2008-10-23 (PreU) It's Mooging time!

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It's Mooging time!

Summary: Next is a romantic scene between the beautiful Genevieve, and the dashing Yusuke. Or something like that. I can't see the cue card too well.

Who: Yusuke, Genevieve, Chloe
When: October 23rd, 2008
Where: The Twisted Street, Yusuke's Apartment


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The Twisted Street

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface. From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

The many paths leading through the Twisted Street always seem to converge upon eachother, especially when you want to go one place, but always end up at another. That doesn't seem to bother a lone occupant leaning against a lamp post. A lit cigarette hangs out of his mouth, as he stares upwards into the sky, a thin streak of light breaking through the clouds for the briefest of seconds. "Well. This is the most fun I've had since getting my wisdom teeth removed."

Ah but the possibilities! One can be spoiled for choice in a place like this. While twisted can be a bit tedious for some, for others the shiny newness of it all can be quite captivating. A certain flighty young woman is practically prancing down the street taking in the sights of this strange and wonderous and often DIRTY place. Not only that but she's entirely unchaperoned which tickles her pink. Whistling as she goes she comes upon this lounging gentleman and a crooked grin spreads across her face. "Well hello there! Glorious day isn't it?"

"Reminds me of my grandpa's place." Yusuke glances over at the girl, checking her body out for a brief moment. "So, what's a cute girl like you running around all by herself? There's a lot of monsters here that delight in eating the flesh of their victims straight from their bones. Or their souls. There's some of those too." A sly grin creeps onto his face, giving the impression that he's making it all up.

Genevieve covers her mouth with a mock gasp, "Oh goodness! How dreadful. However can a girl like me survive in such a horrible place?...ESPECIALLY without my escort?" She HRMS quite pointedly, her motions exaggerated as if she were on a stage rather than on a street. "If only I found good and trustworthy company to keep." Stretching, she turns her eyes skyward. "You seem like a wolf in sheep's clothing to me.....Lucky that I'm no better."

"Well, we could always get you out of your clothing, and that'd solve the sheep problem." Yusuke flicks the cigarette away from him, causing it to hit the ground as ashes scatter about. "I'm Urameshi Yusuke." He stands up straight, and offers his right hand out to Genevieve, his left hand rising up to push his hair back.

Genevieve's eyes widen and she actually lets out with a loud laugh. "CHEEKY!" He's quite improper but that makes him interesting. She grins, her perfect teeth pearly white and all showing. She gladly takes his hand and shakes it like a proper lady would never do. "Oh such a pleasure, Sir. -I- am Lady Wesmantel." She raises a brow as if inviting him to challenge this title. "Lady -Genevieve- Wesmantel. You may call me whatever you like, so long as you continue to entertain me so."

"Hmm?" Yusuke blinks a few times as Genevieve introduces herself. "How about I just call you Jenny. Takes too much work to say your full name. Plus I could care less if you're a lord, lady, king, queen, or even a god." The typical patterns of behaviour start to rise once again in Yusuke as he digs around in his jacket with his left hand, looking for something.

Genevieve gives a great big pout, "You don't -care-? At all? Isn't it even just a -little- bit impressive? It can't be every day you meet a lady?" Gen lifts her chin, as if this noble pose might change his mind. She is only playing, though. Half way anyway. The truth is she rather likes the sound of the name 'Jenny' though it will be good for him to remember she's precious cargo. "Shall I call you simply 'Hey YU' then?"

"Not a bit." Yusuke fishes a slightly crushed pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, checking to see if there is anything left inside them before tossing the box into a nearby trashcan. "I've met God before, and believe me, he's pretty annoying at times." He glances at Genevieve's pose, and laughs. "Oh, you were serious! You can call me Yusuke, or Urameshi. Either one of those will work. But Hey Yu, sounds like something a cowboy would say."

Genevieve giggles at this. She always rather liked cowboys. They accessorize so boyishly, what with all their bullets and guns and shiny fancy badges. As for this meeting god bit, she's taking it as a joke since he's not likely to have done any such thing--or so she thnks. "Well well well. So tell what one does in a place like this? ^_^ How does one have fun?"

"If you like to fight, there's always a brawl to be had somewhere. There's a stripclub somewhere in the city. I don't know if there's any dance places except for the UR, but then again that place has everything." Yusuke scratches his head as he looks around. "I normally just bum around and relax. Especially since I just finished a three year case."

