2008-09-23 (PreU) Corruption of the innocent is teh sweet!

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Corruption of the innocent is teh sweet!

Summary: On a whim of curiosity, something terrible pays Felicity a visit. The results do not bode well for our heroes, but promise to be very.... INTERESTING in the future.... One step closer in my devious plan to take over the dark side of the moon!

Who: Felicity, Momo, Oblivion
When: September 23rd, 2008
Where: Felicities Apartment


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Apartment 3B - Felicity's Sitting Room

Throughout the apartment, the maddening sound of a leaky faucet can be heard.... drip... drip... drip...

On this morning Felicity has decided to let the world be buggered. No, really she has. It's fortunate that she's managed to make another friend in this girl Falcon and of course Ann is always a sort of frumpy company she keeps for the sake of not being alone. Still, this morning it can all be buggered. In particular, this leaky faucet has been an annoyance since the moment she woke up. =.= Quite irritated by it, Felicity approaches the sink a tool in hand. Admittedly, she's likely to beat the tar out of it before attepts to fix it. Fee marches her grumpy arse to the kitchen sink. The war is on!

The faucet responds to this challenge of war by.... dripping.... drop... drip... drip... It's a faucet, and in truth, can not speak. If it did speak, you are recommended to disregard it's advice.

Felicity glares at the faucet. Last time she complained about this, one of the maintenance people simply handed her a monkeywrench and wished he luck. It's this again is it? Fee gives it a good whack. "You are a curse." She grumbles to it before, squatting down to look under the sink so she can tighten the...well, whatever he called it. "It is simply unheard of to disrupt a fair maiden's beauty sleep."

  • SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK!*. The problem is tightened quickly enough. The dripping stops.

Felicity smirks and claps her hands with an air of self satisfaction. "There. That shut you up." Fee rises to her feet, hefting the monkey wrench to her shoulder and cocking ehr head to the side a moment. Funny how these simple tasks that normally would have been passed down to the hired help somehow give her a sense of accomplishment these days. Freedom is a funny thing.

As she turns around, another sound can be heard.... drip... drip... drip... seems she didn't tighten it as well as she thought.

Felicity's brow twitches. "......" She is not to be undone by this ridiculous bit of poor plumbing. NO! She drops the wrench into her palm and smacks her palm lightly a couple of times before resuming her attempted repairs.

Looking underneath, the connections are all tight.

Felicity exclaims, "What in the bloody hell is the matter?!" Patience has never been a virtue for the blonde and now that she needn't conceal this flaw--she certainly doesn't! She gives the pipe a hard whack. >.< "Useless wretch!"

BAM! The pipe dents, and water starts flowing like a little stream out of the small hole the wrench left. A moment later, the pressure makes the pipe explode, sending water gushing everywhere!

THAT would have been the last thing that she wanted. The outpour of water makes the girl shriek!!! She actally loses her balance and finds herself seated on her rump, water rushing all around her. "DAMN YOU TO HELL!" She screams, giving the pipe one more big smack as if that would help at all. HOW the hell to stop the water?! That was the extent of her plumbing knowledge. She gets to her feet and scowls at her now soaked kitchen. Where's that stupid knob to turn it off? There was a knob, right?

There's a flash, and suddenly Felicity finds herself jerking awake at her kitchen table. The sink is quiet, and there's no water anywhere to be found, aside from the half-empty glass she had been drinking beforehand. Odd dream, that....

Felicity sits up suddenly and instinctively looks about the place. It's DRY which is a good sign. She looks back to the table and finds the half empty glass. Apparently dry, she was not the previous night. That might explain the stupid dream. DREAMS are often stupid in Fee's opinion. They make positively no sense. An would equate this to her feeling powerless in a strange land and yadda yadda. Felicity would rather chalk it up to hating having to do all this work on her own. "I'd kill for a servant." She grumbles, running her hand through her somewhat frazzled namgs . The rest of her hair is in a slightly messy ponytail.

A voice can be heard from the seat opposite her, on the other side of the table. Oblivion is sitting there, smiling at her, with the glass of water in his hand. He takes a sip "You would kill for a servant, eh... ?". He then tosses it over his shoulder, where it hits the opposite kitchen wall with a *CRASH*, sending glass everywhere.

Felicity can scarcely conceal her displeasure as his appearence illicites a prolonged groan. "I warn you that today I am in no mood for games." She narrows her grey eyes and leans back in her chair. "As it is, I could probably manage to kill for nearly -anything- today."

