2008-12-12 (PreU) Bad Blood

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Bad Blood

Summary: All is going fine as Datenshi and Diablo suddenly meet. Well, as fine as a fallen angel who likes to kill demons and one of the rulers of hell can possibly get along, that is. Until, who of all people should show up? Guarlesia and Concordance of Twisted's Council. Can anyone else feel the hate that's brewing here?

Who: Concordance, Datenshi, Gegoshi, Guarlesia, Senior_Diablo
When: December 12th, 2008
Where: The Waiting Room(#2262R)

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The Waiting Room(#2262R)

As you enter the building you are instantly asaulted with offensive waiting room music. The kind that makes you wonder if it wasn't created specificly for the purpose of sucking out one's will to live. An appropriate thing for a place like this. There are no signs describing what the room is a waiting room for. The receptionist is always busy, and the only door that's not the exit seems to be locked at all times. Occasionaly someone will come in from outside and walk through that door letting out a disturbing red light and a destinct uncomfortable presence. Along the walls of this room are several long benches with some horrible magazines stacked atop them. Articles about what color socks are popular in cuba and things you can cook with salt seem to make up the headlines. There are always people randomly scattered about here, some reading magazines, some looking blankly into space. None of them will speak to you. Infact, most will 'shhh' you if you start making too much noise. There's a purpose for this room, right?

From outside the building there's a sound of wind suddenly crashing against the walls, like one would expect in the midst of a very strong whirlwind. Strange, considering that there's perfectly normal weather outside. The explanation is soon forthcoming as the door opens, and through it steps a rather strange looking mythical figure. Possibly because of the black wings, that garners one or two glances- but not as many as you may think. Those waiting here have seen many odd figures move through, and an old lady looks up- tilting her pearl rimmed glasses with excitement- then realises something. She immediately goes back to her knitting, muttering under her breath. "Long haired pretencious prettyboys... probably thinks he's death on ice." --- Of course Datenshi doesn't seem to notice this, crimson eyes searching the room as he steps slowly within. Feet echoing, he turns around and senses out... oddities. A myriad of oddities. Perhaps he noticed this on the way to the Wraithshadow Manor, perhaps it was simply curiosity- or victims- that led him here. The scent of blood and souls? It mattered little, as he searched out with his astral vision. There was literally a tingling in his wings, something big was here. It felt like standing near, well, it would be crass to compare it to Damon's schemes. It didn't have the same alien, pretencious vibe. No, this felt like something he might like. It also smelt vaguely remeniscent of demon. Things to kill were always a pleasant surprise.

In response to his entrance, a sliding glass window slowly opens. From inside stares a horrible woman, dressed as a nurse with the flesh on her face pealed and stretched over her features. Somehow, despite a lack of mouth or eyes, this thing stares at the newcomer and with teeth chattering informs him, "Tak-k-k-ke a sssseat-t-t-t." Without another word of explanation, the glass window is slammed shut and things resume as if nothing new had happened. Perhaps because in the grand scheme of things, nothing new has.

However, something else has happened. A call of sorts has been made. A locked door at the back of the room begins to glow along it's edges. There is a faint click, and suddenly the door opens for the first third time this year. This is a busy year for this waiting room... From out of the doorway comes a regal looking demon with a skull-like face and bug-eyes sunken into deep sockets on it's face. A smile twists it's way upon the demon's features. "So... at last we meet. What brings us the honor, Datenshi Wraithshadow?"

