2008-07-25 (PreU) She shows great potential....

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She shows great potential....

Summary: Oblivion decides the time is right to teach Devi a new trick, and a lethal one at that. He doesn't make it easy, however.

Who: Devi, Oblivion
When: July 25th, 2008
Where: The Twisted Street - Distorted Way


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The Twisted Street - Distorted Way

The Twisted street at this point seems to begin to loose it's greyscale and become more of a black and white contrast as the extremes of color begin to be sifted out, the street at this point seems to be extremely unstable and rock with sudden jarring movements. Doorways snap instead of fade in as the ground seems to become more torn apart and scattered the further it goes forward until it is just pieces distributed through the blackness. Buildings float around in constant motion as silvery beings can seen fading in and out in eternal confict, like this place is a warzone waiting to happen.

Oblivion appears floating in the air, appreciating the chaos, madness, and randomness of the place. The conflicts occuring, the suffering they are causing among those who take part in them feeding him.

Devi hangs idly from a tree, staring at her kneecaps. "Ya know, I wonder if my socks match."Of all the things to be thinking of, really. "If Tenna were here, she'd bitch at me about worrying about my socks.. But what if I visit someone and my socks don't match..I hope they at least are radically diffrent... I could go for fashion statment." She wiggles her toes and swings back and forth until she's got enough movement to grab a hold of her shoes. She hangs there, steaching.

There's a slight disturbance in the astral plane Devi would feel, lasting only a moment. The branch she's hanging from suddenly falls from its position, its connection to the trunk of the tree severed somehow.

Devi quickly letting go, she lands on her hands and feet, laying low, as though she were doing weird push-ups. Rolling her shoulders, she stands and looks at the log, then at the tree, then around. "You could have just said hello." The urge to call Oblivion, 'Master', still sits in her, but, eh, oh well.

Oblivion smiles, gazing at his general as he floats to the ground in classic M.Bison fasion *to whose who played Alpha 3*, smiling with intense evil, and eyes glowing bright crimson "That wouldn't have been any fun. How ELSE can i keep my minions on their toes? Or are you ALWAYS this unobservant to circumstances?"

Devi says, "Oh most always, now, anyways. Besides, which one of the inhabitants are really ballsy enough to actually attack anyone without a 5 minute monolog." She rolls her eyes. She doesn't need to mention that there are so many new people around that their not scared of her yet. She kicks the ground. "There's been no point. That little show that Momo put on was the most I've had in... a while."

Oblivion chuckles, as if at some inside joke "You really shouldn't count on that. You'd be suprised at how many there are, or could be, that don't do such a thing". He narrows his eyes "Besides, you should always be aware of your surroundings. If there are things you can use to further something, the only clue you might have is a subtle change in the wind, and not because someone had beans for dinner....". As he says this, theres that small distortion in the astral again.....

Devi tenses slightly. "Maybe." He's right and she knows it. "So, someone's gas isn't enough? Aww." She feights a crappy pout, (well, she's never been good at that anyway) and sighs. "Yeah, well, I'm bored around here. Mei, and her unborn spawn are my target, both for Nny and our general cause. Caliga needs a good ass-whoppin.." Oblivions' little pocket dimension succeds in it's task and takes off Devi's finger, sucking it away,into places unknown. "MOTHER$%*@#!!!" Devi cusses, grabbing her wrist and examining the wound. Eyeing the wound, she sees.... nothing? An empty void, as she's no longer human. Throwing a furious glare up at Blivy, she yells, "What the hell was that??"

Oblivion smiiiiiles, eyes blazing "THAT, my dear youngling, was a lesson. What better way to learn, after all, than by something that leaves a nice sting". He gives a mock 'sorry' expression "Oh, don't worry too much about your manicure. Being what you now are, it'll remanifest sooner or later" His expression returns to evil and mischief "So, is the lesson learned, or should it be readministered?". He does it again, on the OTHER pinky finger. Just before the paper-thin pocket dimension occurs at her finger, theres a small astral disturbance. To non-mazoku, it would be a small twinge in the back of the mind that something is off.....

Devi snatches her hand away from the pocket and looks at her wound again. "No no, I get the point. Ya didn't havta take my finger though. How'd ya do that?" She peers at him, an eager glint in her eyes, she's got ideas. "This could go places." She steps further away from where the pocket was, really not wanting to lose any more digets.

The pocket lasted less than a millisecond. it simply appeared and disappeared. Long enough to come between ones finger and the rest of them. Oblivions smirk widens "Well, it learns fast, that it does. I'm not convinced you have the experience yet to learn such an ability. It IS quite power-intensive, after all". He looks off to the side, in mock disinterest.

Devi says, "Bah." She doesn't care if it's still there or not, that spot doesn't seem to be a good one for her. "And what would you have me do to prove it?" She frowns at him.

