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When Hell comes a callin'...

Summary: "Greetings Kiddies,

We've got another harrowing tale of those in Hell for you tonight. Seems those crazy Councilmen who's job it is to torture the terrible souls of the damned are ready to stretch their 'limbs' and ask for a terror-tory of Twisted for their very own. A hell away from hell. A vacation spot for all the boils and ghouls of the underside to let them go to town. I've got the whole experience carved into this wretched tome I call...

When Hell comes a callin'...

Who: gegoshi, hal, myra, Senior_Diablo, valtiel
When: June 13th, 2008
Where: TASK Lobby(#2413R)

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TASK Lobby(#2413R)

In a somewhat contrast to the Thaumaturgy that The Council resides in, the TASK building is much more on the modern setting of things. You're in a large room, a very, very large room. You can't really see the end of it in any direction, but it is definately a room as there is a ceiling with lights. The floor shifts around, parts being hardwood, some tile, some rug. None of it seems to match properly, it all seems somewhat chaotic. Occasionally, there will be a receptionist desk that appears out of the floor to greet people that come along.

Standing in the midst of the TASK lobby is a horrible thing. A man, roughly six feet tall, stands waiting wearing a bloodied apron. On his exposed flesh are various sores, wounds, and a generous helping of red material that are obviously not his own. His face is horribly disfigured leaving his features mostly obscured beneath what looks to be his own skin pulled taught into a nightmarish configuration. In one hand he wields a long spear equal to his own height. His other hand has a series of barbed hooks imbedded into it with long chains dangling from them. Because of these hooks blood seems to be dripping from his hands. This blood is fresh, despite being jet black. A large portion has apparently dripped along the floor behind him. Other than the blood there is, was, and never will be a trace of him entering the building. He stands by the front desk breathing heavily, waiting, and watching. He will retain this posture no matter who should notice him, or however they may arive...

The creature doesn't get any responses, and while some people do make note of him, others simply move right on past. It's Twisted and this is TASK, they've seen a lot of disgusting and horrible creatures come through here. Gegoshi's cheerful voice sounds across speakers that aren't there, "Hello! Welcome to the TASK lobby! Please wait and the receptionist will be with you in a moment!" A set of red numbers pop up on the top of the desk, counting themselves downwards, reminiscinent of a bomb's clock. Tick tick. 00:03:27.

The creature doesn't move or react. Infact, if it wasn't breathing you'd think it was dead. The pool of blood continues to collect beneath his damaged right fist, however. Drip. Drip. Drip...

The timer ticks itself down to zero's, blinking wildly for a few moments before the red glow then starts to swirl along the tabletop, becoming a thick red pool, which then rises up, forming out into a young girl with wings. She smiles brightly, hopping off the top of the desk and onto the floor, looking Valtier over as little blue lines scroll over her eyes a few moments, "Hello! Welcome to TASK! I'm sorry the information kiosk was not able to answer all of your questions! What can I assist you with?"

Valtiel's head twitches violently back and forth before it's gaze locks onto the suddenly appearing girl. With a dark, raspy voice he begins to speak. "...I have been sssent... to meet the Councccil... I have a messsssssage for them... from the lower regionsss..." His voice isn't snake like, simply tired and worn. It's clear that speaking isn't something this 'thing' was created for. It stiffens up as he looks Gegoshi over and after a pause he continues, "I have to sspeak to them directly. It is my master's ordersss. Take me to them..."

Gegoshi finishes examining Valtiel over, especially after he speaks. The metal around her body lengthens out, covering up her bare skin and then billowing out, changing colors to a deep black mixed with splatterings of red that look close to blood. Black eyeline slides itself under her eyes, and her wings receive red splatts upon them as well. She extends her hand to the desk in front of her, bowing her head, "I shall send your request to them at once, my lord. I beg for your patience in this dire matter."

