2008-05-06 (PreU) The Master is loose, the Universe is in Danger

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The Master is loose, the Universe is in Danger

Summary: A collections of madness.

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

The UR, common meeting place for the new and the ultimatly bored inhabitants of Twisted. Prinnys are in a corner booth playing Poker while the scutters have a playful sword fight. The bartender is reclined against the wall, reading 'Fleeing for Dummies'. Usually it's a bit more lively, but after the 'haunting' the other day, some patrons have avoided the place for fear of another occurance.

From the shadows of the remaining rafters in the celing sports a pair of gleaming white eyes which seem to scan the room anxiously. Suddenly they pause and roll slowly over towards the bar. "Ahhhhh..." With movement seen only as a blur the figure leaps down and bounces accross the room to sit down at the bar. An old man, barely two feet tall peers expectantly at the bartender. "Hello, good sir. Some sake please? Send the bill to Genma Saotome."

Sitting at the bar, Caliga idly thumbs through a magazine, a half empty glass of alcohol sitting within arms reach. "Really now.. If you worry about it here, just find a new job.." He converses shortly with the bartender, before flipping the page in his magazine. He turns and stares at Happosai for a moment, shaking his head in disbelief. "Well.. There are all kinds here...."

Tyler sits in the back of the room, sitting at a table with a series of metals and various bits of mother boards, exotic fluids, sand, and coils of copper. He sips at his drink, staring at the bits for doodling on some sort of high tech pad. "Hmm..." He takes another sip and goes back to drawing, largly ignoring the slowly growing crowd.

The door swings open, and in walks Allison. Seeing that there are people sitting at the bar, she decides to pick a booth against the window and sit down. Swinging her crosses ankles, she peers over at the sword fight and smiles as they stop and scuttle over. Whispering at them, she sits back as they move off into the back.

The bartender, nodding at Caliga, sets down a bowl of sake where the old man had been sitting, but the chair is empty. The man himself is currently standing and peering over Caliga's shoulder trying to look at the magazine as he flips the pages. In almost a near whisper he mutters, "Preeeeeetty laaaaaadieeeessss....." Easily destracted?

Mei appears in the door, adjusting her kimono. Who knows how she figured Caliga was here. She sneakily scoots over to leer over his shoulder in her creepy silent snakey way. "Why are you looking at girls with melon-sized breasts?" she asked, looking down at her flattish chest before giving Caliga a cranky look. Allison's arrival causes a flurry of activity from the tanned woman, "Aa! Its you." she reaches into her shopping bag, to dig around a bit and move over to Allison. She hands the gift over with both hands. Its a boxxed gift so it must be special...

"Boredom." Caliga simply says this as he reaches over and sips his drink, flipping the page once more. He seems to ignore Happosai for the moment, turning to look over at Mei's new friend. He smiles warmly to the two girls, standing up to move over where Tyler is, leaving the magazine sitting alone on the bar for the perverted old man. "So what are you assembling Mister Everts?"

Folding her hands neatly, she looks around, eyes Caliga and the strange old man. Wrinkling her pert nose, she decides to try and have some fun. That is until Mei flutters her way over. Greeting her with a bright smile, Allison starts turning Tyler's copper coil purple. Taking Mei's gift, shaking it slightly in little girl fashion. "Oh you didn't have to get me anything, Mei. But thank you!" Cracking it open, she pulls out a Kimono, and a stuffed bunny, rubbing the soft fur on her face.

Happosai is so light he was probably not noticed standing on Caliga's shoulder, not the bar. So, when the man turned to face Mei, Happy glared angrily and smacked him in the head with his pipe before bounding off his shoulder onto the bar to snatch up the magazine in his greedy little hands and then vanishing behind the bar all in one smooth and effortless motion. From behind the bar comes the destinct sound of him moaning in pleasure. "Ahhhhhh.... how sweeeeeeet....." Let's pray that all he's doing is looking at it.

Tyler looks up at Caliga, "Oh...Caliga was it?" He looks at the stuff, "Just an idea I had. Right now it's just a collection of junk, but with the right push..." He rolls his hand over some bits of metal the circuit board and a toaster springs into existance, one that loudly proclaims, "Would you like any toast?" Tyler looks at the thing, "no, I don't want toast." He lets it fall apart. "I'm currently designing something that I might be able to use to protect myself and others."

