2008-07-03 (PreU) Another voice in the mind of the maniac

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Another voice in the mind of the maniac

Summary: So what happens when the Demon/Goddess of Vengeance meets the angriest "apathy demon" on Twisted? Well, it's not a talking doughboy wrapped in barbed wire, but that'd be a pretty cool sight! This happened sometime during or slightly after the Council vs Council scene.

Who: Alessa, Johnny_C
When: July 3rd, 2008
Where: City Ruins(#2008R)

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City Ruins(#2008R)

Well, "ruins" aren't exactly a fitting description, but when half a city suddenly finds itself uprooted and attached to Twisted, it's kinda hard to know what to call it. The streets which connect here are broken and cracked and some of the buildings seem to be in similar states of disrepair. However, the buildings are occupied, even if this was only a recent event. The citizens of the Twisted Street will take residence where they can find it, and from the looks of things this is a more stable area than some of the others. Occasionaly you'll find shops here and there too although finding one that will let you in is a bit more of a challenge. Rumor has it there's a pet store hiding in the city somewhere...

Johnny lurks in the shadows. He'd been stalking Ashton for about two days now and aside from a few moments of amusement, it just wasn't worth his effort. Now, once more, he perches on the side of a building giving his gargoyle impression to all who path beneath him. Since his 'talk' with Tabitha he's realised he needs to brush up on his skills before going after those people on his shit list and at the moment Caliga is number one on that list...

Alessa walks among the city ruins, the concrete cracking and falling into ruin with each step. The cracks flower out, blood and nightmare ooze creeping up the walls of buildings and into windows, further ruining the already destroyed city. Alessa stops and giggles, looking up at Johnny. Stepping towards the wall he's perched on, she starts singing softly. It's some childrens' song, but coming out of the Goddess, it's rather creepy.

Johnny's eyes go wide as he watches the city fall to further ruin and Alessa draws closer and closer. oO(THAT's a new one..!) His body instantly goes black as his dagger, although sheathed, begins to react to Alessa's pressence. As always when dark energy courses through his body he begins to float, pushing himself away from the wall as he draws his dagger to feel more of that addictive corruption flooding into him. "What the FUCK are you? Some kind of demon?" Well that went without saying, didn't it? He keeps his distance. Watching. Sudying. Trying to learn as much as he can incase this turns out like his encounters with Benedict...

Alessa giggles again, spinning and disappering, coming out behind a burnt and charred tree, to the right. At the sound of Johnny's dagger being drawn, a Prymid head starts down the street, the great knife dragging along behind it, making that -lovley- noise. "You have an issue..I can help." Her head twitches in a circular motion for a mere second before righting itself.

Johnny's eyes narrow this time. Especially watching the beast with the helmet come out of hiding. The darkness is so thick in the air at the moment he can taste it. His senses are nearly overloading from their heightened input. Shaking his head, he crosses his arms. "...help? Help what? I don't need help. Who the fuck do you think you are?" He's so stubborn all the time. Being this overcharged only makes him worse.

Alessa says, "You don't need help." She shrugs, and motions the Pyrmid head towards Nny. "Then you'll just have to die. Again." She smirks as the Prymid head starts moving towards Nny, it's muscles ripping and rebuilding to make it stronger, the great knife dragging less and less. "I am the great Alessa, though I've been known under many names." She makes a cute little face at having to repeat the same old God redderick.

Johnny might be more worried if he had any idea he was already dead - kept alive simply by his pact with Benedict and the daggers which keep recharging him. Well, dagger at least. This 'thing' with the rediculously long blade only brings up that thrill of killing that he's ignored for so long. There's no threat in his eyes even as it begins to wield that weapon with greater ease. Shaking his head the maniac glares at the creepy girl, "Well, Alessa since your my BESTEST ever friend at the moment, you can call me Nny." It goes without saying that his sarcasm is thick at this point. "As someone used and abused by the Goddess Cassandra and the Demon Benedict, I really don't fucking care for your threats. I've been having a bad fucking month and I really don't need some self riteous bitch like you coming around trying to..." He pauses, his mood shifting from anger to just plain confusion. "Wait.... what exactly ARE you trying to do anyway?" Maybe he should have asked that sooner.

