2007-10-19 (PreU) Joining the Council?

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Joining the Council?

Summary: The Liche King demands a council with the Council, or what's left of it at least. This is actually parts one and two of a possible three. Weeee!

Who: abomination, concordance, firo, gegoshi, guarlesia, diggers, nancy, satyrn, Talkie_Toaster
When: October 19th, 2007
Where: TASK Lobby / The Thaumaturgy - Council

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TASK Lobby(#2413R)

In a somewhat contrast to the Thaumaturgy that The Council resides in, the TASK building is much more on the modern setting of things. You're in a large room, a very, very large room. You can't really see the end of it in any direction, but it is definately a room as there is a ceiling with lights. The floor shifts around, parts being hardwood, some tile, some rug. None of it seems to match properly, it all seems somewhat chaotic. Occasionally, there will be a receptionist desk that appears out of the floor to greet people that come along.

The Lobby of TASK is as it usually is, a never ending hallway going left and right, with lights and portals here and there along with ordinary doorways. And of course, there's the one main portal that leads in and out of the Lobby proper. Through which comes Firo, held by the shoulder with an arm behind his back by Satyrn, tightly. The saiyan gives Firo a good shove in the back towards the desk, "Gegoshi! Get Nancy in here, this guy was trying to Mal-Travel so he -must- not know the rules, which means she's not doing her job, and I'm not doing it for her, so get her in here to tell this guy to stop sniffing around red portals." She more or less orders before walking down the hallway towards a portal in the distance, her dyed grey tail swaying behind her. - A brief second passes between the shove and the yelling, before red text suddenly flows up in the floor before Firo's feet near the desk, saying 'You will be serviced in 0:01:27' and it starts ticking down second after second. And so Firo is left alone...well, there's other NPC's milling about...what would really stop him from going back through that main portal behind him is anyone's guess really. Nancy will also find that her G-pad is beeping loudly, with text asking her to please report to the TASK lobby as soon as possible.

Well, he supposes it could have been worse. The young Camorrista isn't too crazy about being forcibly brought in, however. "Guh, hey, watch it!" he growls as he goes stumbling towards the desk, catching himself before he completely falls over. Throwing a glare back at the Saiyan, he snorts as he straightens himself, dusting his coat off before lastly adjusting his fedora from the skewed angle it had shifted. He sighs and looks around, wondering what he's gotten himself into now, his eyes glancing down at the glowing text on the floor. Weeeird weird weird... Hey, if no one's gonna be objecting, then there's no reason he should stay, right? Especially if this is what amounts to this world's police. Firo throws another glance about as he starts to back up towards the way he'd been shoved through. o/`

Slowly the room begins to fill with a dense fog. It only takes a moment before all sight is blocked out and then it stars to fade. As it fades Nancy stands in the middle of the room staring at the pad in her hand as it continues to beep. She jabs it a few times and whines. "How do I turn it off?" Glancing around the room in confusion she eyes Firo and blinks. "Um... hello?"

The Liche King's not one to be forced around like Firo, and though he is partial to grand entrences he was having a hard time finding this place. Everyone seems to know what TASK is but it's location was a little harder to explain. He has come in search of his goals and they are but a few interveiws away. He has found little information on what the council does, except being self serving. "I, where?" he could have sworn he was just outside a building a few minutes ago and now he is in this mish-mash place. Looking aorund slowly he tries to take it all in, his dust covered shoulder after the long hike being flicked with his hand. Might as well try to look presentable

The red text countdown hits 0:00:00 and the ceiling above the desk raindrops downwards, though it looks more like the paint is flowing off then the actual ceiling. The large raindrop drips off, leaving the ceiling unharmed. As the raindrop falls it stretches itself out and forms into Gegoshi, who hits the floor near Firo and Nancy, on her feet, which then immediately sink down into the floor all the way to her waist, the floor around her rippling like water. She smiles brightly up at Firo and says in a cheerful voice, "Welcome to the TASK lobby! I'm Gegoshi and am here to help you with any questions you may have, however, since Nancy of The Council is present, please direct all of your questions towards her!" She waves her hand at Firo and then turns towards Nancy, placing a hand on her hip she cocks her head back to look at the woman from underneath a few blonde bangs that just grew out of her forehead at that moment, "Hey Nancy, just press the big button that says 'Off' on the display. This thug here was trying to mal-travel and Satyrn said to tell this guy to stop sniffing around red portals. " She looks over towards Liche, tilting her head back normally and smiling, "Welcome to the TASK lobby, please wait until you can be serviced! Thank you!"

Uh-oh, /now/ what did he do? Firo can't help but be a little paranoid around this place since it seems even the subtlest, most innocent things one might do tend to make things explode (or toasters try to eat your fingers). He stops, watching the fog that suddenly rises, and then just as quickly begins to settle, leaving in its wake...

"Um... hi," Firo offers with an awkward wave at Nancy, but it's about all he has time to say once the timer runs down and another, and another appear. What...the.... The boy stares at Gegoshi for a good several seconds. "......oh... right. TASK Lobby?" He scratches the back of his head as he looks between those gathered, and then between Nancy and the half-sunken girl in the floor. "H-hey, wait a minute, who're you callin' a thug!"

