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Previously, on X-Men -er, i mean Twisted!

Summary: First one is from awhile ago, found buried by the old dead tree out back. I cleaned it off, scraped off the rust, and posted it here for your viewing pleasure. It's after Felicity was threatened, but before Mei was lost to madness

Who: Allison, Skeeve, Felicity, Mei
When: May, 04th, 2008
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain


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Nowhereto Park - Fountain

You find yourself standing in around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps, nothing really too elaborate. To the North kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit really.

Felicity is not one to give kindness easily--if, at all really. Yet, on rare occaisions, Felicity does show a genuine tenderness towards her friends. More than the usual chummy bonding. On seeing Mei in such a state and all alone at night is troubling. In the short while she's known her she knows that Mei is generally quite bouncy and while her condition makes her moody at times, this is a bit different. Felicity leans closer a moment, pulling the cowl up from the girl's face and staring hard into her eyes, probing if you will. "What's -this- about?..What've you to be sorry for?"

Mei ers a bit "I can't sleep, and I was thoughtful. Shouldn't you be sleeping.. Caliga's book said someone named Jakku- da- rippa- gets ladies out at night.. but I'm not a lady so I should be fine.." Oh yes, Mei has been reading fucked up romanticized accounts of Jack the ripper in a language other than English. She tilts up to poke Felicity in the tit "Neee If you keep starring at me you might turn to stone... " she murmured, sorta fidgetting.

Skeeve chooses this particular moment to come wandering through the mist that leads deeper into the park, limping just a little. He looks tired, but in a cheerfully good mood - on noticing the two girls, he steers over in that direction. "Hello there... impromptu study session?"

Felicity knows full well that Mei is probably hiding something but she' snot about to press the matter. People will talk about whatever suits them and she is not going to be the one to ferret it out. Besides, sometimes people have very good reasons for burying the truth somewhere. WHen Skeeve comes out of nowhere, Fee thinks fast and answers perhaps too quickly. "Yes!" She nods sharply and smiles. "Danger never rests, so why should we?" This is her attempt to cover up the truth which is...obviously that two depressed people took to wandering around and feeling sorry for themselves.

Allison appers in a tree, brushing her dress off, and peering at the group, her head tilted to the side, looking for a good oppertuinty to mess with them. She smiles softly, eager to begin.

Mei tilts over, biting Skeeve's arm "Wah Skeeve, Felicity is trying to scare the monster out of me!" she begins to settle in against Skeeve, chewing his elbow harmlessly "Felicity doesn't understand that I can't sleep and is interogating me. Kowai Kowai!" she called out, cheerfully, expression changing into a batch of laughter.

Skeeve nods a little at that, tries not to draw too much attention. "Well, that's a good point, I guess." He blinks down at Mei, a little. "Uh, well, I'm sorry that you can't sleep, but I *am* going to need that elbow later, you understand..."

Felicity looks rather flabbergasted, a brow arched ever so slightly at Mei's sudden change of spirit. "Well there's gratitude for you..." She mutters under her breath. Well, a crazy Mei is much closer to a happy one and so Felicity accepts this change and simply goes along with it, as strange as it may be to see one friend -chewing- another. "Isn't it funny that all three of us should end up here?" She looks suspiciously at Skeeve. "There may be a SPY among us." She is pretending to be serious but the broad smile across her face shows that the absurdity of such a suggestion is amusing to her.

Allison narrows her eyes, her smile getting tighter upon her face, 'Allison' starts making the feather on Skeeve's hat tug and wiggle, trying to shift it out of the band. At the same time, she starts trying to get the clasp on his cape unfasten.

Mei is the first to notice Allison "See strange Demon children stalk him! He must be tasty!" she teased. She tilts to tug Skeeve's hat back, short little legs somewhat using Skeeve as a booster! Her ears twitchi as she puffs her cheeks, kinda trying to keep skeeve decent!

Skeeve blinks a few times at that, snapping a hand around the brooch that pins his cloak shut before it, and the cloak, can drop to the ground. The feather just wiggles right out of the band, powerless to protect itself against Allison's merciless onslaught. "A spy amongst us? You may be more right than you know... unless you've gotten a lot better at tel-" As Mei points out 'strange Demon children', he starts looking around. "At this point, my money's on 'spy'."

