2008-12-24 (PreU) A New Beginning?

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A New Beginning?


Who: devi, kyoko, mei, Prinnies
When: December 24th, 2008
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Mei's body slips in from the street, carrying a large book strap with her in the process. She casually slaps her books on the table, chuckling cheerfully. Her hands go to braid her hair, just toying with it, as if she hadn't felt fresh air for a while.

Devi is already sitting at the bar, drink in hand. Her sketch book open in front of her as she lets her hand wander around the page, tracing out maybe another picture. For those who know who Devi is, this girl looks exactly like her, just not.. Well, not crazy.

Mei gives Devi a glance and chuckles ordering herself a pot of tea and a tea cake, standing up to waltz alone to unsung music, her body moving gracefully. After a long moment she hums the melody herself, her legs stretching, a complacent look on her face.

Devi sighs, looking down at the space piggys trying to defend them selves from the Evil Brains, (from the Brain What licked Me) that she's skeched out.. Looking around, her eyes rest of Mei for a mere half second, then she starts eyeing the Scutters. Devi isn't one for introducing herself, and she blames her dad for sheltering her to much. Even as board as she's been since she 'arrived' on Twisted, she'd almost kill for that crappy night club, with the vampires and the Bee Mummys.

Mei watches Devi "Whats with the eyes?" she growled out just faintly towards Devi, her hands pushing her faux fur collar up against her nose a little bit. Her ears twitching as she moves towards her table, dark eye leeeering back.

A figure stumbles in through the door. Her clothes are cut in multiple places, highlighted by red welling up from the cut and rent flesh beneath. A nasty cut around the side of her neck sends a steady stream of blood down her front, pattering onto the hardwood floor. Moments after pushing her way in, she stumbles into a table, sending chairs crashing to the floor, as well as herself, where she remains, dazed from blood loss.

Devi looks around, then focus on Mei. There's no one else in the UR aside from the help and their off doing whatever they do.. "Me? What do you mean? Their green?" As the figure stumbles in, Devi gasps softly at the wounds, and darts over, yanking a washcloth from one of the employees wiping down a table. She presses it against the wound, and looks around. "Is anyone going to call the cops, or an ambulance or anything?"

Mei moves over slowly, taking out a roll of bandages and a potion "Drink this." she offered to Kyoko, taking a moment to examine the wounds and taking out "There is no ambulance, you know that you two faced hyena beast." she commented towards Devi, moving the clothing to wrap up the victim that is Kyoko with skilled hands. " Besides, I'm a healer and perfectly capable." she mumbled, her hands actually getting a bit well.. black where the blood is hitting. "Blood.. reminds me of my honeymoon." she chimed musically.

Kyoko is at that point between consciousness and unconsciousness, and unable to respond much of her own will. Anything applied, potion or bandage, or otherwise, will meet with no resistance or recognition. As her clothes are moved, however, an unusual sight is found. Part of her torso has bandages on it already, appearently used to wrap her right arm tightly to her side, rendering it immoble. The reason isn't visible without removing them, however.

Devi rises her eyebrows. Even though she should be offended, a picture comes to her mind of her with two heads attached to a set of long swirvy necks, One head with the Drama mask of happiness and the other with the matching frown. She mutters to herself, "I could make that look good." She returns her attention to the pair. "Ok..." If this woman is a healer, she should get to healing then. If Devi were 'normal' she'd ask what this womans deal was. But, Devi being Devi... "This is the reason I need to get a place to live, and stay there for the rest of my life..."

Mei mms "You have an apartment." she commented, dully. "You're more insane than me." she pauses, taking the potion to open it, pouring a bit into Kyoko's mouth, carefully, her fingers curling as she waits to see its reaction, cautiously whistling "Could you get me some hot water and clean towels? Since you've apparently forgotten your whole infanticidal moment and all." she carefully moves Kyoko to a booth, for privacy, undressing the newcomer to begin unwrapping the existing bandages, obviously intending to care for what is below as well oh and remove blood since it tends to attract the real loonies.

Kyoko doesn't resist, as per previously mentioned reasons, although she seems to have slipped into blissful sleep. As the pre-existing bandages are unwound, the discoveries go from strange to stranger. Age-old scars, at least a decade old, crisscross the right side of her torso. The reason for so-tightly binding the right arm is also now clearly obvious: The scarring along the limb, from shoulder to fingertips, is far worse than anywhere else. The muscles are atrophied badly, showing long lack of use, evidence that the limb has been little more than dead weight for a long time now.