Nancy doesn't pay much attention to Lichie with the celing begining to drip. She watches it a moment and smiles at Gegoshi as she forms. Then nodding at her words she quickly clears away the beeping. There's a moment of relief on her face before she turns to Firo. "A thug? Um... did I miss something? I'm new at this. All I know about the portals is your not supposed to go into the red ones. The blue ones are fine, but the red ones are places that don't know they're connected to Twisted, or something like that." She glances over at Gegoshi and hmm's. "Wait. Why do I have to be the one to tell him all this? Wouldn't you be able to answer better than me?"

The Liche King's glowing yellow orbs he uses as eyes searches around the room and at the various objects. Thn Gegoshi phases in, how typical .o0(she did say she worked here did she not?) one of the voices in his head indicates. Then there is nancy, who doesnt seem to be all that threatening. On top of that SHE is one of the serviving council members. heh, this will be a cake walk then. Gegoshi thanks him for waiting to which he nods, "Of course. I can understand the limitless responsiblities the council must face. My humble request to see them will wait it's turn." he would wink at Gegoshi with a smile, if he had eye lids. He returns his gaze to Nancy and Firo. He is learning much. This place has connections to forbidden places. That could be fun.

Gegoshi looks back towards Firo and gasps, "You! Though, I deeply apoglogize for it, sir! I hope you can forgive me!" She smiles really, really big up at him, "I bet we can work something out!" She winks towards him, and then looks to Nancy, cocking her head back and producing a yo-yo that just flows up out of her hand, flicking it up and down as she talks to her, "I dunno, maybe. It's your job because you took over Lalorien's position on The Council, and Satyrn told me to tell you, doesn't mean you have to do it, I'm just the messenger, you know?" She nods her head, with a look of 'sage' written across it. She flicks the yo-yo into her stomach, where it rippls in and disappears, string and all, as she looks over to Liche, "If you wish an audience with The Council, I can send a request to each member, but first, I have to ask what you want to see them for!" She's carrying on three conversations at once, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all, she actually seems quite happy.

A good chunk of what's said goes right over Firo's head, as can be told by the uncertain look he has on his face. He listens to Nancy as she recounts what she knows about the portals, deciding that'd be handy information to keep in mind. He really doesn't care to encounter Satyrn again if he can help it. She just seemed... uncomfortable to be around. Gegoshi gets Firo's attention again as she apologizes, and he shrugs, waving a hand to dismiss it. "Right. So lesson of the day is stay away from the red doorway thingys. Gotcha. Can I go now? I think this guy has more meaningful business here than I do," he says helpfully, adding a grin.

Nancy is just about as lost as Firo, she doesn't know Satyrn and isn't sure she's heard the name before. She crosses her arms behind her back and sighs heavily, taking in Gegoshi's words. As she speaks to the Liche King, Nancy glances at him, trying to work out what's going on. "So... what else is going on then?" Turning to face him she tilts her head, "Um... is there something I can help you with? Since I'm already here, I mean?"

The Liche King's being adressed by two lovely... umm females. And it seems Firo is trying to pass himself off as harmless and make everyone focus on Liche. Doubtful. Reaching up he plucks the skull from his shoulder and stands there, a headless corpse, before he begins to polish he head with a rag. Where did that come from?! He seems to be playing the part of someone that has a good deal of time on their hands. He then replaces his skull with a little snap-pop before trying to smile at gegoshi "I wouldnt want to impose but yes. I would request a meeting with each at their earliest convience." pausing he looks up at Nancy. bowing gracefully the corpseman pays his respects no matter how foolish this person seems to him "I am Johnathan Diggers. I have heard of your plight and come to seek admittence to your council. Though such things would should not be talked about in front of others, " he lifts his head and stares at Nancy and blocks out Firo. "It shows a mark or weakness."

Gegoshi looks over to Firo and then over at Nancy and Liche, she bets they're going to start talking. She reaches out and tries to hug onto Firo's legs! "Thank you for listening to The Council's words and obeying the laws of Twisted!" She then unhugs, if she was ever permitted to in the first place, "Is there anything else I can assist you with? Anything at all?" She smiles really big, the wings behind her back fluffing. Nancy's G-pad will suddenly start beeping, informing her that an audience of The Council has been called, and if she can attend or not, with 'Yes' and 'No' both bleeping on and off...loudly.

One down, two to- "Oh wow," Firo blinks, staring as he watches the Liche King tend to polishing his head. Funny how he looks more awed than freaked out. But since he's not being addressed, he figures he doesn't need to draw any more attention to himself. In fact, he's about to try sidling towards the exit again when suddenly he finds his leg latched onto.

"Eeh?!" he flails, nearly leaping from his spot- Gegoshi likely the only thing keeping him from doing so since she's grabbed one of his legs. Firo drops a hand over his hat as he looks down at the odd girl, shaking his head as he forces a smile. "N...no, I think I'm good! Thanks though!"