Oblivion smirks. Behind him, the glass shards, and the water, float into the air. The water goes into the sink, while the glass forms together into a strange blob, seemingly a liquid itself. It reforms into the shape it had prior, and floats towards the table. As it approaches, the form of Oblivion's doll-like minion, Momo, appears, smiling in a grisly manner, but holding the glass. She places it on the table, giggles, and vanishes again. "Useful, isn't she..... so, you were saying about killing for something.... what would you be willing to kill, i wonder... ?"

Felicity arches a brow and stares at Oblivion for a long time. She actually seems to be considering this question rather seriously. Her expression has remained unchanged for the most part. She looks as irritable as always and yet there's something behind her eyes. "There are many who deserve death. I am not above dealving it out to them."

Oblivion gives an amused, yet seemingly suprised expression "Oh really... and who would such individuals be? What determines who deserves death, or why? More importantly, how do you think YOU would deal it out to them? What abilities do you have for such an objective to assist you?"

Felicity says, "I think that would depend on whom I was killing. Some deserve it more than others. Some deserve the most grisly sort of extinguishment possible. Disembowlment....Desanguination....I don't know. I've little experience in the field. I'm fair with a sword."

Oblivion he chuckles. Appearently, he's finding this VERY amusing "What of those that cannot be harmed by a sword, or are of such talent that your lifetime wouldn't be long enough to learn to match skill such as theirs? How would you being such to them?". He thinks for a moment "Such as your 'friend' Allison.... She is SO much more than she seems, and more powerful than you think. She has done some not-so-nice things, although in the noble persuit of destroying me". He gives a thoughtful look "Is it the objective that matters, or are the means just as important?"

Felicity says, "I would guess that they are both important. I'm not about to get myself killed over a silly cause. There's no bravery in that, despite what people will tell you. There is nearly nothing worth dying for but ever so much more worth killing. Atleast that is the view I've taken. No...I'd sooner leave well enough alone. I will not kill myself for any cause."

Oblivion leans back "then those are so much pretty words, as spoken by a hypocrite. You claim to wish such, but only upon those weaker than yourself. Is that not the definition of a bully? Enforce your own rules upon those who cannot fight back or resist, or to a lesser ability than oneself?". His amused look gives way to a twisted smile "Have you ever even killed anyone at all?"

Felicity 's lips tighten. Putting it that way, she would hate to admit it, but he has a point. It does sound very much that way. She's no coward, though. Simply that she would have to build her strength up to face the foes that were above her. Still, she doesn't defend herself on this point. Instead, she responds to his question. "I have. Several. " She hesitates toc all them people, as they were demonic creatures from the 'Realms' but they were definitely kills

Oblivion's expression doesn't change. He simply looks Felicity directly in the eyes "What if someone were to offer you the power do carry out such an agenda, to act thusly against those who do such things, and in the manner in which you felt most appropriet?"

Felicity looks dubious but haven't thrown out the idea completely. It's actually -exactly- what she's always wanted. She simply doesn't trust it. "Hah! At what cost? THAT is the question!"

Oblivion leans back, relaxing, appearently expexting this one "The cost, my dear, is that power draws the powerless. Many who don't expect such from you may wish to take it for themselves. Of course, such power can be used to defend yourself from them. Aside from that, there is no cost. I'm giving it to you freely. You have potential, which would be wasted if you had to spend the lifetimes needed to perfect such abilities naturally. I want to see just what you can or will do with such power". He raises an eyebrow "Of course, there is only so much i can give WITHOUT costs. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay."

Felicity purses her lips thinking this over a bit. What he says makes logical sense of course. It makes even more sense to not attempt it and yet the allure of such a power is exactly what she's so longed for. A small smirk tugs on the corner of her lips. "Well..." She begins but finds that she can hardly put words to it. "What is your ultimate agenda, I might ask? Like a game of chess one must ask these questions to see the plan beyond a single manuever. What is it you really want?"

Oblivion says, "What i tell you is akin to how much power you recieve: it depends on how deep you wish to descend the rabbit hole. Time to choose the red pill or the blue pill. Although, there IS a way i would be willing to tell you my agenda... but i doubt you'd want that". He waves her off dismissivly, as if it's something so outlandish it's not worth mentioning.

Felicity says, "Oho? What way would that be? You don't mean to propose something as perposterous as marraige or some other naughty courtship do you? I could tell you that would never be worth the knowledge! hahahahaa" She laughs but despite the fact she makes light of it, she does rather find this a curious thing and she can't help but take just a little more bait.

Oblivion figured she would. That was his intention all along. Xellos isn't the ONLY one who can be manipulative "If you insist, although not so much, although in a way quite close. To put it bluntly, I have a position of staff i need filled, which has its benefits, to be sure. However, it is also THE deepest down the rabbits hole you can go, which has it's risks."

