2008-05-09 (PreU) Nancy returns to work

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Nancy returns to work

Summary: Nancy returns, indifferent to the amount of time she's been gone and immediately gets drug along to visit the Spencer Mansion. Oh, and what's this? One of it's more secretive residence comes out of hiding as well! It's time to look for the lost Captain and WEEEESKEEEEER! Source of bad joke: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRpKbfrMvNo

Who: caliga, concordance, guarlesia, mei, nancy, wesker
When: May 9th, 2008
Where: Spencer Mansion - Dining Room(#4031R)


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The Thaumaturgy - Council(#1886R)

The celing within the Thaumaturgy is a sight to beheld. What appears to be billions of stars and galaxies, possibly the entire universe, swirls overhead thanks to the magic which keeps the structure in the skies. Beneath this awsome specticle rests a simple, yet massive, stone table. Here, the High Council gather from whatever worlds they call home to discuss the matters of the multiverse around them. Only a select few have ever found there way here, and fewer still have ever seen the council in action. Reguardless being in the presence of it all leaves one feeling watched as if dozens of eyes where studying your every move. Perhaps it would not be wise to remain here any longer than neccesary...

THe Council room is like it always is, there's nothing really that different, except for the new chairs, or rather the chairs that have been replaced since Council members have been brought back to life, or rather, never erased, or rather, some pulled from dimensions where they had never died. Nonetheless, there they are, seven chairs. Concordance is in one, and Guarlesia has turned the...whatever COncordance is...chair sideways, and is currently moving her arms this way and that, trying to decide what the best way to pose her would be to move her.

A dense but familar fog rolls into the Council chambers. After making sight impossible for a moment or two it begins to slowly fade out leaving the form of Nancy standing behind Guarlesia with a slight smile on her face. She'll stand there until the girl turns around and then happily chirp, "See! Told you it'd just take a minute or two. I'm still ready to go if you are." A minute or two? Guess a couple of months really isn't much to someone who's been imprisoned for centuries...

Guarlesia has put Concordances arms up in the air, hanging off of the back of the chair, and spread her legs out a bit before she turns around and see's Nancy there. The six winged girl tilts her head at her, "Hello." She says after a moment, before then hunching down and backing up, putting her lower back against COncordances chair and reaching back with he arms, grabbing ahold of the back of the chair in an awkward movement. "I'm supposed to go to dinner for an hour now." She says to Nancy, not offering further explanation as the chair is tilted forward and COncordance fwaps down onto Guarlesia's back, the doll like girls arms falling down onto her shoulders.

Nancy frowns to hear that Guarlesia has somewhere to be. She can't help but smirk however to watch Concordance being treated as a doll. "Well, is there anything I can do to help?" As she asks she lets her gaze drift about the room. Part of her notices the extra chairs, but it's not obvious enough to her yet. Still, she tilts her head trying to figure out just what's diffrent about the room.

Guarlesia lets go of the chair, sitting down on the ground and holding onto Concordances arms so she doesn't fall onto the floor. "You're talking to me again? I thought you went to investigate worlds." She says, wrapping Concordances arms around her neck tightly, then working on getting the girls legs wrapped around her waist. All the while Concordance is completly lifeless, very much like a real life sized and looking doll, she doesn't even breathe. "How can you help?" She looks around the Council room, wondering about that herself, "You can teleport us so I don't have to walk all the way there with Concordance on my back. She's light, but my strength is Sealed." She doesn't sound angry or anything like that, she's just kind of used too people not coming back for long periods of time. Somewhere on the muck, Tyler has connected.

Nancy looks back, startled by the tone in her voice. "No... I had to go check on something. I told you it'd only take a moment. That's why I tried to hurry..." Her smile fades a little at the lack of emotion in Guarlesia's voice but she puts it back the second teleporting is mentioned. "Oh. Sure! Just tell me where you need to be. I'd be happy to!" Her eyes glaze over slightly as she tries to figure out what's wrong if anything. Had she been gone longer than she'd realised again?

Gegoshi leans way forward, then slowly starts to stand up, shifting Concordances arms and legs as she does so, making sure the girl doesn't fall off of her back. "I don't know where I need too be, I just know how to get there when Gegoshi tells me. Gegoshi, repeat the directions to Caliga's home." There's not even a pause in conversation when Gegoshi's voice echo's through the COuncil room, reading off directions through Twisted to arrive at Caliga's place. Guarlesia looks back to Nancy as she stands up fully a few of her wings twitching here and there as she finishes getting COncordance in place, her arms wrapped up underneath her legs.