Well, for once, as Ami walks into the Usual Restaurant, it seems to be alight with many friendly people. She treads cautiously at first, not forgetting how Aquariu tried to eat her on first sight... but she figures that her sundress and shirt ensemble is conservative enough that there shouldn't be any risk of that happening again. It seems she doesn't know anyone here at the moment, but... that could change. She heads to the counter, trying to keep stock of the events happening around her, and orders a mineral water as quietly as possible.

Mei mms a little "You saved me and didn't get mad." She murmured, both arms going around Allison appreciatively. "Is .. that a half naked mole rat half flea of gigantic proportions or what?" she asked over at Caliga, sort of squinting confusedly "Ew.. ew ew ew the naked mole rat is perverted!" she sort of coughs, she pets Allison "Are you feeling alright today, does it still hurt?" she asked, refocusing her attention.

Having gotten no satisfaction out of playing with Tyler, Allison turns her attention to the 'mole rat'. His magazine changes, showing naked body builders.. That are all men. That should bring something interesting out. Looking up at Mei from her seat, Allison says, "What, the vision? No, not anymore. And I didn't really save anyone. You protected me, I should get you something.." She nods.

"Well, if you wanted a toaster that talks... Theres one in the Council Chambers I could acquire for you. Annoying little git." Caliga rubs his head where the perverted mummy hit him, turning to look over at Mei and her friend. "So, you made a new friend?" He seems to be happy about this, as he visibly ignores Happosai's actions for now. Two faint rings suddenly appear in Caliga's eyes, as he turns his attention directly to Allison.

As eyes turn towards Happosai he's no longer behind the bar, he's sitting in a barstool sipping his sake. The magazine? Well, it's rolled up and tucked under his arm. His eyes narrow at the conversation in the room and yells at Mei, somehow spitting with his words onto Caliga in the process. "MOLE RAT! Who's a mole rat!?!?" He places the bowl down and bounces into Mei's arms to nuzzle his wrinkled head against her body. "...but if you'd really like to see me naked, how 'bout you take off your own clothes first?"

"It's more of a perverted mummy then a mole rat, Mei." Caliga wipes the side of his face, as he narrows his eyes for a moment towards Allison, then glares at Happosai. "One, that while seems to be enthuseastic... Would want to get off my wife before I transport him into an all men's bible retreat..."

Mei mms a bit "Allison protected me from some strange yellow kimono wearing ghost with long black hair and a smile of uncomfortable proportions." she smiles a bit "I am most appreciative for her actions. I nearly fainted of fright." she gives a startled squeak at Happosai.. Two twin serpents rise from her hair to flail around "I most certainly will not get naked for you it is far too cold in this room." well that came out more or less inappropriate. She attempts to slap Happosai in the face with her dainty little palm. Of course, she's not really muscular so it should be relatively harmless if it does hit. "I really don't think he'll get much satisfaction from me." she grumps out.

Allison smiles sweetly up at Caliga, as her mind urges her to be calm and not bring to much attention to her actual being. She visably fights a smile though, as Caliga says Wife, but manages to keep herself in check. Tyler's clothing starts tugging in diffrent directions. She really is trying to not be fairly obvious. Happosai is amusing though, and seeing Caliga get all 'manly' over a chick is something that Allison will laugh at for the rest of her time.

Ami blanches a bit at Happosai's actions, and notices there's a little bit more going on than a simple gathering. At least, by her standards. Maybe seeing strange things happen is pretty normal here. Nevertheless, she makes a small sound and slips her glasses on, taking a sip of her mineral water as it arrives. "... How refreshing." Her voice is soft, and she's only talking to herself, but it carries a little. She turns slowly on her stool to look at the scene happening around her. It really is quite a gathering. Idly, Ami finds herself wondering if people saw her friends' gatherings like this.

Happosai hmph's at Caliga, choosing to ignore his threat. Normally he'd be putting up more of a fight, but his eyes have locked onto Ami and, well... it's an easier target. As Mei tries to slap him he manages to direct the 'attack' to throw himself at the girl and her water where he slides to a stop before her, taking out a long pipe and lighting it. "Poor deary, all alone and unprotected. Don't you know what kind of horrible people there are in this world?" He's sitting cross legged before her and once more seemingly oblivious to the world around him. How the heck does he move so fast?

Tyler makes a few more doodles on his pad, glancing up at Caliga as he leaves his table, "I don't need another toaster...I just made one..." He shakes his head, "What is it with overly powerful people and hte lack of paying attention." He shrugs and finishes off a couple last bits on his pad. "There we go..think I'm done."

