2008-02-16 (PreU) TASK member Datenshi Wraithshadow reports

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TASK member Datenshi Wraithshadow reports

Summary: As some of you know Datenshi decided to join TASK after fighting with Satyrn. One of his first acts is to rat out Crux and Evil Cale (Luna) to get a promotion shortly after finding out Crux is in the tournament.

Well, it dosn't completely work- but Datenshi picks up a keeper and a mission. To destroy the mad black dragon who was once his compatriot in evil.

Who: Datenshi, Gegoshi, Talinfar
When: February 16th, 2008
Where: TASK Lobby(#2413R)


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TASK Lobby(#2413R)
In a somewhat contrast to the Thaumaturgy that The Council resides in, the TASK building is much more on the modern setting of things. You're in a large room, a very, very large room. You can't really see the end of it in any direction, but it is definately a room as there is a ceiling with lights. The floor shifts around, parts being hardwood, some tile, some rug. None of it seems to match properly, it all seems somewhat chaotic. Occasionally, there will be a receptionist desk that appears out of the floor to greet people that come along.

Datenshi walks in to the TASK lobby holding Masamune in one hand, something tucked under his arm... looks like a jar... and another being dragged unconcious behind him. Seems to be a blueish haired man with a sword tied to his belt, looking rather fantasy, with tattoos on his cheeks and a tunic-like attire. Over the tunic is a coat, that seems to be a whole bunch of shades. It almost seems to melt colours with the light. Well, no one's ever normal on Twisted are they? The Dark angel just seems to walk over to the TASK desk as if hauling rubbish and tosses him forward, and the man sort of slumps there. "Gegoshi. Mal-traveller, apprehended... five, ten minutes ago. Entering the Tashako gate." Of course, is he supposed to knock them out? Well, it sort of occured that way. Under his arm, though, is a jar. There's some floating eyeballs. That is... concerning. But it's a goading tactic. His wings shuffle as he waits for Gegoshi to show up.

The countdown for Datenshi is only thirty seconds this time, a step up from the four seven seconds he got before! Gegoshi forms up out of the floor completly, her clothing and skin color all forming over into the pale skinned black with red blood streaked kimono, since it's Datenshi and she has his preference settings saved! "Thank you, Datenshi-sama!" She says, reaching over and pushing her hand on top of the mans head, who starts sinking down into the floor more and more, until he compeltly disappears underneath it. Gegoshi pulls her hand out of the rippling floor, looking back over to Datenshi with a smile on her face, "Will you please tell me what your reccommendation on his punishment should be and a description of his powers if he produced any while you apprehended him?" She looks over to the jar with eyes, pulling her sleeve up over her mouth and emitting a perfect 'gasp' of shock at such a sight!

Datenshi seems to smile amusedly at the change in time, but presumes it is because of a lack of workload rather then any particular priority. Still, when she shows up in the kimono, that's quite amusing. Oh, to business. The Dark angel shifts the jar under his arm as he looks at the 'criminal' with mock disgust. "Oh, for him. He was quite happy to kill and plunder anyone who was on that world. My observation was I found him killing someone on Twisted, and then he was planning to go to Tashako to kill on some personal vendetta. Was going to burn down 'everyone who got in his way'. I would suggest equal punishment; disposal. He is too erratic to be left alone and just a waste of space otherwise. His powers are to shift light around himself to conceal himself, swordplay and lightning speed. To /my/ observation." It might just be the cloak, very unfashionable power choice. Still, the Dark angel dosn't know /what/ the punishments in TASK are. "Of course, if you want him to join TASK, that's also fair. But I think he's a bit too erratic."

Gegoshi lowers the sleeve of her kimono as Datenshi starts speaking, nodding her head here and there as she takes in all of the information, the halo above her head spinning around rapidly. "Thank you very much for all of your input, Datenshi-sama!" She bows respectfully and then straightens up, "All of your remarks have been recorded and will be reviewed when the Mal-Traveler is tried, you have done well! Congratulations!" She bounces up and down once, obviously excited to talk to Datenshi, or anyone for that matter! She finishes logging the Mal-Traveler and he's sent off into a containment cell where time and space are both shut down, he won't even know he's been in there for however long its taking TASK to process their Mal-Travelers. She holds her hand out, pulling back her kimono sleeve to reveal a G-pad resting in her palm. It's a small rectangle shaped device, very thin, with a simple display on it that has easy to use prompts that you simply tap with a finger to access. "Here is your G-pad, please take it with you if you desire!" She bows, holding it up with both hands towards the dark angel to take.