Nancy smiles again at Gegoshi's voice and nods her head as she understands the directions. Well, she doesn't understand them, but that's hardly gotten her lost yet. "Okay!!" As the word leaves her lips that infamous fog rolls in again, blocking out everything in sight. Nancy starts to walk off, pausing only to make sure that she's being followed before going deep into the fog. Strange dark shapes loom from the mist, all of them just out of sight. It doesn't take long before those shapes start becoming more recognisable, and then the fog fades away revealing their location. "Is this good enough?"

Spencer Mansion - Dining Room(#4031R)

Opening the doors to the dining room are a sight to behold. Between the gold trimmed walls and the elaborate chandelers hanging from the celing, not to mention the massively overdecorated table that extends the length of the room, one can't help but be impressed. The vases and paintings decorating the room give the place a feeling of a museum or perhaps even a royal castle. Especially with the huge fireplace at the far end of the room. As you take it all in you may wonder why such a massive dining room is even needed here. The table itself could easily fit twenty people alone, and the overlooking balchony above which follows the walls of the room implies that many, many more could be packed in here like an overdressed observation room. Before you get too caught up in the way the room looks, don't forget the small door in the rear of the room beside the fireplace. Wonder where it leads...?

Gegoshi follows along after Nancy, her eyes looking around in the fog as they move through it, not overly curious, because her curiosity has been sealed away, quite a lot of her is sealed away, actually, so much that sometimes she's not sure if she is who she thinks she is, but is actually someone she isn't allowed to be. As the fog flows away, leaving shapes and places in its place, she nods from where she stands in the dining room. "Yeah, this is right." She looks up and down the room, frowning, "No one's here though. That's stupid and typical." She says, might of known dinner wouldn't be here a second time, she was suprised people were here the first. Nevertheless, she walks over to the table and looks it over, just in case.

As the sound of voices echo around the room, somewhere in the building a light turns on. A man in a pair of dark sunglasses sits up from his work and turns on a security monitor to spy on the two newcomers in the dining room. With a disatisfied frown he stands, drawing a gun from the holster hidden under his labcoat. Checking to be sure it's loaded he puts it away and marches down the shadowed corridors of the laboratory. He'll see to these intruders personally.

Nancy folds her arms behind her back as she looks around, facinated by the colors and art which decorate the room around them. Certaintly someone put a lot of work into decorating this place. "Wow. This is very pretty." Smiling again she glances at Guarlesia, "So... should I leave and come back or is it okay if I stick around until your ready?" Not like she doesn't have a wealth of time after all.

Gegoshi looks around the place, then shakes her head and looks up, "The ceiling is horrible." She looks at other galaxies all the time when she looks at a ceiling, so anything that lacks that is just bad, it's all closed off and not...open! She looks at a nearby chair, wondering if she should put Concordance down in it. Well, she has an hour. "No, stay and talk to me, okay?" She says, she never has anyone to talk too, or other people are always talking and it's not too her in The COuncilroom. She uses her foot to start kicking a chair out from the table so she can put her doll down into it.

Nancy nods her head and sits down in the nearest free chair to where her friend is standing. As she rests she glances at the celing herself and tilts her head again. "I dunno. It's not that bad... I think I've seen worse." Spying a picture of water and some glasses on a tray, she reaches over and pours a drink for the both of them. "So, who's this Caliga person your here to see? Someone important?"

Guarlesia turns around and sits, or well, Concordance is sat down on the chair, she scoots back, pushing the chair against the table so it braces them both and she doesn't go careening backwards, if there's one thing that isn't sealed, at least not fully, it's Guarlesia's sense of balance. She uwnraps Concordances arms from around her neck and lays them at the girls sides, then lets the legs fall back before standing up and adjusting Concordance so she looks somewhat comfortable, or at least, not uncomfortable. She then turns the chair around and scoots her into the table, taking another chair and twirling it once to sit down on it with her knees, looking over as Nancy pours some water. She reaches over, taking one in her hand and having a light drink, she makes a face, having expected wine. "What? No, not important. He wanted to be on The Council but refused, then he won the tournament and brought Myra back to life, so then Myra rejoined the Council because Harpanic was on it still, or again, depending on how you view that." She smiles.

