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Summary: NEWS FLASH :Massive explosion reported from the Spencer Manor!

Upon investigation, the explosion was found to be caused by intense stares and high emotion, as no attacks were fired. Reporting> Oblivion..

Sorry Blivy.. I just thought that line was classic.

Who: Allison, Devi, Mei, Oblivion
When: August 1st, 2008
Where: Spencer Manor


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Spencer Mansion - 2nd Floor Entrance

From the second floor balcony, you have a beautiful view of the foyer down below and the massive chandelier which hangs above. There are three doors here which lead to other rooms of the mansion and several paintings on the walls. Yet, somehow despite all this that painting of the family on the stairs STILL seems to be watching everything closely. What a creepy portrait...

Mei is settled, very quietly in the room off of her normal bedroom, hands in her lap, wearing a simple black night gown, large mug of tea in hands. She still seems highly off. Her hair is still down and neatly brushed. "Silly thing.." she mumbled, keeping an eye on the somewhat large (for a newborn) pinkish lump sleeping in her very own bassinet. Faint traces of hair are present on the child, orangish and greenish specks dot the child's yellow eyes. She tilts around to just sort of glance out the window. "I do wish this pain medication would kick in, I can't lay on ice you know."

Allison peers into the room, her red eyes floating back and forth between Mei and her baby. "Are you ok? Can I get anything for you?" Allison has never seen a baby before. Well, aside from the Soccer Mom's who have nothing else to do but shove 50 thousand pictures of their ugly mutant kids into your face, while your trying to ring up their romance books. Stupid women. Anyway. Allison steps into the room, folding her hands behind her back and rocking onto her heels.

Mei perks an ear "I'm as fine as I will be for the time being. " she offered, she takes her hair, pushing it off of her face. "Well I'm a bit loose minded from the pain numbing agents, I can't place your face, may I help you?" she asked, voice soft. She takes a sip of her tea, nose scrunching "I guess I spaced out too long, cold.." she mumbled, putting on the small table nearby.

Allison's eyebrow arches. "Um, yeah. I'm Allison? Caliga wanted me to.... well... to keep you company..." She frowns and looks around. Darting back to the door frame, she looks around, then back to Mei. "Speaking of, where is the proud father?" Odd that a man so much in love with someone else would miss the birth of his own child. As hideous as the thought of Cali reproducing.. again. "Shouldn't he be here, ya know, fawning over you and the kid?" "A good question, indeed. Where IS the loving father figure that banged that kid out?" comes a voice from somewhere. From a particularly deep shadow nearby, a pair of red glowing eyes open, and stare hatefully at Mei. Their owner then steps from his hiding place, smiling evilly. He walks towards the baby, seeming to stare at it, as if plotting something.....

Mei shrugs "I remember now. Well I haven't seen him." she commented dully, rubbing her head. "I thought, well, very much hoped he would show up to see us. If you see him do let me know." she offered, voice soft. "I assure you he had nothing with getting the little blob out, he only helped trap her within..." she mumbled, noticeably irked. Her fingers shift, gathering the child up, arms straining faintly, possibly fatigue. "Leave Lakshmi alone." she mumbled. "You can squabble with anyone else you want but leave her alone." she hissed out.

Allison says, "Lakshmi? Is that her name? Hmm, that's unusual." Well, Twisted and the inhabitants are anything but usual. Allison's head tilts. "He hasn't even shown up?" Her face shifts to visibly show her feelings about it, ideas of why things have happened, but she keeps her mouth shut. She does mumble under her breath though.

Oblivion snickers "Oh, don't worry your scaled little head. If i were going to harm the child, i would have already. Besides, i already had breakfast. No, i am only curious. After all, few try to kill their spouse in such a subtle manner." Mei makes a face "Caliga left months ago." she mumbled, fingers toying along the child's back. "Lakshmi is a goddess of fortune and wealth in a culture near mine. It tickled my fancy and since a child must be named before washed and Caliga failed to appear so I named her." she lets out, eyes going to Oblivion. "A ploy to kill me? Why not simply let the monsters in the basement out on me or turn up the cooling system?" she mumbled, fingers toying along her overly healthy child's shoulder. "I doubt he'd try to kill me, I'm not a challenge or worth it really." she offered, leaning back to rock the chair lightly.

Allison says, "Great fuckin guy huh?" She blushes a little, then shakes it off. "Think of who Cali is... How many people have something against him. Hell, alley imps are tired of him. What better way to.. No no, I'm not leading any more minds down the path of truth. Point is, he doesn't need you... That kid however.." She shakes her head and moves over to get a good look at the baby, as she's not had the time to really study them yet.

Oblivion laughs "Lets look at the facts, shall we? You've been of poor health throughout the entire endevor. He loses his wife due to complications from pregnancy. He claims the council did it somehow, may even fabricate proof. People flock to assist him in his overthrowing of them. At the same time, he loses a stone around his neck. After all, he isn't here, is he? Must have assumed you'd have kicked the bucket by now."

