2008-06-26 (PreU) Heavy Counciling

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Heavy Counciling

Summary: We knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The Council of Hell is finally confronted by the full force of the Council of Twisted and a masive battle ensues, but it may lead to some very unexpected developments...

Who: Abomination, Concordance, Gegoshi, Guarlesia, Hal, Harpanic, Herr_Major, Iloken, Myra, Nancy, Rystan, Satyrn, Senor_Diablo, Setsuna, Valtiel, Zyrael
When: June 26th, 2008
Where: Thee TWISsteD WoRLLd(#1860R)

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Thee TWISsteD WoRLLd(#1860R)

You have left the Twisted Street. Wether a mistake or on purpose, you find yourself out in Twisted World. As soon as your foot leaves the pavement, the street disappears from behind you. The wind picks up into a desert storm, dirt beneath your feet, then changes into a gentle grassy plain, the sun warming your body. You then find yourself in a frigid wasteland, nearly on the verge of freezing to death, and then you find yourself upon a long black expanse of nothing. Complete and total emptiness. The world continues to change and bend around you, and there is no rhyme or reason to the madness. Sometimes, the setting will stay for awhile, but then creatures and beasts tend to appear, hungry for souls, hungry for flesh, hungry for you.

Stretching out from the main street is a long and winding stone path that leads to a huge well in front of an ancient mausoleum. The well seems to be bottomless going on and on for miles deep undergound. Redish-yellow light and a horrible grinding noise eminate out of it. However, the most frightening thing about it is the statue standing in the center of it. A horrible eight foot tall monster of a man with a pyramid shaped helmet mounted onto his shoulders stands slumped against an upturned seven foot long spear with it's blade piercing through it's throat. What makes it so frightening is that upon closer investigation it is revealed to not be a statue at all. Statues don't bleed...

Reflecting the chaos here and in the world surrounding it, a decrepid hospital stands like a great beast watching over all who comes here. The sign reads [Alchemilla Hospital].

The area seems quiet - quite a contrast from the night before. There are still people in cloaked robes huddled together in small groups, although it's mostly fear that keeps them here. The rest went out into Twisted to find thier own lives. Senor Diablo, arguably the most sane member of the Council, walks along the stone path with two figures by his side. On his left, a towering behemeth in a metal helmet exactly like the one impaled in the center of the Hell Pit. On his right, a girl with green hair wearing one of the robes the others are dressed in. Diablo nods his head as she tells him a report on the people scattered about, finally he turns to her. "Excelent. Thank you for assisting us, Miss Meioh. We could have never kept order amoungst yesterday's chaos without you." The girl nods her head, smiling slightly. "I believe I've taken care of all my loose ends down below. As one of the Council of the Underworld, I'd like to ask if there's more I need to accomplish before taking you up on your offer?" He chuckles at the girl's words. "No, dear. Go find your friends. Just remember, you haven't been ressurected. Don't let yourself get killed..." The girl nods her head and leaps towards the street, catching herself and pausing only a moment before making her way towards the central part of Twisted. Diablo only smiles in her wake glancing at the beast with the Great Knife at his side. "Well, looks like it's about time we decide what else we're going to put around this gate. I'd like to find a means of drawing people that I might talk to them more openly..." The beast doesn't respond, but Senor Diablo knows better than to expect one from it.

A sliver of light forms in the air in the sky, which then slowly spreads itself out into a full circle. The circle turns itself sideways, flattening out and then lengthening into a long white cylinder. The light coming from the cylinder slowly begins to fade, pieces of it disappearing into darkness until it leaves Gegoshi in its place, floating there. Her eyes look over the area quickly, the wings on her back quite still despite her being in the air. Blue lines of text flood over her eyes as she scans the entire area for everythin from life, to magic, to air, to dimensions, to existences, taking it all in. "Scan complete!" She says after about a minute of silence and doing this. Another cylinder of light forms around the girl, and reverses the order in which it appeared, leaving darkness once again. It takes about another three minutes before an elf walks into the area, a sword in her hand, the place its most comfortable. The elf's eyes look over the area, eyeing over the groups of people, seeing SD, the maseleuom, and the giant pit. Her single thin wing flickers in movement as she walks over to one of the groups, twirling her sword so it's pointed away from them all, hoping not to startle them, but perhaps they'll get startled anyway. "Excuse me, all of you." She calls to the group in her elven voice, not soft and majestic, but more of the authorative type.

Senor Diablo actually doesn't notice anything until his pyramid headed bodyguard suddenly tenses up and comes to attention, watching Gegoshi and trying to decide with it's limited mind if it should attack or wait. Diablo places a hand on it's shoulder and shakes his head, forcing the beast to cease moving. After she's gone, Diablo crosses his arms and ponders a moment. "I guess they've decided to investigate after all..." He forces the monster to stand by the Hell Pit and tries to scatter those still lingering here with limited sucess before the voice addresses them. The demon turns towards the voices and shakes his head. "Greetings... I believe your likely looking for me, aren't you?"

Iloken watches the people, or whatever they are, get scattered away. The elf frowns, watching them move about, even after Diablo talks towards her. She shifts her sword back, bringing it around so the tip is in front and pointed down before her. She looks over towards Diablo after a bit more observing, looking him over, assessing him. "No, I know you're here already." She says, being the elf that she is, she figured she should point out how he was wrong. She walks over to stand closer to him, not worrying about proximity, though her blade does slowly shift to point out to her right side now instead if being in front of her. She looks up towards SD, "This has never been my job, but no one else seems to be good at it. What are you doing here....demon?" She says, guessing at his species.

Senor Diablo chuckles darkly at the girl's words. "I am Senor Diablo of the Council of Hell. I am here to oversee those innocents who've been trapped in Hell their entire lives because the rules of the Underworld dictate that they where forbidden to leave. We tried playing by the rules, but none would give us fair council, so we've taken matters into our own hands. It just so happens that in doing so we've also taken a portion of this infamous street for ourselves in order to better conduct our buisness both here and down below. Everything else you've heard is probably a vicious rumor and nothing more." He grins wider than it seems his mouth should be capable of. He hasn't lied, but he hasn't spoken on behalf of the other members of Hell's Council either. "Will you introduce yourself properly, or shall we both assume I know of you well enough to not need such formalities?"

