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Summary: Introducing two more members of TASK. The first's real name is Kaede, although most know her as Nyuu or Lucy. Why the 'or'? Well, you'll learn about that shortly... The other is Talinfar who apparently is Kaede's Watcher. Why does a member of TASK need supervision?

Who: Gegoshi, Kaede, Satyrn, Talinfar
When: December 14th, 2007
Where: TASK Lobby


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

TASK Lobby
In a somewhat contrast to the Thaumaturgy that The Council resides in, the TASK building is much more on the modern setting of things. You're in a large room, a very, very large room. You can't really see the end of it in any direction, but it is definately a room as there is a ceiling with lights. The floor shifts around, parts being hardwood, some tile, some rug. None of it seems to match properly, it all seems somewhat chaotic. Occasionally, there will be a receptionist desk that appears out of the floor to greet people that come along.

The saiyan of TASK comes out of a portal that opened up in the middle of the hallway, a simple doorway outline with a knob in the middle of it, her preferred method of portal travel. There's a lot of settings on the G-pad, but she likes a knob to turn rather than a door to just push through, something about being able to grip things. Held in the crutch of her left arm is Kaede, unconcious. The both of them look scuffed and beat up, and Satyrn's right arm is hanging limp at her side, broken. She tosses the girl uncermoniously to the floor in front of the desk, "Gegoshi!" She yells, "Here's that creature that needed a Keeper we located. Process her for me." She then turns around and walks through one of the portals in the hallway, looking none to happy about her broken limb. - Rather than manifesting herself, Gegoshi makes the floor underneath the unconcious Kaede swallow her down. A moment later she rises up into a pure white room, floor, walls, ceiling, and floor. The light thrum of scanning occurs as Gegoshi's sensors start roving across the girls body and insides, analyzing her magicaly and technologically and psychically to determine any paranormal powers the girl has, "Now hold still while we scan you." Of course, the girls unconcious, but Gegoshi talks to her anyway. Scan scan and wait for the results.

Kaede's body shifts slightly. It's as if her conciousness was trying to reassert itself. Gegoshi might detect very strong telekenetic powers which are somehow tied to the two small cat-ear-like horns on her head, but abruptly all trace of them vanish as the girl's eyes weakly open. Everything about her seems to change as her eyes soften and her muscles relax. Blinking twice she rubs her head and begins to cry. Franticly she looks back and forth across the room, "Kouta? ...Kouta?!?" The girl seems frightened and innocent. This can't be the same person who broke Satyrn's arm, is it? "Nyuu..."

The scans finish off as Kaede starts to come around. "Hello there! I'm glad you're awake! Please remain still while we finish the last part of your processing!" Gegoshi forms up out of the floor, fully, holding a pink collar, it doesn't have any gizmos or things attatched to it, it just looks like a normal collar made of pink leather, (authentic pink leather!), though it lacks a seam. Gegoshi smiles and hops over next to Kaede, "Are you going to attack me if I put this around your neck? Please tell me the truth so I can take the appropriate measures against you if this is the case!"

Nyuu is confused. She doesn't seem to understand anything Gegoshi is saying. As she hops towards her, the horned girl cringes and leaps to her feet, backing away against one of the walls. Maybe she thinks Gegoshi was the one who hurt her? The girl shakes her head and sobs. "Nyuu... Nyuu! NYUU!" Wait, is that a yes or no?

The Synth starts running through her massive language database but isn't able to assosicate it with any one known word or definition, plus, the way she's repeating it over and over must mean that it's something that can only mean words to her. Like a pokemon, she supposes! But, this girls scans didn't register as such, "All right, well, thank you!" She says and uses her best judgement, which is to say that it'll be okay if she does this, despite the obvious fear the girls feeling. Her body shrinks down to half of its size and she giggles, "Okay, nyuu." She says and walks over towards the girl, skipping this way and that to corner her if she tries to get away! Of course, the girl might be able to jump over her at this point, but Gegoshi will at least attempt to put the collar around the girl once normally. The collar, which is seamless, simple comes open when she pulls on it and moves to place it around the girls neck, who knows if she'll succeed though.