Genevieve arches a brow at these suggestions. Strip clubs? Fights? She really did find herself a badboy didn't she. Wow. She's not sure yet if she should be nervous or intrigued so she falls naturally somewhere down the middle. "A case?" She asks, her curiousity piqued by this new snippet of information. "Are you a lawyer then? You certainly don't seem like a lawman to me. On the contrary...I have you pegged for a bandit."

"I'm a detective." Yusuke stretches slightly and scratches his chest, really forgetting the basics of manners. "I spent three years away on a case, and instead of going home, I ended up here. Its generally how most people get here. They finish some grand adventure, leave to return home, and instead, they get dropped off here. On Twisted Street."

Genevieve smirks and shakes her head, tossing her ringlets in that very well reheased manner. "Not me. -I- went down the rabbit hole. Just like Alice! There was this shiney ball of light and I just had to see what it was and when I realized it led somewhere -else- I simply had to know WHERE it led. That's how I ended up here and my bodyguard too though...I seem to have lost that one somewhere. Oh well! It's good that you are a detective then. You'll be just as good of a protector should I ever fall prey to one of those.....oh any of those horrible things you mentioned before. " At this, she positively attaches herself to Yusuke's arm. ^.^ "Lucky me!"

"Hey! What makes you think I'll just go and agree to somethin' like that?!" Yusuke shakes his arm, trying to pull it away. "Look Jenny, I don't know about your previous 'protector' and all that, but I'm not a body guard. I'm a detective. Heck, I'm not even a normal kind of detective. I'm a spirit detective. I solve cases for the underworld!"

Genevieve is not about to let go anytime soon. She has the victorian death grip on him because she's already decided that likes him and would like to keep him a bit longer. She holds fast and even snuggles up to him, knowing full well he will find his annoying. "For the UNDERworld!? oh myyyy that sounds fascinating and completely fabricated but I'd like to know more. Oh do go on! You wouldn't want to leave me stranded in a placel ike this would you? Yuie?"

"Fabricated? As in, you believe I made that up?" Yusuke holds his left arm up, extending only his left finger as a small blue orb of light suddenly appears on his fingertip. "Urameshi Yusuke, Spirit Detective. My boss is Enma, the king of the Afterlife.. well, it's his son Koenma, and I'd love to kick that little shrimp around some.." He grumbles as he shakes his arm once more, noticing the deathgrip the girl is giving to it.

Genevieve oooooos and lets go long enough to clap before she resumes her deathgrip. Its such an absurdly girlish squeal of glea. "Ohhhh! A magic user. That's WONDEROUS! My bodyguard is a magic user too but she's...Well she's not very flashy. Sure she gets the job done well enough but its so dull. It's hard to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies when everything is done so covertly. That's marvelous Yuie! I love it. You shall have to show me what -else- you can do. Oh yes! I like you already. I can tell we're going to get along grandly!"

As Jenny lets go, Yusuke attempts to yank his arm away before she can latch on again, only to fail as she starts squeezing it once more. "What do you mean, 'Get along grandly'? And what's covertly mean?" The orb of light fades as he starts to notice what's being pressed against his arm. "You're not going to give up are you?" A slight grin appears on his face as his right hand starts to squeeze whatever is closest to it.

It's all fun and games until someone does the squeeze test. Gen here was quite contentedly latched and then...At first it's almost too shocking to believe but her breast tell no lies. There is a hand upon it and it isn't an innocent brush either. Genevieve's eyes widen, the crimson flushes to her cheek and within seconds her own hand has flown full force in an attempted collision with Yusuke's face. It's the mother of all slaps if it connects. If not, well she's still furious--sort of. "IF YOU PUH-LEEZE!!!!"

The slap connects full force with Yusuke's face, and the result is immediate. The left side of his face has a vibrant red handprint glowing upon it, as he starts to laugh. "Oh man... Reminds me of the ones Keiko use to dish out.. But hey." He lifts up his right arm, grinning widely. "You let go." The laughter starts to get louder, as he starts to double over, finding the entire situation hilarious.

Genevieve looks rather red faced, her cheeks puffed out like an inflated balloon. "Honestly!!! I knew you were kind of a thug but that's going too far!" She takes this time to sort of reposition her darlings in their corset type thing. She clicks her tongue. "I know it's HARD for a man to resist my charms but a little self control isn't too much to ask....And you laugh....'_' How beastly...." She furrows her brow and shakes her head again, "I'm finding you slightly less attractive."

