2008-08-04 (PreU) Monsters that go bump in the night.

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Monsters that go bump in the night.

Summary: Devi and Oblivion return to the Manor to see what they can see....

Who: Devi, Oblivion, Wesker
When: August 4th, 2008
Where: Spencer Mansion - 2nd Floor Dining Room


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Spencer Mansion - 2nd Floor Dining Room

Looking down over the dining room downstairs is a small balchony, roughly the width of a hallway with railing to prevent an unfortunate soul from toppling over the edge and down below. From here you can see the elaborate stained glass window and the two chandellers which light the room below both day and night. At various spots around the room are small, but heavy, statues. At the far end of the room is a locked door. Looking out the various grime covered windows you can almost see the outdoor balchony which goes along this wing of the house.

Devi pops back into the infamous Spencer Manor, sitting cross legged in the air as she thinks. "Now, where to start looking. There's got to be something here that'll help me convince the Good people of twisted to venture out of their comfy little homes to grieve over the death of that ever so loveable Mei..." She peers around, looking for signs of life. A house this big had to have had a Staff of some kind, right?

"That depends on how many knew her to grieve in the first place" comes Oblivion's voice. A moment later, he appears, smiling evil

As per usual the manison stands silent. Perhaps it's a trick of the accustics here but faintly in the distance the sound of disembodied voices can barely be heard. Then again, maybe there's just a tv left on. The dining room down below is quiet and seemingly untouched save for an empty glass which has been carelessly left on the corner of the table. There is an almost unaudbile click and the door down below is quietly pushed open by a strange woman in a dirty lab coat. She peers around the room to be sure it's empty and then makes a reserved dash for the cup to snag it off the table before the door closes behind her. Just as her hands touch upon the glass she hears Oblivion's voice, looks up, and panics. Without hesitation she bolts back out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her.

Devi waves a hand towards Oblivion, as though to dimiss his statement. "She was liked by at least 3 people. It'll be enough..." Devi's head snaps sharply up as she hears the door slam. Vanishing, she reappers downstairs peers carefully at the doors. Having wandered around before coming to see Mei the last time she was here, she knows where every door leads, aside from the one closest to the Fireplace. Stepping over towards it, she puts her ear up to the wood, and tries to hear something on the other side.

Oblivion smirks, and waits. He'll let Devi figure this one out. Much more entertaining. He appears instead at the table, and starts daintily drinking tea from one of the cups containing such.... if their all empty, he'll act like theres tea in one at random, anyway.

All Devi will hear is the sounds of footsteps running down a hallway and another door being slammed shut. The mansion will then grow silent once again. In the center of the wall upstairs, however, a hidden door is opened and a man wearing black sunglasses and another labcoat steps out speaking to a headset clipped onto his ear. "I don't care WHAT she was doing. If she does it again, send her to the testing lab. No, not a reasignment. Make her a volunteer." Sliding the hidden door closed, the man leans over the balchony to view the two intruders down below. "Can I possibly help the two of you somehow? I'm very busy..." An eyebrow is raised as the blonde man gets a better look at them. "Oh, it's you. If you've come to finish what you started, she's not come back yet. A shame you couldn't have done a better job. I've grown rather tired of her antics."

Devi whips around to glare at the man that's emerged.. "She's not coming back. As a matter of fact that's why I'm here. I don't like your boss, or whatever he is to you... And I'm here to set him up." Nothing like brute honesty, eh? "And who might you be, Corey Hart?"

Oblivion stiffles a snicker "Nnaaww... can't you tell? He's the nefarious villain with the hidden base of operations under the large, nearly abandoned mansion, honeycombed with secret corridors, deathtraps, car salesmen, and lawyers! or was that the guy from that video game i saw back in NeoTokyo..... " He laughs to himself, and takes a bite out of the teacup he was 'drinking' from. "Mmmm...... gotta give my compliments to Betty Crocker.... " he looks underneath. Sure enough, it says 'made in China' "Didn't know she went international!" >}P

Wesker gives the girl a look of distaste, ignoring Oblivion compeletly. "Hardly... my name is Albert Wesker, and I pull the strings here. I suppose there's no point in being cryptic to a potential ally, especially given that everyone and their mother seems to be paying Spencer Manor a visit these days. Caliga and his 'mate' are nothing more than caretakers to keep the mansion occupied while... well, lets just keep it at that. Your recent antics where something of an amusement to me. I wish I had made my offer to the both of you instead of to them, but I'll wager your curiosity would become something of a security risk. Can I assist you in dispatching them, perhaps? Or maybe you're simply here to beg for scraps of food?" He readjusts his glasses and crosses his arms, leaning on the railing as he continues to watch them down below.