Datenshi drops the jar, but really, as soon as it hits the ground it's swallowed by it as if Gegoshi had done something. In reality, it is absorbed by it's own shadow. The now free hand reaches out to grab the G-Pad, which he taps at, glancing curiously. "... So are you directly interfaced to this, or does it act on a different sub-routine and program?" Uuuuuuhh, since when did the Dark angel learn to speak computer? Well, it's just one of those mysteries for now. Perhaps he's taking night classes to get to figure out Gegoshi? Unlikely. "... Hey, Gegoshi." Eyes moving lazily over to her clothes as he turns his head to face her, having slightly turned to look at the G-Pad. "... I know you enjoy switching clothes, so even if I enjoy that Kimono you are free to try out whatever outfits you desire. Or design your own." Self... less... Datenshi? Something's up. He's probably trying to corrupt her programming. But that's not a bad thing, rather a fun thing. Spreading independence and chaos are parts of Datenshi's one dark angel act after all. His wings shift back in and out, as they're prone to do when he's stationary, tapping at the G-pad after retracting his claws.

Gegoshi watches the jar of eyes fall down into Datenshi's shadow, gasping again at the sight! Afterall, japanese princess' aren't often exposed to eyes in jars! She looks over at the G-pad and shakes her head, "No! Though you can open a direct link to me if you go through the options. However, at times I am too busy to answer calls from a G-pad as it taxes my resources, especially if you are not in a nearby dimension! However, it has information on all off limit dimensional portals that have been recorded on Twisted and a multiple variety of scanning functions in order to analyze Mal-Travelers and their abilities! Sadly, the device is not able to conform to the users understanding, so the readings may make no sense if the user doesn't have a basic concept of what it is scanning! There is also a list of outstanding Mal-Travelers to be apprehended." The Synth looks down at her kimono and giggles at Datenshi's next words. She moves over closer to him, wiggling back and forth and scuffing the toe of her sandal, she looks up at him through her eyelashes, "I'd only ever want to be in what you wanted me to be in most, Datenshi-sama." She says softly.

Datenshi seems to tiilt his weapon right back, but there's no malice behind it, it's /almost/ as if he's caving to the synth Gegoshi's act. Or, perhaps this is the act within the act? "... Ah, well you were already /that/ when I met you." The Dark angel seems to flick his hair back and look at her feet scuffing. Attention to detail is pretty much flawless, wondering idly why Gegoshi was programmed with information on Japanese princesses when she's out on Twisted. Or, perhaps, her data is so vast that it encompasses all these things. Or perhaps she's making it up as she goes along? But his mind is drifting, the Dark angel seems to re-extend his claws since he can. Really, if he kept them hidden without the points he'd probably make a better first impression. But he dosn't want to make a /good/ first impression on most creatures. "... New data on mal-traveller Cale, the black dragon and world destroyer, and Crux- killer of the council members. I also have last seen locations. I presume it would be beneficial to the council and TASK?" A query, idly amused by this, as the Dark angel puts his hand in his shirt with the G-pad. Obviously storing it.

Gegoshi blushes furiously as Datenshi's words, putting her hands to her cheeks, "Oh, Datenshi-sama, you flatter me so..." She then looks up at Datenshi's next words, her halo spinning faster, "Oh, good! Information on the black dragon Cale has not been recorded since the death of Lalorien of The Council. Please inform us of all that you know. Crux has already visisted TASK, though his current whereabouts are unknown, any relevant information you have on him would be most welcome!" She smiles, obviously expectant and waiting for Datenshi to spill what he knows. She considers changing into a secretary outfit, but decides against it since she doesn't know if Datenshi would even like that or not, even if he did say it was okay to change into other outfits, it was obvious Datenshi favored this one above the others. Maybe if she kept the same theme. Hmmm...

Datenshi seems to bring his weapon down now, flipping the handle around in a lithe movement so it points towards the ground... then embedding it in a shadow so it is about shoulder-height in. "Right." This might take a while. "... Cale is hiding in a form known as Luna." Explains, of course, the description of her features. "Astral pattern has been logged by myself. If required, I know someone who can act as bait to the black dragon. He has an /affinity/ with her. He is utilising three fae, but I don't know what. Some sort of /ceremony/ to bring him back to life. He was greviously injured somehow. Last known location was the Twisted Cemetary." That's the information he has now. "Crux is currently enrolled in Satyrn's tournamnt and is easily locatable by the bracelets. He is an Advent, immune to slicing and has some sort of time distortion ability. He has unusual powers over light. He is more dangerous then Cale and I would suggest moving him up above him in priority, according to my observations." If they havn't done so already. "There is a unique opportunity to flank him before the tournament finishes using the bracelet as a medium to locate his jumps." Datenshi, of course, has no clue on Gegoshi's struggle.