The elf's eyes look into Diablo's own as he talks towards her, listening to his words and trying to judge them and assess them. She doesn't like this job, it doesn't suit her, it suits Lalorien, but she's dead. Maybe she should ask Concordance to bring her back to life, but she already owes her enough. Iloken thought she'd be recognized, who doesn't know her? Different worlds, different dimensions, she forgets she's not famous in the others. "Iloken of The Council." She puts a great emphasis on The, since there's only one that matters. "You've brought the dead from your dimension of hell to the mortal dimension of Twisted, and taken....this area...." She says, her left hand gesturing to encompass the place she now stands at. "That's not going to work out for me-us." She corrects her singular use there. "The scans that were taken of this place yesterday and today show that you're having an adverse effect on Twisted's chaotic nature, and that the dead are going to be contaminating too many other worlds, either on purpose or by accident. So, I'm giving you your eviction notice." She's pretty sure that's what they're called...

Senor Diablo begins to laugh again. So much seems to amuse him today. "That's an amasing feat. It really is. You tell me that the dead are contaminating, yet the only real 'dead' we've brought with us are hiding in that building over there." He points in the direction of Alchemilla Hospital. "But that's Alessa's doing, not mine. No, these people we've brought to the 'surface' where born in the depths of the lower regions. They are innocent. I don't care if your logic calls them dead. They deserve to live their lives and be judged by their actions, not by where they where concieved." His smile fades as seriousness washes over him. "As for your 'adverse effect', I'm afraid you'll have to deal with it. The Street shouldn't fall apart. It shouldn't be able. Perhaps your just afraid that more worlds will find themselves joined here now? Well... that would be a shame wouldn't it. Unification is the multiverse's destiny not division. I'll not see you destroy so many worlds because you fear them 'contaminated'." That sounds like a threat, doesn't it?

Iloken looks over towards the hospital, then continues to listen to Diablo's words, waiting for him to finish. He does talk a lot, it's kind of boreing listening to other people, maybe she should learn to get used too it....no, that's just silly thinking. "That's not the answer I wanted." She says, exaling once, her one wing flickering in the air behind her as she steps back and away from Diablo, "So, I'll give you a chance to change your mind and leave one last time before...I sound very cliche." She says, stopping in mid-sentance and tapping her finger to her chin, thinking of another way to say it...ah! "Recant your prior words, lest The Council descend upon you in force." That sounds much more...hm...arrogant, she decides.

Senor Diablo raises an eyebrow as she speaks. He actually stares a moment after she finishes before breaking out into laughter. "You... you can't be serious?" He laughs even harder. "My my my... 'Least the Council decend upon us in force'. Well, my dear that's exactly what we've been TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH. Send them! Bring them! Summon them! Let us see this terrible mockery of justice and let us have this conversation face to face instead of through messengers. Bring them! Bring them here now, and I shall summon my own as well..."

Herr_Major walks in out of the shadows. He made no attempt to hide himself, though it seems something he does effortlessly these days... "Vell, it seems zat I have arrived just in time. I vould hate to miss the show." the fat man dressed in a white business suit, grinned, his glasses glinting in the sparse light, reflecting his small swastika pin. "Oh ho ho ho... I vould hate to miss it indeed. This promises to be qvite ze performance."

The ground behind Diablo slowly starts to splinter, as bright green light slowly starts filtering from the fine cracks, as a solid green image of Parallax appears behind the demon, a slight grin on his face. "Oh? So they've finally taken this seriously for once Diablo?" He glances over at Major, and nods in acknowledgement to him, not quite ready to fully come and join this gathering yet.

Rising up from the shadow cast by the impaled Pyramid Head in the center of the mouth of the Hell Pit crawls the form of Valtiel, servant of the Goddess Alessa. It draws near the growing group, but is wide to stay as far back as it can. It's mearly here on behalf of Alessa after all. He can't report back what he doesn't know. "Alessssssssa ssssends her reguards..." Beyond that the beast, which appears like a smaller version of the Pyramid Head bodyguard but without the helmet, remains silent. Looks like Hal isn't the only one not yet ready to join the festivities.

Iloken blinks once at Diablo's words. "You're just going to end up hurt yourself." She says as she walks backwards, slowly, cautiously, carefully, gracefully. Step after step until she's about fifteen feet away from him, her forward tip comes back over to rest in front of herself and then her single long thin wing flaps once. Feathers appear in the air around it, six of them, each one flitting off into different directions. The first turns into a puff of flame, smoke, and ash, cinders of the feather hitting the ground, which then glows a fierce red, turning the texture of lava, the ground melts inwards on itself until a gout of flame bursts from the crust of Twisted, Myra sitting on top of it and then hopping off, reaching out and putting a hand on the pillar of flame that flows ten feet up and just stays there. He glances around, "Aw man, I came in before Harpanic? That's just not cool." He complains, he loves seeing his girl everytime he manifests somewhere! Ah, the agony of seconds he has to wait until she arrives. AGONY! - Another feather turns gold, spiraling out into a mane of golden red tinged feathers, hair then sprouts from them, long red thin locks, and growing out from this is an elven body, with far more elongated ears than Ilkoken, Harpanic forms herself into being, the chain coming from the choker around her neck held in her hand. "HARPANIC! I love you! Date me!" Myra calls as soon as she manifests, the elf however ignores her, looking around the area as she lets a part of her chain hit the ground at her feet and rest there. - Black and cancerous is the state of another feather as it floats through the air, this one bubbling out with puss and blackened ooze, tentacles, eyes, and fanged mouths sprouting out as it bulges and grows, until the air and ground itself has become a festering pool of black and gunk. Abominations multi-limbed multi-mouthed multi-eyed body looks around the area, immediately reaching over to grab a nearby scattered soul if there is one to devour it. - Another feather is simply snapped out of the air by Satyrn, the saiyan looking over towards Iloken as she floats off the ground. She's not a member of The Council or anything, but she's as high up as it goes with TASK, and there's no way she was going to miss a fight she was cheater out of before, she barely even got started before it ended. She crumbples the feather in her hand before letting it fall to the ground, looking over at Diablo as her grey tail wraps around her left leg, the tailtip twitching back and forth in excitement, oh please let the battle start right away. - The next two feathers twine together, dancing around each other and then branching out into wings, one a luxurous thick pair of wings, another a pair of six shorter feathered wings. Concordance and Guarliesa form together, Concordance being carried on Guarlesia's back, the halo above Concordance glimmering, though The Council members eyes seem as dull and dead as ever. Guarlesia looks around the area, then down at the sword at her side, then back at Concordance on her back. "Well, this is promising for my safety..."