"Oh, I'm still paying attention." Caliga reaches into his armor, and pulls out a small pad, which he tosses to Tyler. "Have fun with that. It's a G-Pad. It's got a lot more information then you can really ever imagine within it. Of course, it also is linked directly to Gegoshi.. But thats neither here nor there..." He fully moves away from Tyler, gently patting Allison's head. "Well, thank you for protecting her. Maybe I should give you a gift as well..." There's a slight grin forming on his face, before he pulls his hand away, glancing at Mei. "So, Allison did a good job making sure you stayed safe? Maybe she'd like to spend a lot more time with you..."

Mei smiles over at Tyler "What did it toast?" she asked, softly. She smiles "Mm she seemed to know who you were." she murmured. Mei shrugs "Phibrizo has agreed to shuttle me on errands when you are busy due to all of the fuss the other day." she murmured. She gives a cheerful smile though, "Actually Caliga, I've been making a lot of friends recently. If it isn't too big of a problem, I think I would like to have a large dinner at home to celebrate this happiness." she slows her thoughts .. "Caliga, what is a cookie? Is it tasty? One of these new friends offered to bake me some but I don't want to be rude if I wouldn't like them and make a disgusted face.."

"Of course she does. So little Allison, how's your father doing? I haven't spoken to him in quite some time... And how you've grown.. I didn't even recognize you! Last time I saw you, you were playing with that little black haired boy... What was his name.... John?" Caliga's left hand rises to his chin, as he seemingly gets lost in thought for a few moments. He smiles happily once again, as he sits down across from the girl, pulling Mei into his lap. "A cookie is very tasty Mei. Especially ones with chocolate."

Tyler raises an eyebrow, "Hrm...that's a simple device." He pokes a few buttons, "Now that's a hell of a computer." He raises an eyebrow at Mei, "Uh...bread and bread products?" He gives a shrug and looks at the metals. He focuses and all the parts of the table come together to make a model of an obviously high tech suit of armor. "Hrm....colors...."

With a bit of a blink, Ami turns her be-spectacled gaze toward Happosai, and, after just a moment's worth of blank stare, she gives him a warm smile, and sets her water down in front of Happosai. "It does seem to be an energetic place, though I'm not alone. May I help you, Mr. ...?" Letting her voice traill off, Ami hopes that she'll get Happosai to fill in the blank with his name. Well, noone ever accused Ami of being impolite. She's still listening to what she can of the other conversations, but it'd be rude to ignore the person right in front of her. Therefore, she keeps the bulk of her attention on Happosai, brushing a stray strand of hair away from her face and tucking it behind her ear..

The scutters return from the back, carrying a cup of.... Iced coffee. Allison smiles and pats them on their head, sending them off to continue their sword fight. Looking back at Caliga, she sips her drink and replys, "Father is doing well, though he's been away for work quite a bit recently." She nods. "Yes, John was his name. I've yet to get back into contact with him. How've you been? Mei told me that you two were married, Congradulations."

Clearly Ami isn't paying enough attention, or perhaps he's just that fast, but Happosai is now sipping a cup of tea, a steaming pot rests beside him. The bartender will find it stranger still that there's another IOU - GENMA SAOTOME sitting atop the till. "Genma Saotome is the name, but you can call me Happy. I've come here to teach my ingrate deciples the punishment for running off on a vacation and leaving me behind." He sips again. "Perhaps you and I could go for a walk in the park and I could show you around? Maybe meet this friend you mentioned? You said you wheren't alone, right?"

Mei mms a bit "I've never had one, may I have one Caliga?" she asked politely. "No, Skeeve told you that we are married." she corrected, Allison "Can't you toast bread in a broiler? Or is it a convinience device I haven't quite caught on to?" She leans on Caliga "There is a girl like Miss Tenoh here, apparently friends." she slows her thoughts "If Allison would like to stay with me during the days, I'd like that, I would like that, but she'd have to not mind that Odd friends drop by during the day." she glances at Happosai "I really want to squish him." she murmured, dully, loosening her kimono to give her chest a little breathing room, she isn't busty by any means. She leans back on Caliga "I want a hot cup of jasmine tea and a few sandwiches."

Caliga turns and stares at Tyler for a moment, before laughing. "Armor?" He seems to be intrigued by this, and watches the man closely for a few moments. "Black is for Sun." He randomly says this, as he looks over to Ami, trying not to laugh as Happosai tries to hit on the poor girl. He closes his eyes for a few moments, before looking over to the Skutters. "Stab'em? Jasmine tea and sandwiches please..."