Nancy boggles having no idea who these people are, but nods away anyways. "Okay, so now I have to ask an imporant question. Was I gone too long again?" There's no humor or sarcasm in her voice, she genuinely wants to know.

There is an almost unaudible click as the locked door at the back of the room is unlocked and a pair of covered eyes peer out from the now partially opened door. With a soft 'hmm' a blonde man dressed in black with a labcoat on and a pair of sunglasses steps into the room silently. His voice is very dry and emotionless as he begins to speak, "Goodevening ladies, is there something I can help you with. His hands are kept behind his back like a soldier at ease, but the impression that he's hiding something is rather strong."

Gegoshi was giving the water an odd look, but her eyes turn onto Nancy as she speaks to her. She blinks her eyes once, then nods her head, "Yeah, but people are always gone too long, I just can't believe you came back, but you are part of The Council, so it's not too suprising." She looks back to her water, about to put the glass down when Wesker walks into the room. She looks over, all six of her wings spreading out behind her as she rocks back and forth on her chair, causing the legs to click and clack on the floor as she does so. She nods her head, "Yeah, you can bring us dinner and some wine." He asked if there was something if he could help with, and she's pretty sure that's something she'd like. She looks over at Concordance, but the creatures eyes are as dull and unfocused as ever.

Wesker gives a disatisfied stare beneath his glasses at the absurdity of the request as his mind races to work out exactly what these people are here for. "Dinner? My responsibilities include many things, but a butler I am not. I suggest you state what your buisness is here before more... 'drastic' actions need to be taken." His mind ponders over his decision to start letting people into Spencer Manor, keeping apperances is one thing, but there's far too much traffic in here for the kinds of security measures he has to maintain.

Nancy sits silently, glancing between both Guarlesia and Wesker. She's not supposed to be here, after all and this just makes her feel all the more akward.

Guarlesia raises an eyebrow, "Drastic? No, I told you, dinner. That's what I'm here for. I was here last week and so now I'm here this week, but all there is is this water, and it's not very good compared to the wine. At least, that's what my tastebuds are telling me, they might be wrong." She glances at Concordance, wondering if her real sense of taste is sealed, she doesn't think it is. She looks over at Nancy, who's gotten all quiet, then over at Wesker, "What kind of drastic actions are you taking?" She leans forward on her chair, making it rest on two legs.

Wesker frowns, "Last week, huh? So you must be guests of Caliga. I'm going to have to have a talk with him about keeping me better informed about who he drags in here." Clearly he's speaking to himself as his attention suddenly focuses on Guarlesia directly. "What actions? Nothing to concern yoursleves with. I'll see if I can get someone to bring you something while I try to figure out where Caliga has hidden himself today." He starts to walk back towards the small door by the fireplace when he pauses and turns towards them. "I don't suggest roaming around here on your own again. I'd hate to see something horrible happen to you due to a... misunderstanding." Leaving his threat in the air the man takes out a small key, unlocking the door, and vanishes behind it.

Nancy blinkblinks. "That man is creepy. I don't like him."

Guarlesia watches Wesker talk about Caliga and things, listening to him as her lower wings fold down and her middle wings flap softly. "Good! Lots of wine please!" She calls when Wesker says he'll have people bring them some things! SHe looks around at the other doors as he mentions roaming, it hadn't occured to her to go anywhere else other than this when she was finally allowed to leave The Council room. She looks over at Nancy, "Was he?" She thinks for a moment, looking at the door he left through, "Not creepy like Abomination though." She informs her after a bit more reflection.

The main doors to the dining room open, as Caliga steps into thr room, wearing a pair of sunglasses, a hawaiin shirt, and a pair of swimming trunks. "Good evening Guarlesia." Caliga bows slightly towards the Council members, as he continues into the room. "Well.. I'm a bit surprised to see someone else with you besides Connie, Guarlesia. I take it that is Nancy?"

Nancy suddenly shudders violently, her face becoming pale. "Yeah.... I suppose your right." None the less she glances around the room as well, her eyes coming to rest upon the cups of water they'd just drank. For a brief moment she imagines some kind of poison being poured into the pitcher just incase someone~! She jumps slightly as the main doors are opened, luckily destracting her from her thoughts as she turns around. As she's addressed, the girl nods her head slowly. "Um, hello?" She forces a smile, "Guarlesia asked me to come with her. I could leave if that's a problem..." Property set.