Alessa says, "Well, I can kill you now, or I can play with you a little. And since we've taken part of Twisted, I feel it is my... duty.....to go around and see the people I'm 'liberating.'" The PH swings the knife towards Nny's middle, quickly, and swings it back around to try and strike again.

The giant 'knife' plunges through his stomach forcing Nny's eyes to go wide with shock. It's soon replaced by amusement as his body seems have returned to it's pure shadow form at the moment and his severed torso simply remerges with his body. It's been a loooooong time since he'd been able to do THAT trick. With a far too wide grin he chuckles and pokes at himself as the beast tries again. The maniac drops down into his own shadow on the street below and comes up behind Alessa to avoid the second strike. "WOW! You've gotta be crazy-out there powerful to do THIS to me. Do you mind sharing?" He tries to stab Alessa in the back as he speaks his question. Normally he'd never try such a thing, but as baddly as he wants to see Caliga and the others he's mistakenly thought where against him suffer he can't pass up this opportunity.

Alessa says, "Well, I'd be hap----" She gasps as Nny's stabs her, the Prymid head rushing over to attack again, seemingly unaware that his Goddess is on her knees, black sludge passing as blood gushing out of her chest. She turns and looks back at Nny, her eyes wide with shock. "You... stabbed... me.." Her face contorts as she rings out with a pell of laughter. Darkness races up his knife, around his arm, comeing up towards his head... And suddenly, He can hear her. "Wakey wakey, Nny. Since I'm your BESTEST friend, I'd like to help." All the things that Caliga has done to him races through his vision, trying to reignite fresh rage and pain. Alessa smirks as she slides herself off his dagger, the wound vanishing instantly. "I am the Goddess of Vengance, the bringer of insanity, and retribution, and you are now my new.... 'client',"

Johnny's pupils become nothing but tiny specs in his wide eyes once the energy, and Alessa's darkness, come flooding inside him. After she pulls herself away from his blade he stumbles backwards, falling onto the pavement despite his shadowed form. The exact emotion on his face is hard to estimate as mind drifts away, consumed by emotions and visions. His dagger dropped, the maniac grabs his head in both hands and thrashes trying to reclaim control again. As Alessa races through his mind she'll see a great many things like a near endless well of darkness his body had been consuming. Within them the abomination which had been sealed inside him. A being of chaos locked in the farthest reaches of his mind looking for any and every chance for escape. Barbed wire begins to cut itself free from his hands and feet, wrapping around his arms and legs as he struggles. Finally he grabs his dagger in a brief moment of clarity and stabs himself in the leg trying to stop these nightmares before he looses what's left of his control. "GET OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!"

Alessa smiles sweetly. "So, this Caliga person, do you really want to see him punished for sealing you?" She sits against the tree, as it starts smoldering. The Pyrmid head stands behind her, settling down. She giggles again, laughing at Nny's pain. She'll always be in his head now, but more like a crazy stalker guy watching you dress from the tree outside your window.

Johnny's dagger burns with a black flame as the darkness inside him is burned off slowly. His body still draws some of it back inside him, but at least it's enough that he can focus again. He sits where he'd landed on the street trying to catch his breath as he listens to her words. "He got into my head. He tried to make me something I'm not. He sealed my thoughts, left me a confused wreck, and turned what few people I actually considred friends against me. FUCK yeah I'm going to see him punished! I'm going to labotomise that motherfucker by the time I'm done with him. I'll torture him to the very brink of death and then tear apart his mind until there's nothing left but the constant SCREAM of terror and pain... That motherfucker deserves it!! There's no redemption possible in my eyes." Pulling the dagger out of his leg with a wince he pushes himself up to his feet and then kicks his feet off the road to float there. It's then that he tugs at the barbed wire now wrapping around his limbs. "I hope this comes off... It's gonna make it hard to change clothes like this."

The wire contracts, then uncoils and drops to the ground, dissolving and eating away at the street. Alessa nods. " Then I will deliver him to you, so that you can see him correctly punished." She takes the first step and vanishes in a blink. The Prymid head turns it's head towards Nny, then stalks off. The Goddess now has a victim to go towards....

Johnny is left staring in confusion as the girl and her 'pet' vanish from sight. He looks around wondering about the streets around him and the further corruption. It seems to fade from his vision, but yet it still remains. What the heck does this mean..? The maniac slowly marches down the roads examining the weirdness of this. At least it will keep him busy while he tries to decide what he's going to do next...

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