Red glowing eyes peer down from the rafters as the prinnies wake up. Ami's new, they think, so they stare at her this time O\/O

Tyler looks confused, "Sun?" He shrugs, "I dunno, black seems too....intimidating. I dont' want to come across as a death figure..." He ponders, "Maybe blue and white? Kind of...police-y?" He frowns.

Elsewhere in Twisted, Sun sneezes

Allison nods. "Yes, that's right it was him. And I'd love to stay with you during the days. I couldn't stay through nights though, as Father does expect me to come home every night." Right, because she's not 'old' enough for wild parties..... "oh! Purple. Purple is perrty....."

Ami actually gives a tiny little laugh at Happosai's introduction, though she doesn't explain why. Her laughter has a very light, genuine sound to it, and she lifts a hand to cover her mouth. When she speaks again, she has a very slightly amused look on her face, and the tiny smile on her lips gives the impression that she knows something. "...Oh... I don't believe you would be that fond of Tenoh-san..." Ami has to put forth a little more self control to keep from giggling, and she lets her smile grow warm, rather than knowing again. "Thank you for the offer, though... ... ... Mr. Saotome." She blinks once, her eyes seeming to lose focus for a moment, before she glances over in Mei's direction. They both mentioned Tenoh-san at the same time... odd.

Happosai doesn't give up that easily and is somehow already sitting in Ami's lap trying rest his head between her breasts. Somehow this seems completly normal for him. "Oh, don't mention it, my dear." My he seems.... 'happy'. He lets out a soft sigh and sips his tea again. The nerve of some people...

The prinnies don't seem to mind. They continue to ssttaarree at Ami. Should she look up at some point, she would see several pairs of glowing red eyes looking right at her....

Tyler frowns and ponders, "Wouldn't purple be dark as well?" He causes the little miniature suit to walk around and take various poses. "Hrm...Silver? Chrome? Maybe find a stone covering like emerald or diamonds?" He hrms to himself.

Mei ers a bit "Miss if he is being so bothersome, you are free to join us?" she coughs into her hand, adressing Ami. She smiles to Tyler, considering "Why not use a combination of jade and gold or a plain gunmetal color?" she offered, she watches it. "Is it a golem like Keramos? Magic?" she asked, mystified by Tyler. She pokes Caliga "That poor young lady is getting molested by the onlything older than you." she murmured, awkwardly.

"She could just say she's a man underneath, and that'd most likely scare the little perv away." Caliga grins as he moves to stand up, sliding Mei into the seat next to him. "....Wait... I think I know the perfect person..." A sadistic grin slowly starts to form on his face as he turns and looks at Mei. "I wonder if he'd like Sarah...."

Sliping from the table, Allison meanders over towards Ami, and snags a seat next to her. Another new one. Man, there is just freash blood everywhere... "Hi! Who're you?"

Now the prinnies stare at Allison. Why? Who knows. Their prinnies.

Kuroneko-sama says, "Nyaa..."

Allison stttarrrres back and sticks her tounge out, pulling down part of her lower eyelid.

A prinny next to Kuro nods "Got that right, dood". All the others in the rafters do the same back to Allison, then the eyes wink out once again.

There's a moment where Ami glances over toward Mei, and another where Happosai is in her lap. Her eyes blink open wide, but before he can do anything worse, one of her hands is seizing his collar, albeit gently, and lifting him away. Her face is red, now, and she's not possessed of the need to look up. "Please don't touch me without my permission, Mr. Saotome." With her brow furrowed, Ami sets the old man back down upon the counter, if he doesn't escape her rather light grasp at some point. "...It makes me uncomfortable." She offers up a small smile, but it's obvious her heart isn't in it, this time. Turning as Allison sits down next to her, she smiles a bit more sincerely, and responds. "I'm Ami. Mizuno Ami. It's nice to meet you." She coughs, once, clearing her throat as she hears Mei and Caliga talking about her, and then turns her head to look back towards Mei, whom she addresses. "Oh, I don't think we'll be having any problems..." As she turns her gaze back to Happosai, she straightens her glasses, and gives the old man a smile that's equal parts trusting, sweet, and extremely serious. "...Will we, Mr. Saotome?"

Kuroneko-sama follows the prinnies and closes her eyes as well.

Tyler makes the armor stop and ponders, "Not magic, and not quite a golem. I'm controlling it remotely by having it tap into my brain impulses." He hrms, "A green and gold could work...Maybe a green and silver?" He scratches his chin.