"I'm laughing, because you remind me of someone I care about. That slap stung just as much as hers usually did." Yusuke slowly stops laughing as he straightens himself up. "Besides. Wouldn't you be offended more if someone didn't show any attention at all?" Ah, reverse psychology. His hands slide down into the pockets of his pants, leaning back against the pole once more.

Genevieve arches her brows at him. She says nothing for a good long minute and then turns her eyes skyward, scrunching up her face, pucking her lips slightly as if that would help with this very difficult thinking process. "Hmm!" She says thoughtfully. "Well...." Genevieve turns, at this, and flashes a rather large grin "You MAY be onto something. I would think people SHOULD notice a beauty like me....but...like ALL things of high value---PRICELESS even---LOOK...but do not touch......" A pause and the "Except on -my- conditions."

"So what would those conditions be?" Yusuke asks earnestly, as he pulls a small eyeglass out of his pocket, holding it up to his right eye. He peers through it for a few moments, before tossing it over to Jenny. "Look through that at some of the random pedestrians, then look at them without it. You'll see the difference. That WAS one of my tools. I don't really need it anymore."

"So what would those conditions be?" Yusuke asks earnestly, as he pulls a small eyeglass out of his pocket, holding it up to his right eye. He peers through it for a few moments, before tossing it over to Jenny. "Look through that at some of the random pedestrians, then look at them without it. You'll see the difference. That WAS one of my tools. I don't really need it anymore."

Genevieve says, "Obviously the conditions are that I deem you WORTHY. I'm not a common tart, after all." She smirks and very nearly adds that she's quite a spectacular tart but thinks better of it. Besides, she's quite busy catching this spyglass thrown to her. "What this?" Doubtful though she may be, she takes up the little gadget and does as Yusuke instructs. "What? What should I be seeing here?"

"Some of the pedestrians are demons in disguise. They like to use a human form to move around unsuspectingly, either to not frighten people who are not used to seeing them, or to stalk prey. As I said, there are some creatures here that will do horrific things. But, unless I'm given a case by Botan, I could really care less what they do, so long as it isn't infront of me." Yusuke yawns loudly as he studies the scattered people on the street.

Genevieve Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs suddenly much more intrigued by this little tool of his. Now she's looking much more intently at the passersby. Old, young, they're all under new scrutiny because they could very well be demons in disguise. "Faaaaaaaaaaascinating!" she breathes. One particular bald fat man has a much more frog-like appearance through the telescope. "OOo! I found one! Oh he's GHASTLY! BEASTLY! AWFUL!" She grins widely, "Let's get him! Ooo I want to meet him! Yuie, lets go!"

"Nope. He's harmless, and he hasn't done anything wrong, except spread around good luck to those in real need of it." Yusuke scratches his head before pointing at another one. "Most of the demons who come here, are harmless, and really don't want to be bothered. The old stigmata of being something considered to be evil on their homeworld tends to carry over to this place. It'd be like someone stripping you naked, and marching you around with a dunce cap on your head."

Genevieve hrms and eyes Yusuke for an unsettling amount of time and then smirks and then all out laughs. "Ohhhhh that -would- be something I might pay papa's good money to see. In fact, I do believe you may owe me a peek.....You've done more than LOOK so really it's not even an even trade but I will settle. What do you think? Lose the pants! Hahahahahahaha"

"Maybe somewhere private, but I'm not about to lose my pants in the middle of the street." Yusuke looks over to the apartments, then sticks his tongue out at Jenny. "Then again, I'm kind of attached to these pants, so I really don't want to take them off."

Genevieve rolls her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest which, naturally, seems to push those assets of hers ever closer to the bursting point. "THAT is a likely story now, isn't it? Hmpth. I would imagine the -truth- is that you're being bashful. Awww...Yuie! That's sweet, darling but not entirely becoming for a REAL man. Come now....Aw,...can't I have a teeny weeny eentsy bitsy peek?"

A slight tinge of red starts to creep up on Yusuke's face. "I'm not bein' bashful!" It's at this point he turns and starts to walk towards the city ruins. "I'm goin' home. Because I'm so not being bashful." A nervous laugh starts to escape his mouth as he tries to start his get away.

Genevieve looks like the cat whose caught the canary now. She's on the scent of blood and is not about to give up anytime soon. She even adopts the telltale kitten face. As Yusuke starts to walk away. Gen obliges him by giving chase. "Oooo! I should -soooo- like to see your home! Oh do take me with you! Yes! It'll all be SO much better from the comforts of your home...Darling! Do wait for me!"