Devi stares at Mei, a look of disbelief on her face. Shaking her head, she goes off to get what was asked for. Pinkie and Stab 'em bring out the water and the towels, and Devi leads them over to the others. "Is she going to be alright?" If the lady is going to be ok, and this chick is a doctor, then Devi's going to get her things and get the hell away from the Crazy Gorgon who can tell the future. Maybe she can find a park that she can relax and draw in for a few hours before she starts looking for a place to set up camp.

Mei sighs a bit and takes the cloth and the water, neatly grooming the wounds and removing grit and grime before fishing out a balm to rub into the injuries, neatly, moving her hands out to begin chanting, a serpent climbing from her hair to wrap down around her shoulder, then down her arm, dangling around her wrist to turn to water, dancing down onto Kyoko, to enter her, attempting to heal the newest injury and start spark regeneration in the old wounds, If sucessful it would take a few months to fully smooth out the old scars. Mei still has kindness, just .. not for Devi or any of her former companions. "Rain of paradise.." she whispered, her hair fluttering faintly before settling back down. Immediate magical effects are : a refreshed feeling, and no more bleeding.

Kyoko's color slowly returns, and breathing evens out, shifting from a pre-death unconsciousness, to a deep sleep. Most of the old scar tissue is faint enough that is disappears almost completely, although the internal injuries status are unknown. With the bleeding stopped, she is, at least, stable.

Devi has eyes enough to see that the woman will at least survive. Either that, or she's in a coma, and coma victims usually don't have scar tissue heal. "Alrighty then. Great answer, no really." Devi rolls her eyes, tucks a chunk of hair behind pierced ear and gets her things from the bar, packing them away in her backpack, and heading for the door. "Shoulda stayed at home. At least I'll have a break from that damned Spooky Doll."

Mei takes a deep breath "She'll be just fine, as fine as her body will allow. Spooky doll? I really can't ever forgive you." she mumbled, settling in to redress Kyoko and wash her hands, the black coming right off. Mei takes a deep breath "She'll be just fine, as fine as her body will allow. Spooky doll? I really can't ever forgive you." she mumbled, settling in to redress Kyoko and wash her hands, the black coming right off. "Mm tea." she settles in to drink the tea, undisturbed by Kyoko, or the bloody rags.

Kyoko is unconscious until further notice. Pose around her. She's off to the side, so won't get in the way of conversation, or most combat.

Devi walks out the door, sighing. "God, it's.. the world. Ugh.." Part of Devi almost wishes for Tenna to be around if for nothing else but something she recognizes as normal. She heads towards Nowhere Park, kinda wandering aimlessly. "She's as bad as the crazy fat physic lady from downstairs."

A prinny stands in the doorway in Devi's path, staring up at her soullessly, eyes glowing with a faint red light. It just kinda stands there staring up at her o\/o

Mei sighs a bit, rubbing her head in confusion, taking a small note book to take out notes casually, her ears twitching, her snake hair flicking. She glances up and over towards the Prinny. "Fuck not those things.. " she scuttles a bit, her back on the wall of the booth, watching the prinny with caution. Apparently Mei is phobic to Prinnies. Well, Devi would have headed towards Nowhere Park, if not for the prinny.. She stares down at it, and her head tilts to the side. "What the hell is this? Demon Penguins?"

It blinks, staring up silently at her. About this time, a net is dropped towards her from above by four more prinnies in the rafters, followed by a cry of "GET 'ER, DOODS!".

Devi steps back at the prinny's proclamation, the net falling and missing her head, but managing to tangle on her boot clasps. Falling to her backside, she fights to get the net off her and get the hell out this circus tent.

Mei's covers her mouth, chuckling "Well they aren't after me this time.. " she shrugs, drinking her tea. "Whatever are you upto?" she asked, towards the Prinnies, ears twittering.

The prinny that peers out from under Mei's table says "We're bored, dood, and she's totally gropable!". It disappears back under the table, while the 4 above Devi, armed with a variety of kitchen silverware, small knives, a pair of sharpies *pink and yellow*, and even a spork-wielder, dive towards her with a battle cry of "HERE WE COME, DOOD!".

