2008-09-25 (PreU) An unexpected turn...

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An unexpected turn...

Summary: After a long absence from Caliga, he finally steps out from the shadows to take revenge for his family vanishing... But there's a strange turn of events...

Who: Ami, Caliga, Carla
When: September 25th, 2008
Where: Integra's Arms - Roof

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[!]The Integra Arms apartments slowly starts to smoke heavily, as thin beams of energy slowly drop from the sky, slamming into its roof.

Integra's Arms - Roof

A simple rooftop without any noticable diffrences from the roofs of any other building. It's flat. It over looks the city ruins. It has scortch marks from some unseen battle. Wait, that last one is a bit diffrent, huh?

Thick and heavy smoke clouds the rooftop of the apartment complex, as the thin blue beams slowly fall down from the sky, striking with a heavy "THUD!" into the thick concrete. A small patch of smoke gives way revealing Caliga, standing there with his left hand raised upwards, as if he were calling down these strikes. "Oooooh Deeeeviiiiiiiiiii.... You did a baaaad thing...." A wicked grin slowly starts to crawl onto his face as another volley of the blasts start to rain down once more. The roof however, doesn't seem to be hinting at giving way in any form.

The crack of thunder sounds as ligthning forms into the sky about thirty feet up and away from the Arms roof, forming out Carla and Trinune. The dragoness immediately starts beating her wings to keep her flight, angling over a bit from Trinune to look things over with a slight frown. Her right arm twitching up towards her shoulder and the fingers flexing in and out, seeking a sword that hasn't been there for a long time. At least not readily. Her arm soon lowers instead as she looks Caliga over, rubbing the side of her head and trying to remember if he's seen him or not...hmm...bad memory, she'll just go with a no to make it easier. "Eh, well, it doesn't look like it's that Zoatmeal guy n stuff." She says to Trinune and to herself. Normally, they talk through a rapid image telepathy, but ya know, sometimes Carla likes to sound like she's talking to herself for some reason. Her tail sways behind her as she waits to see just what's going on. Trinune floats in the air next to her, her blueblue eyes flicking over the area as she does a wide placed magical scan to check for magical spells going off and any beings around.

Trinune's scan will reveal a magic transformation happening down in the apartments below, and only a few moments afterward, the rooftop begins to get foggy. The strange thing is, it's not just the rooftop... It's every rooftop for at least a quarter mile in every direction, and it's quite high, too. Unfortunately, whoever's causing the fog... and it's not hard to guess who... doesn't give any thought to the fact that it might interfere with Cale's vision. If there's anything Mizuno Ami has learned, it's that one can't be too careful, these days. She shows up on any scans for magic, as Sailor Mercury, but she doesn't have any ki signature to speak of, in comparison to any other humans.

"Well, I guess its on to plan two..." The smoke slowly starts to swirl upwards, until it forms a slight funnel. "Oh, hello Dragonmistress." He turns and grins at Carla, his eyes focusing on her for a few moments, before turning to Sailor Mercury. "Ooo.. A Senshi! Now this.. This can entertain me and preoccupy my mind for a few moments.... Startinggggggg.... Now.." The funnel cloud starts to slowly pick up speed, causing the wind on the roof to start to kick up, causing small bits of debris to be tossed about. "Okay. Moment's over." Two thin beams of energy suddenly fly out from his eyes, aimed directly at Sailor Mercury's chest.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops at all of the fog suddenly forming around rooftops. "Ano...that's...kind of weird..." She says, frowning slightly as she flicks her left hand slightly, a white orb coming into existence and scanning the fog now as well, to check on its magical makeup. She nods slightly towards Trinune as she takes in the swords findings. Caliga and them some other girl with magic. "Ehh...well, I can't really see through the fog, but, eh, it's not like the magic aura doesn't stick out and all that." She's about to call out towards Caliga when he speaks towards her. "Eh, greetings!" She says, waving a hand and giving a fanged smile. She has no idea what's going on, but random destruction does happen sometimes, and it doesn't seem like Zyrawhatchamacalit is here. Then, of course, Caliga shoots a beam towards the girl. She frowns deeply, but more to the fact that she has no idea what's going on or who's on which side, or even if there are any sides here in the first place to be on. "Ehhh, I don't suppose you two could stop playing with each other and tell me what's up?" She calls.

