2008-10-23 (PreU) Caliga, the Senshi, and a GIANT MONKEY! It's just invisible!

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Caliga, the Senshi, and a GIANT MONKEY! It's just invisible!

Summary: Next, we find out potentially more about Caliga, as he hits on- er, i mean converses with the Senshi of Mercury and Jupiter.

Who: Makoto, Ami, Caliga
When: October 23rd, 2008
Where: The Hospital, The Grand Library of Twisted - Coffee Shop


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The Hospital

A hospital in Twisted Street. A rebellious building, if ever there was one. In a multi-dimensional nexus where any and everything can go wrong, and seems to do so at every opportunity, having a facility devoted to healing wounds is like trying to dam up the ocean. And yet the healing facilities are top notch, here, with doctors of all kinds of abilities and persuasions. Lose a limb? They'll help you grow it back. DNA poison corroding your very being? See the temporal reversal specialist. Really, it's a marvel, and any regular world would virtually eliminate disease and suffering on their planet with just one clinic like this. There are several in Twisted, and it can't even begin to stem the tide.

None of these are the thoughts that go through Sailor Mercury's head, however, as she races alongside Sailor Jupiter to reach the clinic. All she's wondering about is if it was enough to stave off death for the man they brought in yesterday. She's been a bit conflicted. The medical student and would-be doctor in her wants to check up on him, and make sure he's alright, and find out what he meant about the silver millenium. The more sensible part keeps wondering how someone from such a peaceful time could be willing to harm so many innocent people. She has a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, too, but she isn't sure what to do about it. All she can think of is to get it over with and go see the man. And so she and Sailor Jupiter land in front of the hospital's large double-automatic doors, and ... well... Ami simply moves to walk in. Isn't that what you do when you want to enter a hospital the normal way?

Sailor Jupiter follows behind Ami, her own curiosity driveing her as well. She doesnt relish the memories of her own visit here not so long ago. "Are you sure we can just go in like this, Mercury?" she glances around. Back home the uniforms alone would draw a lot of attention, but here...? They might be mistaken for orderlies.

"... I'm not, but I feel more comfortable at the ready then approaching him casually. He melted my ice in an instant... He's quite powerful." Sailor Mercury leads the way through the hospital, towards the room she remembers the doctors taking the man to. Again, the sensible part of her says to just leave it be... but if she was all sensible, all the time, she wouldn't be human, now would she?

As the two women near the door the man was taken into, an orderly steps out of it, closing the door behind him. The orderly blinks a couple of times, then stares at Ami and Makoto. "Err.. Can I help you two?" He seems to be a bit nervous, as he hastily puts his right hand behind him. "If you need assistance, the front desk is back the way you came.. Now if you'll excuse me..." He slowly starts to back up, getting ready to bolt the moment he can.

Sailor Jupiter folds her arms and just grins, the deception rather transparent. "Allright. What did you do to him?" her eyes narrow. She doesn't know Caliga, but noone messes with a hospitalized person even if he is a badguy... if he is a badguy. c.c

Sailor Mercury smiles politely at the rather shifty man. "Hello. We'd like to know what happened to the man that was in this room." She reaches up to adjust her earring, and a blue visor appears in front of her eyes. Heart rate readings should give her a fairly decent readout on when he's lying and not. It's a nice ability to have, and one of the many from the visor that she incorporated into her glasses. Still, there's no substitute for the real thing ... it's blue! As Sailor Mercury is speaking, a wall of ice is slowly forming to block off the hallway behind the man, quite silently. There is likely no causal relationship between these two events... ... really.

"N..Nothing at all." The orderly waves his left hand dismissively, before turning around and outright runs down the hallway. His right hand seems to glow for a brief second, before violently exploding, showering the hall and wall next to him in blood. He drops to his knees, clutching the rapidly bleeding appendage. However, whatever was glowing now lays on the floor next to him, pulsating brightly. "Kurozuisho... He tried to steal it from me.." The door to Caliga's room seems to have opened while everyone was distracted, as he steps out into the hallway wearing only a hospital gown, the silver crescent moon on his forehead fully visable. "The crystal doesn't like being taken from its owner.. It's a pity that he lost his hand.." His eyes narrow at the orderly, as the orderly tries to grab the pulsating item covered with blood now with his left hand.

