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Experimental Senshi

Summary: "On behalf of the Ideological Organization ACROSS we need you two to infiltrate the Sailor Senshi to learn all you can about these 'scouts'. We will provide special pens which will make you appear to one of their own, but you'll have to provide your own costumes. Use the copies of the scripts we gave you and do not return until you've learned all you can. The address is on the script. ~Lord Ilpalazzo." Sailor Hyatt and Sailor Excel? Dear god, what's next?

Who: Ami, Excel, Hyatt, Makoto
When: June 23rd, 2008
Where: Senshi Flats


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Senshi Flats

As apartments go, this three bedroom looks rather clean. Not the kind of meticulous, obsessive-compulsive clean, but just... well maintained. The first room, off to the right upon entering the apartment, seems to have an entire wall dedicated to blinking and whirring electronics of... some sort. They seem pretty advanced. Everything from DVD players to Oscilloscopes seem to cover the one wall, which has a partition that can be pulled across to shield them from view when they aren't required. A neatly kept bed with a blue comforter sits with a high definition television screen at the foot. The television seems to have about thirty different wires plugged into it, but other than that, with the partition pulled shut, the room seems pretty neat, tidy, and normal. It's probably easier to sleep in that way. With a door angled to be right next to Ami's room, Makoto's room is still rather sparse. She hasn't found a real way of making money yet. She has a simple roll-up matress and a desk. There are a few anime posters on the wall and the only really personal thing here so far is a picture of herself and Ami taken at a local photo place. She hasn't seen her other friends here yet to add to the collection. The other room is currently empty, and the main living area has a wide-screen television with all the latest in video and audio entertainment, not to mention a few video games on the rack next to a full length mirror. There's also a small kitchenette with a fridge, sink, dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven, cabinets, and ... one of those trash cans one might find in a fast food store - the rectangular kind with the flapping door.

Down the hallway comes the sounds of shuffling feet and complaining. Out in the hall comes the forms of Excel and Hyatt stumbling around. Excel seems to be having particular trouble with her outfit today and is loosing her balance because of it. It's not too diffrent from what she normaly wears, although the long knee length red boots seem to be most of the problem. "Aiiiiiee..... Hatchan, Excel doesn't like this costume! You shoulda let Excel pick her own outfit. They had dozens of them in there and you picked the one that fit the worst. My back hurts, my feet hurts... and this thing on my head..." Excel is wearing a yellow wig done up in two large buns on the top of her head with the excess hair trailing all the way down to her feet. "X_x;; Excel is only doing this for Lord Ilpalazzo. Humilating herself like this to prove her loyalty and love to the dear, dear leader of the Ideological Organisation ACROSS! HAIL ILPALAZZO!!" Loosing balance again, Excel tumbles into a door smacking against it loudly. "AIIIE!! Hatchaaaaaaan... are we there yet?"

Hyatt walks along solemnly, nodding occasionally to her more experienced friend. "I am sorry sempai, but I had to hurry." she doesnt explain much else. She is a great deal quieter and more reserved than her friend, though she reveres Excel and would follow her to the end of the earth. she was wearing a sailor outfit with aqua blue themes, and her hair color, usually a vibrant violet, now a flourishing sea-green. Heaving breathlessly, almost erotically some might say out of context, she looks at the door... "Sempai... as usual, you have led us to our destination with unerring and selfless determination." She presses the doorbell ever-so gently.

Makoto is just opening the door as the bell rings, on her way to get groceries as Ami sleeps. She's worried about her friend and has a rather somber look on her face. The new people at the door make for a bit of a distraction though. She's never met any of their neighbors before, but considering some of the insanity she's seen sinnce arriving in Twisted, is that realy a bad thing? She smiles softly. "Hello? Can I help you?"