The beams penetrate right through Sailor Mercury's torso, ripping out the other side, and even going so far as to burst out the back of the elevator well, going off some distance where they will undoubtedly do.. whatever it is they do. Which is probably explosive. And dangerous. The elevator rocks dangerously, and Sailor Mercury falls to the ground, lifeless. At least, that's the scene, but after a moment, she peeks her head out from behind the elevator doors, looking a bit startled. "Excuse me... but... could you please wait until I've made my introduction before you start arbitrarily attacking me?" ... She's never seen Caliga before, and when Carla speaks, she looks up to see the dragoness with a bit of a start. Two people... one of whom tried to kill her on sight... She glances down to the image of her dead self, which fades away like the fog, and she shudders, before stepping out of the elevator well. She doesn't exactly feel like the walls are much safety.

"Naaaaah..." Caliga slowly rises into the air as two balls of green energy form infront of him. "See, I'm not very fond of listening to pretty women tell me how they're going to defeat me in the name of justice, the moon, yadda yadda yadda. Now, what I have here.." The balls start to rotate around eachother, causing little sparks of energy to flash as they collide with eachother on each pass. "Is someone, who is capable of dealing a very painful blow to me, and a woman in a skirt, who I'm pretty sure could give me a fair bit of trouble. Personally, I want to reduce the whole damned building to rubble, due to one of its tennants, which I know isn't fair... But hey..." The wicked grin quickly falters as a look of pure hatred starts to rise onto his face. "The little bitch who cost me my wife and child lives here.. So I guess it wouldn't really be fair to only just destroy her home... Seeing as how she set mine on fire as well..."

Dragoness Carla looks between Ami and Caliga as to her great relief the girl isn't actually hurt. Illusions spells then, she'll have to keep an eye on the magical signatures then. Well, she has to do that right now anyway because of the fog obscuring her vision. She glances over at Trinune, sharing some silent thoughts, before she flies on down to be closer to the pillar of fog, but not actually moving into it. Distance is good for right now. She catches Caliga's words and nods her head slightly. Okay, well, that clears pretty much everything up for her. Good! Trinune erupts into lightning and thunder, reappearing in the hallway one floor below the roof. A single black sphere appearing next to her and then popping out to hit the ceiling above her. As soon as it impacts, a large black sphere bubbles up from above Trinune and down around the entire Integra Arms building. It's just a magical shield, disallowing magic to pass through it, but safety measures are good...well, at least from Carla's point of view, Trinune isn't sure if she even cares about this particular moment, she's still trying to decide which way her emotions should flow. As this is happening, Carla speaks towards Caliga, "Ne, ne, listen! I...I'm sorry about your wife and your child n stuff, and if the person in the building was the cause, or like, actually killed them, then you should probably deal with them by themselves, ya know? It's not like you should be hurting all of these other people for it...and, ya know...maybe you could look into trying to bring your wife and child back to life, eh heh? I know there's some powerful beings around on Twisted, I'm sure one of them would help you out if you asked them!"

Well, that's certainly not the most reasonable thing Ami's ever heard. "I'm afraid I don't follow your logic..." She sees the blasts charging up, and flickers her visor to life, analyzing them quickly. Well... that's just not very nice... "...Perhaps we can talk this over in a more civilized, and less violent fashion..." Since when does Sailor Mercury try to talk people down? Since she's more or less alone, and she's had to learn that Twisted doesn't work the same way things worked back home. "...No innocent people need to get hurt." She crouches down, slowly doing her best to form a barrier of ice on the top of the building to ablate and cushion any impact. If her scans are right, whatever that man is doing... it's not magic. And whatever kind of barrier she's reading going up... it seems to be anti-magic... which means it probably won't be very effective. Not that a layer of ice, no matter how thick, is going to help much, but she has to go with what's available to her. Her visor would probably be more useful if there was something she could do about the circumstances it fills her in on. But knowledge is power ... ... in theory.