Mei mms a bit "Why Sarah..?" she asked, glancing at the black cat. "Here kitty kitty kitty.." she called out, softly, not really going out of her way to bother the animal. She glances at Ami, thoughtfully "Are you the friend Miss Kino mentioned? Miss Kino said you make the most delicious cookies she's had." she murmured, cheerfully, She sort of rubs her own cheek, quietly. "Caliga, do you know any doctors that aren't mad with some sort of mental defect?" she murmured in thought.

Happosai sips his tea as he relaxes further. "Ahhhh, no problems at all, deary." It seems he's completly content to just sit there resting against her breasts. Well, it could be worse.... probably...

"...Yeah... But tracking him down will be a little tricky." A soft laugh escapes Caliga's lips as he turns to look at Tyler. "Green and orange?" He shrugs his shoulders as he moves back to the bar, lifting his drink up from where he left it. " He takes a long sip, moving to sit back next to Mei. "Well.. He is a doctor, as far as I know.... If he still practices, that's another issue.."

Kuroneko-sama opens her eyes to peer at Mei, but with a simple "Nyaa." She closes them again.

Allison leans back in her stool seat and sips her coffee, wondering why Caliga offered Mei's company during the days.

Looking at Happosai, Ami raises an eyebrow at the way the old man seems to remain contented and unaware that he's been moved, a tiny smile on her lips. That would be cute if he wasn't so... ... perverted. She tilts her head oddly, looking back over to Mei. First Tenoh-san, then Mako-chan... It's surprising that Mei would choose to relate them to her without having met her before. Perhaps they gave her a description? "Hmm? Mako-ch-... Kino-san is a close friend of mine. Why do you ask?" People seem to know things they shouldn't, in this place. Perhaps Mei is another of those... psychics... like that one young man she ran into earlier.

It's at this time that Ami catches a glimpse of Tyler's miniature, and she blinks, adjusting her glasses a little. "... Fascinating."

The cabinet under the URs sink, behind the bar, opens, and the old creepy guy peers out "Yer darn tootin!". He grabs a bottle of something high in alcohol content, and returns to his abode in the cabinet, the door shutting with a soft 'click'.

Mei mms a bit "Who is a doctor, Caliga?" she asked, tenderly, arms around the big old cranky man, cheeks flushing "KYUuuuuu." she lets out, making one of her monster noises back at the cat. She considers "You said your name is Ami! And you are the only one I've met, and if you know miss Haruka and Kino-san has mentioned you, it is highly unlikely that you three would not be connected in some way shape or form. Right? If I'm wrong or being rude with my assumptions, I deeply and wholly apologize. I just figure if you are their friend you must be very kind." she offered, awkwardly, a little blush showing. "OH DEAR HADES!" she scuttles up Caliga at the audio of the creepy guy, clinging to him nervously and reducing her body area significantly. Mei is koala like huddling, not shrinking.

Happosai leans back... and tumbles backwards onto the bar, spilling his tea. Realising what's going on he begins to sob and flail like a small child. "Nooo! It's not fair!!" He bolts upright again, pulling what looks like a vollyball from his clothes. A vollyball with a fuse? "No choice. I have no choice but to end it all!!" The fuse lights itself somehow. "Goodbye cruel world. Say goodbye to Genma Saotome of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts..."

A bucket of water is dumped from the rafters towards Happi by a prinny that couldnt sleep u\/u;

Clearly the prinnies know not of waterproof fuses. A must within all circles of martial artists who use explosives as a way of tormenting their deciples.

Course not. Their prinnies! o\/o;

Kuroneko-sama says, "Nyaa..."

Tyler blinks and notices Happosai, "That looks like a bomb!" He leaps from his chair, the little miniature exploding apart as masses of metal and wires force their way from outside, pulling itself through a section of wall closest to Tyler. The metal forms itself about him, shaping and changing with the sound of screeching metal. He stands almost two feet taller, his hand going out and a shimmering shield appears around Happosai...after the water is dumped. A low hum comes from the suit now standing in the room. "Put out the bomb now or I'll be forced to pull it apart." Tyler's voice is amplified and slightly deepend by the armor.

The prinny looks at Tyler "Isn't he a little short for a storm trooper, dood?"

Allison phases out slightly, just enough to look as soild as before, but still be able to allow any flying crap to go through her. A fight might be interesting though, so she's not going to do anything to stop anyone.