Felicity had only meant it in jest, of course. Imagine her surprise when she finds that there is, indeed, a spy among them. Felicity takes in the sight of the small child and immediately feels there's something oddly familiar about it. "Oh...hello." She says, cautiously. It's not normal for a little girl to be out and about at this time of night and if she had anything to do with Skeeve's clothing issues, well, then that IS something of note. "What mischief are you up to? Shouldn't you be at home tucked away in bed?" Something else about this child- she is in proper victorian clothing and that IS unusual. Outside of herself and Gemma, who else would. Now this IS interesting.

Allison giggles as Skeeve's feather falls. She pouts as Mei notices her though. Sighing softly, she drops out of the tree, straitening herself, and putting her hands demurely in front of her. "Poo, it's a shame you saw me. We could have had so much fun." Felicity should recongize the voice as the one from the other day. Allison shuffles her feet a little bit. "I never get to have fun anymore."

Mei tugs back on Skeeve's cloak "Oi Oi if you want to play come out of the tree Monster-chan~" she sort of gives a mighty tug, whining a little as she shifts "If you wanted to have fun, what would you like to do?" she asked, waving her arms and taking outa shiny carved bracelet. "Oi oi, if you promise not to steal Skeeve's clothing you can have this.." she then digs around, pulling a cracked cameo out of her side pocket "And this treasure I found in Caliga's garden!"

Skeeve straightens out his cloak, with Mei's help, and refastens his brooch. He just chuckles a little, shaking his head lightly, and kneels to pick up the feather again. "And so who might you be, little girl?"

Felicity is struck with a sudden realization "AH! I know you! It IS you, isn't it? You're the troublemaker who nearly got me killed the other day!" That's mostly true. Had it not been for this purple haired little trickster, Felicity would certainly not have been assaulted by Oblivion, though if he had really wanted to kill her she wouldn't be standing here today. "He's probably still after you, you know."

Allison smiles slyly, reaching mostly timidly for the broach. As far as the questions. "I am just what I am.. I'm Allison." Turning her gaze to Felicity, she bites her lip a little. "I didn't get you killed. Not nearly." She neatly side-steps the comment about Oblivion, and says,"Anyways, I was just having some fun, I didn't do anything wrong."

Mei mms a bit "After, after?" she shakes Skeeve lightly "Who is after who?" she asked, curiously sort of blinking rapidly. She takes a moment. "I'm Mei, it is very nice to meet you." she offers a cheerful hand out to Allison with a cheerful giggle, expression growing cheerful and happy again.

Skeeve takes off his hat, to slide the feather back in. That hat just doesn't look right without the feather. "So, Allison... what brings you here to Twisted? And what on *earth* is a girl like you doing associated with the types of Oblivion?"

Felicity says, "At -my- expense." She has to stress that for all to understand that she's been terribly put out by this. Well, not exactly. The fact of the matter is that Felicity is -not- that upset by what happened itself. She didn't much appreciate being the butt of any joke or prank and she CERTAINLY would have preferred not to be strangled but this girl seems innocent enough. Mostly, she just wants to make the point that it's only ok because she's allowing it to be. She folds her arms over her chest and smirks ever so slightly not offering her introduction. The girl's been all in herjournal anyway so there's no need for it. Instead she listens now. She's very interested to see what this kid is all about.

Allison rubs her fingers over the cracked broach, making it come together and heal itself, she camly fastens it to her dress, smiling at Mei afterwards. "It's very nice to meet you too Mei. As far as Oblivion. Well, we've got something of a argument going on.. A very harsh argument, and we've..." She scratches the back of her leg with the toe of her boot, as though she were embaress about the whole thing, "We've kinda sworn to kill each other." Lowering her head towards Felicity, she softly says, "Sorry then, it was just a joke, Ma'am." She may have had her face in Fee's journal, but she didn't read anything.