Lastly, comes Nancy Dark. Did a feather summon her? Hard to tell. She arrives in a wall of fog, just like always. Seconds later it's gone and she pushes a loose strand of hair out of her eyes. "Wait... what's going on?" She confused. But that's rather typical for her as of late anyways.

Valtiel jumps to attention when Nancy appears, it's just too similar to something Alessa would do after all. Once he sees it's not her he shakes his head and resumes being as silent as possible.

Senor Diablo grins at the Hell Council as it makes it appears in it's various forms. He ponders briefly about the Major and why he never seems to want to do more than announce his arrival, and then bolt off back to Hell to deal with whatever horrible thing he's concocted this week. But before he can dwell on that any more he shakes it off and gets down to buisness. "Ahh, well we're all here for a change, aren't we? For a group that so many people on this street look up to, you certainly don't make yourselves easy to get ahold of, do you? Here we'd all given up hope of this little encounter."

Parallax seems to be slightly entertained by the entrance of the council, and looks to Diablo. "Well well.. It seems they've finally gotten up to do something.. I'm honestly surprised..." The splintered green cracks behind Diablo slowly start to rumble as the light shifts to a blinding yellow, chunks of debris slowly floating into the air before vanishing into nothingness. Silver chains suddenly make their way out from the shadows, striking into the splintered area, long hooks latching into them firmly. Slowly, the chains start to pull back, ripping up the ground, leaving a gaping yellow hole left behind the Demon.

There's a few moments of silence after Diablo and Parallax speaks The Council members all staring towards both of them. The seconds continue to tick by, and then each of them looks around at the other, barring Concordance. Abomination even pauses in his devouring to cast a few eyes around at everyone. "Not it!" Calls Myra suddenly. "Not it." Abomination rumbles, "Not it!" Guarliesa calls, "...what game are we playing?" She asks a moment after. Satyrn shakes her head, but doesn't say anything. Iloken and Harpanic look at each other, then look over at Nancy, then too each other. Harpanic frowns and says, quietly, "Not it." Much to her dismay, any chance -not- to repeat or deal with something Myra said is better for her. Iloken frowns and shifts her blade, "You know, I'm not made for talking like this. Why do I always have to do it?" Myra grins wickedly, "Because we call called not it, except for Nancy there, but we all know she misses most of the meetings. Go on. It's not like Concordance is awake. Yo, Concordance, wake up, uh...Guarlesia is breaking a seal." Nothing from the halo'd winged girl, however, so Iloken sighs and turns towards Diablo and Parallax, o O ( This is ridiculous, I hate these rituals. ) What should she say, something important sounding. Where's Gegoshi? She glances around, drat, hidden? "Elfen junk..." She grumbles and takes in a breath, "Remove yourselves and what you've done now, or we'll all unleash...." She looks around at everyone, hoping they're behind her on this, "...our wrath upon...thy...selves. Thyselves. That's right." She says, making sure she said that last word right. Guarliesa blinks at Iloken, "Wait, I'm still Sealed, I can't unleash anything, don't you ever listen when I talk? Ah, who does I guess. Maybe people paying attention to me is sealed..."

Senor Diablo takes a moment to ignore Twisted's Council a moment and chat with the image of Hal. "Y'know, I can see two of them already who would be far more comfortable with us. Maybe we should ask for an exchange? They can have you. You look more their type than ours." He says this with a sly grin and an obvious show of sarcasm. Waiting just long enough for Hal to make some sort of comeback, he chuckles before resuming acting serious and gets back to the buisness at hand. "Hello, Council of Twisted. We are the Council of Hell, but I'm sure most of you know this already." He's obsessed with formalities, isn't he? "We came here originaly to strike up a deal with you, but that time has passed hasn't it? Myra's arrogance has caused far more damage to any dealings between us than any of you could ever possibly understand." The demon pauses and crosses his hands behind his back. "Like it or not, with our limitations in THIS world our Council and your Council are upon equal terms here. We represent the forces of the underworld and are charged with mainting the balance there and seeing that the damned of the worlds of the living recieve the punishments they deserve. You, however, do what exactly? Sit around and circle jerk each other about keeping the worlds apart while your citizens slaughter each other in the streets? Sit back and watch as the people here, the INNOCENT people here are abused and corrupted because your too arrogant to interfere? If you won't protect them, we will. To that end, we've claimed this region for ourselves." He guestures around him as he mentions 'region's. "...and we're not going to give it up easily. This is Hell's domain now. You no longer have dominion here."

"Please.. If I wanted to sit around with a bunch of uptight know-it-alls, I'd just go back to the Core, and hang out with the Guardians. At least they're blue." The image of Parallax shimmers slightly as the real deal slowly rises out of the hole behind Diablo, obviously ready to make an actual appearance for once. "The Council has failed in its duties. The world of Chronos, has been left to clean up a mess made by a denizen of Twisted, upon which TASK failed to prevent it. You have no right to speak anymore, about removing our claim upon this domain. The worlds cry for change. For stability. For justice... And instead, they are left to fend for themselves, unless they happen to live in a dimension that you, have deemed to be uncontaminated. There is no such thing as uncontaminated. Every day contamination spreads. The only cure, is to unify, and create a perfect Mosaic...." Parallax closes his eyes as the hole beneath him starts to close, allowing the talks to continue.