Datenshi does not recoil from the appearance of the horrible woman, but rather the exact opposite. Datenshi raises an eyebrow and eyes at her as if delighted by the sight of her. o O ( How twisted. I like it. ) The Dark angel thought to himself, deeply amused, as he stood to the side- of course neglecting to take a seat as instructed. Not out of any act of rebellion, but more because he refused to see the point in sitting with such wings when he could just stand. Flipping Masamune off his shoulder with the turning of just a few fingers, he directs the sharp point towards the ground and drives it slightly in. Or at least tries to. The outcome makes no difference more than curiosity. And then the demon stood through, with the skull like face. Again, Datenshi looks pleased as if meeting beautiful beings rather than shrivelled husks. It knows his name. Probably more for shock value it was uttered, politeness or otherwise. It may be psychic. Or perhaps well informed. The Dark Angel didn't give much thought into it. "Curiosity, mostly." Datenshi being honest. Do wonders never cease? There's no advantage to be gained here by deceiving him, or even amusement. "... at last, hmm?" Querying the turn of phrase. At last. Had this being been waiting for him to show up? Really, it could have just travelled to the manor... and got killed for tresspassing. Yes, he sees the problem with that approach. One point for skull-face, then.

The demon smiles a horrible practiced smile ment to unerve the faint of heart. Obviously this won't do anything to the dark angel, but it's the best smile he has. "Curiosity? Excelent. I was afraid you might be calling it quits after a mere four hundred plus years. Still, we could use someone like you." Plucking a glass of wine out of the air, the devil takes a sip. "Ahh, wait. Where are my manors? I've been called by many names, but you may address me by my proper distinguished title of Senior Diablo. It's a pleasure to have a chance to meet you. I'm rather glad you've come here today. Certainly it makes it easier given all that's going on at the moment..." He leaves this point up in the air. After all, it wouldn't make sense to spoil the fun of asking questions, would it?

Datenshi seems to cusp the top of his weapon's handle, applying pressure to the ground for no other reason than to redistribute body weight during a conversation that may take some time. The demon's smile, more than anything, peaks his curiosity. o O ( It has been far too long since I've seen anyone despicable on Twisted... I was beginning to believe this was an occurance that was extremely limited. ) Hopefully there's more where this one came from. Diablo, though... demonesque. The dark angel loathed both demons and angels, yet could hold his temperament when either finding a better position to slaughter them from.... or extremely bored. Both applied in this instance. His wings shifted as Datenshi leaned slightly forward, almost as one would lean their chin into a hand. Yes, his curiosity was peaked. "Four hundred years. Your information gathering is noteworthy." Not impressive, noteworthy. That's slightly more obscure information. Datenshi will give credit where it's due, today at least. "However, introductions are a bit redundant when you already know my name. I would be tempted not to speak at all, just to test your capacities." But he already had a sense it didn't stretch that far. Call it instinct, of which Datenshi had a lot. You could claim he purely ran on it at times. "More like you. I suspect this isn't just an ordinary waiting room. Obvious, I know, but perhaps you could enlighten me before I agree if I'm needed or not."

Senior Diablo blinks at the statement. Well, this was a first. "I... you'll have to excuse me, I'm not accustomed to people walking in here at random. Very little is left up to chance these days. Sure, this room is, and has always been right in this spot. But it's seldom noticed by people who are not looking for it to begin with. This, Mr Wraithshadow, is a waiting room. It is a place where spirits or people who do not, or can not, move onto the next life come and wait. Some of these people you see around you have been here for centuries." He pauses to sip his drink a gloat a bit. "It's a system which has been in effect far longer than the world this room is built upon, but such things happen in a place like this. It is one of the few places in the worlds where Heaven, Hell, and all the afterlifes in between can mingle in the same location without causing conflict. Which leads to the reasoning that you wouldn't have stumbled in here by accident."

Pausing to give the room a good long look himself, the devil makes a few mental notes about things which need to be done, and people that need to be spoken to. Not that any of this has any revelance to the goings on here at the moment. Another day, another hour, another year. It's all the same to those who wait here. Smiling at one of these souls in particular, Senior Diablo finally returns his attention to his guest. "If you insist on staying silent then so be it. There -are- other matters to attend to. But if you wish to talk, then trust me... there is much to talk about."