Mei's weight slides in behind Caliga, she has a towel to her hair, ruffling it dry. "Mm.. Good evening.." she gives a small curtsy to Guarlesia and the newcomer. She is wearing a short pleated skirt and a sand filled sweater "Please stay!" she gestures a warm wave. "I'm headed for the kitchen, would either of you like anything in particular? I didn't know you were coming so I sort of .. well didn't cook anything.." she rubs her head a bit "I have a large strawberry cake in the ice box if you'd care for some.." she offered in thought, giggling with a smile. She slips off her sweater, camisole covering from bust to waist, she reaches into a small place she hid a spare top, taking out a plain white blouse to button up, hands infront of her, besides, now she isn't just dumping sand all over.

Guarlesia looks to Caliga as he comes in, wondering why he always bows, she likes it though, she wonders how Concordance feels about it, or if she feels anything about anything in the first place. She really doesn't know as much about her creator as she'd like, but that's the way it goes with her, lots of questions no answers. She looks over at Nancy, "Yeah, another council member. Don't go." She says to Nancy, not seeming to care about weather or not Caliga or Mei want her to leave one way or the other. Her middle pair of wings stop flapping and fold down like an insects on her back, while her upper two arc in opposite angles. She nods over as Mei agrees to Nancy staying, "A guy came in and said he'd get some things for us, I told him to bring wine but more food is good too." She says, still rocking back and forth in her chair. "Wesker isn't a servent, Guarlesia. As hospitible as he is, he is not a servent." Caliga sighs, and already is assured he's going to get an earfull as it is. "Sit down." He motions at the table, and glances at the door in the far end of the room. "Tell me Guarlesia... Have you ever played hide and seek?" A warm smile appears on his face as he asks this.

Nancy sits quietly and fidgits with the glass of water as she listens to everyone converse. As much as she loves company, she's spent more than enough time alone to learn how to sit and be observant. Plus she's still disturbed by the man they'd met moments before to completly relax.

Mei ers "I still say he's creepy." she mumbled to Caliga. She dusts her skirt off and smiles "Hello Miss. I'm Mei, it is very nice to meet you." she gives a dainty bow to Nancy before moving to give Guarlesia a little hug, soon slipping off to the kitchen "If I bump into him I'll tell him I have it covered." she murmured, soon enough she slips into the kitchen, rummaging without much fuss to assemble a small serving cart. It only takes a few moments for her to slip from the kitchen to dining room, pushing a tray witha cake, a small coffee service with cups, a platter of small pastries, and a large caesar salad with goat cheese. Seems she does have small things prepared at all times. "I apologize if the things aren't as fresh as last time Guarlesia." she murmured, beginning to set the table. The cake, is ornate, covered in shimmery white frosting, pink designs intricately placed on it. Fresh strawberries and chocolate drizzles set along the cake ornately. The pastries are presented prettily but not as elaborately. She chuckles, taking the cover to the pastries off before finishing up, setting places for Guarlesia, Nancy, and herself, Caliga is left to the wine bottles and glasses on the cart.

Guarlesia stops rocking on her chair, narrowing her eyes at Caliga, "I don't have to do what you say." She says, glancing over at Nancy and then kneeling on top of her chair, but not -sitting-. All of her wings fold down onto her back, pointing straight downwards now like an insects. She blinks, her top wings popping back up at Caliga's question, "Hide and seek? No, what is it?" She says, suddenly curious as she grips the front of her chair. Not overly curious of course, but somewhat at least! New things are always good to learn about, even if the people who teach them to you never come back. Although so far Caliga has been here two times now...well, he wasn't here when she first got here though. Hm. She looks over as Mei brings out some cake and sets a plate in front of her. She glances over at Concordance only briefly, before speaking to Nancy, "The wine was good, and the food is too."

"It's a game. It's where you go where you don't think anyone will find you, and someone has the task of finding everyone that is hiding." Caliga seems to smile at this, as he turns and looks at Nancy. "Relax. It's not like somethings going to jump out and try to eat you. They don't come into this area." The expression on his face however, fully gives away that he's joking.

