2008-05-17 (PreU) Law and Order

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Law and Order

Summary: Senor Diablo returns for a talk with Tyler. Ever get the feeling there's a plan in the works but no one's letting anyone know about it? Maybe it has to do with our website suddenly including Hell on it's list of worlds...?

Who: Senor_Diablo, tyler
When: May 17th, 2008
Where: Cemetary - Atop the Hill

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Cemetary - Atop the Hill(#2376R)

Overshadowing everything here is an enourmous cherry tree, it's flowering branches streatching far up into the sky giving an out of place feeling of life upon this dead world. Around the tree are rows and rows of the dead that seem to go on for miles in every direction.

Tyler stands with his back to the tree, his rusted metal armor humming slightly as he scans the horizon, pointedly away from a far spot in the graveyard. He flexes his hands, his armor adjusting itself at various points, panels opening and closing, releasing slow waves of heat. "Well...I suppose that search has ended." There's a strong note of sadness in his voice, the amplifier in his helmet unable to take the sad tone from the statement.

From the direction of the Cathedral in the distance comes the distinct sound of metal scraping against stone. It doesn't necesarily grow louder so much as closer. Whatever it is is deffinetly moving. Even if Tyler tries to ignore it a sound suddenly breaks the pace forcing a sense of urgency. A woman's voice pierces out as she screams for her life. It only takes seconds before the scream becomes a gurgle. Someone is dying...

Startled by the scream, Tyler's helmeted head turns quickly towards the sound. His armor snaps shut, the jets in his feet already activating as he hurtles towards the sound. The electrical hum around him intensifies before suddenly blowing out with a pop. "What the..." He flips the armor around and furrows his brow inside the helmet. The visor slides up, revealing his green eyes. The armor begins to stride towards the sound before taking a leap that takes him high into the air and coming down near the sound. He looks about, his mind still concentrating to hold the armor in working order. "No jets no weapons...but I can still use it's strength abilities."

The source of the scream is almost as disturbing as the reason for it. A woman stitched together from arms and legs apparently taken from the open graves around it is being manhandled by an eight foot tall giant wearing a large metal helmet that almost looks like a mishappen bathtub which has been bolted to it's head. The pyramid headed thing holds onto the side of it's helmet with one hand to adjust it, then turns it's attention back to the girl ignoring the newcomer completly. As Tyler watches, the beast picks up a massive blade the same length as it's weilder and slices the nightmare woman in half sending a spray of congeled blood into the air...

Tyler's eyes widen as he views this scene, his radio sputtering to life long enough to give a staticy squeel. He winces, but maintains his focus long enough to slide a heavy metal net into his hand. He whips his arm around, sending the heavy net hurtling towards Pyramid Head, "I don't know what you are, or what you just killed, but you just killed SOMETHING in cold blood."

The beast pauses in it's senseless destruction as the net is suddenly wrapped around it. Instead of fighting it turns towards Tyler, breathing heavily. In this brief moment of calm a set of hands begin to clap. "Well, nothing's been killed but it was certainly cold blood." Behind Tyler a form appears, sitting atop a tombstone. A tall demon, with horns wrapping back from the top of it's head and insect-like eyes smiles the moment the man tries to look for the source of the voice. "You'll have to forgive him. They make wonderful bodyguards but they're a bit too chaotic to just stand around silently. I have to give it the occasional nightmare or two or the damned thing just starts going off on it's own." That horrible metal on stone scraping noise resumes as the beast begins to drag it's sword around to cut away at the metal net. From the terrible noise, it looks like it's about to suceed. "You might want to get rid of that before it decides to use you as it's new play toy. I have a 'hell' of a time getting him to stop."

Tyler eyes the new comer the net melting apart and slideing back to it's spot as the power systems begin to come back online within his suit. His visor slides back into place as readouts appear over the HUD. Tyler tilts his head forward a bit, "A body guard. From some of the readings I'm getting on you I doubt you need one."

Senor Diablo chuckles. "No... I suppose I don't. But I'm a stickler for dramatic effect." He pauses to look at the claws on his hands. "Besides, I'd hate to have to get my hands bloody." Pyramid Head, now free of the net, breathes heavily a moment or two longer before grabbing ahold of it's helmet and readjusting it to stare at Senor Diablo from the small hole in the front of it. The demon shrugs and guestures towards the bloodied remains laying across the ground which take that moment to drag themselves back together, the stitches restitching, and the female creature begins to moan mournfully. Before anyone has to see what's done to it next, Senor Diablo coughs and begins to talk again. "It's no matter. I'm not here to let it run around. I'm actually here to have a chat with you. I've been watching you. You have potential. I need someone like you. A mortal... can I intrest you in having your wishes fullfilled?"

Tyler eyes the man again, "Wishes? Anything that could be granted to me in such a fashion would be tainted. I don't need power, I have enough of that. Money doesn't mean anything to me. I can find my own materials. If my fiance were returned to me, it wouldn't be her and she'd not be the same."

Senor Diablo nods his head slowly. His eyes reflecting Tyler's image as they stare into his soul. "Yes. That's the problem with the world today. So much pain. So much suffering. None of it justified." There's a puff of smoke in it's palm and suddenly the devil is holding a wine glass which it begins to sip a reddish liquid from. "Shall I tell something about the world that the little lawn gnome gods don't want you to know? In charge of this region is the High Council. Their self appointed duties are to watch over this world and decide which realities deserve to be allowed access to others. To make sure that the 'good' and 'pure' worlds remain that way once they're connected to this Twisted Street free of corruption and evil even though millions suffer because of it. You see, for all it's laws and order the Council doesn't care about the people who live in these worlds. They don't care about you or me, or those burried in this neglected cemetary... I come from a place who cares about those that dwell there. I come from a place where law and order are held in the highest degree. Where people are punished for doing the wrong thing and are tortured for inflicting pain on others..." The demon smiles. "Something tells me this concept appeals to you, yes?"