Excel nearly falls through the door as it's opened (she was leaning on it) but she manages to right herself by tumbling backwards and proping herself up against the opposite wall. Extending her right arm straight into the air she smiles and starts going into 'character'. "HAIII!!!! We are here to learn all there is to know about 'Sailor Scouts' for we have been sent by the mighty organisation-uh... o-on behalf of the moon, yeah! Yes! In the name of the moon we have been sent to uh.... study you!" Why does her voice sound exactly like Sailor Moon when she says that? Could this be the lost scout herself? Maybe... but that outfit is just plain ugly.

Hyatt in look and demeanor, she resembles strongly Sailor Neptune, but... she is by far more exotic in action than the scout herself. Almost as though she doesnt really belong here, but in some sort of fictional setting, every movement as delicate as an actress performing a highly scripted drama. With a gentle bow at the waist, she addresses the woman behind the door, steeping herself in polite traditional voice. "We hope you will forgive our intrusion into your domicile." she says meekly. Despite being dressed like a sailor scout, she looks weak enough that a strong breeze could knock her over.

Makoto's jaw simply drops in stunned silence for a moment. o_o; ..... With a glance over her shoulder to make sure Ami wasn't woken up she steps out into the happway, shutting and locking the door behind her. "Ano..... I... have no idea what you're talking about...." she scratches the back of her head wondering why everone here seems to know.

Excel stares in silence, her body seeming to become made of ice for the briefest of moments. Could this be the fabled 'cold shoulder'? No, no wait. She's fine, or seems to be as she turns to Hyatt in confusion. "Um.... Hatchan? A-Are you sure Excel has led us to the right apartment? Lord Ilpalazzo said to come here, right? Maaaaybe he got his information wron-!" She cuts herself off mid sentance and a fire rages behind her as she confidently dismisses her own argument. "NO! NOO! We must trust in the will of Lord Ilpalazzo! Ilpalazzo! ILPALAZZO! Oh, my dear love, Lord Ilpalazzo, Excel shall follow you to the depths of hell itself, to the freezing plains of Antartica, to the subteranian relm of New York!!! HAI!! Excel believes in the will of Lord Ilpalazzo! This MUST be the place!!! Maybe some of the stuff that we where told to bring shall bring us forth to victory in completing our mission!?!?" She grabs at Hyatt and starts plundering a previously unseen backpack slung across her back. Strange things like teddy bears and boxes of candy are carelessly thrown through the air. "Hatchan? Where's those pen thingies?"

Hyatt seems easily spun around by her friend. "They must be around here somewhere Sempai." she says frailly. "Maybe... maybe I took the wrong pens off of your dresser, sempai. They both seem so much alike." she comments without reserve perhaps details that do not exactly serve the greatest purpose or usefulness. Raising a delicate hand, she coughs violently into it.

Makoto sweatdrops and grabs you both by the shoulder and starts marching you both towards the elevator. "Fine! Fine! Shut up! Ami-chan is trying to sleep!" x.x She sighs as she hits the button and starts the wait untill the doors open. "Please quiet down?" She glances at Hyatt. "You okay?"

Somehow Excel seems to get louder. "HAAAAAAIIIII!!!!! Excel shall be quiet as a mouse! None shall hear of Excel for her amazing powers of silence shall prevent her from making noise! Yes! Nothing! Nothing at all shall come between Excel and her duties of being silent at the request of her new friend and mentor who has so graciously decided to escort them to the secret training facilities.... we are going to the secret training facilities, right? Why yes! Of course! But we are being secretive so as to require such silence! OOOoooooh!!! Excel shall remain quiet as possible for the duration of this, yes, THIS exciting scene change as we are pushed down the hallway! Lord Ilpalazzo will be so pleased with us, Hatchan! We shall be praised! No more shall Excel have to clean the bathrooms to gain his affection! No, now we shall-"CRASH! ...and she slams face first into a wall because she wouldn't shut up. Is everyone sure she's not really Usagi? Maybe she has amnesia...?