Devi says, "WHAT?!?!?!" Gropable? She's never been called that, nor even been groped! Hell, the last date she went on ended with a guy named Johnny trying to kill her. "What the fuck is wrong with you people?! You stay the fuck away from me. I know Taekwondo! I'll kick you ass if I have too!" She struggles even more with the net and finally gets her boot free. She scrambles back hurriedly.

Mei mms a bit "I'm glad that apparently I'm a titless whore and not worth the attention. Uh have fun.. uh.. Dude.." she commented, cheering just a little bit at not being harassed by the prinnies for a change. She writes a few notes ' Evil flightless birds that explode when thrown like to grope young women.' ' Like to say this Dood word a lot.'

The prinnies land, one on each side of her, in unison tossing away their 'weapons', and from their satchels at their waists pull out: normal-sized, cupped hands, held in one flipper, and a more U-shaped hand in the other, held on sticks. As one, they then leap, some going for the two upper targets, others going for the single lower target! Devi draws her legs up, her knees almost touching her chest as she strikes out with her fists, trying to hit the 2 heading for her 'upper' area. Assuming she knocks them away, she kicks out at the other 2, trying to do the same thing.

Two of them are knocked away, one by a punch, the other by a kick. The remaining two manage to dodge just enough, and continue to follow through, and swing! Unfortunately, being incompetant prinnies, they merely succeed in groping each other instead, and fall into a heap. "Dooood!" One complains. "What's the big idea, anyway! You were supposed to grope HER crotch, not MINE!". The other complains back "What are you SAYING dood! You groped me first!". They begin to argue, as the two knocked away begin to get up, and warily circle their prey, namely Devi.

Mei is horrified and folds her legs her ears twitching as she settles to sit down on the couch, her ears flittering. Her eyes close as she watches Devi's peril, she's not helping, her lips pursing as she sips her tea.. "mm delicious. Quite good honey."

Devi rushes to her feet, trying to keep eyes on all 4 of her attackers. Snatching up her back, she holds it loosely at her side, ready to swing it if needed. "I hate passive people, I really do." , she mutters to herself as she trys to make her way to the back to the door so she can run away. Getting groped was definatly -not- part of her daily plan. The remaining two LEAP! One goes high and from the front, the other goes low and from behind!

Mei mms a bit "I'd of helped you, except you own actions prevent my aiding you." she called out, cheerfully, her hands in her lap, serpent hair waagging lazily. She adjusts her blouse with a chuckle "Really, I enjoy your suffering. It makes me feel better than a full body massage." she called out, chipperly.

Devi swings her pack around, smacking the second prinny away, but missing the first. If she can, (depending on what the prinny does) She's going to be jetting out of here!

The prinny from behind is struck, and goes sailing into the previous two, detonating all three of them in a nice burst of flame! The one from the front sails past her attack, and tries for a double high-low grope combination, one very nicely, the other not so nicely. It stops, turning, staring at her from in front of the entrance door. The cupped hand, for the upper attempt, is dropped, and the lower U shaped hand is wielded like a katana, held in low position. The prinny stares at Devi, like a samurai warrior about to strike at an opponent before it..... Devi rolls a 6 on a 20 sided die...

Devi runs and trys to jump over the prinny to sweet sweet Freedom, and manages.... Except her pack snags the door, and she's jerked back again. Too much like an old Cartoon rubberband..

Mei is.. quite amusedly watching, legs folded as she chortles, a bit loudly this time at the prinny's activities. Seems she finds it hillarious.

The last prinny LEAPS, striking out at Devi's lower regions, going for a nice, strong-felt grab! It's all or nothing, for once it's moved, she has a clear shot to the exit!

SUCCESS!! The prinny, thoug his form is terrible, manages to catch Devi unawares, or just gets lucky, plants the glove upon her crotch, and squeezes the handle, giving her a nice, firm squeeze, all in the span of the second needed to pass her in their dual! Afterwards, it stops, glove held out like a sword, shakes it once as one would a bloodied blade as is tradition, and 'sheathes' it into the little waist-satchel. It turns to Devi, bows, then falls over with a nosebleed @\/@

Mei snorts and cackles, her hand cover her mouth, seems she's dreadfully amused at all of this, her eyes mostly closed.

Devi's face fills with blood, her normal paleness replaced by what can only be described as astonishment and rage. Un-snagging her pack, she breaks for it, running very quickly towards the park, her arms pumping steadily at her sides. Thus, was madness once again returned to the UR!

Kyoko, in her blissful unconsciousness, misses all this occurring.

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