Mei ers "Oblivion is the creepy guy who looks like he looks for ladies who aren't really ladies? Right?" she asked. "Seedy ones with two much make up, right right?" she asked. She then considers and nods "Mm I'm supposed to avoid Oblivion, so if you are as powerful as him I should probally be going back to play in my garden." she offered, nervously waving her hand and skittering nervously with graceful hip motions to hide behind Fee just slightly. C-o-w-a-r-d~

Skeeve nods lightly at that. "Well, Oblivion is definitely a dangerous sort. I don't know so much in this place that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend', so much, but you've at the very least earned some points in my book." He glances back at Mei for a moment, then Felicity, before turning his attention towards Allison.

Allison asks, "I didn't think he was that close behind." She does try to generally keep people out of her fights, and didn't think that 'Blivy would have tried to hurt an innocent girl like Felicity. "Anyway, when did you guys get to Twisted?"

Mei Ers a bit "I nearly landed on a strangers' head when I was thrown through a portal during a lab expiriment." she offered, cheerfully, soon shifting to lean on Skeeve, expression cheerful. She chuckles, taking a moment to adjust Skeeve's appearance playfully.

Skeeve just smiles faintly as Mei fusses with his cloak. "I've been here a number of months, actually. Time is hard to keep track of in this place."

Allison smiles, thiking that time passes to quickly, Nny springing to mind. "I wish I had come to see you sooner. It's nice to see new people in the area." She fidgets with the broach. "So you said you got this from.. Caliga's garden? Where is he nowdays?" She tries to be a casual in the question.

Mei ers a bit "At home, sleeping, in a big soft chair?" she offered. "With a story book in his lap." she offered, expression changing as she tugs Skeeve's sleeve a little "I'm hungry Skeeve.." she murmured, expression shifting "I forgot my money can I bum enough for a meal and pay you back later?" she takes out a parcel. "You can have the silk pajamas I bought for Mister Lucky.." she offered, teasing Skeeve.

Skeeve adds to that, again with the casual, "Mei here is Caliga's wife. How do you know him?" He laughs a little, fishing around in his bag for a few moments, coming up with a sandwich for Mei. "Will this tide you over for a little while?"

Allison says, "His Home? He finally got around to getting one? I should visit him. Where's his house? His wife?" Her eyebrows shoot up in utter astonishment. That was completly unexpected. She figured he had a harem or something. She stands, fairly blown away. "Well, that IS news."

Mei takes it, sniffing it before taking a few bites "Why is everyone always so shocked?" she asked, sort of redenning across her cheeks as she sort of fidgets. She's the only woman in the house, and really the only safe thing to prod about with wang. Wesker is there but.. it isn't safe to stick your .. nevermind c.c Mei sort of smiles "Satanas Mei, hajimemashite. Douzo yoroshiku." she offered with a curtsy, obviously having been studying up on language in Caliga's weird books.

Skeeve snorts a little at that. "Because Caliga honestly doesn't seem like the kind of person to settle himself with one person? WEll, honestly, if the eyes he was making at Sarah are any indication he still isn't. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, it just seems out of character for him."

Allison frowns, Mei having forgotten to point Allison's way to the Santanas Home. She doesn't understand a word Mei said after the introduction, but she's not going to say anything. She's just a little girl after all, and shouldn't be so rude. "So how do you two know of Oblivion?"

Mei mms a bit "Caliga told me to avoid Oblivion because Oblivion is a creep." she offered, considering "Er Miss Allison, I don't know if Caliga would want you popping in. I'll talk to him and ask for a proper invitation for you." she smiles a bit "With the suprise and all, I'm not allowed to just bring friends home unless he knows them now."

Skeeve smirks lightly. "You mean besides him threatening my apprentice unduly? Well, I actually originally met him before coming to Twisted, although that was an *awful* long time ago." Somewhere on the muck, Haruka has disconnected.

Allison pouts slightly. "S'not like I could do any damage. It's ok, I'm sure I'll catch him around here somewhere. I don't want to intrude on him anyhow." She smiles, hoping that Mei will forget the whole thing. Caliga could ruin a lot of things, and Allison doesn't want that. "He did what? Oh my, see why he and I are into it? Such a horrible being." She nods.