Hyatt only manages to cough a few more times, waving off Makoto's assistance with a hand, but doing so silently. Listening to her partner, she is easily pushed to the elevator by Makoto, but just as Excel-sempai managed to locate another wall, Hyatt's face suddenly turned pale... her eyes drawn... a small stream of blood oozes from her mouth as she falls forward, faceplanting on the flood of the newly opened elevator, her life-essence quickly forming a small puddle underneath her. Her pulse is gone... her heart stopped. She was dead.

Makoto blinkblinks. She sounds like Usagi-chan, but Usagi tends to make more sense... "Who are you..." she jumps as Hyatt falls. "Oh my god I'm sorry!" she rolls Hyatt over and cradles her head. "I'm sorry. Please be okay!"

Makoto thinks she's going to have to go wake Ami up after all. c.c

Excel rubs her face as she peals herself off the wall. "Aiyayayayaaaa... Excel already tell you, we are Say-lor Sssk-ow-ts." She smiles. "Um... Hatchan will be okay when she has too much excitment she kinda keels over and Hatchan has seen plenty of it tonight what with the breaking into the Usual Restaurant to get the unif-uhhhh, being sent from the um..." She produces a sheet of paper and studies it a moment, "...from, the um, future. Yes. Crys-um.... Crysilis Kingdom? WAI!! Excel should have read her script better!!" Wait? Script? "Hatchan, you tell her."

Hyatt suddenly perks up from the dead, almost as if nothing had happened at all, looking up at Makoto, wiping the blood away from her mouth. "We came here from the Crystal Tokyo of the future to seek out the warriors of the Moon of this period, to learn from them and then return to our time." she repeats word for word from the instructions.

Makoto eyebrows twitches. "Ano.... if you're from Crystal Tokyo.... Why didn't you just talk to us there....?" Yes she's giving away some info, but between all the mind readers around here it's probably bets to just be honest and not let people learn things second hand. She offers a hand to Hyatt and tries to help the frail girl to her feet.

Excel stares a long moment trying to grasp just exactly what it is she's supposed to be doing. "Y'know, Shinohara, I never come onto your shows and one up your characters. It's not my fault I landed a better roll on Bishojo Senshi Sera Mun than you did." Wait, what the hell? Her voice just changed suddenly! Maybe we're hearing things because the rest of what she says sounds like her normal self. "Ah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah! Excel is just following orders and you know how our orders can be. One moment we're relaxing in a crystal whatever and the next moment we're stuck on a bus with a pair of talking cats and a girl with bad hair in a city full of crazy people who don't think twice about a secret organisation selling weapons on a street corner in an old shack who somehow break cannon by having things that could never ever exist anywhere else because they provide parodies of original characters who only exist on worlds connected to Twisted Street." What?!?!? "Hatchan? Do ya think maybe we should go back and get more information before we go and blow our cover?" How can she think she's being secretive when she's so open?

Hyatt tilts her head, helped up easily, wavering her her two legs. "Perhaps we should, Sempai." she ways in her typically wavery voice, but the still turns to Makoto and answers with her sweetest voice and smiling face. "We are from the future, and it is believed that one cannot know too much about how the future unfolds, or it runs the risk of being bad. Therefore, it is advised, for your own convenience, that you cease asking too many questions about our gigantic plot holes." ... smile

Makoto blinkblinks. "Umm... yeah. I see..... i think.... Plotholes??" she shakes her head. "This place is insane..."

Hyatt falls over and dies x.x

The door to the Senshi's apartment slowly opens up, and Ami walks out in her light blue camisole and shorts, rubbing her eyes sleepily. "Mnm.... I beg your pardon, but..." Ami looks around into the hallway, wondering what's going on. "Would it be alright to ask you to drop the volume down a tiny bit?"