"Don't you ever give up!?" Yusuke suddenly breaks into a run, nimbly weaving around people as they come by, idly trying to lose the crazy girl. He's really only doing this to see if she can keep up with him, as the idle curiosity has him interested in her.

Ohoho! Genevieve is certainly NOT going to give this up! The moment he sprints, she AHAHS loudly and kicks it into high gear. It has to be noted that her ability to speed through this crowd WHILE wearing an oversized and very cumbersome dress is pretty damn impressive. She's even throwing an elbow in here and there just so she wont lose him. "Yuuuuiiiieee darliiiinnnnng! Don't be so shyyyyy!!!....It's just a teeny...little peek---Oh! Pardon me! Do excuse me! Forgive me...Oh for pity sake, MOVE YOUR ASSES!!!" She is trying not to lose the sense of fun here but she's unaccostomed to crowds NOT parting for her. In the end, she finds herself tripping over the 3rd homeless guy splayed there and with a terrible *THUD!!!* faceplants on the not so clean pavement.

The moment the thud happens Yusuke comes to a stop, and quickly moves over to Jenny. "Are you okay?" There's geniune concern in his voice as he moves to help the girl to her feet, checking her face to see how bad the damage is. A bit of his hair has fallen loose, causing a few strands to hang over his eyes. "All right, all right... I'll protect you.."

Genevieve peels herself off of the pavement with a small groan. She graciously accepts Yusuke's help but not without complaining. "People in masses are STUPID. They're like cattle! Why wont they MOVE?" She blinks, catching sight of his sudden hunkiness. Wow! The kittenface is back and she beams. "You -WILL-? Ohhh thank you!" She throws her arms around his neck and attempts to give him a fullon kiss. Ever the boundary tester this one. Where oh where is that chaperone of hers?

As the kiss lands on Yusuke's lips, he suddenly forces himself back, trying to break it. "All right, all right.. Sheesh.." He points towards to the apartment complex. "That's where I live. If you don't have a place to stay, you usually can end up with a place there fairly easily. Especially since there really aren't any mansions here on Twisted, and the ones there are, I stay away from due to the beings that live there."

Genevieve beams, positively at him. For the moment, his pants are off the hook at least. She seems rather pleased with having ruffled his feathers and eases up on him just a bit. She's up an don her feet and cheerful as ever. "There? In that awful place? Living here is going to be some kind of adventure I can tell already!" She grins as she takes in the whole of it. "I ought to move in with you! Oh Chloe would be horrified but it would serve her right for abandoning me in this place."

"...Live with me? No. Not a chance. But there should be a vacant apartment on my floor or something." Yusuke grumbles as he notices the crowd getting thicker on the street. "Annnd, it's time to go home. You can come with me this time.. but next time, you're on your own." He scoops the girl nimbly up in his arms, and leaps high into the air, landing ontop of a building as he starts sprinting across the rooftops, moving at a rapid pace to his apartment, which at the speed he's going that lasts only a few seconds. He lands nimbly on the fire escape outside of his apartment, and slides open a large window, moving inside.

3C - Yusuke's Apartment

A fairly empty apartment, with only the barest of essentials littered throughout it. The main room has a small kitchen area, with a decent sized fridge. There are two doors on either side of the living room, leading to the bedrooms. The only other thing within the apartment is a lone couch in the living room.

Genevieve has scarcely a moment to blink before she's whisked away by Yusuke. Talk about a shock! Gen takes this the way a child takes to a thrillride. She SQUEALS in terror AND delight. It's so exciting and just a bit scary, not to mention completely unnatural. She might begin to believe this man's stories. "EEEEK!Heeeheeeheehee!!!" once they have landed, of course she's on her feet and taking in these surroundings. She blinks, looking slightly disappointed. "Quite the bachelor's lifestyle....I think my servant's quarters might looklike this."

"Well, being a spirit detective doesn't pay. So, this is what I've managed to scrape together and buy." Yusuke walks over to the fridge, removing his jacket and shirt, letting them drop to the floor behind him. He opens the door, and pulls out two cans of soda, handing one to Jenny as he flops down on the couch. "Besides, I only come here to sleep."