"My child wasn't even born yet..." Caliga's voice resonates violently as little cracks slowly start to appear on the roof of the building. "I want her blood... And even if I have to slaughter every last being who gets in my way, I will have it. The Dragoness Sun will pay for what she has done!" Tears slowly start to well up in the corners of Caliga's eyes, as he allows the orbs of energy to grow in size, being fueled by raw emotion. "She took it all away from me, and you, the Dragonmistress Carla, seek to prevent my revenge against a dragon that took everything I cared for away from me? If you won't allow me to do it, then by duty, you should have to!" As the ice slowly forms upon the building, the balls slowly start to pulsate as they start to drop down towards the building. "And you! For a being of justice, why would you deny me it?! SHE TOOK TWO INNOCENT LIVES!"

Trinune appears with a crackle of lightning and thunder next to Carla, there's no need for her to be down in the building anymore. She didn't even need to go in there to make the shield, but Carla asked her too do it that way, so she did. Sometimes, Carla doesn't think in magic terms, but that's okay. She likes it that way, for some reason. That's the problem with her emotions, she has trouble tracking down why she feels one way about one thing and another about another, one the same things are being applied to them. And so it goes, over and over in her mind, or what she has of one. She keeps thinking on this as Carla blinks and lets out a slow breath. Sun, huh? Well, that sucks. "Mou, well, then, I'm really sorry about what Sun did n stuff, but, listen...you can't just go slaughtering people all over the place because of what one person did ya know? It's totally unfair n junk. It's like...it's like somebody dropped your favorite glass on the floor, and to get revenge, you break five hundred favorite glasses of other people because in that five hundred is that one favorite of the person who broke yours, ya know?" She folds her arms across her chest, tail swaying behind her, "I'm sure Sun will come out and fight you if you just ask her too n stuff, especially if she did kill your wife or something like that, although it'd be nice to talk to her about it n stuff first since I'd rather Sun didn't die, eh heh...but, ya know...maybe it can be worked out or it's a misunderstanding? Ehhh, either way, you can't just wreck this whole place and hurt all of the innocent people." She nods her head. Yeah...that sounded good.

Sailor Mercury simply calls out a single sentence, somehow getting it off /before/ Carla, if for no other reason than simple Magical Pretty Girl right to protest and say indignant phrases before anyone else can react, but also likely because Carla's speech is /really long/. "Killing hundreds of innocent people isn't Justice, it's Murder!" The ice coating the roof gets thicker, and Ami starts to make a dome over herself as well, but her concern is more with the roof of the building. At least he's staying true to the standard megalomaniacal traditions and giving her time to build her shelter first. It's always nice when they monologue...

"...Bullshit..." Caliga growls softly as the sky suddenly grows pitch black. "Have you ever had your wife and child taken from you, when your wife was set to deliver the child any day?" The two orbs drift apart, as the tears start to flow freely. "She's a liche now Dragonmistress... She's an evil abomination that only wants to create pain and suffering... She needs to be destroyed... If you want no innocent blood to be spilled, then I beg of you, destroy her. Rid this forsaken realm of her existence, which leads to misery, and hatred.. How can you be so flippant about this? A dragon, has become an unholy necromantic creature, who has taken innocent life.. Life that had not even breathed its first breath!" The orbs stop just above the ice, then turn a bright red as they start to flash melt the ice, immediatly evaporating the water it relases. "One life, or one million, should it really matter? I have nothing left to lose, and if I do this, then I will take all of the city ruins with me."