Makoto groans and smacks her forehead. "I knew that would happen." She looks back. "Sorry Ami-chan. I tried to quiet her down... They just showed up." she looks back to Excel. "See? i told you you'd wake her up!" she glares a little

Excel nods her head and proudly poses heroicly. "Yes!! We shall go back to Lord Ilpalazzo and claim what we need to come back and do our duties correctly! We shall come back and do all that we need to do in order to convince you that we are indeed who we are ment to and supposed to be because we clearly are whom we say we are and nothing in the world will ever possibly know that we are secretly-!" Oh good, here comes a distaction ruining her misguided ramblings and plot revelations. She eyes Ami and that hand goes straight up in the air again. "HAIL ILPALAZZO! Um... Excel means, HELLO! KONNICHIWA! GUTENTAG AMI-CHAN! We have come to study and learn the ways of the Say-lor Sk-ow-tsu!! But alas, Hatchan has died and Excel has forgotten to bring along her medicine from the Crystal Future Kingdom thingy, so uh... we're gonna go back and take care of that!" It should be noted that Excel is wearing a cheap parody of Sailor Moon's outfit complete with matching yellow wig with huge buns on the sides of her head. Likewise Hyatt is dressed like Sailor Neptune, but again.... it's off. Hopefully no one will notice that their fukus have UR embroidered into the back of them.

Ami blinks as she hears Makoto speak, and she pulls her glasses out... from... who knows where exactly. She's female, she has that fifth dimensional inventory on her at all times, it's in the anime laws of physics somewhere. "...Mako-chan?" She slips her glasses on, looking toward Excel and Makoto with a look of surprise on her face. She tries to speak, but Excel starts, so Ami closes her mouth, intending to wait patiently. And then wait some more. And then wait some more. Really, maybe it was a bad idea to wait, thinking about it. "..." Her first instinct is to ask exactly who Excel is, but if that was a response to her simply being there, Ami isn't certain she wants to know how Excel would respond to an actual request for information. She tilts her head to the side and offers a bright-yet-tired smile... "Good night then, strange person-san."

Makoto waves a little. "See ya..." She turns to Ami with the most puzzled expression on her face. "What _is it_ with Twisted??"

Makoto sighs, all thought of hitting the store lost in the insanity of the moment. And right now she's not about to leave Ami awake by herself.

Excel bows her head at the two woman but can't help but ramble on as she picks up her deceased friend from the floor and drapes her over her shoulder. "Twisted is a nexus between worlds which resides at the point of least resistance between land and energy, between the various points of time which legend would have us believe was created by powerful godess who existed on another world who created this as an offshoot of a world created by a loonatic maniac and another godess who's powers had been sealed and due to that world's disturbances about the flow of time caused this world to fall backwards in time to a point before the creation of it's creator allowing it to mature and focus into the central locking point of multiple realities and slowly merging all worlds in the multiverse into one mass that the Council which over sees this world wants to prevent by keeping each of those worlds seperate in order to stall what the forces of Hell have come to believe is inevitable." Sh-she never even stopped to breathe! How is that possible!?!?!? With a shrug and a smile she ruins the moment, "But Excel knows nothing about all that only that she wants to serve Lord Ilpalazzo and win his favor so that the two might grow into a beautiful relationship where he rules the universe with Excel at his side." She gushes, "It would be so romaaaaantic...." With a wave she steps out into the night, or into the elevator. Somewhere down the road this typist lost track of exactly which floor they where on. SOMEONE KILL ME NOW!!!

Ami seems to stare at Excel for a moment after she's disappeared, just sort of blinking in shock. Apparently there are creatures in Twisted that don't need to come up for air... ... ever. "...She must have an extra air intake somewhere..." ... That's all she can say? ... Well... it's not like she can process all that at once. "... I think we're not in Kansas any more, Mako-chan."

Makoto blinks in utter shock as the elevator doors close. "Ami-chan..... Is it just me or did she sound _exactly_ like Usagi-chan...? Usagi makes more sense though.... And I can't believe I just said that." o_o;

Ami blinks and shakes her head. "... She sounds like Usagi-chan... But... ... Usagi has to /breathe/ between paragraphs..." She blinks, and then smiles to Makoto, though it's a tired smile. "... I'm sorry Mako-chan. She's still sleeping." She doesn't say any more than that, outside where there could be eavesdroppers, but that should be enough for Makoto to understand.

Today's Experiment..... FAILED!

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