Nancy opens her mouth to speak but all that comes out is the 'beep beep beep' from the pad she carries. Wait. Where does she carry it? Reaching out of seemingly nowhere, she takes it out and frowns at it. She tries mashing the off button. "Oh, come on. Is this a joke? I'm already here!" She's still mashing the off button as she watches Firo tumble. Hmmm. With a tilt of her head she glances back at Liche King. "Sorry, I'm Nancy Dark, Mr Diggers. Uh... I don't know if I'm the best person to be asking about the Council with, but yeah. They did ask me to look for potential Council members." She sighs putting the G-pad in the air beside her whether it keeps beeping or not. It'll hover there for the time being. "So I guess the others will be here soon, huh?" Obviously that question was directed at Gegoshi.

The Liche King's thoughts dwindle. The voices inside are working as one now. His focus is keen and before him is the first door to his goal. "Mrs Dark. I must say, if being on the council means working with someone so fetching. I shall happily devote myself to what ever tasks are set before me." he prostraites himself rather fully before Nancy. He even spares Firo and Gegoshi an amused glance while adding, "making sure people understand that laws are there for their own protection. Though I, being the type of entity I am, break the laws of life and death. It is done with even exchange. Gegoshi can attest to my assertions for her well being." flashing a hand towards the girl in the floor humping Firo's leg. Ok that is a little wierd

Gegoshi tilts her head to the side and awwws as Firo says he's good, that's no fun for her really. Plus, if a meeting is going to happen, she won't get to do anything anyway! Still, she's a Synth, so it doesn't -really- bother her. "Are you sure? Nothing at all, sir?" She winks and then looks over towards Nancy, incling her head forward and grinning, "Oh yeah, or rather, we're all going to get taken there. Well..." She looks over at Firo briefly and back to Nancy, "...except for the thug there, I mean, come on..." Red text suddenly pops up in the air, just floating there and counting down 'Teleport In 0:02:31' And starts ticking itself down. She looks back to Firo, smiling again and clasping her hands in front of heself, "Last chance sir! Are you sure there isn't anything? If not, then please have a nice day and be safe!"

Hm. A council meeting, huh... Firo strokes his chin as he looked back at Nancy and the Liche King, the latter's words perking his attention. '...Break the laws of life and death.' He almost says 'Oh, you too, huh?' but catches himself. Instead he grins at the King and coughs into a fist. Right, he's supposed to be trying to be on his way out now, not draw more attention... At least Gegoshi's released him.

"Heeey, I'm not a thug!" he scowls, pausing only to blink as another set of red numbers appear there. "'Teleport'...?" he reads, tilting his head. He hmmms, perhaps reconsidering what he should do. Actually he's just curious what a teleport might be. Glancing back down at Gegoshi, he decides maybe he'll stick to his original plan. "Yup, pretty sure. Guess I'll show myself out! Thanks for the tips!" he says, waving. On retrospect he'd probably think even he sounded a little suspicious. Oh well, too late to rewind and reword now!

Nancy hmm's quietly at Liche King's words. She's having trouble deciding how to take that statment. Gegoshi seems destracted, or else doesn't have an opinion of his 'well being'. With nothing else to really say and people appearing to be leaving, she crosses her arms behind her back and sighs. Nancy doesn't really want to be amidst the other Council members just yet. There's only two she's really spent time talking to and she'd much rather keep it that way for now...

The Liche King's not noticing Firo much. He hasnt used his aura eyes on any of these beings because to do so might seem rude. Diggers is playing this close to the vest. Humbling himself. Remaining restrained. A walking dead guy with burned blackened skin.. restrained. heh. "Teleport? Shall I open a portal? I thought it would be rude just to arrive. Plus I am not sure where I am going." smirking a bit, or as much as he can he extends a elbow to Nancy "though I not try to curry favor. I wouldnt mind escourting such a lovely creature to our destination." ah the sweet talk. "You seem to be very busy and important. I would love to hear all about yourself and your duties as we travel"

The red timer ticks itself down to 0:00:03 and Gegoshi chimes, "Prepare for teleport!" Cheerfully, of course, and luckily, Firo won't get teleported with Liche, Nancy, and Gegoshi, though all just disappear with a flash of light, like someone taking an old style photo *flash! Puffs* And they're gone, leaving Firo, more or less, alone in the TASk lobby, and more than free to make his escape...for now.

...Escape? Oh, right! Escape! The urgency is kind of gone once everyone else that was in the room suddenly vanishes. Firo blinks and peers about the place, but it seems he's indeed been left alone. The grin at this realization falters slightly as he figures now'd be a good time for him to make himself scarce before someone else popped in for a visit. "Right. This is the way out. I think." He eyes the ...doorway thingy and with a shrug, dives right on through. Only one way to find out!

The Thaumaturgy - Council(#1886R)

The celing within the Thaumaturgy is a sight to beheld. What appears to be billions of stars and galaxies, possibly the entire universe, swirls overhead thanks to the magic which keeps the structure in the skies. Beneath this awsome specticle rests a simple, yet massive, stone table. Here, the High Council gather from whatever worlds they call home to discuss the matters of the multiverse around them. Only a select few have ever found there way here, and fewer still have ever seen the council in action. Reguardless being in the presence of it all leaves one feeling watched as if dozens of eyes where studying your every move. Perhaps it would not be wise to remain here any longer than neccesary...