Mei mms a bit "What good is a child until off mothers' milk?" she asked, lazily, stroking her finger up along the child's cheek, slowly. "It doesn't matter, I won't be here much longer." she offered. "I had figured he had strayed off to a fresh woman and simply disposed of me when I became full." she murmured, fingers curling, to take a charm off of her necklace. "Council want me dead? I've done nothing cruel or rude intentionally to them, it wouldn't make sense." she offered, shifting a bit to stand wobblingly, reaching for a bag of hot dry rice off of a small hot plate not too far off. "I don't think I'll bother to clean the blood off of the floor.."

Allison laughs. "Yeah, like cow or goats milk won't substitute. If you want to stay blind to the fact that Caliga obviously doesn't give 2 shits about you. Such an honorable man, to create life within someone he claims to love, only to leave her, and let you give birth in a freaking house, with no midwife I assume. Great guy, right? This is the blood that flows through your child's veins. And who will help you when it gets sick, or when you gets sick. What kind of life are you going to be able to give this child, alone? Or are you going to ignore this whole thing, and let Caliga come back to his whore with nothing but a few sweet words and an empty apology?" She heaves, having put way to much emotion into her little rant, but feeling oddly better.

Oblivion snerks "Oh, i don't think the council even are aware of your existence, However, I wouldn't put it past him to use you as an expendable footsoldier in his war against them, if he thought it would net him a victory". He seems amused by Allison's rant "Yup yup.... get busy living, or get busy dyin. Which do YOU prefer? Cause remember, which you do decides which" he points at the baby "the baby does, and i garuntee that would be far slower and more painful than most of the things I could do to it".

Mei mms a bit "I plan to move out of this painful place that smells of death." she offered. "I think what I said reflected my view, quit ranting to me. I'm not in a good mood over the ordeal and I will not hurt the child. She shifts the child, lifting her left hand, wearing only her plum blossom ring on her middle finger. A paler line contrasts her deep tan skin where she had worn a band. "I obviously feel poorly enough over delivering in an empty house but due to the possible toxicity of my blood most midwives are not safe to be in a room with me while I am injured and bleeding. You realize that, right?" she sighs a bit "I'd of killed a midwife anyways." she murmured, settling on her lap as she sits down, wincing. "Actually, I'm fairly certain Caliga has awareness of my status in terms of 'dead or alive'. I suppose I could gouge the eye he gave me, but, that would do nothing other than hurt and mess up my depth perception. Intact eyes are quite a pain to find. " she pases.. " I will manage to provide the child with a high quality of life, if you harm the child I will summon high echidna. Sure, I will die, but, you'll most likely have trouble with it. "Actually I've met some members of council I believe at some point, they seem to keep very close tabs on the coming and goings of this house, another reason for my decision to find another shelter."

Allison says, "The Council doesn't care about anyone but themselves. They hide up in their palace and stroke themselves. You don't know shit about anything. You don't know shit about Caliga, you don't know shit about this world, or this house, or yourself, I think. You accepted your place as Caliga's concubine. You sold your soul for a cock, and nothing close to real love. Now, because that is Caliga's child, and that -is- how she will be taken, Caliga's child, and not Mei's, she is a target. And if you think that Caliga will let his offspring be taken out from under a watchful eye, HIS watchful eye, you are indeed sad and insane. That child will die, and it doesn't matter where you go, or where you think you can hide, if Caliga finds her, or someone else does, you breeding with that.. that.... thing will cause you nothing but heartache, and the loss of your only child. Is that something you can deal with? Really? If not you'd better do something. Spare your child the pain of being skinned and peeled like a fuckin carrot, and kill it before he or anyone else does."

Oblivion blinks, and looks over at Allison "Wow. That made even ME shiver with anticipation.... or constipation. I make an ass of myself in either case, anyway, so it doesn't matter". He turns to look back at Mei "As one of the greater evil beings present here, it amuses me to say the little lady here is right. Caliga will either use you and the child to further his own ends, or kill you both himself, directly or indirectly, in the long run. I've seen first-hand his dealings with some of Twisteds other inhabitants. You can either face this reality, and try to survive.... or do it the fun way, and blindly ignore the truth, and end up dead on that road out there, since there aren't any gutters, with her next to you, equally dead". He turns to look out a window, smiling like a cheshire cat "As i said, if *I* were here to harm the child, i would already have done so. It's simply much more amusing to dispel other beings lies to those they've lied to".

Mei's body shifts, "I think, you have quite crossed the line. I don't care what you say and I've been patient, you came to rile me and I'm too damn sore to take this. I've figured out he doesn't care. Leave me alone and get the hell out of my sight." her eyes twitch colors between green and amber agitatedly, the blackened whites noticably getting larger, making her eyes more reptillian. "It doesn't matter if I die because I am just a cursed soul but the law of my people's faith was broken once by my family and I won't tolerate such shame on my head. The law is to protect your children to the death and should it be my fate to do so." Her skin begins to take soft pink dapplings of color "I am prepared to do so." Her aura is also starting to dwell up, it seems Allison is crossing into a rarely present 'territorial' side's space. "Do not threaten or lay curses on my child. For all you know I could of miscarried Caliga's off spring and hidden it by simply finding an easily charmed male.." Her claws also seem to be extending on her arm not holding the baby.