Tyler narrows his eyes inside his helmet, "Justice for wrong doing? Caring for the little guy? Yes..that sounds appealing. Torture? No. There's a line which I'm not willing to cross. What point does justice turn into murder? Which point does one become what one hunts?" Tyler shakes his head, "I don't agree with this council, but I don't agree that people should be tortured or killed for their actions. Anyone can change. No one can change when they're dead."

Senor Diablo rolls his head back and laughs. "Murder? Killing? Dear boy, where I come from the damned are already dead. Where do you think I got my friend over there?" As if for dramatic effect the pyramid headed beast rips the limbs that should be arms off of the female creature forcing another blood curdling scream to fill the darkening sky. "The ultimate form of justice. The eternal kind." Diablo takes another sip from his glass. Strange how that never seems to empty... "That doesn't mean I don't have sympathy for the mortals. I don't like seeing those who don't belong corrupted by the filth of this world or any of the others connected to it. Hell's crowded enough without good people being forced to be bad. I offer favors to the mortals I encounter. The wise ask me questions. The stupid ask for wealth. I love telling people the secrets of the multiverse. That moment of bliss where they feel like they completly understand everything around them is better than the screams of thousands of rapists being shown what their actions feel like..."

Tyler chuckles, the soound amplified and deepened by the suit, "And I'm sure that in return they're shown the same treatement as the rapists, murderers, and the kind you claim you loathe."

Senor Diablo raises a brow at the statement. It would seem the statement actually struck a nerve in the demon. "No... no they're not. Like all things in the universe I have a purpose. A job. I do my job, Mr Everts, as should you. I came here not to corrupt, but to plant a seed. We have an appointment with the Council, one which I don't suspect will go well. Otherwise you and I would be having this talk at a later date." He gulps down the remaining fluid in his glass and it vanishes from sight. "I don't support the corruption and blind ignorance that's directed towards the masses here. I don't enjoy the suffering of those who've done no wrong. I enjoy the work I do, you see. I enjoy condeming bad people, otherwise I wouldn't send those horrible people who enjoy torture to heaven for the rest of etertnity to act as tour guides. Something needs to be done about this Twisted. I want you to take care of this for me. There are no strings attached. No blackmail. Find a way to police the miscrients here and I'll return the favor. I'll send beings like my friend here to assist you should the Council or it's precious TASK try to stop you. Simple enough?"

Tyler is quiet for a moment, calculating, "I'll help watch over the people of Twisted. I've been doing so as much as possible already. If you really care about the little guy enough you'll help me not by sending killers to my aid, but by giving me materials. I can make anything I need from there. I'd prefer not to kill or place people in danger of being killed if it's not necissary. It's not my job to sort them."

Senor Diablo tilts his head as he ponders. "Simple enough. That can be arranged. Brimstone, magic infused ore, materials that border between bone and stone... I know where wealths of it can be found. Anything else can be acquired. There's a small stream that runs not far from here. Follow it into the tunnels below and look for a small cave that decends. It leads to the lair of a maniac that roams these streets on occasion. He doesn't go down there. Those tunnels, the rooms filled with bodies and torture equipment... A very powerful agent of chaos supplied those for him. The way that house manifests itself it's constantly changing so he'd never notice the diffrence. Keep away from the wall with blood and the house at the top of it all and you should find more than you need. A bit of irony, I should say. I love irony. You've already found the palace ruins, I believe? The ones with the floating stones? If you can get to that portal before they realise they left it open you should be able to find mountains of similar rock." The demon stands and crosses it's arms as it watches it's bodyguard stomping the remains of the nightmare it was playing with. "If you need something more specific or some other material that you can't seem to find, write it on parchment and leave it at the base of the statue of the reaper here in the cemetary. I'll send someone to take care of any requests..."

Tyler nods slowly, "You're talking about Johnny? How are your wife and Pepito, he ever get around to the Soul collecting business?" he says this with a hint of amusement.

Senor Diablo raises an eyebrow at the statment. "Touche Mr Everts... Touche..." Vines reach out from the soil, surrounding the Pyramid Head and yanking it downwards into the ground with it. The monster swings it's weapon around voilently, but it's no use as more and more of these vines continue to grow and latch onto it. "It's time we're off. As I said, let me know what I can do. You'd think someone would stop me from interferring with the normal order of things, but I hardly think anyone's paying enough attention to us to care. No, I know for a fact they're not. Good luck to you, Tyler. Speak not of this to anyone least I need to come back and undo what I've done here."

Tyler chuckles, "If you double cross me, Senor, I will fight against you. You know that I can build something to contain even you." He gives a curt nod and ignites his rockets disappearing into the night sky.

Senor Diablo turns and walks off into the darkness as the Pyramid Head vanishes beneath the soil. It's tail swishing back and forth casually as he begins to speak to himself. "Somedays it's almost too easy. I do something good for humanity, and in return I get an ordered list of the worst beings on Twisted. Why in Hell would I bother double crossing anyone...?" He begins to whistle as he vanishes from sight. The tune of Tales from the Crypt? And some people don't think the devil has a sense of humor.

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