2007-09-15 (PreU) Catching up

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Catching up

Summary: Tabitha and Sun catch up on the roof of the apartments. Damn, doesn't Tabby ever go anywhere else anymore??

Who: Sun, Tabitha
When: September 15th, 2007
Where: Integra's Arms - Roof


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Integra's Arms - Roof

A simple rooftop without any noticable diffrences from the roofs of any other building. It's flat. It over looks the city ruins. It has scortch marks from some unseen battle. Wait, that last one is a bit diffrent, huh?

Ah, the rooftop...favorite perch for the dragon sisters. One of them is seated upon a corner stone, staring out at the city in silence...however, she looks different, now, with black hair instead of bright red...and her wings are torn and tattered, her tail with chunks of flesh missing down to the bone. However, these wounds do not appear to effect her in the slightest. She FEELS different, too, with large amounts of necromantic and dark energies flowing around her...in fact, what with all of these new changes, anyone who isn't 'in on it' likely may not recognize Sun at all without looking at her face, unless those tattered, now faded sapphire scales offer any assistance in jogging the memory. The only thing that has remained mostly the same is now miniscule, nearly unnoticable: her base power signature, hidden beneath all of that extra power she's come into (which she knows nothing of how to use yet), is still the same. The dracoliche sits cross-legged upon her cornerstone, running her fingers over her chin in apparent deep thought.

The shadows on the rooftop bend towards the center of the roof. Leaping out of the pool of darkness comes the form of Tabitha. The shadows pull back to their normal positions just a half second before she lands with her head down and her eyes closed. The small girl perches there a moment before standing and looking around, one hand rubbing the back of her neck while the other resheaths a black bladed dagger at her hip. She stops dead in her tracks as her eyes lock onto one of the two sisters. An eyebrow raises as her head tilts to the side. "...eh? What's goin' on?"

For a good long moment, the child is completely ignored, though her presence IS noticed. Ugh...another one of those sentimental ones from when she was still alive. They're starting to get obnoxious...oh well, one must simply. Jack gave her an excuse to 'break up' with him, at least, so at LEAST she's not tied down in the romance department. After a time of ignoring Tabitha, however, she relents, and the still-alive part of her forces her to turn her head, peering at Tabitha through cold, ice-blue eyes. "...Hey." This is all she says, though it's enough to reveal that oh-so-familiar velveteen voice she possesses.

Tabitha nearly collapses when she makes the connection. "Sun?!?!? What th' heck happened to ya??" As she speaks she runs just out of arms reach of Sun and stares. "Did Caliga do this to ya??? I swear if he did, I'll kill 'em!!"

The dracoliche watches Tabitha, her expression cold and unmoving for a long moment...then, once again, the still living part of her pushes her to answer. "Who is this Caliga?" She arches a brow. "Iie...I've been through a lot since the last time we had dinner." Her voice is low, nearly monotone but not quite. "Devi killed me...trapped my soul in a crystal. We made a contract with one another, and she set me free...but while I had no body, I was still tied to this accursed plane of exisistance." She smirks, now, a bit more feeling coming into her voice, though she still sounds slightly morbid. "Then Jack Karrde, a dear friend of mine, showed up...and was kind enough to make a body for me. Messed up, though...only focussed on my humanoid form, and thusly...I sort-of ended up partially undead." She turns her gaze away from Tabby, back to the city. "Then, I spoke to Datenshi...and after a bit of bargaining...he was kind enough to help me become as I am now."

Tabitha's eyes go wide as Sun speaks. "Oh man... I shoulda been there. Wait. DEVI did this???" Her eyes almost seem to water. "Sun-chan, I'm sorry. I got so destracted trying ta find Johnny before Caliga could..." She wipes one eye, and right on cue they both begin to water. "I-Is there something I c'n do? Anythin'?" She sniffles, "It feels like it's my fault, somehow..."

Sun nods slowly, a smirk forming across her face as Tabby assumes that this change is a horrible thing. The old her would think that being a dracoliche was horrible...but this isn't the same Sun Tabitha knew just weeks ago. Her death was the start...a seeming eternity in a crystal helped out. Then, Jack's mistake in ressurecting her gave her no chance, as her mind has never before been exposed to necromantic magics, however small and weak they were at the time. "Yes...Devi started this action in motion. Do not apologize..." She turns those ice blue eyes upon Tabby once more, her eyelids hooding. "Nothing needs to be done. I chose to be like I am now." Now, however, the increased necromancy flowing through her, the sword hidden deep below the earth which now houses her soul, and the magics that support this wicked transformation she has undergone have begun to whittle away at the old her, corrupting her more and more every day. Not that she knows this, yet...

Tabitha takes a step back, unsure of how to take that response. Wiping her eyes with the back of her arm she sniffles. "...ya do?" She takes a deep breath and nods, "Then I guess I'm happy for ya. It's, uh... just gonna take some gettin' used ta." Her hands are shaking quite baddly and she starts rubbing them together to try to calm herself. "Ya just seem a bit more serious than i'm used ta, I guess..."