Nancy's eyes go wide at the food and she nods at her friend's words before happily thanking Mei. The cake draws her attention more than anything and she targets that first. Her smile returns after the first bite. "OOooooooh... this IS good." Bad things are always easy to forget when there's food in front of you. She half listens to the conversation between Caliga and Guarlesia and after a bite or two gives a suspicious glance at Caliga. She's not the best person when it comes to joking. "...they?"

Mei mms a bit "He's trying to get your goat." she offered quietly. She tilts, kissing Caliga's cheek, before slivering a large chunk of cake to set on Guarlesia's plate, smiling. She takes a large plate of salad, beginning to eat, proper food first it seems. She considers a bit "I am very sorry we didn't greet you when you arrived." she offered, finishing the salad quick enough before taking the time to gather an oversized chunk of cake for herself and a cup of the coffee. "I'm very glad Miss Concordance let you visit us again, Guarlesia." she offered, taking a small lady like bit of cake on her fork to put in her mouth. White cake, strawberry creme filling, slivers of real strawberries, chocolate custard, chocolate marble cake, frosting.

Guarlesia reaches over and takes the cake, taking a bite from it, she spits it back out on the plate, her eyes widening. "W.." She says, and then takes the piece and sticks it back in her mouth, she wasn't expecting something to taste like that. It's good, she decides, just really weird. WHat is all of that in it? Hm. she takes another bite, ohhh, it gets better the more you eat, okay. She munches away on the cake, listening to people talk, nodding over at Caliga, "Nah oh nahr plahd befahr." She says, swallowing the cake in her mouth, tasty afterall, she decides. She looks over to Mei, "That's okay, it's normal." She finishes off the cake, licking her fingers off. She looks over at Concordance and shrugs her lower wings, "I didn't ask, I just took her since I think it's a standing thing right now until she changes her mind on me."

"It's a joke Nancy. There's nothing of the sort that'd harm a person here. Well. Unless you count the creatures deep in the woods. Those spiders mean business." Caliga doesn't seem to move to take any food or drinks, content with just sitting there and conversing. "Connie can agree to a lot if the mood strikes her."

Nancy tilts her head in confusion at Mei's comment but nods and smiles when Caliga explains himself. Well, it's still a nervous smile. oO(Spiders?) So, once more she doesn't comment but instead focuses on her food and munches semi-happily. Guarlesia's actions make her giggle, but that's hardly worth pointing out, is it? Quiet characters can be so boring at times.

Mei's expression gets .. SHOCKED at Guarlesia spitting the cake out, hands going up to her mouth, sorta sighing out of relief when Guarlesia decides to eat more. "Miss Nancy, are you alright?" Mei leans up to lightly scold Caliga "Quit teasing her, I know you like picking on us innocent minded women and all.." she looks around a bit "I wonder if Miss Guarlesia is reactive to caffiene.." Mei takes her coffee mug to sip lightly, chuckling..

Guarlesia looks over at Concordance when Caliga mentions agreeing to things, "I haven't noticed that. Concordance, can I have my seal r---" She gets cut off as Concordance's voice speaks, though no sign of her body doing anything different occurs, "No." Guarlesia looks over at Caliga and gives him a 'told yaaaaa' look, before tilting her head at Mei, "What's caffiene? I react to lots of things. Like people talking, or people trying to kill me." She looks over at Caliga, her wings all folding down as she stands up off her chair, twirling it around once and then sitting down on it completly, though the chair is backwards. She scoots the chair forward, skitterskitterskitter.

"That's because you always ask the same thing." Caliga merely smiles as he stands up from the table, moving towards the entrance of the dining room. "I'm going to have to excuse myself. I do apologize for it, but I have something I need to take care of that's of utmost importance." He bows towards Nancy, and smiles. "Please do stop by again."

Nancy blinks at Mei's words, but smiles. "Huh? Yeah. I'm fine, thank you." Happily eating the rest of her cake she raises an eyebrow at Concordance's voice mouthing a silent 'whoa' before the moment is lost. Once Caliga excuses himself she smiles again, "Thank you. It's been nice meeting you." He's not too bad, she decides, but she does seem more relaxed the moment he's out of sight. She happily turns to Mei after a moment or two, "Thank you very much. The cake was delicious."