Genevieve doesn't look very convinced by this couch. Sure she's been face down in the street but this couch is another matter entirely. It has fibers. These fibers collect bits of....filth. It could be quite disgusting. Her eyes flick to Yusuke as he offers her a can but she's not at all interested in this can. Maybe she was for a fraction of a second but what's caught her eye now is his bare chest. *O.O* Robotically she sits down, a ridiculous grin on her face. It didn't take much convincing here. "It serves that function FINE but..." She pauses watching him with the fan because she's never once seen one of these things. She simply mimics him and seems to work it out alright. "entertaining? What about dinner guests? Family?......Or...." She pauses, now BLATANTLY admiring his chest. "ladyfriends."

"None of my friends are here, nor is my family, and I have no 'ladyfriends'..." The can is opened and Yusuke quickly starts to drain it, before staring up at the ceiling. "When I came here, I was on my way back from the Demon World.. I'd been gone from Earth for over three years, and I was going to go see my friends.. but.. I ended up here. I'm pretty sure they've given up on me ever returning."

Genevieve awwws loudly and pouts for his benefit. "That's terrible, Yuie. It must be terribly lonely without friends or family or....ladyfriends. I am no better. Though in my home I didn't have many friends or...well men or lady friends to speak of. So it's all the same to me. Here or there! At least here I don't have a bed time." She throws an arm around his neck "I will be your first ladyfriend. It's the least I can do to repay your kindness."

"Wait, what?" Yusuke suddenly sits up straight, and tries to pull away. "What do you mean?" The poor boys face suddenly starts to turn bright red as he frantically look for a way out of this situation, obviously having gotten in way over his head this time.

Genevieve is quite happy to have him in this predicament and it's obvious. She simply grins the cattiest of grins. "Well why not?You've absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTIHNG to gain with a gorrrrgeous catch like me...What? Why are you pulling that face?! ANYONE would be happy to accept an offer like this from a girl like me!....And you're not such a bad looking boy yourself." She reaches out to run a finger sloooowly down his chest.

Yusuke visibly shivers at the gesture as he continues to try and move away. "I.. Look, I admit you're beautiful, and I.." All capabilty to speak coherently suddenly leaves the boy, his face starting to get even more red, completely unsure of how THIS kind of situation is handled. If its a fight, beat them up. Love and all that stuff, the boy is as clueless as they come.

Genevieve exclaims, "Accept!? Ooooo! Wonderful! This is going to be soooo great! Oh soooo great, Yuie!" She squeals with delight and ruffles his hair tenderly, still giving proper attention to his chest. "I think it's very sweet and I would be more than happy to be your very first. It's an honor, really!"

Yusuke suddenly breaks away, and is across the room in an instant. "I'm.. Look. I promised someone that I'd come back for them. Someone I love very deeply, and.. if she's still waiting for me, then I want to wait for her. You're beautiful, and any guy would be lucky to be with you, except me. I'll protect you. That's it. I really can't. I promised Keiko I'd come back for her."

Genevieve blinkblinkblinks and sits up suddenly, "Keiko?...but I thought...." She hesitates a long moment and then tilts her head sideways staring at him as if he's suddenly sprung a second head. "...I thought...you said you didn't -have- any ladyfriends?" The girl raises her brows and slowly nods as it sinks in. "Ohhhhhhhh...." Gen sits up a bit more formally and sips her own drink as she regards this young man in a new light. "I seeeeee.....I seeee....Yes! I understand, Yuie. Very well. As it seems I'm not your first after all, I think I can accept that." She grins widely. "Mostly I would have used you to make my bodyguard jealous as it is......Though....I can't lie to you. You ARE quite a catch....And you're built rather....well impressively. Still...I understand what it means to give your heart to someone. There's no reconciling that. Cheers, darling! ^_^"

"I don't.. We aren't together, but, I want to be with her." Yusuke sighs as closes the window, and flips on a switch next to it causing the air conditioning to turn on. "I'm sorry if I didn't explain it well enough. But, I promised one of the only three people who cared that I died I'd come back." He moves back over to the couch, and sits on the floor, leaning his head against a cushion.

Genevieve seems intrigued by this story, even if she's a little disappointed by the fact that she wont be attaining this new boytoy anytime soon. Still, flirt though she may be she's very well aware that where the hear tis concerned, there is simply no bargain. She hrms and sips her drink watching him carefully. "Yes. You have all of the signs. That wistful look in your eyes. Burdened shoulders and longing in your voice....It's love alright. Well there's no cure for that so all I can say is that it's the most WONDERFUL curse in life.....I know! Tell me about her. ^_^ Enlighten me and indulge yourself. I'm not like any of th eboys. You can cry on my shoulders and I wont make fun....MUCH." She teases, elbowing him slightly.