Datenshi is more surprised that he managed to surprise the skull-faced man than anything else, quirking an eyebrow in that characteristic fashion, before masking his surprise. Well, as if anyone who didn't know him could recognise it was surprise. The dark angel's facial expressions involve many variations of `quirking the eyebrow' for almost every situation. Datenshi seems to stretch his wings though, leaning back as if shifting moves as easily as the wind changes direction. He tries not to get excited by the concept of a location linked to heaven, hell, and all the afterlifes... right near his nigh inpenetrable sanctuary. Wraithshadow Manor is the bastion that could be the staging ground for venturing into such dominions. Full of endless challenges, chaos, battles. Yes, it is very hard for him to restrain any outward signs of delight. Then again, how often does Datenshi portray delight... when he's not murdering someone? Perhaps the only time to reveal it, when you're dying. "Perhaps I was seeking death. But then I do teter on the brink of what one would consider alive." If pressed to ask if he was alive, dead or undead he couldn't give a truthful answer. He /is/ death in avatar form. Not surprising he would find his way into such a place. In fact, the system probably was not set up with him in mind. "... But this place did catch my eye, impossible or not. I would venture to claim that there is no such thing as impossible on Twisted, if you'd have seen the same things I have." Prinnies, for instance. Complete imbiciles that defy logic. Damon defies logic, too. Or at least, Datenshi's hate for him does. But then he wouldn't know that. It's not logical, after all. "... I presume then, you are a denizen of hell. Given your stance, it is not too improbable to venture that you're either a mid or high ranking denizen." Or an opportunistic resident who is particularly well spoken. However, this one gives off an aura of authority. Still, chaos rarely has one ruler. He'd venture that Senior Diablo is one of many, given his experiences in Akuushuan. It would most likely be the same wherever those like him choose to gather.

Senior Diablo smiles at Datenshi's logic. It's rare that he's given any form of true respsect from those who do not know him more formally. As such he can't help but bow slightly as he makes his position known. "I sit upon the Council of Hell. I am the one some call 'Devil' or 'Satan', but neither of these are my true name. The position itself is not far from what one would suspect with such a title." Smiling again, this devil sips from his glass before letting go of it and watching it disolve into nothingless once more. A parlor trick, but one he enjoys. "I'm getting the impression I should have insisted on getting a tourism booklet made for those such as you, or am I assuming too much of your curiousity and questions?"

The entrance to the waiting room warps outwards as Concordance's wings step through them. She's glad they didn't rip the walls apart, or simply erase the buildings existence from their touch. She's been slowly adapting to existing in Twisted's world, but it's hard when so many things revolve around your movements and thoughts. Guarlesia is at her side, as always, never more than eight feet away. She walks in fully, then world tremoring softly with each of her steps, before she stops walking and looks down at her boots. She scuffs them, the sound of glass shattering upon rocks sounding. She then looks up and pulls her eyes around the room and the people inside of it. She's just exploring. Looking here and there, seeing who is worshipping, who is denying, who is fighting, who is falling. Afterall, you can't do anything if your attention is here and you don't know what's going on. Her gaze passes over Diablo and Datenshi without comment, and she walks over and picks up a magazine about sock colors, which opens itself up to its favorite page of its own will. - Guarlesia walks in behind Concordance, but soon enough once they're inside she's looking around, peering underneath seats, and eyeing people over, until she hops up and perches on the edge of a chair near where Concordance is standing. She looks over at Datenshi, and is pretty sure she recognizes him, her six wings arc in different ways as she balances on her big toe and waves her fingers at the dark angel, "Oh hello." She says, looking over at Diablo as well, and waving her fingers at him also, "Ah hello."