Sailor Jupiter eeps and shields her eyes from the spray. "EEW.... none of _our_ battle are this messy, ne Mercury?" she comments. "At least he's in the right place..." she looks back over to Caliga. "what's going on now???"

It doesn't take Sailor Mercury very long to catch on, and she makes a rather unhappy face, covering her mouth at the sight of the blood. She's seen far worse, but that doesn't mean she's been desensitized to it. "Oh dear..." She makes a gesture with her free hand, and a small barrier of ice separates the orderly from the crystal. He already lost one arm... clearly he's not thinking straight, due to the blood loss. The wall of ice barring the rest of the hallway melts, however, and she makes a tiny sound into her hand that can only be displeasure. She looks tow see if she can hail someone to help the orderly, but people are already on their way. They don't miss much in this hospital, do they? "... The... Kurozuisho? ...The black crystal?" Could that possibly sound worse?

The orderly starts pounding on the barrier, screaming loudly before slowly slumping over, suddenly going quiet. The man slumps over, a long black needle sticking out of his chest. "He'll live." Caliga merely says this as he walks over to the barrier. "Please lower it. I'd like to retrieve what belongs to me."

Sailor Jupiter says, "Black crystal? Like from the Black Moon or something?" her eyes glance back up towards the crescent on Caliga's forehead. "Well it looks like _you're_ okay at least...." she doesn't know whether to start asking questions or to get ready to fight. So far it seems he's calm.

When she sees the needle in the man's chest, Sailor Mercury makes a small sound, before checking something on her visor, which prompts another of the same sound. She looks towards Caliga and lowers her hand, a very light grimace on her face. "... Well, Axim, since it seems you could retrieve it at any time... I'll assume you're being courteous by asking. Would you extend that courtesy to explaining things a bit before we possibly jump to the wrong conclusions?" Sailor Mercury is fairly certain she couldn't stop him from obtaining the crystal anyway, so she starts to lower the barrier, though she's deliberately taking her time, as if to prompt him.

"Senshi of the Moon Kingdom. I told you already I was a knight. My wife and child were killed by the dracolithe, Sun. You should already know what I really am. Galaxia has shown you that there are many more courts and senshi in the universe. Do I really need to explain much more then that?" Caliga lowers himself down, waiting for the barrier to fully vanish before retrieving the crystal within it. "I am the keeper of the Mabaroshi no Kurozuisho..."

Sailor Jupiter bites her lip. "Well... yeah. That makes sense... Most Senshi we've met aren't so....male." she was going to say 'violent', but she decides to be tactful. She looks to Mercury who likely has a string of questions ready to go allready. "Why don't we all go sit down...?" she looks to the injured orderly. "What about him?"

Sailor Mercury nods at Jupiter's question, though the idea of sitting down with someone who kills and maims so casually is... not her favorite idea. She's still trying to decide if that makes him better or worse than Aquariu, because Aquariu does worse things, but is oblivious to the fact that they're bad. This man... probably not so much... "... Yes, let's ... not be here." She looks at the orderly with confusion and sympathy. Who would really continue going after the crystal after it took off their hand? Really?

"..Where would you suggest we go?" As Caliga finally picks up the crystal, his body errupts in light, as the armor suddenly appears upon him once more. "And the thief will be fine.. They'll heal him.. Maybe this will teach him not to steal from the infirmed." He slowly stands up and looks to the Senshi, as very little emotion comes to his face.

Sailor Jupiter looks to Ami and shrugs a little. "somewhere public I guess. somewhere quiet?" she looks between the two of you, less nervous now, but she didn't really see the things Ami saw.

"...I think we should simply be not in the hallway anymore, Mister... Millions... was it?" Mercury glances at Caliga, now that he's wearing his armor. "... You don't appear to have been discharged, yet." When her gaze turns to Jupiter, she nods and shrugs, though she still continues talking to 'Axim'. ".. But if you're feeling better, somewhere quiet would be nice."