Mei's expression glums at Caliga's departure, before she smiles "Its .. something that makes humans more energetic for short periods" she offered to Guarlesia. She takes another piece of cake, taking a few bites quietly, expression getting a little shy. " Is there anything you two need or want?" she asked, voice soft. She blinks "Oh, I'm glad you liked it, its only the second time I've made one." she murmured, ears twitching under her hair as she sort of fidgets her fingers against her sleeve's cuff. "Miss Concordance, would you like a small cup of coffee and a bit of cake?" she asked, expirimentally.

Guarlesia watches Caliga leave and frowns! She looks over at the unpoured wine and makes a massive pouting face for a moment, before looking over at Mei, "More energetic? Huhn." She says, her wings on her back all fluttering at once like a hummingbirds. "Oh, yes! I want wine!" She says with a sharp nod of her head! "Wine would definately be good." She brings her legs up again, tucking them underneath her and kneeling on top of her chair rather than sitting, she isn't good at sitting still for any long length of time where there's other people around. "How come you call everyone Miss?" She asks. - Concordance doesn't respond to Mei at all, just laying there in her chair, lifeless and doll like.

Nancy blinks at Guarlesia's reaction but for her own response to the question she simply shrugs. "I'm quite fine, thank you." The question about Miss forces another giggle out of her. She doesn't have the faintest idea why people use the expression either, but she's quite used to it being used around her. "It's her accent. Everyone talks diffrently."

Mei ers a bit and sort of smles, adjusting her hair. "Because it is considered polite, I think. I don't really know. It could have to do with my life before I came here." she offered up. She takes the wine, awkwardly She sets it in her arms, slowly using the corkscrew to turn into the cork stopper, waiting until it is through to give a firm yank, no sucess. "Guh.." SHe begins to tug it harder, sort of akwardly making a little cry of strain from it "Mi.. er.. Guarlesia, you'll have to open it yourself, I'm afraid I am a complete weakling. You hold the bottle and tug the handle here." she taps the handle, offering the wine bottle over embarassedly, taking the glasses out, one infront of Nancy, one infront of Guarlesia. None for herself it seems.

Guarlesia takes the bottle from Mei as it's offered to her, blinking at Mei's struggles with it. "Okay." She says, looking the bottle over closely. She takes the bottle in one hand, then the corkscrew in the other. She starts pulling on it here and there, trying to get it open. She looks over at Nacy and Mei, then over at teh glasses, then goes back to yanking on it. "This is dumb." She says, pulling on it harder and harder! She sneers down at the bottle and sets it down on the table, "Open!" She orders it, but of course the bottle just sits there. Ugh! Her wings flail behind her wildly before she grabs the bottle and starts yanking again, "Open open open open open!"

Nancy sweatdrops heavily at the fight with the bottle. Leaning forwards she starts to point out that.... pause. This is pretty amusing after all. Pondering this great mystery of life she decides to make herself look busy. Casually she produces her G-Pad seemingly out of nowhere and decides to figure out just where they are exactly as she watches this legendary strugle out of the corner of her eyes. Internaly she's having a battle of her own trying not to smirk or laugh...

Mei gets an idea, she heads for the kitchen "Keramos~.. Keramos~.." she calls out, finding the little clay man and bringing him back in "Keramos, will you open the wine bottle for miss Guarlesia?" the little golem sleepily hops up on Guarlesia to try to take the bottle and help out. Mei herself seems embarassed over her defeat. She pats her stomach lightly, sighing a bit.

Guarlesia is yanking and yanking on the corkscrew, trying ove rand over again to get it open and pop it. Her teeth are bare and all of her wings are snapped out to full extension, obviously really trying her hardest, "Concordance, will you remove my s--" She's stopped as Concordance gives a resounding, "No." As she usually does. Guarlesia shakes her head, then Keramos comes over and she hands the golem the bottle a little roughly as she flops down into her chair, folding her arms and looking pissed." That's so stupid, who would make a bottle like that? That's the dumbest thing ever. Why not just make wine unable to be created in the first place if you have to grow it in bottles that won't open."

Nancy lets go of the device in her hands leaving it floating in the air like an insult to gravity while she watches this new 'thing' come and open the bottle for them. She stares at it in amusment commenting, "Neat!" Before resuming her silence again. Normally she talks a lot more than this, I swear.