Smiling and tucking back a full lock of hair that managed to fall forward when she adjusted her glasses, Ami blushes a little at Mei's compliment. "Well, my friends are very nice people, so I'm sure..." She blinks, interrupted by Happosai's ...volleyball... and glances towards Tyler again, surprised as she sees him seem to suddenly pull an exo-skeleton out of nowhere. Well, this certainly isn't a normal place. Fortunately, Ami isn't exactly normal. The falling water, rather close to her, seems to miss her when it splashes, and on the off chance that it missed the fuse, which seems more than an off-chance with Happosai, Ami reaches over and places two fingers on the spark, extinguishing it quietly. "...I think there are more constructive uses of your talents, Mr. Saotome..."

"Well, this is going to get interesting, isn't it?" Caliga grins as he leans back into the seat. quite amused by all of this, sipping his drink once more. He seems to grin as he looks over to Allison, then to Tyler. "Iron Dude, I think you failed...."

The prinny looks at Ami "Like demolitions and arms dealing, dood!"

Happosai's eyes narrow at the makeshift shield suddenly appearing around him. "Extra-Dimensional Warp!!" Suddenly Happosai has vanished? Maybe he can teleport?!? His laughter suddenly echoes out from the corners of the room. "Ho-ho-ha-ha-hah! A mere shield can not defeat the founder of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts!" Abruptly there's a loud crash as one of the tables falls over. From beneath it appears the balding man, soaked with water. Apparently he slipped... the bomb, however, rolls into the middle of the room unattened and still burning, ready to explode in seconds. Happosai glances around for it franticly and then has a moment of panic. "HIT THE DECK!!!"

Happosai's eyes narrow at the makeshift shield suddenly appearing around him. "Extra-Dimensional Warp!!" Suddenly Happosai has vanished? Maybe he can teleport?!? His laughter suddenly echoes out from the corners of the room. "Ho-ho-ha-ha-hah! A mere shield can not defeat the founder of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts!" Abruptly there's a loud crash as one of the tables falls over. From beneath it appears the balding man, soaked with water. Apparently he slipped... several identical bombs suddenly roll at in various directions. None of them burning, yet.

Allison sips her coffee once more as Happy's bombs light, and start burning. She smiles softly and watches the mess.

The prinny LEAPS from the rafters onto the bombs "EVERYONE OUT, DOOD!" >\/< this is appearently a brave one.Unfortunately, not a SMART one.

"Oh, now this is going to be wonderful!" Caliga grins as he pulls an umbrella out from under the table, opening it up before him as a makeshift shield of some sort. "Sweety? I'd suggest you run... I wanna see these fireworks first hand."

Tyler snaps a shield up around the people present, "If someone can teleport, now would be a good time to either send us or the bombs someplace else." His suit hums louder, now, it's power cell putting all its energy into the shielding.

Ami looks back and forth between all of the bombs that spilled out onto the floor, and that hand of hers moves to her chest, as she looks a bit surprised. "Oh my..." She presses her lips together in a worried sort of expression. "... Mr. Saotome... would you be so kind as to take care of all of those items you spilled?" She turns and looks at Happosai with that same sweet, trusting smile. "I would be /terribly/ upset if anyone were to get hurt." ... Oh, she's taken the mark of him, alright.

Allison says, "Tyler, don't waste energy on me. This is delightful." She continues to drink her coffee, content to sit and do...... well, nothing.

Happosai quickly scans the room, ponders the conversation, and decides to bolt towards Ami at full speed, grabbing her, and throwing her behind the bar effortlessly. "REMEMBER!!! THIS WAS ALL THE WORK OF GENMA SAOTOME!!!!" The poor prinny who wanted to save the world will simply proceed to add to the explosion as all the spilled bombs detonate together. The air becomes electrified as everything goes white, then the blast wave hits. Tables and chairs go flying through the air and the night sky is filled with sparling lights as a billion fireworks go off at once. The nice thing about the 'Happo Daikarin' is that no one is likely to die. Be horribly weakened and find themselves wearing carred clothes, but no deaths. Somehow it destroys most of the UR around it though. Why does this not seem very out of the ordinary for the place?

Allison giggles behind a hand as the bar remains intact. Though her drink becomes destroyed, covering the seat that she's sitting it. Standing, she phases back in to normal density, clapping and bouncing happily. "Let's do that AGAIN!"

A long trail of smoke comes from Caliga as he exhales loudly. "....Genma Saotome must die..." He idly reaches up with his left hand, and puts out a strand of smoldering hair with his fingers. It seems he blocked Mei entirely, and took the brunt of the blast coming towards them entirely. The umbrella is merely charred beyond recognition.