Allison eye's narrow as Mei steps up to the challenger plate. Her form starts to shimmer, but holds firm to the Victorian image. "I will give you one more chance, to see what will happen. You wanna play this game, we'll go. But I promise you. You will fall to someone. And I don't doubt at all Caliga could kill you with less then 1/4 of his power. And he won't have mercy. You have given birth from the loins of a monster." Her eyebrow arches. "What's it gonna be, Big Mama? Ready to fold, or do ya want me to hit ya with another card?"

Oblivion remains where he is by the window, peering over his shoulder at the pair with one glowing red eye "This should be amusing.... cat fight!". However, he stays put, and does not interfere or attack anyone.

Mei's hand goes up, "I said leave my child alone, leave me this one simple punishment. If the child was not meant to live I'd of lost it. Let fate take me where it will I don't want to fight, but I will protect this child." Noticably she's starting to bleed from her lip already, her knees going together "If you are going to kill me you should do it before I begin chanting Let me make my own decisions it isn't your call. You don't care about me either." she hissed, hand suddenly taking what looks like a plugged alchemy flask from her hair "It could be food coloring and water, or it could be a concotion to burn this mansion to the ground. "I just want left alone why can't you let me do that?" she hissed, her head actually sprouting an additional two serpents that swirl and twirl. "You know next to nothing about me, not even my real name." she whispered out, shaking the potion vial, thumb on the cork threateningly. "You do not know the extent of my abilities really.. Is it a fine day for science?" she asked, lopsidedly grinning, a sudden crack audible from her bad cheek.. The crack actually looks like the type of crack you see on coffee mugs or fine china."

Allison says, "Burn it. Burn the fucking place. I don't care. But I'll tell you one thing. We're right back to the beginning." She bows, shimmering, and rises as Devi D, minion of The Lord Oblivion. "You don't know shit." She lets loose a ball of energy, leaving the basinet in ashes.

Oblivion snickers "The cats outta the bag. What a cat it is, too. THIS is definately unexpected.... how entertaining....."

Mei's hand shifts suddenly her hand taking her left eye to throw at Oblivion. "I don't need to know it or I would know it. Now that you've revealed a lie, I cannot forgive you either, you are as horrible as Caliga." she stated simply, "Do not meddle with me. I want to live a very simple life and you're taking it away from me. I've been tolerant of not being able to live a simple life through many lives. I didn't want this child but I'll return to destroying sacred temples before I allow her death in front of me." Noticably her body begins to give off an aura of purple and red, The potion is held firm. Pressure is building in her, as if she's about to do something unpleasant to everyone present, herself included.

Devi grins, impishly and crazy. "I don't wanna kill the kid. I want to stop him. I want to hurt him, and I want to hinder him. That child being in this realm jeopardizes that." Her hand draws back, and energy starts to build on her end. " Don't get me started on how your life isn't simple. I'll start ranting again, and with luck, I might talk you to death."

Oblivion laughs "SOMEone is hard of hearing. I don't recall throwing off a single attack from the moment i arrived here, nor threatening to do so". He snickers again "Our objective is the same as it always has been: upset the order of things. The order here is built upon the lies of the being called Caliga. So i am dispelling them. Simple as that". He smiles like a Cheshire cat again "However, if it's a fight you want, I'm more than certain my general here can oblige". He looks to Devi "Don't hurt the poor thing. She's been through so much. Unless she physically attacks you first. Then do what you feel you have to in your own defense". He spins, and gives a mock bow "Good day to you, ladies", and vanishes. >})

Mei's voice gets soft " Then hurt him and let me go. I don't know how to leave this silly place nor do I have intent to return from the world I came from and return to that life." Her fingers shift "If you didn't want to hurt my child you wouldn't be here, leave." Her building up is .. not a physical attack, she's building what can very safely be assumed as more or less a warning. " I do not intend to allow you to harm this child and you should respect that. I treated you as a friend and you betrayed me." she shakes the poiton, uncorking it, soft, white mist filling in around her feet. "I'll take your chance away." she whispered, hands taking the child. Her face burrows in against the child, her shhing softly as a grey tone creeps up her flesh "You are worse than Caliga." she whispered, a sudden grey flash of the blinding proportion taking over. The mist seems to grow as well, covering the gorgon.. When it receeds Only a thick stone statue is left behind, and Mei's wedding band still neatly on a string around her neck. ( Its a time buying escape technique. Meant to give Mei time to teleport away to somewhere obscuring and secretive.)

Devi rolls her eyes. "Damn it." Devi wanders over to the statue. Fingering the ring, she yanks it off, rolling it around and slipping it into her pocket. Releasing a blast of energy, she reduces the figure to nothing. "Well, she's off the charts for a while." Grinning, Devi vanishes back to her world, her laughter peeling in the house as she leaves.

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