Gegoshi nods her head at Datenshi's information, listening dutifully! There's only so much she can take before she decides to change her clothing though, her kimono shifting over into the water liquid appearance and shifting around, leaving her in a black leather skirt and tight satin top, both of which habe blood streaks running along them. Her sandles turn into a pair of high heels and her bosom increases quite a bit in size. She reaches over and into her desk and pulls out a pen and paper and begins scribbling away furiously as Datenshi talks, she actaully isn't writing down a single word he's saying, but just little scribbly lines like she's taking notes. Nodding her head again and again, "Mm. Yes. Ah..mmm..yes sir..." She says now and then as he continues to talk. She giggles when he finishes and then tucks the pad in the crutch of her arm, sliding the pencil behind her ear. "Please wait while I process your information." Her eyes actually unfocus at this point, and her feet sink down to their ankles into the floor, her halo spinning away furiously.

Gegoshi's eyes come back into focus a few moments later and her halo spins down to just a slow circling. "Your information has been processed. It is requested that, if you are able, to make capturing Cale also known as Luna and bringing her here to TASK one of your top priorities! Also, please bring whoever you will use as bait with you, unless she is killed in the capturing process, as we are always looking for new ways to deal with Mal-Travelers! For now, we will continue to monitor Crux Caedon and see if he has further desire to try and harm Twisted itself and The Council, or to Mal-Travel. Since his death at the hands of The Council, he has done none of the last three things that we are aware of!" She starts scribbling on her pad again as her feet flow up out of the floor to solidfy once again, "Is there anything else you wish, Datenshi-sama?" She asks, smiling over at him and winking coyly and leaning back on her desk some as she crosses her legs.

Datenshi seems to smile even more fangedly, perhaps even devillishly, as the Dark angel is given the task of attempting to capture Cale, or Luna, however you look at it. Quite a challenge, really. The implication that TASK and the Council will not get involved in the capture of Crux runs a little errant of his plan, which is... dissapointing. He'll have to fight him as part of the tournament, then. He's absolutely certain that anyone who can go toe to toe with Damon is not someone who he can beat. Well, not without an abnormal amount of luck or aid. "... As this assignment to capture Cale has been given to me, a task that even Lalorien- a council member- was unsuccessful with... Gegoshi, is there any chance of added assistance or resources? I am an /Angel/ after all. Not that I dispute this assignment, I take it with great relish." And mustard. The Dark angel smiles at Gegoshi warmly, not that it will affect his decision. He's sure, inwardly, he can take Cale. If it really comes to it.

Gegoshi smiles brightly at Datenshi, "Hold on while I process your request, Datenshi-sama!" This time she puts her hand down on her desk, which sinks down to the wrist. She doesn't have to do this to contact people, but it does make it faster. Her eyes unfocus after a couple seconds as her halo spins rapidly. She runs through a number of different requests and answers until she finally gets what she needs. Her hand pulls out of the table and she hops up, bouncing, in more ways than one, as she giggles, "It seems one of the Keepers is willing to go with you on your journey! Her name is Talinfar and will come to the lobby shortly!" Her clothing changes again, transforming back over into the black kimono and she shuffles up next to Datenshi, looking up at him with desperation in her eyes, "Datenshi-sama, you will be careful, won't you? Cale's a very dangerous Mal-Traveler that Lalorien herself only managed to capture twice in her time on The Council!" She looks genuinely worry, and her voice is filled with it as well! But, then, a second ago she was giggling and happy.

Datenshi brings up Masamune and puts it on his shoulder, and while waiting brings up his hand and glances at his claws as if examining them for sharpness. Hmm. "... Talinfar?" Curious. Well, seeing a keeper might be interesting. Another question answered, perhaps. Gegoshi shuffles up and he coincidentally shuffles his wings, glancing down... being so tall after all. Staring with demon red eyes directly down. "... Oh, well, don't worry. I've got a few tricks." New tricks, that is. And he won't go after him immediately. He might wait until he's done with the trick he was trying to finish off. Oh, and giving Blemish her new toy. A few errands first, perhaps. His voice is reassuring, but his mind is calculating in the background. Worst comes to worst, well, he has his means and methods.

Gegoshi nods her head and immediately smiles! "I knew you would, Datenshi-sama! You're so smart and clever with all of the things you do!" She steps back and bows all properly! Before straightening up. She then shuffles her feet and looks around, pretending the silence to be all -awkward-, wiggling her hands in her sleeves and bouncing on her heels as she waits for Talinfar to show up. --- On the floor a few feet away from both of them, the drawing of a door...definaetly made by a blue crayon...is drawn into the floor. It looks like the door a child would draw, but it's full sized. And it then opens up, and out comes Talinfar. Or rather, climbs! http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/talinfar.jpg She hops up and then closes the door behind her, the crayon disappearing. Speaking of which, she has one in her hand. She walks over to Gegoshi, noting her outfit and looks over at Datenshi. "Hooooooo....you look capable." She smiles and waves her crayon holding hand, "I'm Talinfar, a Keeper. You're going after Cale? Pretty dangerous...and you're just an Angel, too." She looks over at Gegoshi, "Sparing resources to change clothes?" She asks, not in a chiding way, but more of a curious one.