Valtiel relaxes at her sudden appearence. His first instinct, much like that of the beasts he is often confused with, is to destroy this creature's beauty in -every- way possible. Seeing her become 'reconfigured' certainly takes some of that urgency away. Like peeling open a fruit to find it rotten. The urge is still there, but much more relaxed. As it had done before he then stands and waits. After all, Valtiel has a mission to accomplish. Angering the Goddess Alessa is not a wise thing for a beast created from her to do, no matter how important he was before he became her servant and protector...

Gegoshi stands there, silent for several moments, before she looks back up, her eyes now deep crimson with touches of black dotted through them, "I am afraid, powerful one, that your request to see The Council has been denied on the matter of you not giving content of your desires. They are busy, as I'm sure a powerful one such as yourself must know. Please, perhaps if you tell me what it is, I can pass the message along?"

Valtiel tenses up. The air around him takes on a heavy charge as it does only when someone is prepared for battle.... a battle to the death that is. His voice becomes more focused as he hastly speaks, "I am Valtiel, sservant of the Goddess Alessa - one of the few who sit upon the Council of Hell. I am to deliver a message on behalf of our Councccil immediately to those beings who preside over the Council of Twisssted by ANY means nessecary." As it speaks the flow of blood from it's wounds intensifies, as does the flow which begins coming from it's 'mouth' as the effort of speaking seems to be tearing the flesh from it's jaw. The pool of collected blood beneath him begins to spread, although not by the quanitiy of fluid alone. Infact, it begins to seem almost alive as it hungrily begins to spread accross the floor. "I will deliever my messsage to them and them ONLY, and then I will leave... Ffailure is NOT an option..."

Gegoshi looks at the spreading blood, then over towards Valtiel, "I will inform them of your words." She says, closing her eyes and bowing her head again. A bit of time passes, and she looks back up to Valtiel, "Please wait, a member of the Council is coming to meet with you." By wait, she apparently meant about half a second, because Myra comes walking out of a nearby portal, looking over at the creature and rolling his eyes, "What?" He says too it, folding his arms and looking irritated. It's so stupid, why does he always get called to talk to people? Isn't that Lalorien..wait, that Nancy chicks job? It's so stupid.

Valtiel turns his head to Myra as he speaks. The creature raises it's weapon and seems ready to attack. "Thissss is it??" Depending on how quickly it can be detected, Valtiel lunges towards Gegoshi's throat with the wounded hand in a speed that a humanoid should not be capable of. Probably that which only Satyrn would have been able to block. The creature is impossibly strong and will lift Gegoshi into the air and hold her there if given the chance. The lights in the room will darken with his actions, and if Gegoshi moves fast enough he will simply stop moving inches before her current position and stand there motionlessly until it begins to speak again. "Do not take me lightly, sssspector. I am above the servants of Hell. I am above even the Cenobites which drag the escaped souls of the damned back to our lower regionssss. I will ssspeak to those in charge, and then I will leave. Even if I must claim this building in the Goddess's name..."

Gegoshi gets grabbed by the throat and lifted up. She just stares at him for a second, then realizes this is a hostage situation! She quickly brings her hands up to clutch onto the creatures own hand, struggling in the air and gasping for air that she doesn't need! "No..don't..kill me...please...!" She begs pitifully! The wings on her back shaking with fear! Wow, this is fun! - Myra watches the thing grab Gegoshi, shaking his head, "Okay, you're obviously from another dimension or planet, or plane of existence where you're some big stuff or whatever. But, you're not going to get very far with what you're doing, and I don't feel like wasting my time. So spit out whatever you want said and leave, I'm seriously close to getting a date with Harpanic at this point, I think if I have a few more days she might look at me." He glances over at Gegoshi, grinning. That thing is funny.