The Council room is as it always is lately, mostly empty. There are four chairs in the room, and only four. One Concordance http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/concordance.jpg sits in, at what is obviously the head of the table. She's not moving, and her eyes look glossy, almost like a dolls. In one hand she holds her scythe, in the other is, well, nothing, it's just hanging out there. Guarlesia is sitting in a chair alongside of her, not actually at the table. The chairs turned backwards and she's get her arms resting across the top of it, with her chin on top of that, she's staring up at the galaxy type ceiling expanse, looking a tad bored. Abomination is here, next to a chair but not sitting in it, a massive writhing black tentacle gooey mess, with multiple mouths and eyes sprouting all around it, half of it seems to be melted into the floor. Gegoshi, after the teleport, now stands halfway in the floor on the left side of Concordance, her eyes are also distant and not really -looking- anywhere. And then of course, Nancy will be teleported into the other empty chair, which is on Concordance's right side of the table. Liche is left standing on is feet at the foot end of the table. There. --- Guarlesia looks away from the ceiling and looks Nancy up and down, she gives her a nod, though not a smile or greeting, she was hoping she'd see the girl sooner than this, but she's used to people not coming back to visit her, it's no new thing, her eyes trail over to look at Liche, wondering if another Council member has appeared. Not that she cares too much one way or the other, she looks over at Abomination, "You know that I don't like speeches." She says. - Abomination's body ripples, goo and ooze splattering off of him, "Very well, pawn." A few of his mouths say, as some of his eyes look around at everyone, "Speak, Jonathan Diggers." Short and simple, Abomination isn't really one for speeches either, actually, he hates having to do stuff for The Council, but it grants him some privelges, so he deals with it, like molesting Nancy over there, that was fun. A few of the mouths facing Nancy lick their teeth as they drool.

Nancy blinks as she ends up in the Council room. There's a hint of terror in her eyes that quickly vanishes when she glances at Guarlesia. After all, this is only the third time she's ever been teleported against her will. She smiles happily at those she's spoken to and considers friends, cringes at Abomination and shudders heavily as it begins to make guestures. Taking a seat she leans on an upturned hand and tries not to look at the monstrosity. She doesn't have anything to say at all yet, so she turns her head towards Liche King curious to see what's about to happen.

The Liche King's glowing orbs he uses as eyes flick in their sockets. It is a breif movement but it fills his scences with Awe. This surely is a place of power. But in the air he feels something. Squandered. Bordom. Even the lack of excitement at losing fellows. No tears. Just.. He frowns. He is a man of speeches and already two of them are quick to lash at his tongue. The sword that he slashes and parries with. Many winged creatures here. The formless one that commands him speak, Gegoshi puts him akin to that? Laughable. He inhales, is that cosmos or just simple dust? Though he fills his lungs it is not of need to relax or gain purchase. It is merely allowing him the ability to speak. "Thank you council for this audience," it sounds hollow and dry on his lips as he offers a bow most likely boring these beings "Order." a simple word, to him is echos volumes. "chaos" yet another word that has one meaning "Balance." the last of the three most important things known to magic and science. "and death." he lowers his head a bit and slithers the word like a snake. But then... it is now or never. The minds in him give a mental nod. "Recently several of your comrads, if I could call them that, were removed from existence. I see in this chamber no power struggle. I see no grief. I see no pettiness that mortals usually form in a situation. I see before me. Stagnation." He lets his words speak of their own and waits for someone to address him. The sentence almost seems to beg someone ask him to continue on his challange

The only one who actually does respond, apart from Abominations continual oozing, is Guarlesia, who sits up in her backwards chair and grips the top of it, rocking it back and forth, she shakes her head, "Man, he sounds just like Caliga, and a little bit like Crux." She rolls her eyes and lolls her head towards Abomination, "I hope he kills you this time, you reall leave a nasty mess in here, and at least Nancy pretends to like me." She leans the chair even further back onto one leg, her wings arcing and shifting in positions that show they don't have the normal joints wings do on her back, maintaing a perfect balance, she looks over at Liche, "If you're here to kill us and take over, hurry up, I might not have anything to do otherwise, but it's stupid when they come in and talk and talk and then attack, just start with the show already if you're going to do that." She looks over at Concordance from her awkward perch, then back to Liche. - Abomination and Concordance don't do a dang thing.

Nancy is genuienly hurt by Guarlesia's words. "HEY! I wasn't pretending!!" As she goes on, Nancy crosses her arms and sulks. She wanted to find people to bring here to give her someone to talk to but hasn't really met anyone whom she thought Guarlesia would like. She hasn't really met anyone really. Not that any of this matters at the moment. Listening to the rest of the conversation with little intrest she ponders why anyone would be attacking anyone. Why bother, right? The girl does smirk at the comment about Abomination, however. The world would be a better place without that one at the moment...