Mei takes out a small note book writing neatly "Anything you'd like for me to relay?" she neatly scribbles down "Ask Caliga what he thinks of Miss Allison and make sure its okay to visit." an astute person might notice lopside doodles of Phibrizo in a pandacostume doodled lazily as a time killer. Phibby appears to be going 'waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah'

Skeeve chortles a little at that. "No, he's not exactly what you would call a 'model citizen' by any stretch of the imagination."

Allison frantically waves her hands at Mei. "No no, Mei, please, I beg of you, lemme just find him around here, I don't want him to be angry at me." Tears seem to be welling in the courner of her eyes. She really means this.

Mei ers "Why would be mean to you. If you helped Felicity I think he'd be happy. Especially since helping me seems to be the only reason he doesn't hit Phibrizo otoko-chan with a flyswatter.." she offered, sorta blinking and reaching to pet Allison, taking out a small hankercheif that smells of mint oil "There there, no more tears." she attempts this time to wipe the tears away.

Skeeve blinks a few times at that. "You erally seem to not like Caliga... is something the matter?" He peers a little at ALlison. He would probably say something about his keen intuitive mind, but to be fair, she's making it pretty obvious that something's up.

Allison sniffs and allows Mei to wipe her tears. Managing a very sad, heart-tugging look, she shakes her head. "No, I just don't like people asking things for me, I just wanna do it myself. I can wait, happily I can wait." She seems to shy away from Skeeve's gaze, almost like she was afraid of him hurting her with his looks alone.

Mei mms a bit "I don't mind!" she daubs a bit "Besides, I'm just going to bite him until he wakes up when I get home anyways and ask him why everyone is so shocked that he loves me!" she sort of offers the tissue "It is no trouble and if you are really nice I'm sure Caliga'd love to have you over. He had the creepy woman who had reanimated tissue in our home so I can't see why he'd dislike you. I really wish I'd quit bumping into disgusting smelling women.." she murmured, face souring at the last portion.

Skeeve just shrugs a little at that, letting the issue rest for the moment. At Mei's comment, he chuckles. "It's not that I don't see why he likes you. It's that I just can't picture him being monogamous."

Allison stepping back away from the pair, she sighs softly, seeing that short of getting on her knees and pleading with her life, that Mei won't let it go. Wrining her hands, she scans the skys, and the surrounding forest and bites her lip. "Maybe I better go. Last time I showed up, Oblivion was right behind me. I don't want him here hurting you two as well."

Mei ers a bit "Its me that gets the weird wants, not him." she offered, dully, giving Skeeve eyes that could flay a grown man. "If he hurt me he'd really piss Caliga off.." she offered, her hand going to her belly. "I'm not sure what Caliga would do but considering Caliga threatened to rip miss.. Guarlesia apart for making me cry.." she offered. She seems to just be casually petting her tummy.

Skeeve shrugs a little at that, smiling faintly and not particularily seeming real bothered by Mei's flaying look. Teasingly, he replies to Mei, "Oh, now you're *trying* to scare her. That's not fun, is it?"

Allison's eyes narrow and for just a second, the girl looks quite a bit older then 10. It's almost painful for her to keep her face blank, but it's worth it. These people don't know the extent of her power and she doesn't want them to either. So Caliga has made more offspring. Well, this will be interesting to say the least. Wait, how does a little girl pick up on the fact that Mei is with child? Oh well. Allison smiles softly,"I don't think I'll trust your safty to me, nor mine to Caliga's. Uh, it was nice meeting you two, and thank you for the broach."

Mei wagglesa finger "Treasure it and I'm telling." she pulls her cheek down and sticks her tongue out. "If Oblivion comes by I never saw you. I'll turn to stone before confessing." she offered cheerfully, leaning on Skeeve more "I want more food. COme now feed me so I do not eat Caliga or Mister Weskers.. Although I bet Weskers tastes' like a boars' ass..." she murmured, sort of thoughtfully.

Skeeve tips his hat down to Allison lightly at that. "Well, it was nice meeting you. Do try and have a good day, hm?" He starts fishing around in his bag. "I believe I've got another sandwich in here for you somewhere... and I'm not even sure I want to know who this 'Weskers' guy is."

Allison nods and steps behind a tree, vanishing as she goes. Time to go find Nny and relay some information. This is bound to be quite a bit of fun.

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