2007-12-26 (PreU) ...and now more duties?

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...and now more duties?

Summary: Ok, so I've been a bit of a hypocrite this past month or so and I'm eager to correct that mistake. As such, here's some logs which should have been posted long ago. This first one involves Nancy Dark and should have been posted on November 27th and 29th (two logs merged together, you see).

Who: concordance, gegoshi, guarlesia, nancy
When: December 26th, 2007
Where: TASK Lobby(#2413R)


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

TASK Lobby(#2413R)

In a somewhat contrast to the Thaumaturgy that The Council resides in, the TASK building is much more on the modern setting of things. You're in a large room, a very, very large room. You can't really see the end of it in any direction, but it is definately a room as there is a ceiling with lights. The floor shifts around, parts being hardwood, some tile, some rug. None of it seems to match properly, it all seems somewhat chaotic. Occasionally, there will be a receptionist desk that appears out of the floor to greet people that come along.

The room begins to fill with dense fog as Nancy happens to suddenly appear in the room. As always it fades quickly and the girl crosses her arms as she looks around curiously. "Um... hello?" Why is it everytime she comes here the lobby always seems to be empty? Shouldn't TASK have more people in it? These thoughts drift through her mind as she wonders why she's been called here. At least she's figured out how to mute the pad Gegoshi gave her finally...

The floor in front of the lobby desk bubbles upwards, stretching and stretching into an upside down raindrop, which then expands itself out into a young girl with big wings and a halo, Gegoshi of course! The floor texture and color all shifts colors, almost like she's being repainted on the spot, until it's, well, it's her body and clothes like normal. "Hey Nancy, sup?" She says, putting a hand on her hip and kicking her head back at a slant as she access her personality preference systems, she's got Nancy pretty well pinned down on what she likes, which is always nice. Though, it's fun to meet knew people too and add even more things. And look! She's not halfway in the floor today!

Nancy smiles happily at Gegoshi's appearance. She's not going to say anything about the lack of floor attachment, but it does promote a raised eyebrow. "Hi! I was uh... kinda hoping you could answer that question for me..." She pulls out the pad from where ever it was and turns it towards the computer. "It started beeping and I couldn't figure it out. Did I do something wrong or something?"

Gegoshi looks over at the pad and smiles, leaning forward towards Nancy, "Yeah, yeah, you know how The Council is, always making demands." Her halo starts spinning faster and she flicks one of her little hair loops with her finger in a -bothersome- gesture, "The info kiosk we created has been helpful, now they want even more information. So now you have to start making dimensional doors, informing people of the laws, -and- exploring new worlds and gathering information on those to add too it." She rolls her eyes and shakes her head, shrugging her shoulders all in one motion, "Orders coming down from the man." She's having a really good time, this is always so fun and no one's come to visit her for awhile now! Whee!

Nancy's face pales a little at the news. "Oh... joy... that sounds.... fun..." The sarcasm is thick in her words. Briefly the idea of asking Geoshi to tag along and help comes to her mind, but obviously that probably can't happen. "So, I'm going to be really busy then, huh?" She sighs, "...you know it's kinda funny. They lock me up because they're afraid of my powers and now they keep asking me to use more and more of them." Forcing a smile she looks up at Gegoshi. "Still, I guess it's better than where I was..."

Gegoshi waves her hand in a circle, "Yeah, higher up snobs." She comments, and then leans herself back on the desk, one of her hands sliding down on it so she can be more or less, fully slouched over, even her wings have sagged down behind her at this point. "Busier than you have been, but you can put all of the info into the G-pad, so that parts easy!" She nods with a smile, "Now that you're a Council member, I don't think anyone cares if you use your powers or not, well, as long as it's for the good of The Council. Hierachy politics." She fehs and scratches the side of her leg, picking invisible dust off of it with her fingers and flicking it away.

Nancy glances at the pad before letting it go, vanishing into the air as soon as her fingers release it. She nods at Gegoshi's words and sighs. "Yeah... so I've noticed." Despite the fact she's already guessed the most likely answer she asks out of politeness. "You want to tear yourself away from your duties and tag along? If it didn't freak everyone out, it might be fun!" She smiles but it fades quickly. "...yeah, probably can't, huh?"