Dragoness Carla lets out a slow breath and shakes her head, "Of course not, Ayika can't even have children n stuff. But, if you're wondering why I'm not going off and killing Sun right now myself, it's because I have no idea who you are and if I can even trust you, eh heh. Kind of need to talk to her about it and all of that, as far as I knew, even though she was like, undead n junk, she was still being a normal person like she used too. If that's changed then...well, yeah, something has to be done about it, but I can't just go off killing things without knowing about the truth n stuff! Which is also why I'm not going to let you destroy this building and the people isnide of it. I mean, seriously, it's not going to do anything to help you, other than like, add more death to your existence, which sounds like it's already bad and hard enough, you shouldn't put more on your concience." Her tail sways behind her, glancing over towards Trinune as the ice starts getting zapped. Hmm...well, it's not magic, and she doesn't see any tech, so it's probably that weird chi ki stuff people use sometimes. Thankfully, she worked on defense against it years ago, but she's not sure if she's really mastered it or not. Hard to find people to throw giant destructive ki at you for days on end n stuff to practice with. The black sphere shimmers briefly, changing color from black and then metamorphing into a deep black mist that obscures the building from the floor below the roof and underneath. There. Trinune doesn't have anything to add for the moment, she just floats there, listening to the people exchange words.

As the ice starts melting, Sailor Mercury gasps, and she places her hands deep in the ice near her, concentrating all her efforts around those balls of heat. The ice can't form fast enough... it's not going to help at /all/.... "...I've lost many people I loved... but you can't just punish everyone for it! Negate your energy and we'll talk about this!" This is really bad... maybe she should consider-- No... she won't get any stronger if she relies on that. "...Calm down, and let's talk!" She bites her lip as she watches, feeling far too powerless.

"Axim. Axim Millions." Caliga stares directly at Carla as the orbs slowly dissipate. "You want proof Sun did this?" He drops down onto the roof, as the ice crunches loudly beneath his feet. "She also left me with a gift.. Something that still burns no matter what I do..." His left hand rises up and unfastens the top of his armor, causing it to fall down with a loud *THUNK!* upon the ice. He rips the upper part of his bodysuit, revealing a thick bandage over his heart, which he then pulls off, revealing a rotting black wound. "Only a necromantic creature can leave a wound like this. Don't you both see? I'm going to end up turning into one of her servants... After.. after all we did for her..."

Dragoness Carla grimaces at the wound, her eyes narrowing down as she looks at the wound. That looks really nasty. Why would anyone do that? Ah, to make him her servant...if it's true. Well, there's a way she can find out in that's the case, at least. She holds her left hand out, the palm flat and raised towards the sky above. A white light flows around her palm and then pops up into existence, "Eh, all right, so, this is a scanning spell, right? But, in order for me to get as much detail as I want, it's going to actually have to touch you n stuff, but it won't hurt or anything, it's just going to look over the magic radiating through your body and that wound. If it's a spell cast by Sun, I should be able to see her imprint on it n stuff. Well, I think I can, or well, if I can't Trinune can. A-anyway, I'm going to shoot this over towards you n stuff and take a better look at that wound n junk if that's okay with you?" Assuming Caliga gives her the go-ahead, the sphere will zip over and smack into Caliga without any sense of impact, and a white glow will flood up around him, scanning over his entire magical makeup, including the strange wound, to try and get a sense of who cast it and what in the world it's doing.

Sailor Mercury just continues trying to work on the ice, cold sweat forming on her temples. "...That's awful and horrible... but killing other people isn't the answer..." Her visor analyzes the wound as best it can, but all it can really do is tell her its type, which is very likely necromantic to begin with, as Caliga said. She should work on improving its scanning capabilities. Maybe if she researches the various magical and energy waveform datasheets available on the net... No, maybe is for later. She should concentrate on the now. "...Please stop this!"

"I don't have long... What's been keeping me going is the thought of revenge.." Caliga suddenly drops to his knees, clutching the wound tightly as he starts to silently writhe on the ice in agony. "P..lease.. She took it all from me... Don't... let me become one of her slaves.. I just want her to pay for her crimes.. Ple--..." Silence is all that follows as the man once more starts to writhe around in agony, slowly fading in and out of consciencenous.