"Woah, woah, woah, woah!" Myra says, waving his hand at Diablo's words and pulling his hand from the gout of flaming frothing next to him, he then moves over next to Harpanic, "Listen, it's not like that. They did this thing with my head, it was messed up, but it wasn't all talk, they were the one's who didn't want to talk. You gotta believe me love. I'd burn the dimensions just for you." Far less caring about the actual problem at hand, Myra is far more concerned that the slandering of his name is going to put him in a worse light with Harpanic! And that is just unforgiveable! - Harpanic takes a few steps away from Myra, her chain dragging on the ground with her clinking softly as she completly and wholly ignores him. He's not even an Elf. Why must he pester her so? The runes running around her body ripple briefly. - Satyrn narrows her eyes, bringing her chi up slightly as a grey and black aura starts to form up around her body, "I don't neglect my duties. As far as I've been informed, that Chronos world has been purged of whoever was in it." She did chase a number of people out of there herself, and there's people are saying she didn't do anything? Lies and deceit, well, they are from hell, she supposes none of them ever tell the whole truth. - Guarliesa stays quiet, and it's left for Iloken to answer again, "You've received enough warnings. We'll remove you by force. Everyone...do...well, Gegoshi?" "Present!" The girls voice chimes in the air near Concordance and Guarlesia, a very small little rock at her foot stirring, a pair of angel wings painted upon it. "..." Iloken shakes her head, "I want you to destablize this place and move that hole somewhere else." She looks over at everyone, "And we'll stop them if they try to stop that. Okay?" She doesn't like being the -leader-, but she hasn't been given a choice, and she really doesn't like them accusing her of not caring. SHE cares, it's not her fault if some of the other don't. - Gegoshi Rock starts opening dimensional portals nearby, stone walls shifting into massive gates, pieces of air shimmering with golden haze and painting pictures of other worlds. It starts out briefly, a few here and there, then soon a good fifty or more, and on and on as it builds up, moving towards to start simply replacing this part of Twisted's dimensions with new parts. It's technology based, forming wormholes between varying dimensions and then giving them the easiest exit points after applying pressure, thereby causing the dimensional portals to open and then collapse, leaving pieces of the other dimensions in their wake. Kind of like terraforming, but using dimensions to do it.

Nancy blinks as she glances around nervously. "Wait, why are we telling them no? Why aren't we supporting someone who wants to make the place better?" She huffs and shakes her head as Gegoshi begins to comply with the request. "...this doesn't seem right."

Senor Diablo narrows his eyes as the portals begin to appear and make changes to the landscape, this isn't part of the plan. Before he can make a move creatures of Alessa's nightmares begin to appear EVERYWHERE. Dozens of those 'Pyramid Heads' appear. Creatures that look like they where once nurses, now disfigured with their faces pulled inside out crawl out of the soil. Small screaming monsters rise up like burning children and begin to wail as they stalk closer and closer. Other things, like people burried inside their own skin and monsters too horrible to describe begin to appear as well." Diablo chuckles as his body becomes that of a living shadow and rises up a few extra feet for the sake of intimidation, his eyes burning red. Focusing his seldom used powers he extends his arms into the air. Large portions of the vanishing landscape suddenly reappear as they are put back in place appearing as though they where being created from living shadows, chains, and barbed wire. Diablo's shadow spreads outward, and creatures bound in leather with knives, blades, and other horrible things literally coming out of their skin crawl out. They all seem vaugly humanoid. Some of them have had their faces pealed open. Parts of their skin stretched in ways that they shouldn't. "Let me introduce to you OUR version of TASK. These are the Cenobites - creatures who's duty it is to drag the escaped souls of the damned back to Hell at ANY cost..." They begin to chatter and wail as some of them draw weapons. Those that have hands to hold them, that is."

Parallax shakes his head and looks to Diablo, as he moves to stand next to the demon. "If you continue your actions.. Then I guess we'll have to start getting a bit more forceful ourselves." He slowly rises into the air, as he holds his hands outwards, creating numerous small boxes, which float in the air around him. "We will continue, and you can attempt to remove what we've claimed all you like... As you see, it will merely come back, and continue to do so.. In the end, you're merely prolonging this..."

Looking over at Nancy, Myra puts a hand to his face, "They don't want to make it better, they want to make it what they want. If you'll notice we're not running around forcing people to live the way we want them to live." He peers through his fingers at Nancy, smiling, "Though, from the way these guys talk, it sounds like we should be. Hey, why don't you get on that? Get out there and start seeing what people want, and telling them they can't have it because we're in charge. No, seriously, come on." He turns and looks over towards Diablo and Hal, "I've gone out and helped people before! I...there was this...and then...well, one time I..." He looks over at Harpanic, then over at Diablo, "HA! I fought in the tournament to bring Harpanic back to life! Noble, awe inspi--what?" He says as the creatures rise up. He sidles up to Harpanic, glancing over at his gouting flame, "Listen, Harpanic, how about, if I do all of the fighting for you, you go on a date with me? Come onnnnnn, look at me? I'm FIRE!" He spreads his hands out to his sides as if this is a mighty revelation and should explain everything to her! The gout of flames suddenly stops being so stable and instead of going up, starts jetting out sideways, spewing towards a vast number of the creatures that have risen up to try and burn them into ashes. - Iloken glances around at the shifting back dimensions, then over at Gegoshi, then at the creatures. Myra is so un-eloquent, can't he see that's why Harpanci doesn't care about him? That and he's a planet, not an elf. "Gegoshi, don't stop interposing the dimension, this place needs to be cleansed. Guarlesia...try to get Concordance awake, you're in charge now!" She hands off the baton of leadership and moves in towards the monsters her sword flicking out as she comes to the first one, a smooth agile and graceful swing to lop its head from its shoulders. - Satyrn takes that as a sign as well, the aura around her body spiking up higher as she raises her chi levels, she fly's up into the air about a hundred feet, lookoing over the battlefield. She eyes Diablo and Parallax. In pervious encounters, she managed to score a single hit against Diablo, but now he's in some shadow form, maybe like how Datenshi was in that strange place. Immune to physical, she can't use chi agains tthem. She'll discount them as targets now, instead she starts forming small black and grey chi balls, hurling them down towards the masses where they, if they impact, should blow some good sized craters in the ground. o O ( Cowards. I hate these kinds of fights. I can't even get my blood worked up. ) - Guarlesia ums as Iloken goes charging off. The wings on her back shift, lower ones branching out while the upper two sets fold down. She's never got to be in charge before. She looks at Harpanic, "Do something." She then looks at Nancy, "You too." Oh yeah, she's -good-! She looks over her shoulder at Concordance's lifeless eyes, like a doll on her back, the girl hangs there. "Wake up? Pay attention? People are slandering your good name? Should I talk about my Seals?" - Gegoshi continues shifting the dimensions as they're shifted back, again and again and again, she can do this practically forever, but doesn't want a stalemate going on. She slows a bit on the dimensional shiftings, in the far distance, a few hundred feet, a large black stone structure appears, resembling a castle in its making if someone took a castle, broke it, and then shoved parts of it back into place...wrongly.