Datenshi seems to whip up a shadow around the silvery blade of masamune, making a makeshift sheathe that seems to solidify and condense around the blade until it is indistinguishable from a real sheathe. However, it still seems to suck out light. Why? Well, because he can, that's why. His eyes seem to narrow, demon-red glow intensifying. His voice does not mask his... well, dissapointment. "I think TASK has an obsession of sorts." Hiring such small infants. Hopefully this one can change it's look like Gegoshi. Or, perhaps it's not a synth-type. An actual human? Unlikely. It's going to ruin his first impressions if he keeps walking around with people like this. Ruination was bad enough. At least Kurushimeru had the look of a true accomplice. Pity you know, she made him kill him and then didn't leave her dying place. Poor, poor Kurushimeru. Well, the Dark angel always looks more favourably on dead people. Perhaps that's because he's one. "... I am an angel in designation only. TASK will soon realise that I am far beyond the capacity I have been designated." Well, that's true at least. Most angel TASK members he's seen he could slice into a thousand pieces before their body hit the ground. Or, well, maybe not that extreme. But one good stab is as good as another. "... I assume, then, you are Talinfar? What are /your/ gifts?" Gifts, perhaps, to combat Cale. The Dark angel wants to see if she'll be of use. Coldly practical.

Gegoshi giggles and bows towards Talinfar, "Hello artist! Yes, I'm sparing resources at the request of Datenshi! However, I have fulfilled my current duties!" She straightens and hops over to Datenshi, leaning up to whisper into his ear, "...fear not, my lord, while my visage must depart from you now, forever will I be by your side in spirit and love!" She actually tries to kiss his cheek! Wether she succeeds or not, she hops back and as her feet land from her hop, she sinks right down into the floor, disapppearing! -- Talinfar shakes her head, still smiling! Gegoshi's funny, "You didn't have to do that, you silly girl." She says at the floor, then looks over at Datenshi. "Oh, right, sorry. Talinfar, that's me." She twirls the crayon in her fingers, "My gifts?" She tilts her head to the side, then laughs! "Oh, oh, you want to know what I can do. How awkward!" She clasps her hands behind her back, "I'm a Keeper, so I don't have a lot of talents myself, but I can make the people I'm Keeping help me, if I have too. I shouldn't do that unless it's on an order from the Council, though. Other than that..." She pulls one of her hands from her back and holds up her crayon, "I can draw things. Oh, yes, and..." She offers her right leg out for inspection, and if Datenshi can read kanji, tattooed...branded....or...well, on her leg are the kanji for 'Immortal'.

Datenshi seems to quirk an eyebrow at Gegoshi's statement, how eloquent, and equally nostalgic. Even if the Dark angel never was a lord of sorts, it is catering to his ego that purrs like a well fed cat. Or pantherus. Though one would be concerned about what a pantherus had eaten to make it purr so. But when Gegoshi goes to kiss his cheek, instinctively... well... no one would see it happen. His claws are flayed in a strike that did not particularly happen so much as `appear' in Gegoshi's chest after a piercing movement right through. If it hits, of course. Datenshi dosn't even seem to realise he does it, the same bemused expression, before looking down at his hand. Even if it didn't hit, it's more a `ah, so that's where you got to' look. Killing in proximity is instinct, after all. It shouldn't hurt Gegoshi. --- Assuming there's not too much drama on that, Gegoshi free to leave and Datenshi not... really apologising. To Talinfar, then. "... I presume you would not order /me/ around, then?" That could have unfortunate concequences. Well, while the Dark angel dosn't imagine /he/ could do anything... you can bet he'd find a way. He has before. "... Immortal, huh?" Not a question, a statement. While the Dark angel turns around and walks... right out. Any talents she has will manifest themselves in time. He doubts talking about it will help.

Gegoshi would only have put a hand over her chest, where her clothes were ripped and said, "You pierce my heart, my lord!" Before metling into the floor again. Crazy synth. --- Talinfar shakes her head, "No, honestly, I might not be very much help, but nobody else was answering your request, and I had a little free time between therapy sessions." She nods her head, suprised Datenshi doesn't question her further. Well, whatever! "Are we leaving right now? Ah, man." She hurries after him, leaning down as her crayon draws onto the floor, forming a long red line behind her which she then swirls into a circle, glancing over at Datenshi, realizing he's not going to wait for her to finish. "Ahh, in such a rush. I'm not used too rushing!" She stands up and moves to follow him again, "Jeepers."

Datenshi does not wait, does not talk, and all you can see is the ruffling of those magnificent feathers that snap with harsh anti-magic lightning. Rippling across his feathers, as if symbolising the chaos within his actions.

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