Felicity says, "Naturally." Of course everything comes with a price. There's never any question about that. These days she has learned it very well. Fee hrms and furrows a brow. "And what if I were interested? Would you just snap your fingers and we'd be done with it or would you ask me to sacrifice my first born child?" She chuckles though obviously she's not about to go and HAVE a child just to do this. She's being a brat.

Oblivion smiles evily "Unfortunately, THAT position comes with things that cannot be told of. The power gained from such position, however, is greater than any other i can give. More than this, i will not speak of unless accepted beforehand, and the deed done".

That sounds like a trick waiting to happen. Felicity isn't so sure she' willing to go THAT deep into the rabbit hole. On the other hand, there's a certain appeal. She bites her lip. She decides to play it like she does all else "What a load of rubbish. You're probably trying to trick me into turning myself into a toad!"

Oblivion laughs "While a fun idea, that would get old after you were done hopping around a few times. Besides, if i REALLY wanted to do THAT, i wouldn't bother asking first. What I want is to see things get stirred up a bit. Sure, i could go, blow up an orphange, evicerate a few kiddies, feed 'em to their own puppies. MORE amusing, however, is taking someone with NOTHING..." he gives her a good hard stare, as though pointing out just how powerless she really is "... and give them the keys to the kingdom, and see just what happens afterwards. This only really works if the subject WANTS the keys being offered. After all, not everyone wants to be a king".

Felicity knows full well what he's implying there. This rouses her pride, naturally. She seems to sit up a bit more in her seat, squaring her shoulders. Her chin, without even notice, has come up defiantly. "There is never -nothing-...." She stares at him hard. "As long as one has their wits about them then they have never truly lost."

Oblivion sneers evily, and brings his hand to his mouth, as if contemplating something. He brings it back down, fingers relaxed, as if in a clawing motion. The glass on the table starts leaking water, then falls apart on the table into 4 very clean-cut sections, with no sharp edging. The water, meanwhile, spells out all over the table and floor "Is that so..... so tell me. How would your wits protect you from something like that.... ?"

Felicity crinkles her nose. She's had quite enough WATER damage for one day-- dream or not. SHe gives an exasperated look to Oblivion, "I don't get your point. You've made a mess. I'd tend to it like any other mess, I suppose. I'd have Ann tend to it." AT this she laughs. Poor Ann is a lot like hired help these days...only without the pay. She knows very well that isn't what he meant but she's being a little difficult. The truth is she's already more than a little tempted to say YES.

Oblivions expression doesn't falter. He merely makes a slight sideways gesture with his finger. If Fee can sense astral, she would notice a small fluctuation via the astral plane, as he uses his pocket dimension trick to try to create a deep, clean cut in her cheek. Not so deep as to be fatal or horrendous, but deep enough to leave a nice scar, at least. "Does that clear up my meaning? How precisely would having wits alone defend one from something like that... ?"

IF she'd been quicker about it, she might've been able to put up a shield. Maybe. She's been practicing what Skeeve taught her so long ago but it isn't likely to hold up against someone as powerful as Skeeve. Not if he can manage that with a mere wave of his finger. She scowls, a hand going up to touch her cheek and then wipe the blood away. "WHAT is your point? I obviously am not as powerful as you....ARe you saying that WITH this power of yours I could stand up to even YOU?"

Oblivion chuckles at that "Against me? No. Any being power is drawn from is useless when used against itself. Against someone or something LIKE me? Absolutely. While it wouldn't do the work FOR you. Power is merely a means, after all. Should you WIELD it properly, it would indeed work and defend you against such things that your insignificent senses would never be able to comprehend". He gives that friendly 'Palpatine' smile "It all depends on how much you wield, and how knowledgable you are in it's manipulation."

He has such a way with words. Everything is dripping with insult and that's something Felicity is trying very hard not to find annoying but it is something she must work hard at doing. She draws a breath, sitting in silence for a good long while. What are her options? If she agrees then she is about to embark on a very dangerous journey that is likely to be a mistake but...she's made of greater stuff than that, right? IF she doesn't, what will regret bring to her? "If I say that I want this?"

Oblivion says, "Then i will take you as far as you are willing to go. For my own personal amusement, i won't impose anything on you that you don't want. Bear in mind, however, that some 'levels' have costs and requirements, which will be revealed only upon being granted. Some costs are unpredictable, varying depending on the individual. Others are more defined. To tell them would ruin your sense of free will, and cloud your decision of how far you WANT to go."

Felicity nods. She seems to understand this, though it does little to stop her. "Alright. I want in. I want to do it. Give me the power." She seems to be sitting a little more upright yet....as if the power would just surge into her chest.