The Liche King thinks to himself 'My dear. I wouldnt waste the air in my lungs on the spell when it comes to you.' but he needs to bite his tongue in order not to say it. "Nancy is the most natrual being here." he raises his eyes to Concordance as if in defience. "It is like staring into an empty seat otherwise. It must be so hard to not have any intrest in one thing." he looks to Guarlesia and shakes his head "Not caring about anything. Your pathetic. I dont know who those previous people are but I came here merely to join your ranks because I know what is needed." he seems to be rather mixed up for once. The inside of his head is begging him just to scream and let loose with a torrent of rage. But there is a clam. deep within him. a center. He focuses on it. It gives him strength...

Guarlesia looks over at Nancy and furrows her brow, looking the girl up and down. She leans forward, her chair smacking down into the floor as she does so. The wings on her back turn into a normal position behind her and then droop down lazily. "Really?" She says after a bit of staring towards the girl, suprised that she actually cared that she said that. She hasn't had much interaction with honest people, or people that cared. Weird. She sticks her tongue out at Liche, though, and says nothing else. - Concordance, when Liche talks about joining her ranks, brings her eyes over to look towards him, though the rest of her body doesn't move at all. "No one can serve The Council unless they have something they can offer. The things you talk about are worthless to Twisted. It needs none of them, it already has it all." "I don't know you, what can I take that you desire more then existence?" - Abomination turns a few of his eyes over at Concordance, as one of his tentacles slips underneath the table and moves to try and slime its way along Nancy's leg and try to wrap around it.

Nancy nods her head at Gaurlesia and gives her a stare that in some places tends to be mistaken for 'well duh'. Not that she'd actually use words like that, of course. Liche King draws her attention when he says her name this time and stares a moment in confusion trying to decide just what he ment by such a statement. The rest of the conversation is missed as she yelps and shoves her chair back at Abomination's touch. With a look of repulsion and a shudder she tries to pull her feet up into the chair with her. "Uh... if this guy's wanting to help, why all the hassle? Don't we need help? Wasn't that why I was asked to look for more people to join us?" She can already feel eyes turning towards her for speaking up. "I... I'm sorry. It's just after seeing how Gegoshi is overworked it seems like we shouldn't be so picky..." Her voice drops to a near whisper. "...nevermind. Maybe I'm not supposed to talk or something..."

The Liche King says, "I counter your question with a question of my own. WHAT is the purpose of life? You have Twisted. A pocket reality that seems to pull people in at random. But why? You sure dont look to be the collectable type. So your waiting for something. Most every God figure I have run into has two motives. Their amusement. Or progression due to actually caring." he actually seems to become very angry. DAMN how he hates Gods. He raises a hand to make ready, purple fire blazing at his fingers as he focuses on Abomination since he seems to care more about Nancy then Liche, but know. He lowers his hand and slowly takes control of his emmotions. "This council will lead to the self destruction of Twisted because there is no balance." even Nancy is looking on him as.. a replacement. But there is that calm.. which is slowly shrinking. He offers nothing? The council seems to DO nothing. He offers adventure. he offers a journey. He offers... well hell. EVIL. Unlike Nancy he challanges Cord, the all high and mighty

Guarlesia cracks a smile at Nancy's look towards her and leans forward in her chair towards her, "Then you have to come see me more often! Concordance is never here!" She glances at her, "Normally." Plus, it's so same old same old here, even when people like Liche come around, it sounds so much like Caliga's and Crux's speeches (to her at least) that she's not even really paying attention anymore. - Abomination sinks some more of his tentacles into the floor, laughing as Nancy pulls away from him, that girl is so much fun, and he's through playing with Guarlesia, it's only so much fun with one helpless being for so long, afterall. And Gegoshi is stupid. Now he's getting hungry...he'll have to go find that dimension full of school girls again later. - Concordance looks over at Nancy as she talks, "We don't want him because he wants to bring order, balance, chaos, whathaveyou, to Twisted. Twisted isn't meant to be controlled in such way. No." Her eyes look back to Liche, her mouth isn't moving, though sound does come out of it, "Twisted is perfect the way it is. The Council doesn't need you or anyone. You're playing a hand you believe is higher than mine, but it isn't, because you're right, I don't care as much as you do. Plead your case in another way." She's busy, and this is already a waste of her time, which she believes is more precious than any others.

Nancy smiles back at Guarlesia and nods at the statement. She'd already planned on doing as much anyways. Once Concordance speaks, however, the girl goes completly silent. It doesn't make sense to her, but it feels like it's supposed to. Besides, this isn't the time or the place to ask questions apparently. With a nod of her head she crossing her arms around her knees she sighs. Hopefully this will be over soon.

The Liche King says, "ok. How about blackmail? I hear your deafulting on payments WHICH if Core is made aware of it. Would rip Gegoshi from your clutches before I could formulate a way in which you could keep her, and not have to pay them anything." think he has balls? Solid steel baby. He knows of her power. He knows Gods are not to be messed with. But this bitch needs a spanking .o0(or to get laid) Is it just him or is he ACTUALLY getting her to respond a bit? "But then... if your affraid that I, on the council, could damage your little twisted. It must not be so perfect. Much like" he flicks his hand and in it appears his version of the contract "Stipulation.." he reads off sub paragraphs and so on..." states that one galaxy is to be processed to the core as per the contract for every one, time segment. Which in this case would be, a Twisted month." he slams the tombs closed and hey. where did those glasses come from?? "such a messy wording. three planets? BAH. I could crack this loop hole wide open."