"When you said I was just a common thug, you would have been right four years ago. I was just a common thug. Keiko however, always saw the best in me, and tried her best to stear me right. Then I saved a kid from being killed, and was drafted into coming back to life, only to be a Spirit Detective. After the demons of the underworld started targetting her specifically to get to me. It really tore me up. I love her, and asked her to marry me when I get back. But, it looks like I'll not be going back.. They say once you're on Twisted, you're stuck here forever."

Genevieve says, "Forever!? NO! I don't believe it for a minute. -I- believe that true love conquers all. There are no barriers strong enough to keep the force of two people torn apart from being drawn back together. Thats a magic all of its own. Its true, you know. I don't believe that anything can stop love! Not life or death or dimensions or --anything. What you have to do is believe. You'll find a way. You put FAR too much faith in this filthy old place. Its only a place."

"It's a nexus point. Anyone who is deposited here, never returns to their own world, unless it is absorbed as a whole into Twisted." Yusuke tosses his now empty can into the air, and points his right index finger at it. "Bang." The can strikes the floor, clattering for a few moments before going silent. "Unless my world is absorbed into the whole, then I won't return. Time doesn't flow normally in this place.. A few seconds could pass on our worlds, or a few thousand centuries could pass in the blink of an eye here. That's why it's called Twisted. Everything here has twisted rules."

Genevieve bites her lip. This is a distressing thought. What she really hopes is that chloe isn't swallowed up by some wormhole and shipped off soemwhere else but of course she's not saying that. This is a thought that is merely fleeting. She looks at Yusuke, a bit of pity whelling up in her. "For your sake, then, Yuie darling I hope that Twisted swallows her whole and dumps her unceremiously into your lap so she'll wrap her arms around you..." this whole time she's been moving towards him and she's about to wrap her arms around him, playing the part of Keiko, supposedly. "...look deeply into your eyes...and cry out with joy...YAY!!! YUSUKE! Oh how I've missed you my love! Oh I adore you! Even the bowels of time and space could not tear us apart for our love is pure and true and...OH! KISS ME YOU FOOL!" And she very likely would t try and steal a kiss from him right now but she stops just short. "Exactly like that."

"That's not like Keiko at all. She'd call me an idiot and yell at me for being gone so long, then start crying about how she missed me." A soft smile forms on Yusuke's face, giving a fleeting glimpse at the kindness inside of him as he ruffles Jenny's hair slightly. "Thank you though."

Genevieve arches a brow, her expression that of disbelief. "You're joking." That doesn't sound like a very attractive girl at all and she would know. All the same, this guy seems to know what he likes and maybe his 'thugself' would appreciate a girl rougher aruond the edges. "Well...I suppose...that might be a good match for a man like you." She hrms and turns her head slightly, inadvertantly right into his ruffling. "I think that you are a much kinder soul than you pretend to be. She must see that in you because you're certainly not an idiot....NO WAIT....You -DID- reject me and I happen to know I'm QUITE an attractive young woman so perhaps you ARE an idiot. Though...I -did- manage to steal a kiss before that could happen....how about it? Would you like another?" she grins widely. Tease she will.

"Nope." Yusuke jumps to his feet, and walks to the door on the far left of the living room. "Feel free to make yourself comfortable. I'm going to turn in for the night. The other room has a bed in it, so feel free to use that." He opens the door, and shuts it behind him, leaving the girl alone in his apartment.

Chloe promptly appears several seconds after the door closes, hands clasped behind her back in a relaxed attention stance "Well, i do hope this has been an entertaining night, young miss. You HAVE been here for forty-five minutes now. It is time we went elsewhere". She puts her hand on Genevieve's shoulder, and despite any protest, they both promptly vanish from sight and sound.

Genevieve is left to this apartment all alone and she finds that she's just slightly bewhildered. Did she say something to offend? She hopes not since Yusuke did seem like a nice guy, in his own way. She has no time to ponder. A hand comes down on her sholder and she SQUEALS with both surprise and just a little horror. "CHLOE!" She wanted her to find her but this is a little differently than she'd planned. "I...I was looking for you and---EEEEEEEP!" And before she can say another word *WHISH!* Of they are. @_____@ Her head will surely be spinning soon.

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