Another long moment of silence occupies the space between Sun and Tabitha...then, the dragoness turns, offering that same warm smile she is so amazingly capable of doing, even with those eerie icy blue eyes. "Daijoubu, Tabby-chan. This was a big transformation...I'm still getting used to being like this." She lifts a pale hand, looking it over open, then balling it into a fist and looking it over once more. "I feel much more...interesting, to say the least...I think I may enjoy being a draco liche." The warm smile dissapears again, replaced by a strange smile, making the woman's motives rather unknown.

Tabitha tries to smile along with Sun but still feels nervous about it. Plus, as she's discovering, it's a little harder to control her emotions at this age. Wiping tears from her eyes she tries to smile a little wider. "So, uh.... Sun? What'cha gonna do now? I mean, is it just yer appearance that's changed?" The girl takes another deep breath and raises an eyebrow as it suddenly occurs to her to ask, "...an' what's a drago liche?"

Sun once again turns her gaze away from Tabby, toward the city, her face falling into the serious one again. "Going to figure out how to kill a few people who need to be killed, I suppose." She allows one corner of her lips to twitch upwards in a half-smile, before turning a full smile to Tabby. "Not just my appearance that's changed...I still have no clue how to use it just yet, but I've got quite an abundance of energy sloshing around in me right now." Then, she asks what a draco liche is, and the woman looks thoughtful. "A draco liche is basically...well, a liche is a soul that has been ripped from it's body and sealed into an object. Could be anything...a desk, a cup, a piece of jewelry. The ceremony that bonds that soul to that object grants the soul special abilities. Necromancy enables a dead body to walk...so basically, what I'm trying to say is...I'm pretty much undead, now...and my soul isn't here, in my body, as you would think it would be."

Tabitha tilts her head again, her tears almost under control again. "Yer... still dead? I thought ya said you where brought back? I don't understand.. D-does that mean yer rotting? Shouldn't we do somethin'???" Her emotions are getting the better of her again and her wide eyes seem to be starting to take on that shine that only comes from watering. Sad, her face is already red and puffy from the last set of tears.

A rustling sounds, and suddenly, Sun is kneeling before Tabby, placing a pair of warm, soft hands upon the girl's cheeks, and giving her a gentle kiss, this one warm. Of course, this is just her using her elements to her advantage, but Tabitha doesn't need to know that. "Iie...this form won't deteriorate. This human form of me...is merely a transformation. I can make it look how I want, with or without wings...though try as I may, I can't help this hair. Only the dragon part of me is decomposing, and that doesn't hurt." She smiles. "Nothing hurts me, now, Tabby-chan..."

Tabitha blinks and stares on nervously. "That should sound reassurin', but it kinda makes me uneasy... Are ya -sure- yer ok?" For a moment she thinks of her own changes recently and frowns remembering Sun's reaction to them. "Y'know, nevermind. Ya said you where ok an' I should leave it at that, huh?" She tries to smile again, but that uneasy feeling is weighing on her heavily. Crossing her arms she clutches herself tightly. "So... what was it like? Bein' dead an' all...?"

Sun smiles softly to the girl, leaning back and sitting on her feet. "It's pretty interesting, to say the least...I mean, for one, I can feel things that I never thought I'd be able to feel before. Then, there are things I can't feel...like pain, mostly." She smiles softly. "Ne, want to run by the Usual for a bite to eat? You look kinda hungry, kiddo." Inwardly, she cringes at how sugary-sweet she's being right now...but she can't have Tabby getting upset over this.

Tabitha is hungry. For some reason she always feels hungry now. But looking at Sun she's still nervous. Something doesn't feel right about all of this. It doesn't help that she's still worried about.... The girl blinks, "I want to, I really do. But I can't. There's this guy named Caliga an' I think he's tryin' ta hurt Johnny. That's where I've been this whole time. He's tha reason Johnny lost his memory. I've been trying ta find 'em before he does somethin' worse to 'em." She shrugs, "I... kinda feel like I have ta do this. I hope yer not mad about it..."

Sun nods slowly, an understanding expression on her face. "Iie...I'm not mad at all. I'm proud of you, actually...you're making sure 'Nny isn't hurt. I appreciate that..." Even though as of now, she would probably kill 'Nny if she had to. But once again, those thoughts aren't given voice to, and instead of a dark, brooding epression, she wears a smile upon her face. "You go take care of what you need to take care of, Tabby-chan. I'll see you when I see you...just don't heasitate to ask for help when you need it." With that, she stands, looking as though she's about to jump off the roof, or something of the like, though she lingers for a moment...

Tabitha nods her head at Sun, her smile seeming just a little more genuine now. "I will... but y'know. The same goes for you. I'm not as week as I look..." She grins, "That's one thing I really like about all this. I'm still just as strong as I was, an' thanks to you and these daggers quite a bit more than that." She smiles proudly. "I'll let'cha know what happens."

Sun nods slowly, smiling softly to the girl and bowing to her. "Hai...thank you, Tabby-chan." She straightens, smiling once at the girl...and then, suddenly, she uses that nifty little earth travel technique, shooting into the ground, which ripples in her wake. Then, she's gone.

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