"Perhaps." Datenshi reaches down a clawed hand and touches the silvery blade of Masamune. There's an ever so slight humming vibration in the air. Oh, Datenshi knows "Satan". That would be the traditional `lord' of Hell according to western mythology. And such a big prize to kill... Datenshi's literally having trouble not showing signs of striking him down. Muscles trained in deception, though, hold him firmly in place. Though he does look a little stiff. "Council of Hell... yes, perhaps a tourism booklet would have been needed for such things." Datenshi likes written information. He deals with people and tends to kill them before they're finished. No such trouble with pamphlets. --- Then the Dark angel turns with a simple fluid movement, hair falling over his eyes for a moment, as he looks over at someone ripping through the wall. Faint bemusement, he figures out who these two are within moments. Not because he's met them, no, because Datenshi makes it his business to know who is on the Council when he's involved in their territory. Just in case. Apart, perhaps, he wouldn't recognise them- but together, the descriptions add to one conclusion. Twisted's council members. o O ( A Hell Council, a Twisted Council... I wonder what this obsession is with councils. ) Datenshi mused to himself, and his expression displayed it, as he is quite fine on his own. Yukina and Blemish are simply there out of a failure of avoidance. Well, Suzumi was a useful experiment. Concordance's odd behavior draws his eyes but not his curiosity. After all, he's dealt with this before. His eyes turn to Guarlesia, who gains his attention. Mostly because she's more attractive. "Hello." The dark angel smiles, but then looks over at Diablo. Curious as to how these visitors will be treated.

Senior Diablo hesitates not to scowl darkly at the two intruders, but his own insistance on maintaing formalities forces him to hesitate saying the first thing that comes to mind. "Greetings, ladies. I see we meet again. I am attending to buisness here, and as this is a neutral place perhaps the two of you can see yourselves out? I'd hate to upset the natural order of things by starting a conflict here of all places." He guestures around the room with a slight nod of his head rather than anything more grand, he's has no reason to bestow anything nicer to the two of them after all. "Besides, I prefer to take my trash to the curb rather than letting it remain on the porch." Ouch.

Concordance looks away from her magazine as Diablo says ladies. She knows when she's being addressed, most of the time, but she's been pulling things down so she can function as a presence in this place. There's only so much she can do though, then again, she's not certain if there is anything she can't do. It's something she's thought about before, in other places, but here it's pointless. "I'm exploring." She says, and sets the magazine back down. The pages wrinkle up towards her finger, trying to get her to touch it again, but it soon gives up on its dream and settles itself back down to live the humble life of waiting to be read, but it'll never forgot how great that moment was. Concordance turns and the edge of her wing brushes a nearby seat, which morphs itself into a large crimson throne with matching feathers sprouting out of the back. She looks over at it for a moment, not having meant to do that, but well, again, there's only so much she can do. "Am I disturbing you? The one that made me focus on this world more than others?" She raises an eyebrow, "Guarlesia, appease him in some fashion." She says, looking over towards the six-winged girl, before she grabs her arm and yanks her from her precarious perch. - Guarlesia blinks at her creator and mother, before getting pulled off of the chair. She's quick though, and her hand lances out to catch the floor and turn her upright, though the flapping of her six wings undoubtedly add in on the helping of this. Coming to her feet, she blinks, "I don't know what to do, I've been outside as much as you have." She looks over at Datenshi and Diablo, "Got any wine?" She asks, tilting her head to the side and adjusting her tiara. Wines so good, she wants some right now. Or that other drink, what was it called? She can't remember, but that was good too...she looks expectantly at Diablo and Datenshi.

Datenshi at last notices the wings, what's with him today? Must be all this spirit fog in his vision. His senses are quite overloaded. And he feels that Druaga is going to seek out a soul soon. Druaga, this thing he has contracted to bring him back to what he was. Still, enough of that. He's feeling particularly tempremental today as well. All these things go through his mind right now, but he picks up some of the exchange between the demon and the angel sort. Though she gives off more of an aura of... it's like Damon, really. That bored, `i'm the master of the universe' look. There's far too much going on here, Datenshi looks between them all, hands clasping that little bit more pointedly on Masamune's handle as he ruffles his own midnight wings. The dark angel really has stumbled across something. When Guarlesia asks for wine, Datenshi glances at Diablo- since he had wine- while he could only offer Daijinko sake. Laced with blood and dark magic as well. Not fit for Guarlesia, most likely. "Would you oblige, or do you give wine to dregs?" Less of an insult to anyone, more of an observation. Wine, dregs, you get the joke. It's intentional. As mentioned before, Datenshi's in that temperemental mood. The same sort that spared Emi. Still, his eyes linger between the group more than any one individual now.