Nyuu blinks in confusion as Gegoshi's size shifts. "...nyuu?" She doesn't put up much of a fight and is more curious than anything of the collar. Besides, it's not like she has anywhere to run. As the collar is slipped onto her she plays with it briefly before exclaiming a happy, "Nyuu!" Maybe she likes it?

The Synth giggles at Nyuu's reaction, "You're welcome, nyuu!" She says, trying to communicate on some kind of basis, but it's not her job to take care of this girl and she has other people to process and other things to do. THis sone seems fun too, ah well! She smiles really big as she sinks into the floor. "Goodbye nyuu! Your Keeper will be in as soon as possible to explain to you how things will be in the future. Enjoy!" She disappears beneath the floor with only the briefest of rippling on the white room. Time passes, about a good half hour with nothing really to do but stare at white walls. Then, on the wall opposite of wherever Kaede is, crayon scribblings zigzag there way into the shape of a a right side up U, which is then filled in with more crayon. The door then opens up and Talinfar steps through, holding a G-Pad in one hand and a crayon in the other. She closes the door behind her and turns around, drawing a lock into it with the same crayon, that changes color to black as she does so. "Hi there." She says, looking over her shoulder as a scribbles it in.

Nyuu watches Gegoshi leave and seems to sadden. "...nyuu...?" She paws at the floor on the spot and sighs. As time passes she begins to get more and more sad. Finally she's sobbing once again as she sits on the floor where she'd been kneeling before. "Nyuu... Nyuu... want... Kouta..." The girl sniffles and burries her eyes in her hands, sobbing quietly. At least until she hears someone's voice. Perking up she exclaims, "Kouta?!" But, of course it's not Kouta. It's a girl with blue hair. "...Nyuu?"

Talinfar pulls the crayon away from the door when she finishes scrilbbing the lock and then puts the crayon in a little slot on the G-Pad as she walks over and looks Nyuu over. She looks down at the pad, reading over Satyrn's estimate and the scanning results. "Well, my name's Talinfar. Are you only saying Nyuu right now? It's going to be hard to ask you questions that way." She sits down on the floor cross-legged, tucking her dress over her legs, "Well, let's try anyway." She smiles, "What's your name?" She pushes some bangs away from her face.

Nyuu watches the strange girl step in and address her. Mimicing her she crosses her legs too. So far, this person doesn't seem too scary, so Nyuu smiles warmly. She's meeting a lot of new friends today. Talinfar's question drifts through her mind a moment and the girl seems to seriously ponder the question, but of course she responds with nothing more than a happy, "NYUU!!" She does put a hand to her chest as she speaks, so maybe she is referring to her name this time...

Talinfar grins at Nyuu's response and looks down at her pad, well, what Satyrn said about the fight isn't making much sense right now, maybe it's just a ploy. Eh, whatever! At least this girl isn't swearing and trying to kill her every chance she can get like some of her past subjects have been. "Well, Nyuu, it"

Talinfar grins at Nyuu's response and looks down at her pad, well, what Satyrn said about the fight isn't making much sense right now, maybe it's just a ploy. Eh, whatever! At least this girl isn't swearing and trying to kill her every chance she can get like some of her past subjects have been. "Well, Nyuu, it's nice to meet you." She smiles and scoots over closer to the girl, though her thumb rests just above a small blinking red button above the G-pad. "Are you understanding me okay? Because I'm about to explain a lot of stuff. Well, I'll do it anyway, but I'd rather know you were paying really good attention."

Nyuu headtilts as Talinfar scoots closer. She also starts paying more attention to the thing in her hand. As soon as she can, the girl reaches out and tries to take it. She acts like a child trying to press all the blinking buttons at one time, that is of course, if she manages to wrestle it away. She's persistant to say the least and simply moving the G-pad away from her won't be enough. At least she doesn't seem like she's trying to be mean about it. Infact, she'll start giggling if she gets to hold onto it long enough...

Talinfar doesn't get an answer back, "Uh, well, okay, I'll just, hey!" She says as the girl grabs the pad, she brings her other hand around and takes ahold of it with both of hers, trying to pull it away from the girl, though her right hand thumb never leaves its position abovce the small blinking button, "No, no, this is mine, you don't get to have it Nyuu." She tries to explain as she pulls on the pad, she's not super strong or anything, just normal strength, so it might start being a big pull back and forth fest.