Guarlesia starts laughing at Liche, shaking her head and just laughing and laughing, she's never heard anything this funny before in her life. Priceless! "Hey, hey! Blackmail her into removing my hundred Seals, too! Oh, and tell her to get some room service in here!" She laughs all the more at her jokes, which she thinks is pretty hysterical. Abomination chuckles some too, but he doesn't go on about mocking him. Concordance says, "Goodbye." And her eyes gloss out and lose focus once more, she's done with this conversation, it's not going anywhere important, and the liche at the foot of her table is just wasting her time. Although, Liche isn't teleported out foricbly or anything like that, and Guarlesia is still laughing her wings off. Gegoshi's completly silent and still this whole time, the only movement is the halo above her head spnning round and round.

Nancy stares on with wide eyes. This doesn't look good. The laughter that starts to echo out doesn't do much to make her feel at ease. Infact, she feels almost as uncomfortable as she did when Abomination was bringing her here the first time. Trembling slightly she looks back and forth at everyone feeling the tension in the air and wondering how much trouble she'd be in if she ran out of the room right now before things got ugly...

Lichs rarely deal in the affairs of others, and are often classified as evil simply because they are undead... I would think a Liche King, being devoid of mortality, would see that the better investment would be to take a slow, noninvolved route to power, than to risk his/her immortality by beccoming involved in the affairs of others who would string out so many causes that one would inevitably lead to their downfall."

The Liche King's got one last thing to say "So. Twisted is perfect the way it is. Not going to do anything? So. It seems that you think my actions hold no barring." he nods his head slowly. "which means you dont care what I do.... Intresting. I cant wait... to be back home." as long as he doesnt implode the thing. She doesnt care? She doesnt care if her council is abliterated. She doesnt care because she is self important. a sham. A fake. This is nothing more then do nothing puppets. Sparring a glance towards Nancy he says fleetingly. "I feel sorry for you. your the only real person here. Dont let them currupt you. enjoy life." He raises his head and SMIRKS at Cord. She is kicking him out in a hissy fit. A small victory. She is also giving him a 'do as you like and get out of jail free card'

Guarlesia's laughter slows down and halts, she wipes a tear from her eye and looks over at Nancy, who looks skittish, "Don't go already." She says, kind of forlornly, and then looks over at Liche and over at Concordance, "She's gone and not paying enough attention to answer you anymore, J." She says, resting an elbow on her chair and propping her chin into it. - Abomination's mouths speak, "Twisted isn't perfect, it's imperfect, that's why it's Twisted." The black tentacle creature begins sinking into the floor more and more, deciding to go find some tasty young girls, "You're dead already, but if you try or succeed in changing Twisted in a way The Council doesn't like, you'll be dealth with. It's the only time I've ever seen Concordance act." He laughs, "That Crux was a brave one, arrogant, like you, but brave. They're not so tasty, the brave one's, not like the y..." And his voice trails out as he completly disappears underneath the floor.

Nancy relaxes a little at Guarlesia's words, but still remains a bit nervous. She'll relax should the Liche King leave but until that happens... well. Her eyes follow the conversation as it goes around, pondering what she's been told this evening. Abomination's voice causes her to tense up once again, but as he leaves she relaxes. Infact, she seems more at ease now than she did before he spoke again. Coincidence? Probably not.

The Liche King exclaims, "So wait. On top of that I have to show my own wait out." he eye rolls. Gets sorta a compliment. Brave? He stared down Cord! The little one must think it is brave to be stupid and just attack. No... not diggers. "Listen you self serving little twerp" ok that calm center is gone..." you waggle your tongue. You complaign of being bored. You talk of things that" his frustration is apparent "She just gave me reign to do as I please in her twisted. Go against the council?? Your going to react? GOOD! You should react! Stop being a bunch of drones and actually DO something. Or sit back and watch your creation DIE." opps. long speech time. His fist clenches and he points a single digit at the winged girl "I will bring death and dispare beyond all hope. there is no Cale here to counter act me. I have Daizy by my side without Akiya to get in the way. I will rape pilliage and bring a plight on that place so vast that you will have to take action!!! OR I AM NOT THE MASTER OF DEATH AND DECAY!!! Johnathan Diggers, THE LICHE KING!"

Guarlesia blinks as Liche starts yelling at her, she's been yelled at once or twice in her short lifespan, but it was by Concordance after she was first created by her. Other people have yelled, but it's been at Concordance or the other Council members, she thinks anyway, at least, they never yelled so vehemntly. Her fingers on her chair twitch a little bit and she looks over at Concordance, "If you could remove one of m-" "No." Concordance's voice echo's out of her mouth, Guarlesia sneers and looks back towards Liche, not really enjoying the yelling, "Well, I'm Guarlesia, the only one of my kind. So there." She says, folding her arms and huffing out a short burst of air to send hair out of her face, "And you can rape and pillage all you want, nobody here cares if you do that, you know. Well, maybe Nancy. If I did care, I couldn't do anything about it anyway. You don't really get why The Council's here in the first place. All you have to do is not corrupt other dimensions and we generally leave you alone." She shrugs four of her six wings, "And don't yell at me. It hurts. Or something." She's not really sure how to explain that.

