirling in... which she quickly hurled for the barrier, trying to get through again!

"Magus, at this point the barrier is merely halting the efforts of anyone that could help." Robo says, pointing out something obvious as he is prone to do from time to time. His scanners are brought over that...thing as it appears, and his suspicions about that Queen are true. Well, very recent suspicions. But he was right. He watches the situation further, calculating, waiting...giant flaming beast. Thank goodness Marle is here, hmm? Now if he could actually get to the big beasty he could do his job... Best to prepare. He raises his right arm again, and braces as if he is about to perform a particularly recoil ridden attack.

Schala gazes down on her mother's fallen body. It seemed that... it had worked... and now this new threat. It seemed she was the only one not behind Magus' barrier. Snarling at the creature that had taken her mother from her, Schala's light sword hummed with energy as Schala began to feel her second wind, flying at the creature, her sword aimed low, cutting across the ground as she tried to land a two-handed upswing with her weapon at the creature. "Now the evil shows itself! Now we can end this forever!"

Flea looks as people seem obstructed from attack from Magus shield. There didnt seem to be much anyone could do... however. Flea was always a trickster. "Well, no better time than now... to buy some time." Flea waved his hands about and, just before the skeletal creature's gaze, a nasty looking viper seemed to come out of nowhere. This creature had three heads, fangs dripping with venom, and flames coming from its mouth. The creature lunges for him and... disappears. It was a trick... a fabrication. An illusion generated from Flea's own imagination... hopefully it would buy some time, at the very least.

Chibi Nate seems to stand perfectly still for a short while, though it doesn't stop talking. "...Ah, here's the tool button." Its arm opens up, and a garden hoe slides into its hand. "...Hoe..." His arm opens up again, retracting the tool. Next, it produces a watering can. "...Watering can..." It begins to cycle through tools. "Axe...hammer...produce bag..." Finally, it produces a large cannon. "...Ah! Ion cannon. Here we go." The foxbot takes careful aim at the skeletal beast, and a light begins to grow inside the cannon. "Charging an ion blast..." While that's charging, it steps side to side as necessary to keep everyone else out of the blast path. It then waits for the shield to go down, whenever it does...

The words of Zeal... or those of Lavos, moreover, certainly ring true in the mind of Magus. It makes sense. ... Sadly, he does not have time to ponder or quarrel. Serge had gone and charged in blindly, and now there is a giant flaming skeleton with wings to contend with. It is not lost on the mage what could happen if it happens to get back into Lavos, as it seems to want to do.

In an instant, the shield goes down. Magus instead reaches his hands high into the air to conjure up the most powerful dark matter that he can. His eyes are horrified with both the sight of the creature and the thought of what it could do. "Channel all of your energies into that thing! It can not breach Lavos!" he exclaims. All the while large white triangles start to fold over into the air above him...

Serge falls to the ground at the base of the creature, very nearly to the body of the queen. He had been knocked senseless by what he had done and the direct implications of it. He falls onto his rear and looks up, horrified at the sight of the monster. The Lavos he once faced was nothing like this. He only then realizes what he's done. ... The thought leaves him paralyzed with fear, for the moment.

Sauza keeps to the plan, which is standing around and letting everyone else do the work. There's a lot of people still standing, after all, and should things get difficult he'll leap into the fray. So there the mystic stands, winds whipping around him and fingers pointing, still singing the Magus song even as the battle goes on. A whistle at when Zeal breaks apart, "... Damn, someone's going to feel that in the morning." And looking around to see if anyone's about to get the jump on him, which isn't going to happen, as his green eyes focus back on the fighting. He even lets out a 'swooom' 'foosh!' sound with everyone's attack, as if it's all a game to him. Which, in fact, it is.

The unexpected is always what seems to occur, doesn't it? Marle's attack neutralises the flaming alt-Lavos's flames, but fails to slow it down at all. As it swings it's massive claws at Lavos's shell Schala manages to sever it's leg and part of it's hip. Ice crystals and bone fragments splinter into the air at the same time Norris's blasts send more bone and ice into the air. The creature screams as it falls upon the slumbering Lavos's shell causing parts of it's claws to shatter as well. The beast double's back as the last of the ice melts and the Alt-Lavos is once more engulfed in flames. It turns and glares with pure hatred at the attackers. Having to hold itself upright with one of it's arms it screams, "TiMe WaRp!!" The air around everyone seems to suddenly get sucked into a tunnel as a vortex opens up around them. The walls of the cave are lost as multiple colors streak accross them. Light seems to bend unnaturally and soon the room looks like a massive swirling sphere. The beast's damage seems to be regenerating. Anyone who's recieved any damage in the past 3 rounds will start to see their wounds healing as well...