Oblivion smiles evily "Then allow me to narrate for you your location, as per the classic human game of Roleplay. You are standing at the edge of a dark room, black as night. The light from the corridor behind you lights the edges of the room, revealing a path stretching out into the void. You have decided to enter this room. How far do you step? Just inside the door? Just beyond the edge of the cone of light? Or do you start walking in and don't stop until you reach the other end?"

Felicity stands stock still. This decision is the make or breaker, she knows it. But the potential for greatness is just there within her reach. What if? Why go in it half way? What will it accomplish? Nothing. TO play and not play to win is a useless and wasted effort in her mind. She intends to give this her everything, mistake or not. "I want it all."

Oblivion says, "Then come, state your name, give your pledge to take responsibility for your decisions up to this point, and to do so for the choices you make on your own in the future, and we'll shake on it". He extends his hand to her....

Felicity steps forward, no hesitation, takes a firm grip of Oblivion's hand and says quite cooly, "I am Felicity Worthington. I pledge myself to the powers that be. I take full responsibility for my actions and their consequences henceforth."

Oblivion smiles, his features gaining a supernaturally crual expression, even for his norm. Once all is stated, and they shake, it happens. Black shadows and tendrils of power lance from his arm into her. Evil and corruption beyond most mortal comprehension envelops her entire being. This process is excrutiatingly painful, by the way. Her physical body is torn to pieces, melded with her soul, and reformed anew, no longer human, or even mortal, but a being of the astral. Inhuman madness forces its way into her mind, against which there is no defense, infiltrating every level of her psyche. The entire process takes less than a minute, but for her, it would feel like an eternity of agony, violation on a level of body, mind, and spirit, all at one time.

Agony. The saying about be wary of what you wish for, well that doesn't begin to cover this moment. Felicity would never had known or expected something of this magnitude. It's as Oblivion said--beyond human comprehension. THe torrent of sensations and emotions are overwhelming. Outside of the physical pain which is surely what dying feels like...there is the terrible violence at which this is happening. ONe moment she can feel her own body torn and shredded and then....THEY come....the invaders...she can no longer distinguish what exists separately from her. They don't. The horrors that flash through her mind are but a blur and yet they carry with them the full impact as if she herself were living them. Carnage. Mutilation. Wounds that simply wont heal. FUrthremore, fear and loathing fill her inner core. A deep rooted hatred is taking root there. Her heartbeat---is it even beating? NO....she can't breathe...does she even need to? If she thought she could throw up to make it better. As it stands, when it is all over, she crumples to a heap on the ground, unable to wrap her mind around it....only...this Felicity that lies in a heap is as unfamiliar as these new sensations. She's alien to herself.

Oblivion stands, glaring evily down at her "Congradulations. Now, kneel, my Priest. Kneel, and accept your new role". She will find herself unable to disobey any direct command he gives her to the letter, loopholes notwithstanding. Along with this comes dark, forbidden knowledge to further unbalance her mind. She becomes aware of WHAT she now is, what exactly she can and cannot do, and what she no longer NEEDS to do. Her perception of the world is now alien, yet familiar all the same, as a result of this infusion power. For knowledge is just that on it's own as much as any fireball. Deeper still, a desire to do wrong and corrupt things, as a method of sustenance, fills her, much like a hungry man imagining a ham sandwich. "From this moment on, you are in a position of unique power. There are two in my ranks that do things for me, important things, behind the scenes. Devi is one. My General. YOU, now, are the other. My Priest. Your orders are simple for now. Stir the pot. Enjoy yourself. See what kind of trouble ou can stir up when you can, WITHOUT getting destroyed. You and Devi are to back each other up when needed, and when i'm not around. NO infighting. Our objective at this time, is to target and if possible destroy Caliga. Relay any information you can find about him, should it come up. Finally, do NOT reveal what you are to those you knew. If anything, play along. You might find out more information that way. If they figure it out, good for them. That is all, *recruit*". He sneers evily, and vanishes.

Felicity says, "Yes." Her response is automatic as she has no alternative. Even if she did, her mind is so numb. All of this knowledge and power and emotion can scarcely inhabit a single being and yet there she is. Somehow she manages to scramble slowly to her knee, her head bowed both out of respect and also because it's weight is like lead. The whole of her is like lead now. There's so much...so much that she cannot make one out for the other and yet she knows now. -knows-. She recieves her orders and again she agrees without question. Caliga's the target. That will be easy, since she's in rather close with his wife. Furthermore, she's had a few encounters with him already. Even now the memories are hazy as if they belonged to someone else and she, a mere observer, watched from the sidelines. Her entire body feels as if a swarm of angry hornets lay just beneath the surface, desprate to sting or carve their way out. Her head abuzz as well. But the knowledge...the delicious knowledge and power she craved, they have started to take root as well and as they meld together, the pain and pleasure join as one. She may come to like this after all.

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