Mei's reaction speed is dulled enough that the only thing she can really manage is to duck and cover, instead of covering her head and neck her arms focus around her belly, protecting it. Mei really doesn't pop up so quick, while unscathed.. she is entirely freaked out.

Kuroneko-sama is nowhere to be seen. Did the poor cat die? Doubtful...

Tyler lets the shield drop from those nearest him with a slight static pop. Suddenly the hum stops and his suit doesn't move. A muffled voice comes from inside the unpainted armor, "The power core isn't powerful enough. Fancy that." One arm slowly creaks upwards before it falls to his side again. "Ok...I need something better than iron and some copper wiring." The armor disassembles and reassembles itself next to Tyler, "Still needs work." he sighs.

Ami eeps as suddenly Happosai charges her and carries her over the bar. Well, that was unexpected. She finds herself on the other side of the bar, upside down as she sees wine glasses swaying lazily up above her. She blinks for a moment, and then makes a mortified sound and rolls over, her hands scrabbling to the hem of her sundress and securing it. "...That was quite frightening." She remains behind the bar for a moment, a little dazed.

"Mei... I'm going to go find the good doctor for you..." Caliga leans over, and kisses her forehead, slowly climbing to his feet, his armor scorched beyond belief. "Play well with Allison." He suddenly charges out of the UR, through where the doors would have been, growling darkly.. It seems he has other things in mind.

Skipping over bits and chunks of table, Allison makes her way over to Mei. "Come on, want me to walk you home?"

Mei rubs her eyes "I'm going .. to go .. be sick in private.." she whispered, taking Allison's hand gently, she takes a long moment to give Allison directions on paper before stumbling towards the door. She looks relatively shakey and kinda cranky. "I don't think you want to go with me. I'm not going to be very fun." she whispered, quietly.

Allison says, "I'll wait for you outside then, ok?" As she heads for the door, she smiles at Tyler. "Oh Welcome, by the way, seeing how as I havn't meet you before." With that she leaves what's left of the UR, and waits for Mei to finish so that she can take her home.

Ami manages to slip out from behind the bar, brushing off bits of broken glass from herself, and shaking her head. She seems completely unharmed, which ... in all honesty, was what she'd expected. The chemical composition of the bombs in question wasn't really all that dangerous. Still, Happosai's charge took her off guard. Fortunately, the old man seems to have disappeared. "...My my... such a lively place." She straightens her sun-dress, and then moves to take a seat at a less-damaged booth near the back, shaking her head.

Mei's hand goes over her mouth, reaching for a napkin to hold over her lips "Be well Miss Ami, I'm sorry I'm too sick to stay around. If you need me, you can ask around for Mei.. Er Mei Satanas" she then simply slides out with Allison, to be escorted home by the little girl.. Her kimono flutters as she goes off into fresh air.

Tyler frowns looking at the powered suit, "Dark blue and white." He nods, "Now, to find better materials or at least a better power source." He grabs a plug from the side of the armor's leg and plugs it into a power socket that's still connected to a line.

Ami looks over toward Tyler from her place at the booth, and smiles a little. It's not like her, but she's always been interested in tinkering with... well... pretty much anything. "Would you like any assistance?" Always trying to be helpful, that's Ami... Sometimes, she even succeeds.

Tyler turns and smiles, "Really, what I need is better materials." He frowns at the armor, "I knwo how to make everything I'd ever want. I can control the materials around me to build whatever I can invision...but whatever I use will still act like what I used to build it." He sighs and then smiles at her again, "My name is Tyler. I appologize for not doing that first."

With a warm smile, Ami nods her head. "Please excuse me, Tyler. It's a pleasure to meet you." She gestures toward the table, and the materials upon it. "You have a very interesting ability. It sounds like you can re-shape matter, but molecular conversion is beyond your abilities, so it is somewhat limited." Glancing back at the materials, though, Ami remembers the moving construct, and the armor Tyler had made. "... But you must have a very thorough mind, to be able to envision the internals of a moving simulacrum like that." She offers Tyler a warm, friendly smile still, and it's somewhat apparent that she's giving him a compliment. Ami places a great deal of import on a person's mind, almost as much as their heart. "It's really quite fascinating."

Tyler gives a small shrug, "I was...given...the ability to /know/ how anything i see in my head could be built. It all falls into place naturally from there." He glances at the armor, "I mean...I was smart before, but now...if it's technology...I just know it. the tricky part is knowing what you want. I have to everythign invisioned before I know how it works." He chuckles ruefully, "Doesn't help me find a place to live and work here, and unless I fix this armor it won't help me protect all those here who can't protect themselves. Seems to me most of the people with power here just ignore thsoe who don't have any abilities."