Nancy nearly panics at Guarlesia's orders. "Do something??? Do what???" This is getting out of hand, she tells herself. Beasties everywhere, people dying. Wait... dead people dying. Where do dead things go when they die? As if to answer her questions, the ashes of the small 'grey children' begin to scream as they reassemble themselves. They're already made of ash after all. Nancy tries water. She concentrates and somewhere amoungst the multiple realities a lake finds itself suddenly dry as it's water appears overhead. Thousands of gallons of water appear over their heads and drinch everything in the area. The grey children turn to a strange form of mud and scream even more horrificly as they find themselves unable to reform.

The legions of eight foot tall Pyramid Heads take to the defensive, using their equally tall blades as shields against any attacks upon them. When they get an opportunity to strike, they don't care what's near them, and many of the Nurses fall in their wake. Larger creatures which seem to be a round mass with four massive elephant-like legs crawl out of the mud. These things are easily 12 feet tall. They don't seem to do much but stomp, but they might keep Satyrn busy for awhile.

All the beasts seem practicly eager to take damage. It only takes moments for the entire place becomes a bloody battlefield with chunks of twitching body parts laying around everywhere. The Cenobites seem to be delighted in this. A third of them begin reconstructing the bits into new creatures somehow more morbid than those that they originated and each of them immediately get back into battle. The other two thirds focus on any Council members they see who attack them sending wave after wave of barbed chains and hooks tearing through the air from their shadows...

Senor Diablo shakes his head. "This is pointless, Council! Your waisting everyone's energies!! How can anyone claim to be working for the people if we're all too busy fighting each other in one stalemate after another??" He... has a point.

Parallax remains silent as he watches the event closely. "Is this all it will come down to? Who ever can beat the other wins? That's hardly a good way to exist. More and more you contradict yourselves Council of Twisted. You have thrown the first punch each time you've shown yourselves. Your minions have also done the same.. How can you lead anything to a peaceful existence, if all you do is constantly jump into the fray, and create conflict?!" The boxes slowly to change shape, all becoming a diamonde shaped object. "And your 'leader' sees fit to leave you to delve into this chaos head first..."

Myra puts his hands on his hips in a huff, what? How is everything not affected by fire these days? Did someone go through the dimensions and bless everyone with fire immunity? It's so saddening to him sometimes! He looks over at Harpanic, "Just a warmup, just a warmup, don't worry you're pretty head." The fire that was spewing from the hole he came out of changes itself over into lava, spilling out and starting to flood over the area where Nancy's water as hit, moving to start cooling the rock so the creatures inside are hopefully hardened and trapped in the pieces and ash, it sounds like a good plan to him anyway. - Harpanic slides her chain against the ground, where it tightens into place, her one hand grips it tightly, while the other reaches down to plant itself on the ground near the chain. The runes on her body start to dance and swirl, changing their marking sand their patterns as chains start erupting across the battlefield, moving to start wrapping around the monsters everything, attempting to chain them in place one after the other, starting with the ones closet to her of course. - Iloken is quite, quite busy now, having gone into melee with everything, she's dancing and weaving about, at times, she'll simply leap into the air a good thirty feet to land elsewhere and begin her sword dance anew. Her skill his swift and quick, never bothering to try and slay her opponent right off, she prefers to continually wound again and again, while keeping herself safe, she's already received a number of cuts and bruises at this point, however, due to the sheer numbers, a frown forming over her face. - Satyrn tilts her head to the side, continuing to blast things almost at random, but keeping the shots away from The Council and their own attacks. Can anything around here fly? She's starting to doubt it. She starts sending shots down towards Parallax and Diablo, just to try and stir things up for her. - Guarlesia backpedals quickly at all of the onslaught, almost tripping, but her balance is superb, and so she spins in a slow circle before gaining her footing, all of her wings arcing into different directions to help. "Gegoshi, chair, here, now." She says, leaning back and letting Concordance go, a chair getting dimensionaly ported in for the girl to sit in. Exhaling a sigh of relief she turns to look at Concordance, laying her hand on her blade. "Concordance, remove my seals, please?" For the first time since everyone arrived, Concordance's eyes actually focus as she says, "No." The womans eyes then move over the battlefield and the general area as she shifts some of her attention to this place. Observing. - "It's really funny how much you guys yammer on." Myra says as he directs the lava flow, "But all I hear is you guys talking empty talk, it's not a stalemate so far, and I'm on the winning side, and as far as protecting people, if we kill everything here, seems to me a lot of people aren't going to be taken by these weird looking creatures. I mean, come -on-. Who's pointless here?" - Gegoshi continues shifting the dimensions more and more, the black structure in the distance floating up into the sky a few hundred feet, a mammoth black shape in the air, pieces of it shifting and churning about, as more and more pieces of dimensions are fixed into place upon it. It starts to slowly float forwards, but it has a distance to go before it's over the top of everything.

The structure being built is being ignored, of course. There is far too much going on for anyone to really pay any attention to it. The monsters continue the same way as they have been, just with more impressive deaths at the creative hands of the Council before the pieces get back up again. For all it's worth they seem to keep balanced. There's just as many dropping as there is getting back up. But then, when it's beings that don't have the same opinions about pain and suffering who can't really die, why shouldn't they keep getting back up. Worst of all, most of them are ENJOYING this. This is what they exist for. Death and rebirth. Violence and torture. Nothing so far is as bad as what they've gone through in Hell, nor could it ever be. The Grey Children are so far the only ones who've really suffered, so if that can be considered a defeat, then -maybe- one could say Twisted's Council was winning. Senor Diablo vanishes as Satyrn causes the area around him to explode with her attacks. Well, temporarily he vanishes. Seconds later he appears directly beside Guarlisia. His form still shadow, but his height much more normal. Ignoring everything around them he simply begins to speak calmly. "You of all people should understand how pointless this is. Brought here, your abilities sealed. What can you do but watch and avoid things trying to attack you?" He folds his hands behind his back, or seems to anyway. "This is just a pointless struggle. I can't speak for your Council, but our 'representatives' can go on like this -literally- forever and for all it's worth, each of those little floating boxes around my friend there can open more and more portals. They summon the damned, you see." He sighs and shakes his head. "Here -I- wante d to talk this out rationaly. We can make arrangements you know. Agreements. Just because your friend Myra did nothing more than piss people off doesn't mean that we have to be at war with you over this." He smiles at Concordance sitting in her chair. "Are you aware that I'm probably completly equal to her powers? I could remove those seals. I'm sure of it. Would you like to see what would happen should I try?" Nothing in his pressance seems to suggest he's bluffing.