Mei ers "Well, actually its made from grapes. They seal it to keep air from it." she smiles, "In my world, they put it in big wooden casks that have taps on the front. The casks protect the wine from air and they don't mock weaklings like me." she offered, chuckling "Guarlesia, find new questions to ask Concordance, you are just pissing her off." she smiles to Keramos, who simply *POP*s the cork out and politely pours each woman a glass of wine before recorking the bottle partially and hopping over to curl up in Mei's lap.

Guarlesia glances over at Nancy's neat, then over at Mei and then to Keramos, "Good work!" She cheers the golem, her mood switching over quickly as she takes the glass of wine and drinks it down in one long gulp. She sets the glass down with a smile! "Finally! That's better." For no other reason than she wanted it. She glances at Concordance, "I don't want anything else from her, though." She says, "She told me everything I needed to know after I was made." She looks back to Mei and Nancy, watching them drink their wine, if they even do so.

Nancy takes a sip and then comicly grimaces, sticking out her tounge and everything. "Bleh! I don't think I like wine..." She slides the glass over to Guarlesia, obviously she likes it just fine. "I-I'm sorry. Thank you though." She blushes a little as she tries to be polite. The G-Pad she'd produced? Completly gone. But when? How? It doesn't seem to be important anymore. "Um... Guarlesia? Should I be taking you back now? You never told me how long you where planning on staying."

Mei mms a bit. "I don't understand her ways, and I don't think she gives any heed to my opinions." she isn't drinking the wine, instead, still nursing her coffee, quietly reaching to pet along Keramos with light affection. She's sort of awkward for the moment "I wish Caliga had told me he would be leaving me alone with people who are important or at least filled me in on their likes and temperments." she fidgets "I'm sorry for being a bad hostess Miss Nancy, Guarlesia." she takes a soft breath and takes a bit of chicken to hold up to the right of her head, a serpent sneaking out to very casually swallow the tidbit whole. She takes another tidbit to offer to the left, both snakes kind of slithering around her head lazily in search of more meat-treats.

Guarlesia reaches over and takes the glass of wine Nancy gave her, drinking it down like she did the last one. She sets the glass down once she finishes it, looking over at Nancy and Mei, then staring at the snake that came out to eat food. She blinks, "It's okay, I didn't know you were doing bad." She informs Mei, and she really didn't, she's never been to a party that gets hosted before, so she has no idea if someone's being good or bad. She glances down to Keramos, twirling her two wine glasses in either of her hands as she looks around the room. Then, suddenly, Concordance's eyes focus, "Time's up." And then unfocus again. Guarlesia frowns and gets up, moving over and starting to work at getting Concordance onto her back again. She looks over at Nancy, "Yeah, we have to go back now."

Nancy smiles warmly at Mei's appoligy. "I enjoyed myself. I thought you did very well. I-I'm sorry I wasn't invited..." Her akward moment seems to be saved by the still more akward anouncement that it's time. Nodding at Guarlesia, Nancy stands. The room has already begun to fill with that dense fog of her's. "Alright. Thank you very much, umm... Miss." She's never been good with names either. "Until we meet again?" Once more she walks into the fog silently and seemingly through everything else as well, not that you can see much of anything else at the moment. Her shadow waits for Guarlesia to follow, but once she does the fog and everything else fades away leaving things the way they where before.

Mei mms a bit "Please take some cake with you." Mei reaches into a small piece of furniture, producing a cake box. She folds it quickly, adeptly, and places eight whole slices in it. "Here, please, do share it between yourselves." she sighs at Concordance, her snake-hair taking its time to sniff at the woman before getting a bit more alarmingly interested in the goings on. Mei sets Keramos down. "Please have nothing but safe travels and happiness filled days." Mei gives a polite bow, keeping her head down politely, the serpents seemingly acting as eyes in the back of her head..

Guarlesia takes about five minutes to get Concordance onto her back and fully secure, there's a lot of movement and shifting around, it's not easy to get a life sized doll wrapped around your back, afterall. She looks at the cake Mei offers to her, and it's obviously she wants too take it, but her arms are tucked under Concordance's legs. She strains a bit, but manages to grip the cake barely with one hand, "Okay, I have it. Is that how you say goodbye?" She wonders at Mei's words as she heads towards the fog after Nancy.

Mei carefully smiles "I hope to see you soon, Guarlesia" she offered, waving farewell, and starting to clean up quietly. She seems quiet now that the house is quiet, making sure everything is back in its proper place before retiring off to do whatever it is Mei does with her time~.

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