Nancy sweatdrops heavily at Guarlesia's words. She sighs and puts her feet back down on the ground. Scooting up to the table she rests her head in an upturned hand again as she leans upon it. "I kinda care, but there's nothing I can do. I'm too afraid that I'm going to end up getting imprisoned again." Normaly that's not something she'd say to just anyone, but this feels like it's fallen into a less formal conversation. "I'm not going back there... I think I'd rather be broken and burried first..."

The Liche King says, "Yes. No body care. No body cares if such a rare beautiful creature such as yourself, has her wings cut off and hanged over a fire place." did she slip up? How can one currupt a dimension? Paralell Dimension still follow conguent time. Unless there is a dimension out of phase with normal preceptions. Diggers falls eerielly silent as he strokes his chin. .o0(and they would be upset about that. hmmm hmm) "so nothing I do. matters to her? Rape doesnt matter. Pain and suffering. Turning her into the Core. Finding those other two prototypes? Stealing Gegoshi from her. It doesnt matter?" smiling a bit, somehow. He looks at the young creature... "tell me. would it matter if I took you out of this room so you can SEE what your inactions cause?" Nancy speaks of her plight in the past.Liche remembers once when Cale couldnt beat him, he called on the power of all mighty trinune to imprision him. thankfully. Someone dimension hopping screwed up. But maybe this will spark intrest in saving her friend and she will take action. Things are progressing, not the direction he hoped but there IS life. and where there is life and emmotions. There is the chance for domination and curruption "sooo. Say I summoned a being here that was in the UR. Unlike ANYTHING you have seen. Would you destroy it?" he talks of course, of Talkie the toaster.

Guarlesia blinks at Liche's words and looks over at Concordance again, wanting to ask to remove her Seals, even just ONE, one of a hundred! But no, Concordance will just refuse her again. She turns her attention back to Liche as her wings rest down behind her back like an insects would, they really seem to be able to turn in any direction she wants. She leans her body halfway over the chair, her waist balancing on top of it as she speaks to the Liche king, "Take me out of this room? I'd adore you for that, I think. Or at least be really nice to you. You can't though, I'm Sealed." She actually rolls over and upside down on top of the chair, which doesn't fall over, and she doesn't fall either, she seems to really have a good sense of balance, but if all you had was a chair to entertain you, you'd be good at this kind of stuff too, "I...that's a weird question. I can't, I mean, if it's strong. I'm Sealed. Nancy probably could though, she has fog or something." She looks over at Nancy.

Nancy blinks as she's brought into the conversation. "Wait... what? I'm not going to destroy anything! I don't like breaking things! I... Wait, what's a UR?" She sighs. She feels like she's missing something important. Something vital. She glances at Guarlesia. "Wait... what fog?" Oh, right. An unoriginal teleport and she doesn't know what it looks like. Typical. Actually, she's a little bit clueless. Well, that's what happens when you spent decades pretending your not really doing what it is your doing...

The Liche King's side glance at Nancy makes Diggers smile. "no wonder you beg for death. To be here. With nothing of intrest. I bet when you saw Nancy here, your heart jumped for joy. If your leader doesnt care. where are you here? What harm is it to walk around twisted? To examine things. To be of your own mind?" he turns his eyes back to the girl and chuckles "Your innocence would be sweet. I would enjoy currupting you." with a heavy sigh he turns his attention to Nancy who seems more scared then anything. Pathetic "What of you? Here I stand, dead. Talking to you. And nothing? No hint of fear? Dont want to rush and save your friend?" he motions with his hand and in pops a toaster. "here. A gift for you. That thing from the UR. " he tosses it towards Nancy who seems to be the tech head anyway. she did have that wierd pad. "what do you think? Toast? Bagels? Or muffins?" She really is like a statue. not carring. He wonders what would happen if he peeks under her dress. would she be angry? His eyes fall on Cord as these thoughts enter his head.

One moment, Talkie Toaster was annoying a poor patron of the UR about toast, the next, he's summoned into a strange room, and being tossed around like a hot potato. "HEY HEY HEY!" The breadpan flails wildly as the toaster objects immensely to being treated this way! It's a sophisticated piece of machinery that only cost 19.99 plus tax! "I demand to be set down this instant! How dare I be treated this way! I'm your toasting companion! Is that any way to treat a friend, who lovingly gives you toasted bread on demand?!"

Nancy sweatdrops at Liche King's words. She doesn't know what 'dead' means after all. "Save my friend? From what? Who's in danger? Unless your going to hurt or steal Gegoshi I don't see anyone in trouble. I'd let Guarlesia out myself if I thought I could without getting sealed away myself..." She shrugs and rubs the side of her head comicly, "You don't make alot of sense..." And then... the toaster. Nancy yelps at the talking toaster and drops it on the table. "It... it talks? What is it?"