"...I don't believe somewhere public would be a good idea... And it doesn't matter if I'm discharged. I've fully recovered." Caliga lowers his head, and nods. "Someplace private would be better... To minimize the risk of being.. discovered by her. I also don't want to give her the advantage of being able to use random bystanders as puppets.. Nor do I want to have to truly awaken this crystal.. It's not as powerful as the Ginzuishou.. But is still capable of immense feats.."

Sailor Jupiter nodnods. "Allright, Quiet and private..." she's relieved to hear that he is concerned with bystanders, but a senshi driven by revenge is probably a bad idea.

Sailor Mercury steps into the conversation with a slightly disapproving tone. "...Unfortunately we don't have any place that qualifies." The only 'private' place they have is the apartment, and we all know how well /that/ would go. The one he was trying to destroy? Yes. Let's not deal with that one again. "... Did you have any suggestions?"

"I.. don't know of anywhere. However, I do believe it's time to leave here.." Caliga turns and looks behind him as the security team of the hospital suddenly shows up, pointing their weapons directly at the trio. "Black teleport." The security team looks a bit confused, as a black orb suddenly appears around Caliga, then one appears around Ami and Makoto, causing them to vanish instantly.

The Grand Library of Twisted - Coffee Shop

Well, it's a little odd to say the least to see a coffee shop on Twisted... but then it is a library, and they often come with these sorts of features. However the whole place smells of the sweet aroma of coffee-beans and old books, not to mention the wise and mighty of the universe gather here to gabble. Still, there is a wooden terrace that seperates this place from the rest of the library and many booth-like tables and chairs to sit at, not to mention other tables to be served at. It's like a coffee-centric version of the Usual! What is also interesting is the chirpy looking faces on the serving staff, roller-skating back and forth on hover-boots to take orders with a beaming disposition. And yet, they seem to do so seamlessly day after day- do they even /leave/ here? And they are prepared to take /any/ order, no matter how ridiculous. A few books lie here on tables both red and green, where people are past world delving and friends are waiting for them to return- perhaps that's the original reason for the coffee-house? This way Librarians don't snatch them back and put them on the shelves and friends can read what is going on and quickly interfere if they get into trouble.

Sailor Jupiter oofs as she falls flat on her ass from the unexpected teleport. "She groans and rubs the back of her... head. "Well now we're going to be checked out by the security team... the police already know where we life...

Sailor Mercury makes a small sound as she stumbles, appearing in .. of all places, the library. She was somewhat expecting it, and her feet are quite used to the library of all places, but she still very nearly falls onto her face anyway. That's more than a little disorienting. "...We could have explained what was happening... it works out more often than you might think, Mister Axim..." She tries to cross her arms and look disapproving, but that's difficult when one is looking around for the person they're supposed to be addressing.

"I apologize." Caliga suddenly comes into view infront of them, an emotionless gaze casting over them. "I merely took precautions to prevent myself from succumbing to rage. I am not a Senshi. I am a Knight. I am the sworn protector of my Senshi... And she is dead, so it is quite hard to keep myself undercontrol, when my heart is looking for its other half, and it cannot find it.." He looks over to one of the tables, as the armor vanishes, leaving him wearing a pair of black robes. "I am the other half to a senshi.. When Galaxia destroyed them all, the senshi who had found their other half.. When my other half was killed, I had failed. This is twice now I have failed to protect my other half.."

Sailor Jupiter shivers and bites her lip. Okay, that's something she can empathise with. "Galaxia...." she glances to Ami, remembering it as one of her friends biggest fears. "I... I'm sorry to hear that.... Noone deserves to loose someone so important to them..."

Sailor Mercury makes a small sound, and closes her right hand tightly. It's very hard not to sympathize with someone in the situation 'Axim' describes. "...That sounds... quite awful." Her voice conveys the sincerity of her words, but she's a little... pardon the pun... colder than Sailor Jupiter. "...I don't believe hurting people is a good solution, though."