That draws a small sound from Ami and she shakes her head. "That's not how it should be. Those of --... ... People with power have a responsibility to look after those without power." Her lips pout very slightly, and she gives Tyler a somewhat sad look. "...I'm glad to see someone who understands that." She smiles for a moment longer, before sitting back in her booth and giving a small sigh, and ordering an avocado sandwich from a surviving skutter.

Tyler rubs at his chin as he leans back in his chair, pulling out his digital pad. "I've been thinking that maybe someone should make a police force to help the regular people. I've heard alot about this TASK, but they seem only interested in planets that don't know of this reality."

Ami blinks at Tyler's words, and tilts her head to one side, her bright blue eyes looking thoughtful. "...TASK? ... I hope you'll forgive me, I've only been her a short while. Some sort of organization, perhaps?" Based on Tyler's words, she can pretty much figure out who and what they are on her own, but asking for more information is almost never a bad idea. Ami's big on information.

Tyler nods, "I've not been here long, but there's been talk of it already. Apparently it's an organization that makes sure people from this reality don't go into another reality. They 'preserve' the sanctity of worlds that 'can't protect themselves'." He shrugs, "Overall it seems like a good idea, except the ignore everything here. Anyone here seems...second class to them."

"I see." Ami nods to herself, and pulls out what looks to be a tiny blue clamshell pda, which unfolds to reveal a small screen and a keyboard layout. She taps a few buttons on it, and nods once more, before she looks back to Tyler. "...They sound like a good idea, but gone astray." Which is no different than a great many other organizations Ami has come in contact with in her lifetime. "...A terrible shame."

Tyler raises an eyebrow, "Yeah, I'm not the type to just ignore the common person." He looks at the pda, "Where'd you pick up that little device?"

Tyler's question brings a tiny, knowing little smile to Ami's lips, the kind that's more attractive than warm, but it quickly spreads into a friendlier smile that doesn't lack for any of the warmth the previous one did. "I had it with me when I was brought here. It's one of my treasured possessions." As she taps a few more buttons, symbols seem to be reflected off of her glasses, from the screen, but they're gone too quickly to ascertain what they were, save not any of the more famous earth languages. "... I have a bit of an interest in computing." And the award for understatements goes to...

Tyler chuckles, "From what I saw reflecting in your glasses, I think that's a bit of an understatement." He glances at his pad, and back at Ami before giving a big yawn, "Excuse me. I think I need to find a place to crash and try to make some chnages to my design." He looks at the half ruined building around them, "PRobably easier said than done though."

Ami glances up in surprise at Tyler's comments about her glasses, and she clears her throat, looking a bit embarassed. The redness hasn't quite finished fading from her cheeks when she speaks, all smiles again. "I'm afraid I can't help you with that. I would offer you shelter if I had any, but I am still setting my affairs in order." The fact of the matter is, Ami will probably have a place within the week. If she wasn't so ... scrupulous... she probably would have had one within the first day she arrived, but setting up honest work takes a bit more than ... other methods. "... I have a little coin, if you are lacking." Another understatement. She may not have a place yet, but money has not been a hard find for Ami, once she discovered where to look.

Tyler shakes his head, "Money generally isn't an issue. I can usually make something someone needs, it's more of finding someplace." He stands, his armor opening up, allowing him to step inside of it. The power cord unplugs itself and slides back into the leg of the suit. "It looks like I've got about fifteen minutes of runtime right now, as long as I don't use the more energy hungry features." His voice is quieter than before, but still amplified. "I'll find someplace to crash. It's been a pleasure. Maybe we'll run into eachother again." He puts a small chip on the table, "You can put tha tinto that portable pc you have. It'll contact me if you need me for anything." His suit hums slightly as he takes a step towards what was left of the door. He gives a wave.

Offering a warm smile, Ami rises and waves as Tyler leaves, and takes the chip. "Good luck finding rest..." She has no intention of putting it into her computer, but she'll happily analyze it. When she understands its functions, she'll program them in herself. She's more than protective of what she has. After all, it's all she's got. Once Tyler has left the room, she places the chip in front of her computer, and adjusts her glasses slightly, to glance upon the chip. More of those un-earthly characters seem to reflect off of her glasses for a little while... only this time, she's not looking at the screen... "Hmm."

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