2008-07-13 (PreU) Musicals!

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Summary: Courage meets up with a rather musically talented street-smart cat, a new resident to Twisted, Rita!

Who: Courage, Rita
When: July 13th, 2008


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Somehow, somewhere, there is always someone around the Twisted Street that's in trouble. Granted, this dog feels like he's constantly being watched in this nexus dimension. Courage walks through the street slowly, shivering, looking over his shoulder at random intervals... He stops at the sight of a distortion in the street, staring at it carefully...

Vrrrown.... Boomf! The distortion in that street flares up a moment, rippling like bright water, seeming to vibrate... ... And pamf! From above, where no attention was given, a feline drops down from the sky, grey and white colored blur landing with a great deal of dust on top of the canine Courage!

As the dust clears, Courage is obviously missing a tooth, having thoroughly munched the street with that abrupt entrance... "Oooow..." he whines.

That 'Oooow...' is mimicked by the cat, who slowly sits up, rubbing one of her ears. "You got that right, bub. Thanks for bein' my landing cushion." She sits there for a moment... then humphs as she siddles off the dentally challenged dog, lashing her tail agitatedly. "I was just into my Crescendo too!"

Courage gets up slowly, turning his head toward the cat with a curious stare. He opens his mouth, but closes it again... Then he thinks. Then he reaches down, grabs his tooth off the street, and jams it back where it was, somehow getting it to stay just by doing that. He doesn't talk much, does he?

"That's some fancy tooth-work ya got there!" The feline says, rubbing her chin with a serious thought. "Name's Rita. Thanks for bustin' your back for me, eh?" She gives a slight grin and offers a paw, shaking Courage's rather hastily. "So, ya ain't pretty enough to be a cat, ya must be a dog."

The dog makes a loud rattling noise as he's shaken, his eyes getting that odd dizzy look to them... He doesn't know what to think of this cat... He raises a paw and gives a wave, then points to his nametag: 'Courage' it says.

A blink or two is given by Rita as she blinks at that nametag... "You've got yourself a home! How can a Mutt like you get a home before me?!" Now she seems to get a little miffed, leaping up onto a Newspaper Machine. "Courage huh? You don't know courage until you've been in the pin. You ever been in the Pin, ya dog?" She gives a bit of a... devious grin. Courage knows that grin!

Courage shrinks back as he sees the grin, showing the irony in his name as he takes a couple steps back. He shakes his head quickly to answer Rita, not quite sure what she's saying...

ClrKrash! Did the grey just get darker? Rita's poetic strengths begin to build... "It's dark and dank and scary... Bars of Iron blocking the way out, holding you in!" Lightning flashes in the twisted sky as she leaps off of the Dispenser. Eerie Backmusic begins to play. "You're locked inside, with nothing to look forward to but the Big Sleep..." The music picks up...

Courage gives a startled YIP as the crash hits, the dog's eyes darting around, looking back toward Rita, paling visibly. The Big Sleep in particular is the phrase that makes him shiver, like ice runs up his spine... Wait...is that really ice...?

The feline leaps up onto a lamp post as her voice suddenly takes on a deeper note, as if something sinister were coming to mind. o/~ Lock ya up. Throw away the key. So bad, so dark, not even something to eat! Just a glop of stuff, nothing nice. You were on the street, now you pay the price! The Pin... The Pin... o/~ She rolls up behind you picking off an icicle off your back, and fiddles with it as she strolls in front of you now. o/~ Coming and going, they always move. Into the bars, not a lot of room. The Pin... It eats you up... o/~ She begins to use the icicle as a toothpick, before tossing it aside and showing you all her fangs! o/~ But you're never spit out! The PIN!... Deep Sleep, forever in eternal. About this place? Nothing Maternal!!... The Pin... o/~ She grins at you as the sky begins to turn back to normal... "They take you into a room, lock you behind those bars... then gas ya to death, ya mutt! THAT'S fear...!"

Courage watches in a state of a trance, imagining this all with cartoony vibrance... He sees himself in a cage, shivering at night, and then... He faints, on the spot, collapsing into what looks like a ball of purple fluff. Whoops.

Blink. Rita looks over the dog for a moment, pondering... before climbing up onto the ball of purple fluff, grooming her claws. "Mook."

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