Gegoshi looks from the left to the right, her eyes getting all narrowed down and her expression turning sneaky, albeit, a cute sneaky. "Shhhh...keep your voice down." She says, leaning up from off the desk and walking over towards Nancy. She puts a hand on the girls shoulder, then glances all around again, even though her sensors and monitors and everything she has knows where everyone is and who's listening, it's more fun to play like this! She leans over to whisper in Nancy's ear, "I snuck out once already, but I got caught. I've got strict orders from the big one not to leave again, but I'm also five months behind maintenance, so I can override a lot of stuff right now, so I could sneak out by deciding that if I didn't leave, it'd break another one of her orders, which is to have you explore other worlds, but I can't do it unless you tell me too." She leans back, placing her hands on her hips and wags her eyebrows twice really high with a 'HUH HUH' movement. Oh this is so much fun!

Nancy can't help but grin at the exagerated display coming from someone of such importance. She shakes her head a little saddly, however. "I'd hate to get you in any kind of trouble though..." Nancy tries to argue the temptation in her mind but she can't help but slip out with, "...but I could use the help. I'd hate to end up somewhere I couldn't get out of. Maybe we should just clone you and get it over with!" Of course, that was a joke. Perhaps this isn't the best person to make jokes like that around...

Gegoshi bahs, "Trouble smohble!" She says, folding arms across herself in peering around again, "They can't do anything without me around anyway, this place would collapse and Twisted would replace it with something less stable." She blinks and looks voer at Nancy, hopping up and down once, "I'm not allowed to make copy's of myself, although I can manifest pictures my main unit must never have more than one part of itself in physical appearance, it's against The Core hard programming. I could probably change it, but I'd like damage myself and permanently corrupt my systems, you know how it is, the makers always want to control the maked." She giggles at her little joke, which was funny according to her programming.

Nancy frowns heavily and sighs because of the implications, not the joke. "You can't copy yourself... Could you copy someone else?" She laughs at the idea in her head. "Nah, nevermind. I'm just going to get everyone in trouble. I can feel it." Crossing her arms she sighs again, "I should probably get started on that, huh? As much as I'd like to say you had to come with me, that could be bad and both of us could get in trouble..." She frowns, "...oh well..."

Gegoshi taps a finger to her chin, looking off to the side, "I am able to modify people's bodies in many ways, depending on their preferences of what they desire, though depending on these changes it can take certain amounts of time. However, copying another person, other than remaking the body, would probably result in a less than optimum duplicate, lacking many of the memories and motor functions of the original." She blinks as Nancy says she better go. "Yeah, don't want to keep the bossess on your back, and all that." She waves her hand while giving the peace sign and sinks back down into the floor, "Come back and play with me again soon!" She says before she completly disappears.

Nancy's eyes widen and she frowns as Gegoshi vanishes. "Awww... yeah, ok..." She sulks a little and waves towards the direction Gegoshi was previously standing in. If it where possible she'd have asked about copying a certain sealed friend in the council chambers. Nancy leans upon the wall of the room, taking advantage of the fact that no one is here. "Maybe I should ask if TASK has someone they can spare or something... it be more fun if I wasn't alone." She frowns again and glances around. Maybe she'll go for a walk while she ponders this idea...

...sometime later...

Nancy walks slowly down the winding corridors of TASK that most people never get to see. Why? Because she's not been paying the least bit of attention as she's wandered around trying to think of a way to make her new chore more fun. She only has two people she considers friends here, Guarlesia and Gegoshi, and both are forbidden to do anything remotely like what Nancy's been asked to do. She's not worried about the potential danger of randomly scouting various worlds, just the fact that she doesn't want to go alone. That's why so many people had been burried in ZekuKari's cemetary over the centuries. In all her time of imprisonment she couldn't stand the thought of being by herself. This seems very errily similar. She's free to roam around, but she still has to be alone. It's not fair. So absorbed in her train of thought, Nancy's stopped paying attention to where she's going all together. This probably isn't the best place to be getting lost in...

The never ending hallway of TASK, it's easy to get lost if you start going through random portals of course, since many of them connect to small offices and the like, but mostly, if you keep going down it you just wind back up where you started at the greeting desk. Either way, as Nancy continues to wander around, her G-Pad unmutes itself and starts making wild frantic beeping noises as if it was going to explode!

