2008-07-06 (PreU) I don't think we're on Gaia anymore...

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I don't think we're on Gaia anymore...

Summary: Vivi and Freya appear in the Waiting Room? For what reason? Are they dead? Certainly alive enough to be aware of their surroundings...

Who: Freya_Crescent, Vivi
When: July 6th, 2008
Where: The Waiting Room

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The Waiting Room. A Hell for those who cannot leave, and have to just sit there, for the longest time...

Awaking in one of the seats with a start, one of the being seems out of place... He hops off his seat, and walks through the room, dragging along an intricate staff, stopping at the receptionist desk, and sleepily staring into there. His glowing yellow eyes examine the room, and he concludes, with the utmost confidence, "I'm asleep."

The door opened and shut quietly, the murmuring rasp of clawed feet on carpet followed. Freya Crescent understood that this place was to be quiet, but she wasn't exactly sure where she was. Had they failed against Necron, or had they been cut down against Hades? It would have explained why their success had been so uncanny afterwards, reuniting with Fratley, the rebuilding of Burmecian, however gradual. Freya pushed her tail out of the way as she moved to take a seat, eying a familiar figure near the receptionist desk. Was that... Vivi?

Vivi actually looks much taller now, with a feather in his hate of brilliant red, his staff decorated excessively. He sighs, and taps the glass of the receptionist's desk with the staff, "Hello, ma'am...? Would you happen to know where this is...?" There is no answer, which forces him to make a sighing noise and turn his attention back toward the rest of the room, pausing, and squinting toward the image of someone familiar... It can't be...

There had definitely been quite a few changes about the young black mage, while Freya had herself had changed little. She held a white, long finger up, the end tipped with a pink nail. As if to remind him to shush, this place seemed to have an enchantment all it's own. "A dream, perhaps," the Burmecian lady responded, her voice tinged with an English accent. She didn't so much seem melancholy as she did solemn, her eyes wandering over the stitching that had went into enlarging the boy's hat.

Vivi reaches up to adjust his hat, gloved hand on the brim of it. He walks over to Freya, his footsteps clicking, and his staff tapping against the floor with each step... Once he stands before the Burmecian, he says, in a quiet voice, "Maybe we should leave..." He doesn't bother with the loud, happy reunion drivel, no, that can be saved for later. His fingers squeeze on that ordinary arcane weaponry.

"...Maybe we shouldn't. Where will we go?" Freya felt it wise to argue. Understanding it was indeed Vivi, she knew he recognized her, and he could be quite shy, and jumpy. "Maybe if we walk out that door we'll be whisked off to someplace we ought'n be, or something worse than hell?" Or hades, for that matter, but her and Zidane and the rest had sufficiently owned that guy.

Vivi places his other hand on the staff, his eyes closing as if he contemplates that... He looks back to Freya as his eyes open again, shining brighter... "What are we accomplishing if we stay here?" he asks, calmly, his eyes blank of emotion, but then they hardly show it most of the time anyways. This is slightly unlike him to be the one convincing others of heading forward, but then this is an unusual situation.

"At the present? I don't know. But are you positive we should leave?" Though she knew him to be a bit on the yellow side, Freya respected the black mage boy's judgment, as he'd trials with his own demons, just as she had. "Maybe this is just a place where those are sent with no where else to go," she wondered aloud, setting the brim of her hat back, looking up at the ceiling.

Vivi's head turns upward, for the briefest moments, the dark in his hat is interupted by the light of the room, and a pale face with blonde hair is visible, with bright yellow glowing eyes... He lowers his head again... His head turns toward the door that is not locked... And begins to walk towards it. "I really thought you would do this first, Freya," he says, as if slightly amused by the fact that he's not being shy this time, but hey, it might all just be a dream, and he'll wake up as soon as he turns that handle...

"Vivi--" Freya said, as if chasing after a wayward child as she got up quickly and was behind the black mage, her lance in hand. "You're not expecting to go it alone, are you?" the Burmecian woman asked as she looked down on the younger male, imploring him to understand this before he opened the door. "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, don't you know," Freya paused for a second, realizing he probably never had anyone teach him that. Zidane was never the cautious one, and he'd spent a majority of his time around the blonde rogue, she rationed.

Vivi ceases in his tracks, watching the door as it was the most interesting thing in the world. He slowly begins to realize this isn't a dream at all... He seems to shrink, or at least slouch, and looks down at his feet, gripping the decorated staff against his chest protectively... "Will you go with me, Freya?" he asks, as if to reassure himself.

"Well, as it is my duty and honor as a friend, I do believe I will accompany you, Black Mage Vivi," The rat lady smiled down wisely at the young man, whom he was seeming more like, but definitely still Vivi. "Besides, we would need to find out what's going on, and the state of the country and the others, Zidane is no doubt sleazing about," Freya smirked, her clawed finger tips clicking against the shaft of her weapon.

"..." Vivi looks up, and turns his head to look over his shoulder at Freya. "I don't think we're on Gaia anymore..." he meekly notes. He then reaches for the door, grasping the handle, and pulling it open, a faint mist leaking through into the room... He steps forward carefully into it, aware of it more than anything else. They haven't had the best luck with the stuff, after all.

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