Scraps of food? "Well, -Al-, Mei is already out of your hair, and if I can get things going my way, a group of angry do-gooders shall be pounding on your door looking for the wonderful Mr. Satanas. If you can help us, awesome.. But if you can't, Dude, please don't lead us on with the never tiring Villan monologe..."

Oblivion says, "Indeed. I've heard monologueing is more of an enemy to us do-badders than the good guys themselves!". He starts munching on a plate, just for fun.

Wesker frowns and shakes his head. "Very well." He clutches the headset on his left ear, "Open the hushed casket. Bring specimen twenty eight-seven to the main dining room." A pause. "Yes, I'm well aware there are people here. Rather redundant to maintain secrecy when one of our researchers was spotted moments go gathering DISHES." Another pause. "On second thought, have security place HER into the casket to replace the specimen after you retireve it. That'll be all." Moments later the locked door is kicked open and two more random people in labcoats burst into the room with a woman's body on a stretcher. Placing it at the head of the table like a cart of food, the younger of the two pulls the sheet over the woman's face before the two of them vanish back into the hallway locking the door behind them once again. The woman is... Mei? Wesker smiles, "I suppose you could put that to good use, then?" She's breathing!? "It's a copy, and quite brain dead. I'd say the personality was an exact match, myself."

Devi eyes Corey Hart and moves over to examine the body... "Well, you'll be damned. That's pretty good, Al. How exactly did you- wait, no, I don't wanna know." Lifting the eye lids, Devi tilts her own head and grabs Mei's head, quickly snapping her neck, smiling sweetly. Laying her hands on Mei's stomach, Devi vanishes and pops back into existance in Mei's sitting room, carefully postioning the body so that the blood on the floor looks like it's coming from her private areas. Popping back, next to Wesker, Devi leans backwards on the railing.. " So I assume that you'll keep the camera tapes of our little tiff to yourself?" She doesn't know how many people know of Al's exsitance as it is... Better safe then sorry.

Oblivion smirks twistedly, that cheshire cat-sized one as he senses what Devi is doing, and vanishes, appearing next to Wesker, looking right at him "You wouldn't happen to have one of those of the kid, would you? Makes a MUCH more...." he coughs "BELIEVABLE-looking scene..... although i do admit, i AM impressed. That's some pretty complex techie shtuff you must have down there, magic or otherwise, to make a clone like that."

Wesker raises an eyebrow at Oblivion. "I may have a failed clone or two lying around which could be brought up here to do the job. That is, if you don't mind having it in pieces." His smile returns. "Get those two out of my hair and I'll be happy to provide you a guided tour. With them gone I'll need someone else to reside here and that someone would have access to some very well kept secrets. Know anyone who might be intrested?"

Devi looks at Oblivion as she waits for Wesker to answer her question. It's all very well and good to offer a tour of his labs, no doubt it would be an awesome learning experiance, but. That still doesn't mean that Wesker wouldn't show the tapes of what really happened to someone who may or may not be able to pursway him either way.

Oblivion smirks "In pieces COULD always be amusing.... think of the income we could get from suveniers! Wishbones would be half price, too!". His mad expression then returns to a more focused one "However.... the lady DOES pose a good question... that is, pertaining to evidence indicating the truth about their suggested 'demise'."

Wesker finally responds to Devi's question as he turns and begins to open the hidden door. "Just remember. We don't exist. As long as it stays that way, our security tapes don't exist either." The door in the midst of the faded wallpaper leads into a yellowish hallway with large tapestries hanging from the walls. The hall stretches into the depths of the house and undoubtedly to untold horrors as well. "I'll have the spawn's body mangled and tossed about before anyone else should arrive at the house. Perhaps some teeth marks might further insipre some hatred toward our mutual thorn. Make sure they don't burn down my mansion after this. I'd rather not have to find out how hard it is to high contractors to rebuild it on Twisted." The hidden door slams shut behind him once he steps through it. Once again the two are alone in this god forsaken mansion.

Devi stares at the wall that Wesker trotted off through, then after a moment, starts laughing hysterically. "Well, that is beautiful! Oh.." She mockingly wipes a tear from her eye and grins at Blivy. "I'll give 'em 12 hours, then I'm going to go start my acting carrer." Still giggling, she jumps and starts spinning, shirking with every turn until a loud *POP*, and she's gone.

Oblivion laughs "Her exits are getting more and more clever..... ". He tosses the half-eaten dish over the side, so that it'll shatter on the floor. He couldn't care less about this guys secret little ant hill. Maybe later, but not now. For the moment, he simply stands there, taking in the mock silence, before vanishing as well, stealing Skeeve's usual method: vanishing in a cloud of purple smoke, with a *Bamf* sound effect*.

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