The boxes slowly start to change shape once again, and become flat panels which start start to swirl in the air around Parallax. "Enough of this... I'm tired of argueing, and listening to them bicker about winning..." His eyes pulse wildely with green energy sparking outwards as the panals slowly start to merge together, forming a very large box above him. "THE FIGHTING WILL CEASE, AND WE WILL DISCUSS THIS LIKE CIVIL BEINGS!" The Cenobites immediatly cease their actions, as they look at the box above one of their leaders, slowly slinking back into the shadows to wait until summoned. As for the creations of Alessa, each one suddenly comes to a grinding halt as they are encompassed in a green light, almost as if they were paralyzed...

Pulling his finger from the side of his ear after rubbing it, Myra shakes his head, he can't go deaf, but when he has ears to hear with it can still hurt to have something yelling around them. He sends his lava this way and that anyway, until he decides that nothings really attacking anymore. Besides, that other guy got close to Guarlesia and Concordance, so if he's lucky he won't have to do anything further. He looks over at Harpanic, hand on his hip, "See? I didn't even summon him, and you're safe. Now, I believe we agreed on a date if I protected you." He looks at the chain in the ground, then around the battlefield, and says something best not typed out. - Harpanic leaves the things trapped in her chains where they are, not pulling them free, but not adding more to their numbers either as the being sbegin to drawback. She's a quiet elf, but that might be because Myra is always triyng to talk to her. - Iloken is panting fluidly, her sword soaked in gore and blood, along with her body. She looks around as the creatures withdraw from her, and she flicks her blade this way and that, the blood and muck freeing itself from the blade with a slight shing sound. She looks to Parallax and Diablo, trying to choose a target. She isn't sure why they pulled them back, other than to try and talk, but she did that before they started fighting, and it didn't end with them leaving, so she doubts it will help now. Besides, she isn't good at talking this kind of talk. - Satyrn frowns as her targets disappear, and starts sending balls of chi towards the boxes that are floating in the air, one after the other. o O ( Maybe I shouldn't of insisted on coming, I could have more fun doing my hair... ) Really, no challenge at all for her, and that is something that leaves her a little bored. - Guarliesa looks towards Diablo as he appears, immediately moving over to stand with Concordance's chair between them both, not wanting to be near something else. She listens to his words, then laughs, "So many people tell me that, I've heard it so many times before! But, you can try if you want too, I'm not going to stop you from trying, though she might." She says and looks over at Concordance. - Concordance looks over at Diablo, then over at the Gegoshi rock, then over at Guarlesia as she asks to have her seals removed. She then looks back at Diablo. She doesn't say anything though, still watching. - The dimensions keep shifting in and out, again and again, Gegoshi not letting up, it's just processes, she can multi-task like nothing else. The black structure has now floated a good three hundred feet into the sky, hovering above the entire area for nearly a mile, random pieces still porting in here and there, looking less like a castle and more like a jigsaw puzzle where people have forced the pieces into place.

Senor Diablo's eyes close as he assists Hal in removing the beasts gathered around. Some of them melt, some of them fall apart. A few of them seem to be pulled down into the ground by hands which seem to appear just to grab them. It doesn't take long before they all vanish leaving only blood and gore in their wake. Diablo shakes his head afterwards and tilts his head at Guarlesia's statement. "Alright. If I can prove myself by removing even enough to allow you to move freely, will you cease trying to remove us from this area of the street? Will that prove to you that we're on equal terms and show you how pointless this power struggle really is?" Once again, he seems completly serious.

The box above Parallax vanishes, as he lowers himself to the ground, allowing himself to stand in the open of the gore. His hands rise upwards, grasping his head tightly as he drops to his knees, growling loudly in pain. "N---unnhg....." The armor on his body flickers slightly, turning a brilliant yellow for a moment, before going back to its green coloration once again. "..Now..." He slowly climbs to his feet, as he looks directly to Diablo, allowing the Demon to do as he pleases.

The saiyan clenches her hands into fists, her aura flaring wildly as all of the fighting completly stops. "What a waste of my time." She spits out, before blaring off into the distance, disappearing within an instant from eyesight, she really wanted a fight and all she got to do was through chi around? Boreing! - Myra shakes his head at Harpanic and moves himself back over towards his pillar of flame, or rather, lava at this point. He looks at it for a moment and it settles back down into a fountain instead, looking over to watch Guarlesia, Concordance, and Diablo, since there's no more thing sto destroy, and besides, Gegoshi is still doing her job as far as he can tell, which is what they all want in the end anyway. - Harpanic stands up, the runes on her body returning to their natural state as her chains turn into golden flowers, except for the one hanging from her neck of course, this she takes in hand and watches Parallax. - Iloken falls down to a knee, having sustained the most wounds of anyone around her, maybe the only Council member who did, everyone else keeping their distance. She stares at her reflection in her blade, reaching up to remove a smear of blood from her cheek. She then looks over to her side, closing her eyes as a tear trickles down from her eye to her cheek. This is when she really misses Seflit, oh how she misses her. Why'd she have to be killed by that Crux fellow? - Guarlesia bends down, half-hiding behind the chair now as Diablo talks towards her, "Well, they did put me in charge." She says, looking over at Concordance and back to Diablo, "So, I sa---" She's cut off as Concordance says, "No." Her eyes coming into full focus now. She looks over at Diablo, though the rest of her body remains completly still. "You have no place here. You contaminate the whole, ignoring the true sum." - The black fixture hangs in the air, the pieces coming into it almost stopping alltogether, with just a few minor adjustments here and there left.