Norris looks at the alternate lavos or whatever it is it's got to go down. He contiunes to shot for a moment at the beast even as it screams he's got to keep it from getting to this avos. Then coms a time vortex what the hec is this? Also his injuries are healing at this point even if the beast is healing he's filled with new viggor and levels his gun energy starts to build up as he takes end sending a lanch of aura enrgy at the beast. "SPIRAL RAY!"

Was all of this really happening? Marle was praying it wasn't... if it was all a dream.. but no, this wasn't a dream. "I... I've... HAD ENOUGH!!!" Marle roars, her words burning with intense fury and determination. "Everyone's hopes, everyone's dreams... I won't let you ruin them!!" And she wasn't even sure what she was fighting, but who said anyone could really keep their sanity at a time like this? NOTHING made sense...her hands came together and mystical energy whirled up around her, extending to merge with Magus's spell as she tried to add her ice power to it as carefully as she could, knowing two working together were stronger than either apart.. BUT... it was at that time that the Time Warp occured. Marle felt some of her strength returning, but at the same time... "It's healing itself?!" Arctic winds flew up around Marle though as she continued to focus on her spell, the energies enough to lift her off the ground... o(Please, let this be enough!)o

Robo's beeping and whirring is heard, well, only if that Time Warp doesn't mess with sounds along with light and time. His arm lowers, and as the damage from that huge lightning strike that hit him turns back...his arms go outspread. A loud KSSSSH is heard, as his chestplate loosens and spurts of steam come off of him. Or more accurately, from the newly opened cracks... That open wider, until the chestplate is completely opened, revealing a bright blue light shining in there from a core of complicated machinery of strange technology, a triangle of energy forming and sparking, growing, and spinning around the robot, charge building up... And releasing all of that extra, powerful electrical charge outward, arcing across the ground and through the air toward the Alt-Lavos. Marle and Magus should be quite familiar with what this is.

Schala finds herself in more or less the same position she was in before. Of course, she couldnt allow this to continue The sword hums in her grip as she waved it about in her grasp, charging again, this time keeping the sword at her side, hoping to glide by and sweep her blade in at some interval where she wont get hit with another spell

As the attacks of the others fall upon the great beast, Magus unleashes the dark matter upon it. It merges with the spell that Marle creates, though the mage is unsure how. Aiming for the massive head of Lavos, he hopes to destroy it utterly. And get out of this multi-colored dimension that it has sucked them all in to. After unleashing the attack, the mage falls to a knee onto... something in the dimension. Pure fatigue has set in from all of the energy he has expelled.

Enough indeed... hence why Serge had to help put an end to this. He can't offer any words to the situation, but he can help take that thing down. He'll mope later... there's bigger things to take care of.

Slowly, the boy's body begins to raise in the air. His arms outstretch from side to side, almost like that of a crucifix. Glowin white energy begins to pulsate around him. To some, the attack might seem very familiar. Very reminiscent of a hero who is not currently present.

Chibi Nate's operator sees that the barrier is finally down...but he's not done charging yet. Additionally, he also notices that his bot's barrier system is back online. "...What's going on? Chibi's circuits are back in working order...and its batteries are recharged..." The bot keeps the cannon aimed, and looks for the nearest magic-user...which happens to be Marle. "Your Highness...would you care to do the honors?" He holds the cannon close to the Queen... (Prompt for what can cleverly be called the "Iceon Cannon")