Nancy stops dead in her tracks right infront of one of those previously mentioned portals. Franticly she searches non-existant pockets and suddenly produces the Pad and starts jabbing buttons randomly. With a mix of both embarasment and worry she begins to plead with it, "Come on!! Shut up! Be quiet!!" Not that it'll likely help, but sometimes you just can't help but treat things like they can understand you...

The G-Pad, after scanning a number of random items in the area from the buttom smashing, eventually comes up with a message that says 'You are wanted in The Council chambers' in red letters, with a countdown going, which hits 0:00:00 just as Nancy finally see's it. FLASH. The world around Nancy turns white and then colors itself back in seconds later, though she's now in the councilroom rather than the neverending lobby. Concordance is sitting in her chair, as she always is, staring at nothing and looking at nothing, not even breathing. Might as well be dead. Gegoshi is in the floor, sunk down into the floor to her bosom, looking up at Guarlesia, "Done." The Synth informs her. Guarlesia looks over as Nancy appears and stands up off of her chair, "Finally decided to come vist me again, huh?" She says, half-smiling at the girl, since she's the one that had her teleported her in the first place, but she's used to people not keeping their word to her, it's happened a lot. It's just the way it goes with her existence, so it's all she really knows.

Nancy blinks several times as things right themselves. The pad is no longer in her hands, but that hardly means she's lost it. Glancing around the room suspiciously she spots Guarlesia as she's addressed. "Huh?? Wait, uh... I guess I have?" Blinking again, Nancy looks around once more. "Am I in trouble or something? I-I know I was kinda procrastinating, but it's not like I'd been gone -that- long, had I?" Wincing slightly she looks back at Guarlesia and with genuine tone of appoligy in her voice says, "...I'm sorry. I wanted to bring you someone to talk to like I'd promised, but I haven't really seen much outside of the TASK building. I swear!"

Gegoshi sinks back down into the floor, disappearing with a ripple upon it, off to do other things for TASK, and not manifest herself which frees a lot of her resources up to run everything else. Guarlesia reaches over and takes her chair, tilting it onto one leg she begins to idly turn it in circles as she listens to Nancy. She's heard promises and swearing a lot too, people break their word, it's just the way it is, even if Nancy sounds sincere...her six wings all shift a bit into different angles, "So you're supposed to go gathering information on places." She kicks her chair, sending it skittering across the floor, angry at it for just...being there. She then walks over and sits down on the floor next to Concordance, since she can't get more than eight feet from her. "Are you going to take me with you?" She says next, staring at Nancy as her hands come to rest in her lap.

Nancy stares blankly. It takes a moment before the words fully register in her mind, and even then she doesn't believe it. "...wait, what??? Take you...? But how??" Shock and disbelief keep her from being able to say much else at the moment.

Guarlesia looks over at Concordance and reaches over to tentatively poke the inert girls shoulder, "I can't move away more than six feet, and it's dangerous for me with all of my seals on, I'm actually a coward with them on." She stands up and takes ahold of Concordances arm with her hand, pulling it up a bit, "But if you promise to protect me I can just put Concordance on my back." She looks over at Nancy, looking the girl up and down, assessing her, "I know you have a lot of weird powers..." She taps her boot on the floor, her wings folding bown behind her back, like an insects would be at rest, "...and Concordance won't take away any of my seals if something goes wrong." She reaches back and shifts her long twisting hair some, waiting for some further input from Nancy now, she's only been outside, that is, away from Concordance's side and in a place other than this room and a labratory type place, so now that she's thought of all this, she's not sure if she wants to go through with it anymore.

Nancy sweatdrops heavily. "Wait... your gonna CARRY her?" She blinks again and stares as she tries to imagine that properly. Words don't seem to come to her as her mouth opens and she guestures strangely. Catching herself, Nancy closes her mouth and shrugs. "Um... Yeah. Sure. I guess. The more the merrier, right?" Walking closer, she glances at Concordance and tilts her head. "Is... uh, is she just going to sleep or whatever it is she's doing the whole time?"

...to be continued...

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