The room will continue to darken as a loud rythmic pounding begins to echo out of nowhere. The pool of darkness on the floor spreads out, engulfing any inanimate objects it comes in contact with as it swallows the room. The farther it gets, the more details become visible... aside from the black floor, the walls and furnature is being changed to chainlink fences and barbed wire. Behind them is not the rest of the TASK building, but an endless expanse of similar structures. Creatures are slowly becoming visible from that growing darkness as well. It only takes seconds before the entire room is part of this waking nightmare and an army of horrors that where once human are standing and chattering behind those fences watching and waiting expectantly for the opportunity to devour those within. For all intents and purposes this is no longer a part of Twisted. This is no longer the TASK building. The room and it's contents are a part of Hell and it's as real as it could ever possibly be. It only takes a minute before things go from bad to worse as sirens begin to wail from deep within the darkness itself. The creatures become aggrivated and begin to scream. "I WILL SPEAK TO THOSE IN CHARGE, AND THEN I WILL LEAVE. TAKE ME TO THEM, NOW." The flesh on it's face rips open this time revealing a mouth full of jagged sharp teeth. Blood sprays into Gegoshi's face in the process. She may be experiencing problems, as Alessa's nightmares (the only real term we have for this darkness) always include electrical systems shorting out and the pressence of these creatures always forces speakers and intercoms to emit a loud ear pericing static...

Gegoshi isn't made of circuits and the like, thankfully, though she does start reporting a number of malfunctions going on. "Oops, sorry. I have to concentrate now!" Her body desolidfies, becoming a slippery mass of grey goo, which falls upwards to hit the ceiling, where the girl bubbles up inside of it, unless it's been changed, but she should be able to simply dimension hop if the roof isn't her roof anymore. - Myra looks around, floating himself off of the ground as his legs turn themsleves into fire rather than flesh. "Yeah, idiot, I'm in charge. I think I told you that already, but you seem to be pretty stupid. And if you try to choke me like you did Gegoshi, I'll just leave and you can melt the place down if you want too. There's lots of dimensions out there to bring in different supplies, so apparently you think you're talking to people who are worried about losing material things. Switch tactics." He's kind of a jerk, what can ya do.

Fear, pure and paralyzing suddenly washes over the entire building, especially the flame wielding Council member. Everything he fears suddenly comes to the surface, in vivid and complete detail, as if it were really happening. "Now now... Valtiel? You're dismissed. We will take it from here.." A single figure suddenly rises up from the black ichor washing over the building. It doesn't take long for Hal himself to fully form, dusting his jacket off nonchalantly as the fear within Myra suddenly triples, as if his deepest fears were being intensified. One look however at Hal will show, his eyes are glowing with a bright yellow aura. "Take us to the rest of your companions, Myra. Or else I will make your suffering that much more. I can make your nightmares more then a reality..." Almost as if to demonstrate that, A green shadow of Harpanic appears, screaming in agony as the Advent of Light rips out her eyes, a sadistic grin upon his face.

Valtiel bows before the presence of one of his Council and steps back against the fenced walls of the room. Gegoshi will indeed have had to teleport back to Twisted once she vanished from sight, but that's hardly an important thing to mention. The sea of creatures watching from the darkness quiets as Hal makes his appearence, but he is not the only one to arrive. Jagged spikes errupt in a spiral pattern beside his form and from them rises the form of Senior Diablo. The spikes don't just withdraw, but merge into his cape as he raises a hand to Hal's face. "Not now, Mr Jordan. We have buisness to attend to." The regal demon shakes his head and stares at Myra with a look of distaste. "However he is right. Our buisness was with your superiors. I appolgise with our 'messenger's' methods. Alessa doesn't provide for them with tact. Our Council wishes for a meeting with your's. We're tired of some of the restrictions between the living and the damned. We want part of your world, Myra. We have as much right on Twisted as you do..." Did Myra introduce himself? Senior Diablo obviously has a few secrets of his own to keep.