Senior Diablo doesn't have anything specific against Guarlesia. Her involvement of things doesn't seem to be by choice from what he's been able to figure out, and her voice on Twisted's Council seems to be ignored as well. This is probably why he hands her a wine glass from wherever it is he tends to pluck those from before spitefully addressing Concordance directly. "Oh yes, well. Apparently I've inconvinced the self appointed grand guardian of all of reality as it inevitably finds itself connected at that infamous street out there. Yes, making them realise they need to pay attention to the world around them, what a tragedy. Perhaps if you wish to 'appease' me you'll quit interferring with our goals and show us the respect of allowing us to establish our own hold on a piece of the world outside those doors instead of having to take one by force." Of course he knows such request will fall on deaf ears as they have before, but then perhaps Datenshi will be more likely to lend a hand to their cause if he sees and hears about the problems first hand. No point in wasting an opportunity after all.

Concordance doesn't scold Guarlesia for not doing what she asked, she knows the girls limitations. She has a hundred Seals on her afterall, one can only expect so much from her. She looks away from Diablo in the middle of his talking, though of course she's still listening, she just likes to do multiple things at once, at least in her mind if not in her body. Her wings flap once as they re-settle on her back, sending a brief verse from a musicless sympohny through the room. Indirectly on her part, once Diablo stops talking, she does respond, though she's picked up another magazine and is flipping through it, this one is trying to change its insides into outsides, but only seems to be ripping itself slowly into pieces in its attempt to reshape its own matter. "Twisted is the way it needs to be. Attempting to stop the dimensional connections or unify them isn't what it needs. It's not what it wants." She puts the magainze down, which has turned itself into a paper machete boquette of half formed flowers. - Guarlesia takes the wine that's offered without a pause and quickly chugs it down! She rolls her body backwards, wings crinkling around her body as she hits the floor and rolls around, "Mmmm, it's soooo goooood!" She says, before with a flurry of spinning she's back up onto her feet and bouncing on her heels in front of Diablo, "More now." She says, twirling the glass on the tip of her pinky finger. She doesn't care about the talkings and goings on, she knows that Concordance will take care of it, and if she doesn't, makybe she can get her seals taken off.

Datenshi seems to glance between them, and yes... listening to the demon confirms what he felt from her entrance and her very demeanor. THis is one of those who are so powerful they barely have a purpose any longer. How infuriating such beings are. And Guarlesia reminds him of... who? So many. Zinc, Arshiva, Aquariu... countless names. The jesters of the court. It's too much. If he lingers here any longer, he /will/ attempt to kill them before fully understanding the situation. Though restraint is hard for the dark angel to muster, of any kind. He's a creature of impulse, after all. Flicking his fingers around Masamune's handle, with the right application of pressure, it spins upwards into the air. Datenshi brings it down on his shoulder and turns slightly around, eyes still looking at Senior Diablo. There's something unspoken for a moment, perhaps an affirmation that he'll see him again, though there's no such implication or look towards Concordance or Guarlesia. He /will/ venture back into this place and find where it leads. But for now, he needs to head back to the manor. Druaga will need more souls before he can take on either council. And with that thought, the Dark angel steps outside of the door. No flashy exit, though there is a burst of wind just like when he arrived. A second presence departs soon after.

Senior Diablo watches Datenshi leave with a slight frown. He was eager to try to convince the dark angel to help them, and believes it would have been a sealed deal had he gotten to mention Hell's newest Council member. The moment of regret is gone, as he knows one way or another they will cross paths again reguardless.