Dragoness Carla frowns deeply at what her scan reveals. The light around Caliga's body fades away and she closes her eyes, letting out a slow breath, "I see." She says, then moves over as he collapses to the ground, landing down near Caliga, though not too near just in case. "Ehh, just hold on for a few more seconds! Okay?" She says, looking over at Trinune, who followed Carla over to the roof. "Well, I don't really know...ehh..I can't make both at the same...hmm.." She taps her foot. She could try and cancel out the spell Sun has, but then she's not sure if he'd die right away, or she could try to start healing him, but she knows that healing in undead type things are usually the reverse of what you want to have happen. Well, either way, he's dieing right now. "Don't worry, if she's doing things like this then she'll be dealt with." She holds her hand out towards Caliga, a black sphere forming into existence and shooting out towards him. If it hits, it'll pop a bubble up around him that cancels out all magic inside of it, which in theory should cancel the spell working on him right now. Sure it might not work, or do something unexpected, but it's all she can think of to try right now. Dragoness Carla (OOC) has to sleep soon, fair warning.

As she hears the strange man begging not to be made into a slave, Ami bites her lip a bit harder, and nods her head. "... I'll do what I can." She gathers her energy up, preparing to ice over the entire area that Caliga is standing in, hoping that by keeping him on ice, she'll halt the progress of the wound, and prevent him from getting any closer to death. The theory is that it will give her more time to find out what's going on, and see if there's any way to save him. The theory is that it's the smart, intelligent, and perhaps more importantly, only thing she can do for him. The theory is invalid. He's in an anti-magic field, now. Her flash freeze never happens, and Ami just looks confused, until her visor registers. "... Oh my..."

A loud and horrendous scream wrenches from the mans mouth as his entire body arcs upwards. The wound starts to pulse violently as pitch black ichor rapidly rises up from it, striking at the bubble, before vanishing as it comes into contact. Slowly but surely, fresh blood starts to come from the wound, as Caliga starts to convulse violently, the blood flowing out of the wound swiftly.

Dragoness Carla nods her head quickly at the results, her hand waves at the black sphere and it disappears quickly, allowing magic back in. She can only hope the spell isn't fueled by an outside source that will re-connect itself later on, but she didn't see any such signs. Without any visible sign from Carla, Trinune manifests a green sphere which darts down towards Caliga, this one is a rapid healing spell, while it won't grow back limbs or anything like that, it can at least heal deep wounds and the such. Then again, this one's pretty serious, so it might not fully work...it is being powered by Trinune though, so it's amazingly powerful, it's just the spell itself has its limits no matter how much power is behind it. But, hopefully, it'll fix Caliga up, at least somewhat. "Just hold on..." Carla says softly, her tail smacking against the icy roof behind her, making little cracks where it impacts.

Sailor Mercury gasps as the wound vanishes, but the man seems to still be bleeding to death. Her eyes widen, and she shakes her hed vigorously. Who would do this to someone? It's so cold... so cruel..." .. She really has no idea, does she?"

The blood starts to slow, but it becomes more apparent that the wound wasn't the only thing damaged. The spell manages to only repair the most serious of the damage done. The wound slowly starts to close, however Caliga doesn't come to, as his breathing becomes shallow, as little veins of blood trickle across his chest.

Dragoness Carla lets out a slow breath, seeing that it at least managed to keep him from dieing. She shakes her head and looks over towards Ami, "Ne, do you have a place nearby you can keep him or something? Or like, some kind of hospital place around here? I've been over in another dimension lately so I kind of lost track of locations around this place."

With repeated attempts to try and put Caliga on Ice, all failing, Ami makes a small sound and does the best she can. ".... There is a very good hospital just a little ways past the city ruins..." Her voice sounds small, and she looks ... nervous... confused.. worried...

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