Guarlesia shrugs her shoulders instead of her wings at Liche's words, "I have my own mind, but I don't know what harm there is with me going around, it doesn't matter anyway since I can't leave, so why should I think about it often?" She slides from her balanced position and into her chair, slumping forward lazily in it, resting against the back, which she uses as the front. She watches the toaster appear and Nancy set it down, that's an interesting thing. "It sounds mad. Maybe you -should- kill it before it kills you." She's joking, a little, but not too much, as she looks back over at Liche, assessing him.

The Liche King's head turns to talk to Guarlesia, "if you want your freedom. Call me forth once more. I promise if I can get your support I will free you to at least give you movement. Think about it.. open sky above. the pounding of your feet on the pavement. Not some chair in a room." shrugs "unless you dont want a tour of twisted. After all. you dont seem to like me. HELL! I promise even to get your cherry popped." the valger language. But if all she knows is this room. Such an experience might be tempting, unless that thing beat him to.. now that he thinks about it... He is at the foot of the table right? Forgetting nancy and the new toy he summoned, he leans in and tries to peek under Cord's dress. Since she seems not to be here and all. "I wonder if they are white..."

The toaster continues to flail its breadpan, screaming loudly at the occupants of the room. "PUT ME BACK! I was comfortable in the Usual Resturant! PEOPLE WANTED TOAST THERE! Return me to my toast making duties! That is... Unless you would like some toast?"

Nancy aks calmly "...duties?" She leans towards the speaking metal box and pokes at it. "If this thing is important it should stay where it came from, shouldn't it?" More than likely she is going to regret this next statement someday. Probably sometime very soon. "...uh? Toast?" She's summoned food for people before. It never mattered what it was she was summoning just so long as the person she summoned it for knew what it was. As such, she's missed out on a lot of things she should know. Like what toast was. So sad that this learning experience had to come now... Before the thing can speak she stares at Guarlesia and raises an eyebrow. "Kill?"

Guarlesia props her elbows on the back of her chair and rests her fingers against themselves, forming a little triangle, and she looks between them at Liche with one eye, "You're funny, J. See, this guy named Caliga has promised me the exact same thing, with a bit more, not only that, he came back and talked to me and even really -really- tried hard. He brought this dragon that could grant wishes, but then I realized he was trying to trick me...somehow...so I messed it up for him real good." She lets her hands fall away, and she has no idea what having your cherry popped means. "So, I'll take your words for what they are, lies and meaningless, like all the other people that come in here and talk to me." She stands up, kicking her chair across the room. "They're either mad at Concordance for leaving the Seals on me, or thinking that I'm enslaved and it's wrong and being righteous about it, or they're explaining how much I'm missing and how great the outside world is." She folds her arms, the wings on her back shifting to hang like normal angelic like one's would, "Nancy at least seems to really care, and she admits she can't do anything about it, which is the most truth I've heard come out of just about anyone's mouth." She sticks her tongue out at Liche, then looks over at Nancy and the toaster, "If it's dangerous, yeah. I can't defend myself any better than a human could." She then moves to sit down, and looks over at the chair across the room. If she knew any good curse words, she'd use one right now.

The Liche King says, "lies?" this time it is his turn to laugh "oh far from it. I dont lie. Take for an example. I wouldnt think Cord here would care so much as to pick a pantie color. But low and behold they are red. This would typically indicate that she does care about appearences. Why else be humanoid. Why else wear clothing? Why else PICK said clothing? Ah no... I am my word and my word is me. The king of the grave should keep his word. I have ideas. And I really would try to help you. Do I care about you? No. I would merely wish to win you over in the hopes of gaining your support. You couldnt even make a good sex toy to me. Now nancy.. she has a little something. But that innocence would drive me up the wall. Nope. I think for now..." he turns to nancy and makes a motion to blow her a kiss "I will show you what I can do. I will make you all respect me. Even Gods can be broguht down." he steps back and was that a little flash bulb going off taking a picture of Cord's panties?? Oh well. With a stiff bow and out of air in his lungs. The Liche begins to fade. Fade... fade "I will... be back...." fade.

"...You don't know what toast is...?" Talkie Toaster seems honestly shocked by that. "My poor deprived girl! That is just so unbearable for me to take!" A freshly toasted piece of bread suddenly slides out of the breadpan for Nancy. "Come! Enjoy the best toast Crapola Inc. can offer!" Another piece slides out of the breadpan, then another... and another... and another... Uh-oh.....

Nancy sweatdrops at Guarlesia's outburst and shakes her head. "Wait, no.... I mean, what's a 'kill'?" Marching over, she picks up the kicked chair and brings it back to her friend. As such she misses most of Liche King's speach up until he mentions her name. She looks up in confusion as she sets down the chair. The guesture only making her more confused. She's about to voice that confusion when the air fills with the scent of toast. She stares a moment and blinks. "Wait... that's toast? I've had toast. Why would I want to eat toast?"

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