Oblivion snickers "Show me what you can do... or can't do. I'm sure you can do either one. If you think you can". He stands there in a relaxed pose, as if not concerned in the least. Should he be? >})

Devi starts out with the basic stuff, the begining of her lessons. If for nothing more then to prove that she's learned it. She's not dumb. She knows that she won't beat 'Blivy. But, knowledge is power, after all. Throwing out her left hand, a bright blast of purple energy flares towards her Master. Her right hand stays at her hip, a pinpoint of power starts building, growing larger as she holds it, preparing for her next throw.

Oblivion is struck full on by the blast, which disperses around him. He smiles twistedly "Oh, come now. You can do better than THAT, i know. After all, what if i was trying to do something like this!". That astral disturbance again, this time at the left shoulder, attempting to sever the arm at the ball-socket joint.

Devi vanishes, reappering among the trees. Letting the ball of power, now grown to about the size of a softball, loose towards 'Blivy, she vanishes again, coming back behind him with a high kick towards his head. " Ya know I havn't had much practice with astral attacks. I fight people who can be hurt by power and energy."

Oblivion gets kicked in the back of the head wit an "Oomph!". As the blast comes in, he points his hand towards it. It vanishes as it's about to impact him, as it enters an astral shortcut, and comes out the exit behind Devi, flying at full speed straight towards her, the shortcut closing as the orb of power exits it. The back of 'Blivy's helmet, however, now has a large dent shaped like Devi's foot

Devi feels the power shift, and pops back to her original spot, in front of Blivy, leaving the hijacked energy ball to smack Him, given he doesn't move. No rest for the wicked, as she jumps high into the air, sending blast after blast down towards Oblivon, her teeth griting angrly. Her hair flys back, as she starts vocalizing with her attacks.

Oblivion looks up as she jumps, as the blasts impact with terric explosions, which seem to compound each other. The dust clouds get bigger and bigger, when the orb appearently strikes, and there's a terrific explosion of dark energy that overlaps all the rest. As the dusts settles, Oblivion is still there, floating as if on solid ground, arms crossed, with a huge crater under him. His armor is dented in places, and a bit dusty, but otherwise he seems fine, judging from the smirk "Not bad. Just so you know, i broke the seal on your orb, which causes that nice explosive 'release' of power". He vanishes, appearing above her, coming down with a 2-handed overhead strike, aimed towards her face "Hello!".

Covering her face with her forarms, and drawing her legs up, Devi allows gravity to take over, dropping her weight and falling to towards the ground. "You suck." Slamming into the ground, she pops back onto a piece of ground that -hasn't- been destroyed. She draw into herself and trys to alter the area around her, making one of those pocket dimentions that took her pinky. It's grown back by now, thank who ever is watching us and laughing, but Devi still wants to be able to do SOMETHING to her Master. Even if it's a pinprick. What Devi manages to make isn't small and subtle. It's rather big, and unstable, the edges wavering and wobbling, as she trys to keep it together, and workin. She moves it under where she figures that Oblivion would fall. That is, if he holds to the norm.

Oblivion is still floating up where she was, watching to see what she's doing. (Catches on quick.... definately chose well this time). He vanishes, appearing at ground level behind her, and coming up with a punch towards the groin, before immediatedly sinking back into the ground and to the astral plane. He doesn't reappear.... yet.

Devi sighs as she watches Blivy vanish. "Should'a figured he would have followed.. - OMPFF!-" Her little experiment crumbles, vanishing into nothing-ness as Oblivion's hit connects, suprizing her. Looking down, she grabs the area by instinct, and growls low in her throat. Feeling around for him, she frowns and sniffs her nose, trying the diminsion thing again. It's still large, and still very obvious, but at least it's a little more stable then before. Keeping her hands out in front of her, she starts trying to shape and move it.

Oblivion reappears in front of her, but outside the bubble. He smiles evily "Your learning fast, but still have far to go. Your also making it to big, and overtaxing yourself. You'll exhaust yourself soon if you keep doing that. The trick is to do it in small amounts in strategic locations". He does just that, the prior disturbance being half way between the tip of her nose, and her face.

Devi's eyes flash and narrow, as her frustration rises. Not paying enough attention she leans forwards as she starts to speak, ready to spit out one of her classic smart ass comments towards him. Her pert nose is severed and her eyes go wide as her hand flutters up to grip the void. "Damnit." She vanishes, back to the asteral plane, and away from Oblivion. It's mostly to lick her wounds and recollect her pride. She'll practice on her own, and show him just what she can learn if she's given the basics. " You still suck."

Oblivion smiles evily, following her as she tries to escape "I'll have to try that one day.... Keep in mind, however, that while your capable of doing this now, that you do it in small amounts, and for only short amounts of time when doing so. Makes it less obvious, and won't really affect your stamina. Sustaining it and making it large both will exhaust you quickly"

Devi grunting, she folds her arms. Hearing and understanding, she says, "Yeah, yeah." She's not the best sport at losing, or being humiliated, even though it may be the best way to teach a lesson, doesn't mean she has to like it. She'll try it more, she just doesn't want to make an ass of herself in front of him.

Oblivion smirks twistedly "Oh, and better get that nose looked at. Might get infected!". He vanishes, his mad laughter audible in the distance for a few moments before it, too, is gone.

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