Well there's a psychadelic lightshow going on and the creature's making noises, but now everyone's healing. The mad Mystic raises his eyebrow and lets out a huff of air, as if everyone's doing something except for him. "... Looks like they're not going to get kicked all over the place like I thought!" I mean really, if all these people working together don't finish it off then what will, for crying out loud? Well, the King of Spiders is getting a little bored now- what with all the wind and no gusting going on, so he draws his hands back and points towards the air above this thing everyone is attacking. "... Guess I better /do/ something then..." And with that the short silver-haired mystic suddenly blurs and there's an explosion of wind, completely dissapearing. What? And above the creature about two stories high, floating face down for a second as gravity has yet to take hold. "Yeeees...." Reaching back and putting his hand on the sword on his back, which this is the first time in a long time he's drawn it. It slides out easily as the silver katana gleams against the light though appears blurred, as wind seems drawn to the weapon. ".... Innnnn..." Drawing the blade across his chest as if to ready a strike, which is in fact what he's doing as gravity- yet from where? - seems to pull him down. And then the final strike to join in with all the crazy people's moves. "... DEED!" Lashing out, a wave of invisible energy comes off the weapon... so really it looks like nothing at all happened. Until of course it hits, which will feel like a massive slashing wind attack driving down with smashing and cutting force. And then Sauza will plummet, which will be fun at least- more so then standing around.

As Marle's involvement with Magus's spell ends, the Queen finds herself once again touching down to glance about the battlefield and see where she could do the most good. It was a very good thing she'd brought some of the best equipment she'd had on hand with her, or she'd be completely drained of magical energy by now! "What? You want me to..." It only took a small glance to figure out what he wanted. "It's a Time Warp...! That thing's messing up time!" Marle at least knew what LAvos and anything related to him.. it? was capable of. The Queen folded her hands once more, this time facing the strange gadget of Chibi Nate's. Glints of frosty energy appeared around her hands and spiraled inwards, slowly moving into the cannon to pump it full of freezing power!

With that, what could, as an understatement, be called a very large blast of energy at an absolute-zero temperature fires at the immense beast. It's taking so much energy to fire the cannon that it cannot change its aim at this point. If it misses...

Everyone's combined attacks merge and this Lavos from an alternate world screams both with rage and pain. It can't strike back. It can't defend itself. Even with it's body healing in the process it's too much. It's bones seem to turn to dust as everything strikes it in one combined attack. Once it's form is lost to the damage the entire world around everyone seems to lurch forwards. The time warp is out of control!! People, places, the living and the dead, all seem to swirl around chaoticly. Any form of stabalised ground beneath the group's feet is stolen from them and in seconds everything solid seems to vanish. A blinding white orb begins to grow amidst the chaos. As it swells, it opens up at it's top and the sphere is destroyed as it burns it's way down to the ground. Floating within are the forms of the three Gurus - reunited at last. Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar. Time, Life, and Reason. The three hover and appear to be praying. In unison they hold their hands upwards towards the point where the beast had vanished and the swirling vortex seems to begin to stabalise. The ground is once more reunited with everyone's feet. But.... something still feels wrong. Gaspar turns and screams at everyone, "We're doing our best, but it's just not enough!!" Melchior shakes his head, "We need to stabalise the flow of time..." Balthasar turns to Gaspar, "Revive the Bend!!" Gaspar and Melchior nod their heads at their fellow guru and the trio begin chanting once again.

There's a moment where a soothing energy flows accross the group. Then, in the next moment there's a violent crash. Gaspar tries to yell to the gathered heroes, but his voice is lost beneath the massive roar that suddenly errupts. For those who can see beyond the swirling lights and blinding white, the shapes of the End of Time come into view. The three islands, the cobblestone road, all of it. The ground shakes violently as the mass collides with it. Then... white.

Central Choras(#3248R)

Built around a well crafted fountain is a stone square with two benches on each side to gaze upon the scene. Between the benches on each side is a small set of stairs that raise up to the surrounding roads that cross the town. A simple three foot fence is all that surrounds the plaza between the stairs to keep small kids from falling in. Not that a few feet is much of a drop. This would make a nice park if the roads hadn't been built first.

One by one people will reawaken in the middle of a paved courtyard. A warm breeze drifts in from the west. The world seems peaceful.. but something feels wrong. Something feels diffrent. Only those who've traveled time before would realise it, but this isn't the year they started in. However, even then something feels wrong. Something's changed in the world. But there's no answers waiting here for them. No gurus. No document. No warning. Welcome to Choras. Welcome to the year 1006...

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