Senor Diablo raises an eyebrow. "WE have no place here? We do?" He's genuienly mad now, something no one has ever seen. Where this a cartoon this wouldn't be nearly as frightening as it perhaps is now. His form begins to shift violently from one appearence to the next. In the brief span of 20 seconds he manages to shift into the form of every form of life on Twisted with only his brightly burning red eyes staying constant with each form. He stops back in his more 'normal' appearance before putting his head down to glare Concordance directly into her now focused eyes. "Let's just talk about this, shall we? Borik, Seflit, Myra, Iloken, Lalorien, and Harbanic... You KNOW as well as I do that their souls BELONG to us. They where found to be considered dead by all your mortal laws. In the great order of things we should have been given their souls. They didn't deserve a heaven!! They didn't deserve to wander around freely as spirits. Infact, they didn't! Someone or SOMETHING protected them, and as per the order and decree of those forces at work which BIND our souls and give LOGIC and ORDER to the CHAOS, WE THE DENEZINS OF HELL HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO REMAIN HERE UNTIL THOSE SOULS ARE SENT TO THEIR PROPER PLACE! WE ARE OBLIGATED TO SEND WAVE AFTER WAVE OF CENOBITES TO DRAG... THEIR... SOULS... TO HELL...!!!" He stands tall taking a VERY deep breath before focusing on Guarlesia directly. "Join our Council and I shall remove ALL SEALS set upon you by this Council of mortals. I swear by my very ESSENCE that no harm will befall you." Yes, he says that JUST to piss off Concordance. He turns to Hal, the anger in his eyes is more than apparent. One would expect him to announce all at war against Twisted with his next breath, but instead he grits his teeth and waits for a response. Damn his obligations!

"The only soul that was rightfully restored... Was Myra's, and that is because Caliga chose him to be brought back to life. NONE OF THEM PARTICIPATED IN THE TOURNAMENT. INSTEAD.. YOU BYPASSED THE LAWS, AND BROKE THEM ON YOUR OWN ACCORD... How does that make you feel Myra? To know, that instead of bringing you back to life.. She stole Harpanic's soul, and ressurected her, yet not you.. I thought you were on the winning side?" Parallax smirks at the flaming one, and summons a legion of Cenobites on the spot. "Borik. Seflit. Iloken, Lalorien, and Harpanic have been found guilty of violating the laws of the Dead. They traversed the gates, and violated the delicate balance." His eyes narrow directly at Concordance. "The being known as Myra is hereby granted amnisty from the judgement of Hell. You want us gone? Then we will take what belongs to us..."

The manifestion of the planet of fire clenches his hand into a fist, his other one shaking rapidly, bluring the flesh as it itself turns into fire, this piece of flame then travels across his entire body, soon enough, the fleshy shell is gone, leaving nothing but a massive flame without so much as a face, the temperature near him skyrockets, the ground beneath him melting away, "Liars. LIARS! I will NOT let you take Harpanic away from here! I will not let you take her away, I will burn the universes down before I let her be taken from me again!" There's no way Caliga would of brought him back to life, that's just...ridiculous! Why would he do such a thing...? Of course, that explains how he was brought back to life...Caliga must be completly insane since he's the one that killed him in the first place. Or else he just wanted him to know how hollow it was to have a planet where no life exists...but he's working on that, it just takes a long time to make things grow on a planet of fire. - Iloken, at the first mention of Seflits words, gets up to her feet with a grunt, her sword coming forward, aimed towards Diablo, "I don't know where Seflit is, but I know it's not hell, I won't let you take her there, either." She looks over at Concordance, having more of a brain and control of herself than Myra does in situations of passion, "Don't think I will stand idle if you let them do this." - No one speaks up for Lalorien or Borik, the poor fellows...maybe that's why they're still dead. - Concordance looks over at Hal as he speaks as well. The wings on her back actually move, the sound of a tornado coming from them as they shudder, lengthening out behind her. Her left hand lifts itself from where it rests in her lap, the sound of a thousand grains of sand pouring through a never emptying hourglass coming from it. Her right hand reaches over and grips the side of her throne, a tremor reverberating from the sky. She then stands up, both of her feet touching the ground, and then sound of people groveling...no....praising her name echos from the nearby stones. Her halo shimmers, the light of a dieing sun reflected in its depths. "My attention is taken." She says, this is to the general area, before her eyes turn to look at Diablo and Hal, at the same time, without looking at either by itself, her eyes moving through a different dimension in order to achieve this effect, so each one see's her looking at them. "Slander is overforth. Heed the secondaries. Your world is but another, a spec upon the others, the intertwining of the whole is being disturbed. My children are not yours. The one's you've named are where their destinies have brought them, and your rules find no bearing upon this realm. You have broken my idol, banishement will commence." Her eyes turn onto Iloken without looking away from Hal or Diablo, "Iloken, feather."

Perhaps not as dramatic, but perhaps it never needed to be, Diablo himself doesn't seem the least bit intimedated by Concordance's words. His body becomes that of shadow again, and that cast upon the ground beneath him grows forth and blankets the soil, tainting it, as far as the eye can see. He may not like to use powers. He may be an overwinded demon who takes delight in telling people -just- enough to make them think they know everything. He may even consider himself an equal in Hell to the other Council Members. But he is not a force to be taken lightly. This is a being that was given the domain of Hell from his place of origin. This is a being who founded the Councils of Hell and brought forth the most balanced and powerful souls he could find to give them a place to decide upon the balance of the souls of the underworld. His entire purpose of being is to create that balance. To be the black to white. To be the darkness to light. And in the grand scheme of things that's exactly what he is. How powerful he is - that is unknown. How powerful he could be? That's another story all together. In order to have a balance everything must have an opposite. The realms below that they've called Hell affectionatly exist for this reason. As above, so below. Where there ever a being ment to oppose Concordance - this would be it. While she blankets the skies, he blankets the ground. The darkness seems to spread everywhere. To every world. This is Diablo's power. And he elaborates upon it thusly, "We are not a spec. We are not simply another world for you to decide what to do with as you please. For every world there is an underworld. For angel in heaven, there is a demon. For every drop of rain there is a grain of sand... We are opposites dear child and least I checked for every ounce of power you have here, an equal force is granted to those who oppose you. I do not slander. I speak the truth. The rules we follow are the rules of balance, and like it or a not you are a victim of that balance as well. Seal your worlds, but they will be broken. Lock your doors, they will be opened. Throw us out and we shall come back. That is the nature of things. That is the destiny of our reality. All that you see will be merged, and all that you see will be one. Just as the Hells are becoming merged the worlds that connect here shall do the same, and for each world you lock off, we connect down below. For each world you try to protect with your foolish ways, we gain more power. ARE YOU REALLY PREPARED FOR THE PATH YOU HAVE CHOSEN?" He lets his words hang in the air a brief moment before turning his gaze to the collected Council here. "We came here seeking to better the lives of the innocent here. We came and we saught your blessings and where denied. We came and we brought order to chaos and by your own fear you tried to banish us. We are not the criminals! WE ARE NOT THE TRESSPASSERS! Y-O-U A-R-E-!-!-!" Thunder rages accross the heavens and the earth shakes down below, echoing his statement to everyone around them.