"When a Knight has their other half taken, there are three options. The first, is to destroy themselves. This solution is the worst of them all, because of the power of the Royal Crystals.. The knight is lost, beyond retrieval of them, forcing his other half to live out their days alone." Caliga moves to sit down at the table closest to him, and continues to stare at the two Senshi. "The second.. is to avenge them, and put their spirit at ease until you can be reunited. Everything about you that kept you restricted, and able to prevent innocent casulties is lost. This was the path I had taken, however... it is worse for me because my... She can't be brought back." He lowers his head and stares down at the table, going silent.

Sailor Jupiter looks down, biting her lip. She has nothing to say to that. The loss of another Senshi is just..... "Can't come back... I didn't think that was possible..."

"If they were removed from the forge, from the cauldron, it would be possible." Sailor Mercury makes a thoughtful and unhappy face,b efore she hugs herself just a little. It's a sign of weakness, quite possibly, but some subjects make her uncomfortable. "... I'm terribly sorry for your loss... but if you couldn't get her back... why would you choose such a path?" She doesn't really look like she wants to know the answer, but she did ask the question...

"Because the third path.. is the path that leads to the end. When a knight chooses this path, they become a being of immense power.. But they choose to destroy everything.. Even if their senshi is brought back, they still will continue on this path... This is the path I believe The Wiseman to have taken... He willingly submitted himself to Chaos.. And nearly destroyed the universe.. If he had the power of one of the royal crystals.. He'd have been unstoppable. Imagine Endimyon-sama taking the same path.. He would be unstoppable as the rightful heir to the Jinzuishou. The third path is the path that leads to the destruction of the cauldron... There is no need for that path for me, as my other half.. was fully destroyed.. She didn't get to return to the forge. Deep inside me I still honor my vow, which is all that prevented me from taking the last path.."

Sailor Jupiter visibly trembles at that thought. She finally sits down, a little nervous a tthe possibility. She wonders for a moment how Yuki would react to this line of thought. "I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.... I hope you succeed in avenging your Senshi..."

Sailor Mercury makes a face, and looks at Jupiter with a bit of surprise, before biting her lip and giving a sigh and turning back to Caliga. "... /Without/ harming anyone else in the process. Vengeance destroys he who serves it... It doesn't need to destroy everyone around them..." It doesn't sound like she approves of 'Axim's path, but then, she's not certain how she would handle things in his situation. "... I'm not sure there's much more to say." It would be nice if one's quest for vengeance didn't destroy them, either, but for some reason she doesn't say that, even though it would be a nice thing to say.

Sailor Jupiter is quite certain she'd go berserk in Caliga's position...

"I almost slipped into the third path. I hold the forgotten royal crystal.. My power is too much for me to handle.. And in the end, while teetering between the paths, I could end it all.. Which is why I sought out the Dragonmistress, to have her seek my revenge...Even then, I had lost control.. I can't be trusted to be in charge of this power.. Because if I change... The next time will be the last.." Caliga slowly stands up and stares at the two Senshi. "I hereby turn the Mabaroshi no Kurozuisho over to the Princess' of the Moon Kingdom.." A faint smile appears on his face, as the crystal suddenly floats out from his robes. "Avenge her for me.. I'll be waiting for her.." The crystal clinks down onto the table, as Caliga suddenly vanishes, causing the robes to fall to a crumpled heep on the floor behind the table.

Sailor Mercury blinks as Caliga vanishes, giving a small frown. She didn't ask for the crystal, and yet after spending all that time protecting it, he would just drop it and run? Clearly he's doing it wrong. She shakes her head and sighs a little, looking at the black crystal. More vengeance, he says. She glances over to Sailor Jupiter, and shrugs. "Well... that was abrupt, wasn't it?" She doesn't want that crystal, she's already had experiences with having too much power. It can lead to mistakes... ... a swimming pool, full of red, flashes to the back of her mind. That image again... it hurts, and she doesn't know why. Like some nightmare that won't go away. "... We can't just leave it lying around." She makes a sour face, shaking her head again. She doesn't like this. Getting vengeance on someone is a terrible idea, and she's not going to be a part of it. Hadn't she made that clear? She raises a hand, causing the crystal to be swallowed up in ice, afraid to touch it for fear of awakening... something that she doesn't want to admit is sleeping behind her blue eyes. Something that she'd just as soon never awaken again. "...Let's go, Jupiter."

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