Turning back to the matter at hand he smirks at the demand for more wine and with a wave of his hand, Diablo causes Guarlesia's glass to refill. Perhaps if he lived up to expectations of him he'd do something to taint it, or demand her soul in exchange for more, but that's never been his style, really. He's much more subtle when it comes to deception - besides, when does he ever really need to excerise it? "Attempting to stop..? Those are bold words coming from the person deciding which worlds are alowed passage or even knowledge of the fact that they've been connected. Do not downplay my knowledge or influence. If you where really so concerned with things, you wouldn't be actively trying to keep us out of the light. Do you think it's only here that worlds are merging? Underworlds are affected just the same, and with each one we gain still more power. How else do you think we can pass so easily past your barriers? A simple red or blue portal means nothing in the relms I dwell in..."

The...whatever Concordance is watches Datenshi leave, once he's gone, she says, "Gegoshi, display records of prior inhabitatn." Gegoshi suddenly floods up out of the floor, her body morphing out into full shape, her eyes having little flickering blue text swirling past them, "Datenshi is currently a..." "Silently." Concordance says, and Gegoshi giggles and leans over and whisperwhispers into Concordance's pointed ear. Her eyes look over at Diablo wide eyed, like a little girl telling a BIG secret about the person she's looking at. She finishes quickly though, and melts back into the floor once again. Concordance looks back to Diablo, "I know many worlds are connected from Twisteds workings. It's Twisteds natrual state. I'm not in a war against you, there's no battle to be had. If you try what you did before, it'll be stopped like it was before. In the end, I know what's best." Which she does, she's been here since the beginning, and even if the rumors and legends that she created Twisted are false, she was here from its start anyway, which is close enough by most accounts. Finding nothing of over interest in the room though, she turns to begin leaving, looking down at her boots and being sure her feet aren't going to shake the world, she starts walking towards the exit. - Guarlesia chugs the refill of wine down just as quickly as the last, smiling. Wine is good! It's very good! "More pleack!" She says as she's pulled backwards as eight feet reaches its limit and she's yanked by the invisible force that binds her to Concordance. She scowls over at Concordance, before looking back at Diablo and waving the wine glass quickly in the air, "Time to go, goodbye. I want more wine next time I see you." She says, licking at the empty wine glass quickly. Mmmmmm! It's sooooo goooooooood!

Senior Diablo's eyes narrow into angry slits at such words. "Oh yes... there will be a war... there will be a battle, by ignoring and trying to cast us aside, you've done a good job of damning yourselves. Just hope that your words are as strong as you are, because I intend to push you to the very limits of your abilities. In the name of all that is unholy, I swear... I will see your soul drug down to the very darkest depts of HELL. I will burry you in a place so dark, so deep, that even the memory of you will cause people to shudder in fear..." It doesn't matter that Concordance has already started walking away. It doesn't matter that this place is a sacred place where battle is strictly prohibitied. It doesn't matter that he is currently out numbered. Nor does it matter that Guarlesia wants more as once again the glass is refilled. Diablo is mad. In all of his existance he's never had one person who so demands his anger or wrath as Concordance does. It boils so strongly from him that the very air of the room itself begins to heat up. People who've not moved a muscle in decades suddenly glance up to see this so called Prince of Darkness burning mad. "The battle will come... and we shall see your blood spilled, and I will drink it myself."

The girl walks out of the door as Diablo continues to talk towards her, she paused briefly in front of the doorway, which groaned and creaked, opening itself wider to allow room for her wings, before she stepped through it. "Your dreams are quite strong, you must have many worshippers." She says before she turns the corner and moves out of sight, wondering what else she might see here. She noticed a number of dimensions stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe down the way a bit ago. She wasn't sure if she recognized it or not, but it's possible she did, something about dancing or singing. She shifts a bit of her focus before she locates her presence in it, then walks towards her with Guarlesia in tow. - The six winged girl quickly chugs the wine down as it appears in her glass. Oh, it's so good! Moremormeormore! Noooo, around the corner she goes. She waves to Diablo as they go, should she say something? Thanks doesn't even occur to her of course, Concordance didn't teach her manners of any kind. Well, she just decides to wave like so many things do when they leave and arrive somewhere. She wonders what creatures without hands do. Maybe they use their wings. Maybe she'll get to see them someday. That'd be great.

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