As darkness spreads over the ground, through the ground, the shaking ground gives way to a powerful roar, brilliant emerald flames raging up from the pores of the earth. Being roused from its slumber forcefully is not something that Zyrael has ever been fond of. Last night's feast had been... so delicious, too. Thousands of innocents had come streaming through a hole, seeking freedom from what the creature can only assume was some form of hell. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands. Zyrael could have numbered them, but there was little point. They were so delicious... ... all of them. Even now, a few still wander Twisted, barren, their bodies and minds helpless thralls to its will. The rest have fallen in various places, but none of them escaped him. Not a one. If only he could have been left in peace, their essence could have bought Twisted some time before his next awakening. If only. Zyrael's voice is quiet, or at least as quiet as an avalanche of tumbling rocks could be, as it hisses, the sound of a thousand pebbles grating upon one another. Ordinarily, the voice would come from everywhere but behind, but today, it comes merely from the viridian gouts of flame that gather into a vaguely humanoid shape. What, no rock body today? "*What manner of arrogance is this, that wakes me from my slumber?*"

"Capture them." Parallax's voice is quite calm as the legion of Cenobites suddenly starts spreading rapidly, all throughout the darkness Diablo is creating, surrounding the named council members who are here. There there were hundreds? Now there are thousands. Chains zip through the air, aiming themselves at Iloken and Harpanic, seeking to intwin them and subdue them, even if it means ripping their bodies apart if it comes down to it. "This is the reality of things. They did not adhere to the rules, the rules which govern every being within this realm. That if you die, then you will be judged, and sentenced. The innocent... Are set free to live again. Those who have sinned? They are punished... They will be judged. Pray for them.. For they face the final judgement."

"Nonsense." Concordance says in response to what everyone says, it is all complete nonsense. They all seem to believe there are rules to existence, and that there is a balance. She knows it is not the case, she is amazed beings as powerful as these are so deluded, but such knowledge can perhaps only come from living multiple existences in multiple dimensions. - Iloken nods at Concordances words, and all of the Council members suddenly turn into feathers! That is, except for Concordance and Guarlesia, the weapons and chains and creatures that seek to take them will find a single white feather floating to the ground in their place. It's not that Concordance knew someone was going to attack, she just doesn't want them here anymore because it's...dangerous, and she has decided losing Council members, while not the most terrible thing, is a dreaded inconvenience, and perhaps she has a small inkling of care towards them all. Children, as she said. The black structure in the sky comes to life in an instant, the castle jigsaw branching out and slamming down, miles and miles around, one thick pillar against another each appearing, connected to the mammoth structure that hangs in the sky, tearing through the ground as well, within an instant, the entire area for miles is encased in the blackness. Spikes and edges litter the sphere, power arcing here and there along it. There's a loud crunching noise, as if someone had stepped upon a piece of shell and crunched it to dust, as Gegoshi dimensionaly teleports everything inside of the black sphere out of Twisted, with the destination the inside of the large gaping portal. This should leave the chunk of Twisted it occupied barren with a miles gaping hole in it, which will be filled in rather quickly, since Twisted doesn't like to have holes, and leave the entire area that the denziens of hell changed back in hell. Of course, that also means Concordance and Guarlesia are down here, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for what you want to achieve.

A tearing and lurching sensation pulls at the viridian flames, and Zyrael grumbles, the air resonating with its displeasure. The sound is much quieter than before, but only for a moment. A black sphere crunches down around Zyrael for miles, surrounding everything the being can see within its vicinity. The tearing sensation continues and builds, for a moment, before the blackness, simply vanishes. Along with everything in every direction for miles. Zyrael floats, a single, massive green flame, surrounded by miles and miles of crater. "*...Nnnnnrgh. Nonsense.*" The only structure the creature can see for miles is the Mausoleum. The ground underneath the structure seems to continue down to the bottom of the crater, undisturbed for a few feet in every direction from the gates. "*... ...*" For once, the Bringer of Storms is at a loss for words. Anything it says will simply make it look foolish, and that simply won't do. "*... Sturdy building. It smells terribly foul, though...*" The flames shoot off into the sky, deciding that perhaps there is a better place to nap out there somewhere. The Mausoleum stands, and a brown haired young man steps outside of the crypt, peeking around. "What the?!? What happened to my front lawn?!?" ... A less important question has likely never been asked...

It takes several hours before the members of Hell's Council make any kind of movement, and that movement being returning to their own Council Chambers. As the entire group sits before it's table, Senor Diablo appears blanketed in shadows a moment before resuming his normal shape. Letting out a sigh, and then a chuckle, he looks towards Hal with a grin, "Well. That went exactly according to plan. Heaven forbid they actually do something unexpected like letting us keep the Hell Pit. Still, you really made a good show sending those Cenobites after Harpanic and Iloken. I'm surprised no one called us on that..." Chuckling again, he leans forwards and crosses his hands upon the table. "I'd call it a success. Shall we throw a party?"

"Later... I'm going to take advantage of the fact we still have guests in our realm, and we do need to play good hosts..." Hal grins as he stands up from his seat, the armor having faded away, leaving him there in his leather jacket and blue jeans. He bows slightly towards Diablo, and makes his way towards the entrance. "Now that /she/ is awake fully.. This is the perfect time to proceed forward, without the others getting in our way and preventing us from simply talking." A soft green doorway slowly appears before Hal, allowing a green envelope being carried by a dove towards the guests, as he steps through it himself, allowing it to close behind him.

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