2008-06-30 (PreU) Anyone have a map?

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Anyone have a map?

Summary: Finding his old home, the disoriented purple dog finds that he should have brought along some snacks and a bottle of water before he went hiking through the desert, and by chance he is picked up by someone he would much rather have far away from him. Part one! Come back for the rest when it gets carried through.

Who: Courage, Diggers
When: June 30th, 2008
Where: The Middle of Nowhere


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Walking through the wasteland, a small purple dog appears to have started to slow down, dragging his little paws... Somewhere along the way he tried to suck water out of a lone cactus, only to suck up dirt... He collapses in the middle of the desert, whines, and stares into the distance defeatedly.

Water from a cactus, need trick if you know how to do it right. But then one being shouldnt NEED water but actually if you think about it, he would. Dry to the... bone... a figure walks forward. Each step a clatter under his tightly woven spandex suit. His head wrapped in a white clothy material blocks the glow from his eyes and the harshness of the outside world but his boney hands seem mere husks under his parched condition. Extending before him is two sticks, a divining methode from yore... "stupid dimension... stupid teleport spell.... stupid distracting hooters girls" then he sees something laying up ahead. Is it still moving? lets see

The dog doesn't move, seeing sights of great lakes and oceans, while the needles in his tongue keep him in a sense of psuedo-reality... The dog eventually shakily stands, a shadow streeeetching far behind him... But it isn't his shadow, if one looks close enough. And then returns to walking, getting about ten shaky steps before falling nosefirst into the dirt again and passing out.

The Liche King's eyebrow would raise at the display of the pathetic wretch. He is used to death in it's many forms and he pauses to look skyward... searching. Normally in this type of place carian birds would be circling but he always was getting a strange feeling. It is empty, quiet, seeming like a grave. He finds it both comforting and eerie all at the same time. Ah well, might as well check things out a bit... He begins to head for the fallen beast keeping an eye out for anything small. A lizard might have enough liquid in it's body to keep the wretch from dying until John finds a way out of here

~Wake up, you stupid dog. You can't die yet. I wasn't done having fun yet.~

The feminine voice rings out through the minds of any sentient existing creature nearby. The dog responds by flipping over onto it's back and staring into the sky, watching the inconveniently placed sun and the single vulture that seems to have popped up right on cue. Then he sits up, and gets a sight of the Lich... Swaying, the purple dog waves and grins stupidly.

The Liche King's hand is reaching forward and then he pauses. Did he hear something? Something tickling the back of his mind? Dehydration makes the brain swell and joints grind. It is a haze he is not ready to explore. His touch is chilled slightly as if the grave clings to his being even in this impossible heat. When he has closed the gap between them he kneels down to the doog and cups his hand. It seems a small amount of liquid, barely enough to wet the toung has gathered there at the expense of the owners own being "it will taste like swamp, but you shall not parish. Part take and stave off your thirst for a while."

Courage leans forward and laps up the liquid painfully, the little needles in his tongue making him whine... Then he stands, and stares at the Lich as if for the first time. He then looks around, as if to change the focus of his mind, and picks a random direction and begins to walk that way slowly on all fours...

The Liche King's hand is lapped at and then the dog gets up and tries to make off "foolish one." his other hand is useless, having pulled from some of his reserves to produce the liquid effect. With the same, still slightly damp hand, he tries to pick up the dog by the collar and lift him up under his armpit like a football, "you would be better served by pointing a direction. Unless you WANT to become bird food." pausing to look up at the circling bird of prey

Cutting up to the bird way up there, it's flapping with one wing and talking on one of those wireless phones one puts on their ears, the other wing holding a map, "Yeh yeh deeear, 'course I know where you live. Neh, 'm not lost... No... No... I did not eht the dog 'et, neh..."

From down there, the light makes it look like a normal bird. Courage points due east, and passes out in the Lich's grasp...

The Liche King says, "oh. so you have SOME survival instincts. Walk into the sun then after mid day walk away from it. good choice..." then off in that direction his grinding clacking joints move

The walking doesn't take too long, eventually leading up to a single farmhouse in the middle of the wasteland... An ironic place to put such a building. The door squeaks as the wind pushes it around, left ajar.

The Liche King's trek at least brings them to a domicile. Ragged and wind battered but at least it issomething. The wind mill is a good sign since that means there should be well water. The hopeful sign should most likely give the little critter energy enough to go forth and find water. Unannounced, Diggers drops the dog to the ground.

FWOOMF... Courage gets up and stares at the farmhouse, walking forward slowly... Failing to notice that when he fell, a scorpion crawled on his back. It crawls over his face... And suddenly he SCREEEAMS and rolls around, the scorpion flying off, muttering something in italian and shaking a pincer at the dog.

It takes about thirty seconds for the dog to stop screaming and get up again... And then it speaks. "What was I doing?" The Liche King says, "you were screaming like an idiot and flailing about. Wasting energy you could be using to refresh yourself in nearby dwelling." trying to keep his anger and frustration in check he shoots a withering gaze at the scorpion. Good think courage cant see those eyes blazing red. "we both need water. I am as dry as a bone" chuckling darkly at his own little joke

Courage stares briefly into the air. Hey, normally they can never understand him. He turns and looks at the Lich, seeing a murky sunbloom-obscured image of the undead one. He shrugs and heads into the farmhouse's front door, apparently knowing exactly where to go.

The Liche King's not your run of the mill type person. Every animal speaks you just have to listen. He himself uses spiders and rats as spies all the time. He follows the dog and enters without being asked. "cozy" is muttered in distaste as he goes to fold his arms but alas, one is dried and will not respond. He feels the muscle tight with the lack of water, like a sponge. "Fetch us something to drink. It seems no one is presetly home."

Courage walks slowly to the kitchen, and the perfect sound of water running through old pipes is heard through the whole house. And soon the dog returns with a bucket inbetween his teeth, and a glass in his paw. For himself. He wanders up to the Lich and stops, staaaring up at him. And drops the bucket there, wandering over to sit in the middle of the room on a carpet, staring at a TV that's only picking up crackling static.

The Liche King says, "A king treated as a peasent." with his good hand he reaches up and begins to undo the wrap "And after a life is saved no less. Though I expect too much it seems from a stupid dog." it is like looking into the face of a mummy. withered and dry the remaining flesh clings to his skull like leather. the glowing of his eyes seem just slightly back where really eyes should be in a sunken grinning face. "but those suffering need not worry. Have you taken your fill yet my host?" not intentionally but he glares at the dog with on arm wrapped about his form, the other hanging limply.

"I thought you needed more water, and I couldn't fit more in a cup," Courage explains meekly, drooping, whining, turning his head, and...staring... He's frozen like a statue... His eye twitches... Looks like he may run at the drop of a hat.

The Liche King's movement is quick. He kneels down as if he was a tiger ready to pounce on the dog and rend his throat. He manuvers his useless arm into the bucket of water and his glowing orbs seem to dim ever so slightly. He waits, the skin, stiff and chapped, slowly taking in the water "this is an insult no matter how useful. I should make you suffer greatly since your life is now mine." run where? you were just saved by the devil AND your healing him. There iis now nowhere safe

Courage suddenly just isn't there. There is a smoke trail leading through the kitchen door, and a loud 'SLAM!' that shakes the entire house, the building lurching in one direction momentarily with a frightening creak, dust falling from the ceiling. The glass that the dog was holding floats there as if it didn't know it's owner was gone. It takes a few seconds before it simply falls and shatters on the floor...

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