Myra's body turns fully into flame, the flesh burning and ashing away as his arms and legs all lose most of their definition, along with his face, just a massive writhing fluid piece of fire, increasing the temperature rapidly by the second as his screams are that of a thousand volcano's erupting upon a single island. The screaming passes as the fear dies away, he doesn't have a face anymore, but his voice comes from the flames themselves, the roaring of flame laced behind every word, "I have suffered so far beyond what anyone can suffer. My mind and agony are a thousand fold worse than imagining! You think I'll do what you want because of that?!" The temperature stops cooling down, rising back up, growing into the upper hundreds rather quickly, things around him, if they're not resistent to heat, will simply start to catch fire. "You don't have leverage over me, over us, none of it! I don't know who you think you are, but you aren't getting anywhere NEAR Harpanic, do you hear me? I will burn this world into ash if I have too!" He's really, really, really defenseive of Harpanic right now, plus, he is an angst machine.

"That was only your inner fear." Hal reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a small golden box which he tosses to Myra. "See... You jump to conclusions to quickly.. There is also a way to completely conquer your inner fear, and never have to worry about losing your head when the time comes... Instead of waiting, and seeing why it came forth.." Hal shakes his head towards Myra as he looks to Diablo. "He'd have made a great Lantern, with the proper training." He runs a hand through his hair as he stands there.

Diablo sighs, shaking his head. "We're not going to get anywhere if he's out of his mind. I should have found a way to come alone. I should have known we'd never get to speak to the rest of the Council." He sighs once more, staring at Myra wondering how long it would take the enraged councilman to regain control of his senses. To himself he mumbles, "...and I had such plans for Guarlesia..." Plans?

Myra, being made of fire right now and not wanting any of him to be solid, lets the golden box get tossed through him, it'll turn to ash if it can't stand up to the inner core of a sun, which is what's in the middle of Myra right now, but he settles down nearly as fast as he heated up, being a manifestation of a planet of fire, he is subject to many mood swings. He crackles and heats there for awhile in silence before he speaks up again, "Okay, idiots. Now that you've realized you're not going to get to the Council, I'm going to leave." He says, his flame diminishing more and more, snuffing this part of himself out so he can re-manifest back at his home, or well, at himself..his planet..whatever! "Guarlesia? Go talk to her when she's out having tea, and kill Concordance while you're at it. Oh wait, -nobody can- and we have a deal, -nevermind-." There's a few moments left for any more words or actions to be taken before he completly disappears, but if nothing stops him and nobody says anything he thinks is worth hearing, he'll simply snuff away into a wisp of smoke and stop existing here alltogether.

With a raised eyebrow, Senior Diablo watches Myra vanish and frowns. "Dear me, he seems to think we're on the same level he is. A Council forged in a world of mortals, and a Council filled with the damned and put in place on behalf of the dark forces which govern mortals... Yes, well. I think we should heed his words least he come and try to destroy Hell itself, wouldn't you agree Hal?"

Hal shrugs his shoulders as he watches the box turn to ash. "Most certainly. Of course... It wasn't a total loss Diablo. Valtiel got to have some fun.. I'll have to remember to speak to Alessa about not punishing him.. He did succeed in his mission for the most part..."

The demon snickers as Hal's words as they turn and walk into the dispersing crowd of monsters around them. The room begins to fall apart. The metal rusts and flakes away lifting up into the air and vanishing from sight. It only takes moments before the room returns to normal and the lights blink back on and back into existance. For the most part things are back as they always where before and no one would even realise anything had occured here where it not for two remaining things.

...the smell of sulfur and the blood stains soaking into the floor. Even if the stains fade this room will never completly be the same again. Voices will cry out from nowhere and a heavy feeling of suffication will drift over anyone left alone on the spot where Valtiel stood. This room is now linked to Hell, and it's minions -will- return. Things will not end so quietly...

"Looks like Myra got a little 'hot' under the collar. Perhaps he had a few more 'spirits' than he could handle... But don't worry kiddies, no 'body' shot the messenger this time. Infact, Alessa was so proud of her little Valtiel that she gave him a 'reeks' vacation!! EH-HEH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!"

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