Nyuu continues to struggle and laugh as the girl seems to play back with her. She happily "Nyuu!"'s as she keeps tugging on it, pressing a button or two at the same time if she can. As Nyuu, the girl has no normal strength either so unless someone gives up this will likely go on for awhile...

Talinfar sweatdrops as the girl starts pressing buttons, "Ah, don't do that please, Nyuu!" She keeps pulling back and forth, her arms starting to get tired, "Ah ha ha!" She laughs, kind of enjoying herself despite the ridiculousness of it all, is this girl just a child? How'd she put up such a fight against Satyrn? It doesn't really make much sense to her, "Come on, Nyuu, please let go! I kind of need to ask you some questions and tell you some stuff and if you don't give it back I'm gonna have to press the button to make you go to sleep so I don't lose this tug of war!" She hasn't played the gimme game for years, it's pretty fun. She'll have to do it again later when she isn't trying to work.

Nyuu isn't going to stop. She's enjoying herself and she's got nothing to destract her. Usualy that's all it takes, something bright and shiny. Knowing nothing about the consequences she tries to press down on the 'guarded button' simply because it's obvious she's not supposed to. Infact, Talinfar's laughing only encourages her more. Now she's GOT to find a way to play with this new toy no matter what!

Talinfar laughs, "Come on, just let it go, or else-" Too late! As Nyuu presses down on the button the pad will make a happy little beep and the pink collar around Nyuu's neck will suddenly tighten and the girl will pass right out as it synchronizes with her body's specific makeup and shuts it down into a coma like state. Talinfar sweatdrops and takes the pad in her hands, looking at the display with a light sight, "Well, I tried to tell you." She tucks the pad into her arm and then moves over and moves the girl into a more comfortable position. She then sits back down and presses the button again, the collar loosening slightly and allowing her to wake back up naturally. She IS sitting a bit further from the girl this time though.

As the button is pressed, Nyuu doesn't fall asleep. Her eyes seem to go vacant and distant and her body falls limp. Had Talinfar not adjusted her she would have remained in the slouched position she was in, at least till the button was pressed once more. This time her eyes seem to darken. Perhaps it's simply that her bangs have fallen over her eyes, but her eyes seem to become so dark it's almost like they aren't there. The girl's body language has abruptly changed as well making her seem more tense and focused. The girl glares beneath her bangs at the person sitting across from her. "...where am I?"

Talinfar blinks at Nyuu. She looks down at her pad and her readings from the scan a little bit ago done by Gegoshi. Well, she should probably keep everything locked down right now, but she's curious, and she's dealt with this kind of trouble before, and she can always hit the teleport out button too. So she's not too worried, "Oh, saying more than Nyuu now, huh?" She smiles, though she notices the change in body language and general demeanor, "You're in a processing room of TASK, Nyuu. I was going to explain all of this before you decided to start playing tug of war with me." She grins, tapping a few buttons on the G-pad.

Lucy doesn't seem amused. "Nyuu? ...so she's to blaim again?" Her Vectors flare out, grabbing Talinfar and holding her in the air a brief second before severing her arms, legs, and head sending a spray of blood into the air. It doesn't take long before the entire room is filled with blood and the G-pad is crushed onto the floor. ...at least, that's what Lucy sees in her mind. Blinking a second later she screams angrily, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!??" She grabs ahold of the collar trying to rip it free from her neck. "WHAT IS THIS?!? I won't be imprisoned again!!" If looks could kill, what Lucy saw in her mind would seem tame in comparison.

Talinfar backs up quickly and gets onto her feet in a smooth and quick motion. Human reflexes, but good ones nonetheless. This is the normal behavior she gets, and she was hoping it'd be different this time. Though, to her, it seems like a classic case of split personalities. Maybe some kind of defense mechanism set up. She's not a psychologist though, even if she is one of the few Keepers who cares about her subjects. "All right then, go ahead and calm down when you can and I'll keep talking to you." She says, checking her G-pad to make sure the inihibitors are all in place. Yep. Holding good and strong, Gegoshi always does a good job with these things. "I personally haven't done anything to you, Nyuu, though from your reactions you're probably trying to do something to me." She smiles, "Take it easy, okay? I'll answer your questions if you don't yell at me."

...to be continued....

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